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Coze smells very bitter and aromatic. Green to brown macerated herbs. A bit of tiger balm. A lot of saw dust from fresh pine wood. Very special. I don't know if it's wearable, but it's well done and can be sniffed!
26th February, 2018
Stardate 20170808:

Spices and wood. Dry hot wood shop.Some incense. Reminds me of CdG Black a bit.
It is dry but not too much. I think the sweet ingredients are added in small quantity. Just enough to strike a balance that stands on a knife's edge - a smidgen less and this would be too dry.

Neutral to Thumbs up
08th August, 2017
Warm. Aromatic. Bittersweet. Narcotic. Hypnotic. Dusty. Woodsy. Musky. Masculine. Sweaty. Leathery. Raunchy. Dangerous...

I wore Coze for the first time the other day and it wasn't long before I had to stifle a chuckle. It was giving me a high.

"Gosh! This smells you've been up to no good!"

Girls, remember those guys your mama warned you about? They smell like this.
27th February, 2017
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An exquisitely blended, almost sheer patchouli, Cozé is an ode to pleasure. It takes hefty notes, balances them perfectly against each other and presents them in a manner that is carefree and comforting. I keep returning to ‘almost sheer’ in my mind – I am astounded by the delicacy of touch.
The major accord is of a patchouli gourmand, sensual and satisfying – smooth sweetish patchouli united with bitter chocolate, a touch of dry coffee, and a dusty marriage of cured tobacco and vanilla. I don’t know how the heck Pierre Guillame keeps this dark and rich accord buoyant but he does. Against it revolve two contrasting impulses - one is of a lifting green via the declared note of hemp (but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other sympathetic notes in there) and the other comes via wood notes that smell of bark that suck the sweetness from the patchouli and give it a licorice aspect.
For a patchouli-phobe like myself (I’m fine with it as a base note but shrink from it in a starring role) to be so struck by Cozé is saying something. I hope it is saying: ‘Please do try this for yourself as it is a delight’, and not: ‘This is a patchouli for wimps’. Marvellous stuff.
03rd June, 2016
Just lovely, masculine, contemplative bliss.
Not unlike Heeley's Phoenician melody, journey.
This though, is drier, dustier. Borders on sour. Any sugar is barely noted. It hits on the "high" points of wood, sawdust,Jasmine tea and Canadian tobacco, ethereal. Intoxicating, my brain cells say, orgasmic.
Goes to the top of my list, for procurement.
March 15,2016
Ordered one day, delivered the next.
Today March 16th, I spent the whole day "high" bathed in this. Bliss.
15th March, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2016)
On my skin this is first of all a tobacco fragrance. The tobacco leaves are wet and fresh and pleasant smelling. Other notes include patchouli and spices to add complexity. It is one of the most pleasant tobacco fragrances I have tried. Long lasting.
19th March, 2015
Coze smells like someone picked up the nicest smelling things in the world – coffee, pepper, dark chocolate, hash resin, patchouli – and shoved them into a perfume. Well, that’s not entirely true, because that implies that this perfume was a happy accident, whereas, in truth, Coze is a great example of a perfume that pulls off a complicated balancing act without alerting the wearer to the nuts and bolts of its underpinnings. In other words, it’s a smart, quasi-gourmand whose genius occurs to you when you choose to look at it closely.

For something that references both hash and the stuff we eat when we get the munchies, this is as far away from the druggy atmosphere of a teenage boy’s bedroom as can be. I think that’s because the hash note has been cleverly married to a host of green, herbal, and woody elements, thus yanking the whole thing outdoors. Whenever I wear this, I feel like I am in the company of friendly lumberjacks, sitting down in a forest opening to coffee, brownies, and a “funny” cigarette or two after a morning of cutting down trees. It is the type of perfume that makes you feel happy in an uncomplicated way.

The opening is rather dry and dark – a brief boozy moment is followed by ashy tobacco and a “brown” dust that can only be dark cocoa powder. It is delicious and also slightly spicy. I can smell hot pepper and maybe woody, dusty cloves. I like the way that this dark, dusty layer is fitted closely over a sticky green hemp base, and then finally set to smolder and smoke on a base of mahogany wood chips. It provides a perfect balance between edible and inedible, dry and balmy, and smoke and cold, clean air. Technically, it’s probably correct to call Coze a gourmand or quasi-gourmand, but its genius lies in dotting the foody notes so evenly around a dark, woodsy, smoky base that it would never occur to anyone to call it “yummy”.

