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Lovely citrusy green scent although does not last much on me either...

Thumbs up...!!!
05th January, 2011
Wow, from first sniff I was immediately reminded of Blenheim Bouquet. However, ArbitRary dries down to a mossy, green reminiscent of Escada pour Homme. Seems like Ayala Moriel likes to use oak moss and here it's a quality that rocks. Superb theme and variation on chypre. I think this is for a more mature person good for casual wear.
26th June, 2008
Although ArbitRary can be a unisex fragrance, I like to think it has a masculine ‘sensibility’, and it is one that I greatly appreciate! It is quite lively and refreshing, but it is not at all floral or sweet. I also think it is a very well-designed fragrance. By that I mean that the transitions from top to mid to base are sophisticated and effective. Specifically, the fresh and appealing basil of the top is continued and developed in the basil-lemon notes of verbena in the middle, and those herbal aspects reach a culmination in the grassy hay and moss notes of the base. This is a great modern take on the classic chypre; which I understand to be a citrus and grass sort of scent, like the breeze wafting through the lemon groves and fields of Cypress. A romantic image to be sure, but the appeal of a good scent is so much in romance and connotation. This is a very attractive, Mediterranean style of summery scent... I love it!
16th January, 2008 (last edited: 05th April, 2008)
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