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Negative Reviews of Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

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Average Neroli fragrance but with a green vibe that makes it damp and annoying. Castle Forbes Special Reserve Neroli is much better and cheaper.
For the fashion victims only not the connoisseurs .

Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3/5
Longevity: 3/5
14th December, 2017
I rarely dislike any fragrance within the first few minutes, but alas this one was an immediate scrubber. I wanted to love this one, and the citrus family is my preferred fragrance family, but it just made me violently ill. I will never forget the face of the poor sales attendant at Bergdorfs as she escorted me to the gents! Embarrassing yes, but thank goodness I tried this before ordering blind as per my usual habit.
25th January, 2017
As others have said ..4711 with a little bit more longivity ..pretentious rip off to be honest ..if you like this buy a few bottles of 4711 and go wild with decanter sprayers etc but personally I'd buy a bottle of aqua di parma essenza or penhaligons castille or geo.f. trumpers Gft. .all three are light years ahead of this.
28th September, 2016
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I actually really enjoy this fragrance , fresh and perfect for summer but I asked my daughter to test it and she thinks it smells exactly like CIF lemon cleaner. Completely ruined it for me.
11th September, 2016
AlHamr Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Neroli Plastiscino…
15th May, 2015
I made a mistake and bought this. This is actually a cologne that is ... expensive. That's about it , it gets feedback if that means something to you. I personally prefer Mugler Cologne or Eau de Guerlain. Trying desperately to get rid of it.
21st February, 2015
I really did not like this one.

I gave a good spray on my wrist whilst out shopping and kept checking it during the day.

Nothing changed, it just stayed the same all day long, and what was there was not pleasant.

I just felt like something (perhaps a slug or snail) had crawled onto my wrist, died, and then fallen off a few hours later.

The resulting smell of what was left was Neroli Portofino.

I know this may seem like a very strange thing to say, but the scent of NP just put me in mind of "dead things", even though I don't really know what "dead things" smell like.

Maybe it's just me...
17th October, 2014
That first 3 seconds after spraying this I get a honeysuckle note that dries down into a somewhat citrus splash of orange juice. It doesn't last long at all on my skin.
17th April, 2014
I really love Neroli and orange blossoms occupy a distinct place in my childhood memories. Neroli Portofino is true to its name (take out Portofino). It is a glorious Neroli-Hesperidic concoction that is pure joy. But then I realized that I had to bathe in it to feel its presence and still its silage and longevity were average. If this was an EdC or a body splash I would have understood it, but since it's marketed as an EdP I am really dissatisfied with it. The price tag is inversely proportional to the juice inside that otherwise beautiful bottle. Gilded plates and a nice bottle don't make up for a perfume that does not deliver. Nevertheless NP will look great on your beauty counter!
22nd February, 2014
I love most of the perfumes in the Tom Ford Private Blend Line, some are outstanding. They are different and unique, but not this one, it is just another classical Acqua de Colonia.
Wearing it feels like wearing 4711, people around me think I am wearing 4711, however TF NP goes for around 300 bucks for the 3.4 oz bottle, and 4711 can be found in internet for less than 10, that is 30 times as much.
So, what is the point? If I want to smell like 4711, why spend a fortune,or if I want to impress my friends wearing a expensive an exclusive cologne, why TF NP when they will think is 4711?
And to top it off, there are better versions of the classic Acqua de Colonia like Extra Vieille, or Farina Gegenüber,or Acqua di Parma, or Acqua Classica Borsari or even Mugler Cologne, but if I really want to smell great with a classic Acqua de Colonia I would wear my favorite: Myrurgia 1916.
I own all of the others I mentioned, so there is no space in my wardrobe for Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino
23rd January, 2014
To classic, sometimes annoying.
Very expensive for this fragrance which I agreed is very similar to Mugler's Cologne.
But an amazing bottle color and design.
11th January, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Smells too much like Mugler's Cologne.. Very identical.. Longevity is about the same as well as projection on my skin.. Save your hard earned cash folks..
29th December, 2013
Smells like rose water which is a lovely scent but not at that price
23rd September, 2012
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I’m a little mystified by the good reviews. I will confess, though, that NP reminds me of a cheap scent from my childhood, so that might be part of my poor response.

Scent starts with an artificial citrusy brightness. Tones down a bit within a few moments, gets somewhat warmer and wearable, but goes nowhere special. I’d like to say more, but really, the frag doesn’t warrant it.
27th January, 2012
this smells exactly like aloe vera gel. like it on my sunburn, not in my private collection. get real, tom ford.
12th September, 2011
You need to spend some time with this one to appreciate it's beauty. Performance - wise, it crushes most of the competition, maybe it's worth the price tag for the great longevity? It's ok to compare this to EdCs, but those don't perform half as good as NP does.

In the soapy scent arena, I prefer Creed Original Vetiver for its green undertones and dry down, but am considering buying this one too.
27th June, 2011 (last edited: 06th March, 2013)
I usually love true orange blossom scent but this was putrid to me. I was at the fragrance counter at Sak's sampling many of the fine Tom Ford Collection scents and this one was a stand out! Reminded me of a Motel 6 I stayed in in Winnemuca, NV in 1983-linoleum floor cleaner. Definitely interesting the role of the olfactory sense in our memory.
31st May, 2009
The worst side of neroli: pure cleaning fluid. Sickening.
21st June, 2007