I’ve heard tell that Pierre Guillaume composed Coze when he was just twenty-five, which might give any sane person reason enough to hate him, even if he weren’t so jaw-droppingly beautiful. But how can I hate someone who gave the world Coze? Or someone who apparently has sprayed Coze onto his skin during exhibitions and licked himself to demonstrate how natural and harmless his perfumes are when ingested? I too have licked my wrist while wearing Coze and I can confirm that no harm came to me. (I cannot say the same for Montale’s Chocolate Greedy, which gave me a third-degree burn on my lip when I tried the same thing). Lovely stuff all round.
12th February, 2015
On my skin, up top I definitely got the hemp with a dash of pepper, but not overwhelming to my nose (but my sample was not a spray so I had to dab, which tends to make a difference to my skin on how a fragrance presents). About midway I could pick up the patchouli and was thrilled (one of my fave scents), intermixed with coffee and chocolate. Never detected the tobacco until drydown, and then almost an ashtray tobacco scent (but not in an unpleasant way). Honestly don’t know what Ebony wood is supposed to smell like, but I detect something woody at the base so presume that’s it. At the finish, patchouli, vanilla and sweet tobacco were the strongest on my skin.

On me this was not heavy but again I had to dab instead of spray which makes a difference for me. This had fairly soft sillage for me but I used only a small amount, and if I were actually using this from a bottle I’d definitely use more and probably get better projection from it. On my skin everything seemed to settle in after about an hour, and this lasted on me for about 4 – 5 hours before becoming a faint skin scent.

I definitely see this as a cool weather scent and would not wear in spring or summer heat, but I find it unoffensive enough that I’d wear it to the office. I also can see this being a nice fragrance for either day or evening wear. Unlike other reviewers, I never picked up that clove note even though I was intentionally looking for it (and I actually like clove). On me, the patchouli and vanilla with notes of tobacco and wood dominate, and if there are any cloves in there they are buried deep! Right now I’m riding between liking it and loving it, and will try it a few more times to see if I get nudged in one direction or the other.

I know this is a unisex scent, but to my nose this comes across as quite a sweet scent and on my skin definitely falls on the feminine side. I’m not sure some men would feel comfortable wearing this, while others would. Although, having said that, this PG02 Coze is intoxicating enough that the juxtaposition between this sweet fragrance on a macho guy wearing this rising up from his chest could be an alluring combination!

As always, your results may vary!
23rd December, 2014 (last edited: 26th December, 2014)
This is one of those fragrances that could prove perfumery is art, not just combining a couple of notes!
The opening is a great and very well balanced combination of lots of notes that blended together with the exact right dose and completely masterfully.
Even though the patchouli note is in the base of the fragrance, you can smell it right after spraying it on and it takes and holds the bridle of the scent all the way through. the patchouli here is pungent, green, damp and slightly earthy. there is a strong yet smooth amount of natural tree resins smell right beside the patchouli note that gives the scent dirty, slightly woody and kind of oily feeling. have you ever seen and smelled the tears of the pine tree as a yellow resins on the body of the tree?! that type of feel and smell.

There is also some tobacco note with it's bitter herbal, slightly smoky and very elegant feeling that remind me of those expensive pipe tobaccos that only someone like legendary Sherlock Holmes would use.
I can smell some sweetness in the background and also small dose of chocolate and coffee beside all these notes which they are sensual part of the scent! they give the bitter herbal, resinous, woody and slightly smoky feeling of the scent a very nice kick to tune down the bitterness and balance all the notes perfectly.

As time passes the scent is not going to change that much. it gets only slightly more woody and a little peppery that makes the scent heavier and a little darker. this description of the scent may look very brutal and heavy but this is the part that I was talking about. all these heavy, masculine and brutal notes blended together in a completely wearable and kind of smooth way that make this fragrance a great choice for fall and cool spring days.
Projection is above average and longevity is variable between 6-8 hours on the skin. a great and easy to wear fragrance.
08th August, 2014
beauty in a bottle

On my skin Cozé starts with a very mellow, sweet and dry medicinal accord, it turns incense like an hour later and settles into a vanilla comforting soft-bed of beauty. If this was more gourmand I wouldn't have liked it but it is not and therefore I enjoy it tremendously. Silage is very good and longevity excellent.

