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Neutral Reviews of Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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Neutered Oud. Unisex, all age and season with TF Private Blend quality. For the man/woman that demands quality, but not attention. Pleasant and easy to wear. Does everything well, but does nothing remarkable. It is distinctive, yet forgettable at the same time. Sillage and projection are soft. Longevity average.
Creed's Royal Oud is a better version of the tamed Oud. Redundant if you own both. Note breakdown is accurate, but think muted volume.
16th September, 2016
Surely this offering was created with the purpose of drawing the non-gender-specific fantasy babe of one’s imaginings to purr and nuzzle one’s neck. It is so steeped in signifiers of ‘quality’ mainstream masculines, it verges on cliché. So it is woody and spicy but done in a triple-milled and fresh got-my-crisp-white-shirt-on style; it has a glug of the sweets to appease the bruised child syndrome; and it is so super balanced it refuses to show the slightest wobble.
The ghost of M7 hangs around this one for me, especially with the orangey spice of the former getting an echo here – but Oud Wood is thinner and over-refined. Smells fantastic on a smelling strip, but somewhat lacklustre on skin after the opening minutes.
A kind of wallpaper scent – well-proportioned and with judiciously placed colours, but ultimately a bit too orderly to excite. The later stages, when it becomes even fresher and airier with a plump, almost fruity aspect are more rewarding, except that now the projection takes a dive.
25th August, 2016
Flat and lifeless, I don't get oud at all...doesn't last. I get tonka and pepper, and that is it.
05th July, 2016
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Like most of the Private Blend, I find this rather boring. Synthetic Oud, burning rubber yawn. Comet cleaner right at the start seems a lead into many Oud Perfumes. I think it's a pointer note used to lead the nose to thoughts of Oud, falsely.
For depth in smokiness I prefer something like Blackbird Jesus Taiga or Heeley Phoenicia. Or some Cambodian Oud Oils. If one wants to spend money, Fragrance du Bois brings clean and pretty Oud perfumes with finesse and character.
29th February, 2016 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)
Smells like a finnish sauna to me.

Undeniably high quality juice, but it lacks depth and character.
23rd December, 2015
Love the initial spray. Didn't seem to project well on my skin. I actually liked OW better when layered with Noir De Noir. This is coming from a person who isn't into layering. One morning I sprayed this on and it seemed like it needed something else. NDN was the answer. They both seem to compliment each other when worn.
23rd October, 2015
This smells good, but it's too light. It becomes a skin scent with no projection too quickly for me, but for someone who wants something light, this one smells good.
25th December, 2014
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I wanted to like this fragrance so badly. Having been an avid wearer of M7 for so long now, I thought I would check out what Tom Ford came up with again. First of all - where is the oud?? Where is the wood?? It just doesn't come through enough for me. This fragrance lacks the oomph I expected. It is too sweet, too timid, too tame and too apologetic. Sillage is poor. Longevity is very poor. Overall, it just lacks the complexity and backbone I was hoping for.
03rd August, 2014 (last edited: 06th August, 2014)
Many fragrances seem to reference this when describing their "oud variety." Cheap middle eastern oils try to mimic this smell. Fine, so it defines a category in the multi-faceted spectrum of Oud. Funny thing... most of those other fragrances are superior, last 10x longer, and sell at half the price.

This is certainly a comfortable, unoffensive, dark and woody oud (with no animalic or barnyard qualities) for the 15 minutes of its life span. It reminds me of the sandlewoody base of Memoir man or the synthetic warmth (and remarkably un-band-aid-y quality) of Dark Aoud by Montale. Safe, for sure, but I would need to wear 20ml a day to remember that I was wearing this at all by high noon.

13th February, 2014
Just not for me

It is a scent that I would describe as "interesting." Sadly, that is not how I wish to smell. My least favorite Tom Ford that I have tried.

29th August, 2013
Everybody who is anybody has to get on the oud wagon sometime and Tom Ford is no different. But in the absence of the rare agarwood, the creative entrepreneur could always flatter to deceive by melting plastic, glue, rubber, discarded furniture legs and what-have-you's. Throw in some spices into the mix and you could possibly create a smoke that is warm, resiny-woodsy with a hint of burnt caramel. Some may find it oddly compelling. Unfortunately for me it stops at 'odd'.

