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Negative Reviews of Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

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Coze opens green / smoky and dries down to a herbal-spicy patchouli classical fragrance. Brutally masculine, old-stylish, playing in the same league as Caron's Yatagan.

Maybe I'm brainwashed by Thierry Mugler, but I don't see the patchouli-gourmand link here. I would never call this a gourmand.

Projection / sillage is hefty, the scent trail travels a long distance, the aroma "hangs" in the air like a cloud.

This is not my style at all. Coze evokes dark thoughts, in a bad way.

19th September, 2016
Loud, with a certain disgusting odour, between spicy and sweet.
12th January, 2013
I can't believe that I have to be one of two people to rain on this parade, but here goes.

Coze opens with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, wood, spice, patchouli, and hemp all rolled into a delicious scent. Oh and it smells so natural too; I just adored the opening. I was prepared for a purchase less than an hour in.

Of course Coze quickly ruined my party. A notorious note from Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather emerged. This note made me wanna stir the sauce, flee from helicopters, and bring guns to Jimmy's that were supposed to fit the silencers that he had. If only Karen had been around during the creation of Coze that awful note would've been flushed down the toilet because "they were gonna find it."

Anyway, Scorsese references aside, this awful note arises about two hours in, and persists for about three hours. After that it backs off and mixes with the other notes to create, once again, an interesting and pleasant experience. Unfortunately that does not and CAN NOT make up for hours 2-5 being a nasally abrasive chore. If I never smell this again as long as I live it will be too soon, same goes for Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather.
13th August, 2011
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Weird, incongruous notes. Fine if you're looking for something strange, but otherwise go for somehthing more conventional. Coffee and chocolate, fine, add pepper--not fine anymore. Ditto pimento. Just plain strange.
24th October, 2008