Pros: sweet and dry

21st August, 2013
What an amazing fragrance! Sweet earth, spicy woods, and a bit of boozy-vanillic coffee undertones. I adore Nasomatto's frags and this could easily fit in with Hindu Grass and other offering from their line, but it doesn't need to. Parfumerie Generale is a near ground-breaking perfume house and Pierre Guillaume is wonderfully aggressive in his approach to perfumery. Plus I just realized PG is created by PG...coincidence? Probably not.

In this instance, the herbal-spice punch that goes on forever actually anchors the fragrance and pulls it back from the brink of total hippie-dippie, wacky tobacky hedonism. Don't get me wrong, this may be far too challenging for the right-wing conservative types to endure, but if you don't mind getting a little natural high, your work place doesn't test for drugs, (heh) and making an earthy statement is fine by you, than yes, this is something you definitely must try. Outstanding longevity and ridiculous sillage! A force to be reckoned with. Five stars in my book.
23rd February, 2013
Coze offers both that fresh, moist feel of a close-fitted evergreen forest canopy and the dry, herbal tone of a dry forest floor. With its hemp foundation, though, the other side of this combination of notes is an over-baked hash brownie. A delight either way.
30th November, 2012
A gourmand that isn't too sickly sweet, I detect cloves/nutmeg right from the start. Patchouli then makes an appearance. Pepper also. While this isn't something I'd wear, it is surprisingly harmonious considering the wide range of notes.
30th October, 2012
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drseid Show all reviews
United States
Coze gets right down to business on skin with a huge burst of patchouli emerging all the way from the base; soon joining a delicious semi-sweet dark chocolate and pimento almost clove-like spice primary heart notes that arrives quite early in the scent's development. Underneath the patchouli, dark chocolate and pimento trio lies a subtle ebony wood and mild coffee undertone combining with just the smallest amount of sandalwood and tobacco smoke from the base to round out the primary detectable notes. Longevity is average and projection above average.

Coze is really a great smelling fragrance. The patchouli, chocolate and all-spice combination is really exceptionally executed here by Guillaume. Also notable is the ebony and coffee that plays support but is just present enough in the background to add a differentiating feature to the primary notes at the fore. The scent overall is relatively sweet, but the sweetness never becomes cloying or distracting. As far as development goes, the scent is fairly linear revealing its true nature early and holding there. The bottom line is Coze is a very well-done composition that is highly recommended earning an excellent rating of 4 out of 5 stars.
28th July, 2012 (last edited: 29th July, 2012)
wow! today i am enchanted by this scent! yesterday, when the weather was hot, i tried coze 02 and it smelled too sweet and too bland; however today, when it has cooled down significantly i decided to give it another go - and now i cannot help but sniff my wrists every couple of minutes. really interesting and crisp scent, no hints of sweetness (until maybe a little bit later, when it dries down). for me it is a perfect mix of crisp deep herby notes and not sweet spicy/woody accords with the character. these are not 'nice' perfumes, but they are interesting and make you want to wear them again.
28th October, 2011
Cozé opens dark, smoky and dusty with coffee, desweetened dark chocolate, woods, prominent patchouli and a slight boozy bourbon note. Spices join the party in a while adding depth and mistery to this warm composition. In the drydown I still detect a remarkable patchouli note together with dark woods, sandalwood and hints of vanilla. While Cozé is often listed as a gourmand, I more get it as a sort of dirty spicy oriental that will appeal to fans of the most challenging compositions by Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier, Parfum D'Empire and a bunch of Lutens.

If you're into fresh and clean fragrances you should carefully stay away from this, for all the others, this is great stuff. Maybe not as much unconventional as they want us to believe but still highly recommended.
21st June, 2011 (last edited: 01st September, 2011)
Sit down light a toke and enjoy the trip as you go through a yummy and groovy journey with COZE! this non conventional scent opens with pure and uncut Cannabis
that adds to the inebriation of the mind dries with
crushed patchouli evokes the earthiness of dancing barefoot in wet mud under a summer's rain, then dryness
of paprika with sundried nuances and grounded pepper
make this a fiery exotica of the southwest a world of azure blue skies and terracotta red earth finishes the
top level,Tobacco opens our second journey with it's
wisp of smoke caressing your senses with it's dry bitterness Dark Chocolate adds to the sexiness and
animalistic properties Oud brings the dark and esoteric
mysteries of the mind Sandalwood with golden hues ends
this journey with dry fiery nuances.

