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Positive Reviews of L'Écume des Jours by Ayala Moriel

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L'Écume des Jours is an exceptional fragrance. I urge those interested to go to Ayala's website & read her comments about the link between this fragrance and the novel of the same title. Her intent was to create a slightly "melancholy" scent. Without knowing that, I had already characterized this as having a haunting, contemplative character. The opening is very interesting, aromatic and spicy-green. I find the florals to be subtle, they slightly soften the dry elements but are not foreground. The salty-briny note from seaweed is really interesting. The elements here, and the mood they create, are first-rate. This must be tried to be understood; words fail to capture its effect. Ayala has a real understanding of green scents. Speaking as a fan of green scents, I never fail to be pleased with her creations. This is listed in Basenotes as a feminine scent but I can assure you that many men will love it, this one does!
14th May, 2008
Enchanting, fresh, green floral. The flowers are cool and aquatic, as if floating serenely in an emerald pool, surrounded by the scent of growing plants. The Boronia is exquisite. It has a clean, spicy presence. Ayala Moriel's other green fragrance, Grin, has boronia and is a favorite of mine. This ingredient in combination with green pepper imparts a spicy "live plant" fragrance. Seaweed in the base gives the whole fragrance a unique and compelling wild and "freshly-watered" aroma. Add lotus flowers, and you can imagine this lively but peaceful fragrance.
05th December, 2006 (last edited: 25th April, 2008)