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Neutral Reviews of Cozé 02 by Parfumerie Generale

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Clove and smoky earthy patchouli dominate this odd but pleasant masculine scent. It's as if one is in the potting shed, mucking about, and brush accidentally against the blooming carnations.

Odd that I get none of the tobacco, chocolate, coffee and other gourmand notes. This is strictly clove and patchouli for my nose. I am briefly reminded fleetingly of Equipage and its clove/carnation note, although there is no comparison between Coze and that Hermes classic.

This strikes me as being a lovely room scent if one could spray it about. It clears the air and is bright and heady. Not something I would be interested in wearing though.
11th March, 2016
Genre: Woody Oriental

Coze opens up all cozy: warm, dark, fuzzy stuff that you can snuggle up against. It's not overly sweet, and it contains some smooth, well rendered wood notes that are really quite attractive. From the first I smell some smoke in the distance, and in very little time this smoke moves forward to dominate the scent. The rich, mysterious, and shadowy woods meanwhile jostle among themselves in the background. The accord that results smells like a dark oak panelled room with velvet upholstered furniture and some logs smoldering in the fireplace.

The gourmand notes listed in the pyramid don't make much of an impression on me, which is all for the better as far as I'm concerned. When compared to a couple of other smoky scents, Coze lacks the depth and complexity of Fumerie Turque, but it's far easier to wear than the ashtray and burnt coffee grounds concoction that is Maître Parfumeur et Gantier's Eau des Îles. It dries down to dark, spicy, mildly sweetened woods with some lingering smoke, and while it doesn't excite me much, I do think it's a pleasant scent for a damp winter's evening.
11th June, 2014 (last edited: 12th June, 2014)
The opening is really nice and recognisable, a pleasant and dusty cigarette/ashtray smell with a green/earthy twist of patchouli and vetiver and, I guess, tobacco leaves, cumin, perhaps saffron, pepper, frankincense, ambroxan and some subtle and soft leather-animalic notes, all gently sweetened by a base of vanilla and aromatic woods (I bet cashmeran, with its signature "silky-woody-aromatic-soft vip lounge cozyness"). After a while this comes slightly closer to Knize Ten, although more like a kid dressed like Batman taking a picture with Adam West on set; same tobacco-leather earthy and dusty concept, just more linear, transparent, contemporary (i.e.: duller). I also detect some nice liquorice/coffee notes which enrich and "round" the blend. Then again the initial cigarette feel tones down and gets sweeter and softer, gently turning into a green-ambery old leather fougère feel, so basically still that same Knize Ten realm, just more sweet and "contemporary". Finally the drydown (quite light and short-lasting) gets a silky patchouli-incense feel, less leathery than before, still pleasant and unoffensive. Must say that it's a nice scent overall, it sounds a bit "empty" and synthetic to many extents, but it basically smells like a modern, fresher and more appealing (to a broader audience, I mean) version of an old fougère, which I am given to understand many silly young perfumistas would find "old-fashioned". So it's cute, and personally I'd even wear it sometimes if I found a bargain bottle, but other than that I personally wouldn't know what to do with this.

30th January, 2014 (last edited: 07th May, 2014)
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Since the first moments of its impalpable evolution Coze 02 appears in all its pungency and smokiness. The evolution is almost absent in my opinion and the final effect is nearly immediately accomplished. The note of patchouli together with pepper are prominent as well as a slightly herbaceous feel and a moderate touch of black and white chocolate with coffee. I perceive the note of canapa more in the final kind of mildness than in the aromatic herbaceous feel itself. The boozy temperament jumps immediately to attention and is a spicy boozy vibe, the taste of an exotic rum that you savour with in your mouth the flavour of chocolate and fruits covered by coffee dust and nutmeg. The boozy and peppery-spicy vibe plus the woody final consistency remind me vaguely several nuances of the less earthy-spicy and more gassy, leathery, syrupy and  obscure Idole de Lubin. This peppery-liquorous feel surrounds all the elements since the beginning till the end together with the vague lingering smoke. The sweetness is moderate, dusty, woody and vaguely soapy due to a moderate implementation of woods and vanilla. The licorice-like bitterness from coffee adds a considerable level of darkness to a fragrance that is moderately dense and really prickly and aromatic. May be the aromatic vibe is also produced by the canapa oil of the top regardless spices an pepper. I agree who with writes this scent is more a woody-spicy oriental than properly a gourmand (which is not imo). Too much faint (for a gourmand) and well balanced are the edible notes and basically tamed the sweetness. Any element is cloying or bombastic and the edible feel does not overwhelm the dominant woody-spicy vibe or the aromatic-spicy temperament. Not bad at all but nothing that manages to break my heart.
26th November, 2011 (last edited: 03rd January, 2016)
My initial try was sampling it going to bed to sleep and it was heavenly - a magical forest. I had it up as a must-have.

However by subsequent trials, Coze is too harsh to me. It has a rebellious wild ganja sativa vibe which is cool, but eventually annoying to me. And it's dry down to raw woods is a bit clumsy. By comparison, I prefer Tamboti Wood by Susanne Lang in it's smoothness and focus.

Coze is also similar to L’ Artisan Absinth. I'd choose Coze between those two.

The best thing going for Coze is the vivid wild woods reality to it, and I see it as an olfactory event rather than a personal scent for living in.
04th March, 2010
Coze starts out as a very green, unsettling patchouli. At drydown, it is warmer and sweeter and quite ordinary. I wanted to love this one, but I don't.
25th October, 2009
Sharp, hot peppery woods with touch of dark chocolate and bitter coffee beans. Dark, bitter-sweet fragrance with strong earthy feel to it. I could swear there is both patchouli and vetiver used in this scent. (I presume they are placed under that “precious woods” note)
Quite interesting juice, although in the end it’s unable to do anything special for me.

This reminds me strongly of some other fragrance, but I just could not get it in my mind while typing this….*pulling my hair off by the frustration*

I recommend this for anyone to try because I believe it can hit you very hard if you happen to be into it. It’s not boring, and its pretty distinctive. Get a sample and see what you think about it.

This is a masculine blend, btw. I’m not saying women cant wear this (of course they can!) but Coze smells quite butch….You can’t deny that, or can you? :)
03rd March, 2009
Of all the notes listed... I smell a patchouli note. Resinous accords of amber, coffee and bourbon. These three notes must be giving me a patchouli illusion. Or maybe the illusion of A*Men? Anyways, it's deep but not rich, Coze is slightly herbaceous, lightly boozy, kinda woody but most of all chocolatey coffee. Nice scent but not impressive.
14th December, 2008
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United Kingdom
Why bother when you can have the vastly superior Fumerie Turque. Too harsh on my skin, but doesn't smell bad on the test strip. I think the whole PG range is just trying a touch too hard to be different and end up overdoing and complicating their fragrances.
14th October, 2008
This is like a watered down Piper Nigrum on my skin. I get mostly pepper and something a little sweet underneath. None of the other notes surface. Lasting power
also seems poor given what seems from the description to be an intense pyramid of essences.
07th December, 2006
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United States
I like a number of unisex frags, but the spices in Coze reminded me too much of men's products. What a shame--I was looking forward to those chocolate, coffee, vanilla basenotes.
03rd August, 2006