This scent is daring and doesn't follow conventional rules of perfumery this is a unique piece.
08th January, 2011
I had been meaning to try a sample of this for a while, after becoming absolutely enamoured of PG's Aomassai. I had just taken a shower before preparing for bed. I don't know what demon inspired me to open the vial and pour it on myself, but I fear I shan't sleep well tonight.

Coze is an intoxicatingly beautiful fragrance, simultaneously sensual and spiritual, that stimulates every oversensitive nerve in one's body. It induces a mild sense of fear and disorientation even as it wraps one in a seemingly transcendent glow. The sacredness of the apparently non-existent incense note merges with the profane and decadent sensuality of the gourmand notes; but even as these olfactory entities seduce, there is a jarring green note shouting out. It is not until the drydown, some fifteen minutes later, that the canapa sativa reveals itself and recalls cannabis. (Ah, yes, a recalled memory.)

Yes, I inhaled. I breathed this perfume deep into my being. (Perhaps the anxiety it engenders is an ancient adolescent fear of being caught with this substance?) This is very fine indeed.

Nostalgie has described this "journey through time and space" far better than I can at this moment. The lyrics to "The Windmills of Your Mind" come back to me--the concatenation of the diverse notes strikes so many different emotional responses all at once that one can only describe it by means of metaphor.

This is not a "nice" or "pretty" fragrance. Rather, it is a stunning work of art whose dark beauty has the power to disturb in the way that all great art must--even as it seduces one into a space one does not want to leave.

Coze is probably best used as a private pleasure. It is fully capable of causing chaos in the workplace, and its extravagant hedonistic qualities are a bit too decadent for commonplace romantic pursuits.

Oscar Wilde tells us that "All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril." Coze is pure art.

Perhaps I shan't sleep well tonight enveloped in the déjŕ vu this fragrance evokes--but Coze is so beautiful that I really don't care.
22nd August, 2010
To me Coze picks up where Polo left off.I thinks it's quite genius actually.The spices draw you in and the chocolate puts you to sleep.Well worth the price.
01st April, 2010
It's an interesting anthropo-linguistic fact that French (and Italian) has no precise equivalent of the word 'cosy'. When I first tried Coze 02 I wondered if the name is an attempt in cod-French to invent the word and the concept to fill this unaccountable vacancy for a needy nation. The effect is certainly Cozee. Without doubt this is one of the oddest things I've ever tried, and to my nose it isn't, thank goodness, a gourmand, unless smelling like embers over which food was cooked a long time ago counts. I love it, though I have to decide if I want it for me or for my furniture. The nutty top sativa note yields to the smoky, resinous cold fireplace accord which to my nose has no bourbon-vanilla in it at all but does hint clearly of actual bourbon, one of the many substances in the world and in this perfume, including coffee and charcoal, that always smell far far better than they could ever possibly taste. Chocolate, coffee, pepper are mentioned in the tasting notes from PG - well, maybe, but if they were ever there, they've since been completely translated into smoke. I'm not sure this is even a personal fragrance; it's more like a state of mind, or a cure for insomnia. I haven't bought it yet, but I may have to, if only to sprinkle it on my pillow for comfort.
11th November, 2009 (last edited: 21st January, 2014)
Ranger Show all reviews
United States
The canapa sativa seed oil is great in this. I smell it from top through drydown. Along with it, the dark bitter chocolate stays just at the edges never leaving the stage completely. Coffee and spices peek in and out at different times. There is a certain flux of scents until the drydown when the vanilla creeps in and barely sweetens the whole. Long lasting but stays close to the body. Each time I wore Coze, I liked it better and better. I also liked it more with an additional spray or two. It really brings out all the magic. I could wear this anytime.
02nd November, 2009
Cozé is to scent memory what the Human Genome Project is to genealogy.

