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Negative Reviews of Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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Smells exactly like Comet cleanser, the powdered disinfectant scrub in the green cylindrical cardboard tube that does wonders on stainless steel sinks and porcelain shower tubs, amongst other non-porous surfaces. Once you make this connection like I did, you'll never wear this again. When I used to frequent the Tom Ford counter at my local Nieman's, the sales rep lady and I use to joke about this connection, honest. I even did a comparison for amusement purposes by spraying a little on my arm and sniffing the top of the Comet container, the similarities are uncanny, still can't even believe it. An original formula of Oud Wood in the brown flacon is just a strong smelling spray version of Comet cleanser.
03rd February, 2018
Did you ever try something that immediately disagreed with your particular body chemistry and repulsed you? I'm sorry to say that this is the case here with me. This immediately soured on my skin and I've had this "rotting celery" scent on me all day. I had the same exact reaction to Yatagan a few years back. Sorry, this one is not for me.
07th November, 2016
My overwhelming reaction to this was 'soapy.' There is oud, or some simulacrum thereof; there's a bit of sandalwood, a bit of cedar, and... soap. A quite conventional, masculine concoction. Ennui instead of amazement. It should be said, though, that on a day of sampling that had me wearing some quite unbelievably expensive scents, this was the one that everyone else liked best. Which says something, I suppose...
16th March, 2014
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I guess it's only me, but all I get from this is coconut and that kind of buttery, nutty smell I get from Tobacco Vanille after the tobacco fades. Also, I have no idea what oud smells like - coconut, perhaps?

18th July, 2013
I've smelt much better Sichuan Peppercorn elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Sandalwood elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Tonka Bean elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Cardamom elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Rosewood elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Vetiver elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Amber elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Vanilla elsewhere.
I've smelt much better Oud elsewhere.
Far too many underwhelming qualities.
Zero reason(s) to justify the expense.
I do not like this fragrance very much.
23rd January, 2013
I like this, it is a nice balanced scent. Thumbs down for lack of real oud and the price. Tom Ford line is way overpriced.
03rd January, 2013
On a sample strip, this smells like "win" for months. In a sample vial, intrigue and longing. As a full bottle
.. overpowering cologne-y air freshener. Sad to report a fail.
10th December, 2012
This is M7 lite. Equally offensive to my nose, but somehow ends up smelling like berries rather than cherries. Horrifying what this stuff costs.
16th February, 2011
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United States
Terrible longevity and smells very synthetic...Don't like this one very much at all.
08th December, 2010
While I like many aoud scents in the Montale line, I find this one to be repulsive. It smells plasticky/rubbery to me. I also get a pickling spice vibe to it. It sickens me and I can't imagine enjoying this on anyone.
24th June, 2010
Sadly I feel that those enthusing about this fragrance along with a few others of Tom's most recent fragrances are suffering from 'The Emporor's New Clothes' syndrome. Whilst this was very nice once sprayed, smelling of Oud; I was disappointed to find I could no longer smell it after 20 minutes!! I own several Oud oils bought from travels to Dubai, Jordon etc that were inexpensive and last all day.
In England a 30 mls bottle is retailing for £100. OUTRAGEOUS. Anyone foolish enough to buy is encouraging Mr Ford and others to exploit perfume enthusiasts and making a fool of us.
Hope you read this Tom!!
15th August, 2009
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United States
Well, After reading the reviews, I was interested, I'm working on my own Oud fragrance, and wanted to know what Ford did with it.

So, I have to say that it was a wholly unremarkable fragrance, and had about 15 minutes at best of the faintest oud odor.
What a big waste of time and energy... Just worthless...

And after the oud was gone, well, what's left is not worth anyone's time...

Sorry Tom, a big miss...

(Can I give it five thumbs down?)
01st June, 2009
I approached Oud Wood with some skepticism. Tom Ford's M7 by YSL I disliked instantly, when I smelled it (regardless of the tons of compliments I received wearing it).

OW reminds me of the top notes of Film Noir by Ava Luxe but instead of transitioning and sweetening or smoking (like FN does), this just stayed smelling like rubber. Latex gloves. Inflatable river raft industrial strength rubber.

Upon a more closer sniff to my arm...raspberry. Weird combo. I thought it'd evolve more, so I waited. It stayed as rubber-raspberry all through the dry down. A linear rubber raspberry scent - who, but Tom Ford, could create this combo for a luxury mens fragrance?

Perhaps my nose perceives the oud as raspberry/rubber - but IMO this scent suffers from a lack of skillful blending and comes off as TF's version of Bulgari Black at 4 times the price.
04th October, 2008
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Rubbery, leathery, medicine water. I get it, but I am rather "bleh" about it, as with all Tom Ford frags.

I do like the Oudh aspect, but the Swiss Arabian Perfumes "Mukhalat al Maliki" ("The Blend of the King") does is so much better, and in 30mL of purfume absolute that goes for $49.99 on the net.

I think this Tom Ford smells to me more like something rubbery, synthetic leathery and medicinal, with a hint of Oudh added.

If it think of it as an Oudh based fragrance, it tarnishes my otherwise smitten relationship with Oudh - finest and costliest of all natural frgarances.
12th December, 2007