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I can't really judge it wile wearing it in the wintertime, but so far it smells like a chemical citrus and some other stuff I can't seem to point out. I will give this a try in the summertime. Maybe it'll be better then.
04th January, 2012
This particular fragrance opens up with an evident neroli note which it's not crude, herbal like in Bois Blond from Atelier Cologne, instead it is slight sweet.

After about 15 minutes the citric aspect at the top disappear giving space to a more comfortable, soapy aroma becoming very pleasant on my skin, but this EDC aspect makes me confuse...

to me this fragrance is a good one, but the price tag is just ridiculous. This fragrance does not worth the price tag. If it were cheaper it would be an awesome daily fragrance.
03rd December, 2011 (last edited: 12th December, 2011)
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United Kingdom
Absolutely love the fragrance but sadly I don't get the longevity that so many people praise it for....... :-(
03rd October, 2011
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this smells exactly like aloe vera gel. like it on my sunburn, not in my private collection. get real, tom ford.
12th September, 2011
Eau De Cologne anyone? A long lasting Eau De Cologne which smells fine but sells at a ridicolous and definitely otrageous price. Nothing new, go for the original or for other billions of cheaper interpretation of the same theme.
07th July, 2011 (last edited: 05th September, 2011)
You need to spend some time with this one to appreciate it's beauty. Performance - wise, it crushes most of the competition, maybe it's worth the price tag for the great longevity? It's ok to compare this to EdCs, but those don't perform half as good as NP does.

In the soapy scent arena, I prefer Creed Original Vetiver for its green undertones and dry down, but am considering buying this one too.
27th June, 2011 (last edited: 06th March, 2013)
Wasn't expecting to like this fragrance....but when I wear it I smile and hear the song the girl from Iipanema in my head. Very modern and yet homage to the refined glamor of the 50's and 60's. Think James Bond Sean Connery.
21st June, 2011
Beautiful neroli scent - quite lasting . I find it intensely soapy actually which is a good thing.
13th June, 2011
Crisp and clean, masculine and sexy. The perfect scent for a crisp, clean white button down shirt, and a warm weather go-to for me. I think that this is an understated scent, and as such an underrated frag on the BN forums. I have a number of other niche scents that elicit positive reactions, but sometimes there's something to say for just smelling "clean," and this is one of the very best I've come across in this regard.

Also, TFPB NP is probably worth buying before it is re-released as a Tom Ford "spa scent" with a higher price tag attached to it. If you're not averse to using eBay to score frags, you can generally find this one for not much more than 100usd/50ml, which isn't bad at all by Tom Ford standards.
07th March, 2011
I'm not a huge fan because the smell is too cloyingly sweet to me personally, constantly reminding me of what I am wearing. I would much rather wear this out in the open air on a summer vacation than in the office. Of course, I have always preferred scents that are more subtle to my senses, yet which surprise those who haven't been around me. That being said, others haven't said bad things about this scent on me. Yes I have smelled this type of scent on plenty of Germans, no joke, although I was young and naive and didn't know about 4711.

Other than that, what can I say that hasn't been said? So much neroli at the start, amber base notes, good sillage. Some urinal cakes smell this good, which is kind of disturbing...
05th March, 2011
This is the classic Eau de Cologne formula, only nuclear-powered. Projects well and lasts all day and never really loses those fresh notes. Amazing.
13th December, 2010 (last edited: 30th March, 2011)
Smell like tempo tissue from Germany
03rd September, 2010
Does Portofino smell a certain way? Like the bitter strain of perfumer's bergamot and windswept, blooming neroli?
I mean, I have never been there, but this year I have smelled both Dior's 'Escale a Portifino' and this one from Tom Ford, 'Neroli Portofino'. And they smell just alike. Well, 'Neroli' has slightly more neroli...

Well, it smells nice in Portofino, I guess... like a wholesome, twenty-year-old French beauty with full wavy brown hair, dressed in a fashionable beige linen summer dress, circa 1983... shaking out her umbrella in a first class night train.
08th February, 2010
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This smells quite nice but it is really not that much different than a quality neroli fragrance oil. Definitely not worth the price.
26th August, 2009
I don't understand the negative reviews of this. I'm not a huge fan of many of the Tom Ford line but this one was a real stand-out for me. Many have tried to make a big, rich flower and amber accord but most have ended up too thick or too sweet and cloying. This for me gets the balance perfectly right. Powerful but subtle and most importantly, it gets positive comments from the ladies...
20th July, 2009 (last edited: 10th September, 2009)
I usually love true orange blossom scent but this was putrid to me. I was at the fragrance counter at Sak's sampling many of the fine Tom Ford Collection scents and this one was a stand out! Reminded me of a Motel 6 I stayed in in Winnemuca, NV in 1983-linoleum floor cleaner. Definitely interesting the role of the olfactory sense in our memory.
31st May, 2009
I joked when this was released, that the name Neroli Portofino sounds like a condominium complex. I kept secretly hoping that I wouldn't like this, since if I bought a full bottle of it and people smelled it and wanted to know what it was, I'd have to say this silly name out loud.

I think NP is best summed up by calling it an Eau de Parfum formula of a classic neroli eau cologe (like 4711) I love eau colognes and while most of them are designed to wear very lightly with no 'oomph', which is disappointing since I want citrus scents to last. I thought that was impossible.

Well NP has this. I used to have difficulty differentiating neroli and orange blossom but ever since I tried NP now I understand completely how different neroli is. Just so fresh and bracing.

The scent has very little complexity and doesn't really 'develop' at all. It lasts longer than the eaux de colognes, of course, but not much more longer than 4-5 hours.

At it's price point (upwards of $150 a bottle), it's hard to fall in love with NP over other 'more affordable' neroli fragrances (Neroli by Czech & Speake comes to mind).
04th October, 2008
The sweetest and most flowery of the Tom Ford collection, this orange blossom is fantastic! That tiny little flower opens this frag with a bang, and then a nice little suprise of citrusy lemon joins in for a fresh & bright white floral treat! It gives me the impression of Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien being infused with neroli ~ completely beautiful! Did I mention it is sweet? Even so, it isn't a bit cloying IMO! Excellent sillage and longevity for a citrus/floral. I highly recommend trying this little gem.
01st October, 2008
I rather enjoy this one. The opening is without a doubt a very heavy yet airy Neroli which seems to stay throughout the entire drydown process. As it starts to develop a few more florals lightly come out. Next, a VERY nice crisp citrus note that reminds me of the smell of orange and lemon fruit stripe gum starts to dominate for a little while (a stage I find extremely satisfying)! Lastly, the bottom amber notes become more apparent ending in a very sensual and almost effervescent way. All the while the scent never, ever comes close to being a let down - every step is a good one.

Brilliant work. Thanks, Tom :-)
17th July, 2008
The worst side of neroli: pure cleaning fluid. Sickening.
21st June, 2007