When the phonemes in its name meet a first whiff of this pitchy brew, Cozé brings to mind “primordial ooze.” The rich blend, featuring canapa sativa seed oil, pepper, cocoa, ebony, coffee and pimento shocks at first, then eventually soothes by evoking something far away yet familiar, as mysterious as Easter Island, as mundane as rush-hour traffic. It is not the comfort smell of mother’s apron or grandfather’s pipe. No, one must dig deeper into the past. Cozé unleashes an imaginary journey through time and space, encompassing the La Brea Tar Pits, the African Savannah, a quest for fire, the Lascaux caves, exploration of the New World, and your favorite leather chair.

Hot, tarry, dusty, as pungent as burnt rubber, and rather beautiful in an uncanny way. Not for the faint-hearted, but a must-try all the same.
07th April, 2009 (last edited: 19th April, 2012)
Not bad! Spices and pepper give this perfume a hot, ardent and firm approach. Very straightforward. No florals but somehow fruity topnote. Starting sweet and becoming dust-dry after a while.

I agree with Sir Slarty that you can detect a patchouly note after a while.
25th February, 2009
genvy5 Show all reviews
United States
I don't smell chocolate of coffee. I just get a very cozy "fireplace burning in the living room at Christmastime" scent. I feel like it's a bit flat, however. Lacks enough interesting character to make me want to buy it.
01st February, 2009
Coze is a funky sharp herbal patchouli-scent with a texture of chocolate dust.
13th October, 2008 (last edited: 29th July, 2009)
Like the inside of a treasured and ancient wooden box into which you, for some unfathomable reason, are storing sweets: mostly vanilla pralines and coffee nips. I find this fragrance, though quite masculine, very comforting and warm. Almost maternal in it's spirit. I enjoy wearing it for those reasons.
15th June, 2008
This is spicy, woody, and resinous: the deep, dark, smoky nature of Coze 02 shows itself immediately. I have encountered few scents that exhibit such a strong hold on opaqueness so immediately. What little hint of sweetness there is comes from vanilla pods, which, in themselves are more woody than sweet. I believe that the assertive note in the top and middle is the hemp note; it is remarkable in its exotic wood / green richness. I’ve always loved the smell of hemp. I can’t really pick out many of the individual notes that are listed in the pyramid – chocolate, pimento, coffee – because the smoky resinousness totally dominates the accord to my nose. I’m sure those individual notes are there, but they form themselves in a shadowy but compelling background. I love what I get – a resinous woody, spice bomb along with the warm bitterness of some deep, dark expresso. Strangely enough, for such a strongly dry and powerful scent, it has limited longevity. I just can’t get more than an hour and a half activity on my skin – a fact that greatly disappoints me because I love the murky, dusky nature of Coze 02. Thumbs up for the accords and a pox on the longevity.
24th May, 2008
I just unearthed a sample I've had for a while, was smitten, and had to order a bottle. Coze starts off spicy and slightly herbaceous, quickly cools down to a white smokiness, and lingers for hours with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla (which curiously are dry here, and not overly sweet. I'm not a big fan of gourmands -- most are cloying -- but manages to be both restrained and seductive). Definitely unisex, in my view, but not for ingenues of either gender.
13th July, 2007
Spicy and dark, like a heady Bay Rum spice that vibrates with mystery, magic and fun. There is a Caribbean vibe here. This quickly became one of my favorites. Unlike other spice scents Coze has a warm, raw, dark herbal resonance that provides depth to the spice/coffee notes - possibly the sativa oil adds that little difference that is familiar but odd at the same time. The pepper opens the nose to the resinous spiced coffee with a slight vanilla gourmand quality, then patchouli, vibrating with an island mystery. The patchouli is much more prominent in the recent batches than the earliest editions (or maybe I am just looking for it more now). I like the resonating patchouli of the background. Coze 02 is a dark, magical spice woods potion. One of the best from Parfumerie Generale.
09th May, 2007 (last edited: 24th September, 2016)
A great scent for sure. I'll second the "dark" and "exciting" comments. Very dark, pitch black even. Sort of like MPG's Eau des Iles, but not as strong in the sillage department, and slightly sweeter. The coffee, pepper, and chocolate are prominent, as is something tar-like. I also get something spicy - maybe nutmeg. The sweetness is honey-like (but maybe that's the bourbon vanilla). It's a gourmand scent, but it's also not as thick or heavy as most gourmands, and while sweet, not as sweet as many. Sillage and longevity are both very good. Not being a huge fan of gourmands, this is not my favorite from PG, but still very good.
02nd August, 2006