Hey Mr Ford, oud you mind if I call this 'Odd Wood'?
23rd January, 2013
Doesn't last long on me. Very sexy woody top notes. It is all gone in less than 2 hours. Too bad as I pad $205 for 1.7 oz.
29th December, 2012
I had been wanting to own an Oud fragrance for about a half a year. After carefully looking and smelling most of whats on the market I went with Tom Ford's Oud Wood. I have always been a huge fan of his private blend collection. His heavy potent smelling parfums are what drive me to his products. At the department store ( neiman's) , the parfum smelled great.. It was woody, smoky, complex and HEAVY. The oud was present yet not over powering the other notes of sandalwood, pepper, and cardamom. However at home, when sprayed from the 100 ML bottle, the top note was not as powerful as it was when smelled from a sample strip. What was nice is that the middle and base notes really opened up at 30 to 45 minutes after being applied to the skin. It actually pretty amazing and overwhelming to have the notes wrap themselves all around you.
If you don't like heavy long lasting smells that engulf you then this inst gonna be for you. Oud Wood was even more amazing when paired off with Tobacco Vanille. I highly recommend you try out them together. The overall longevity tends to be around 2-2.5 hours on my skin. My only disappointment was that the Oud essence itself in my bottle, ( May 2012, batch A52), was not as present as it was in the department store.
28th December, 2012
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Although Oud Wood contains agarwood (oud), vanilla, sandalwood, brazilian rosewood, vetiver, sichuan pepper, amber, cardamom and tonka beans, this fragrance has the effect of a very hard, dry and one-dimensional soliflore on my skin from start to finish (as a matter of fact, I felt no noticeable dry-down). Oud Wood reminds me of the Borneo Teak Wood fragrance for Lampe Berger burners. I love the crisp smell of teak wood as a room deodorizer but not as a personal fragrance. I don't like Oud Wood at all but I cannot give it a thumbs down rating for I am sure it develops much better on other people. I have a rather dry skin. Maybe someone with an oilier skin could make this fragrance come out a little softer and sweeter.
17th July, 2012
I had very high hopes for this one. The top notes are very medicinal, and though the scent is quite strong at the beginning, it fades much too quickly. I barely got an hour or two out of it, and at this price, that is not acceptable.
I was careful not to use too much because oud can cause olfactory fatigue.
I have also tried layering it with Tobacco Vanille but I find no appreciable change.
Because I have tried only from a sample, and I do still have an unopened bottle, I may have to try out the bottle to see whether there is a difference.
05th January, 2012
It is fresh and spicy with woody notes that does smell good. I have some Borneo 3000 pure Oud oil and I believe this scent was trying to capture that fragrance in a synthetic way. Where as the real deal has a lot of depth and dimensions to it Oud Wood seems to be a snapshot of a aspect of the Borneo pure oud oil.

The only thing with Tom Fords offering is that I detected a synthetic latex glove smell within the composition which I could not live with. Apart from that it is a good fragrance.
10th December, 2011
I like high-end fragrances when they have an artistic aspect to them and my problem with many of the Tom Ford's compositions is that they often luck all of this. I get them as a sort of completion of the brand. Clothes, leather goods, shoes, sunglasses and fragrances for the upper market. They all smell pretty good but they very rarely add something on the table to justify their otrageous prices.

Said that I don't see any reasons to spend big money on Oud Wood when you can have M7 (because this is basically what Oud Wood is all about) for less than 1/3 the price. Fresh woody.

Gimmick anyone?
25th October, 2011
I'll register a neutral on this -- but there really is nothing wrong with it, aside from being a bit sweet at times. There are attractive spicy notes, and even when it gets somewhat powdery it isn't oppressive. The oud is very restrained (non-medicinal), and modulates into a nice rose note at the end. In fact, the scent is quite rose-y as it dries down.
10th April, 2011
Nice bottle and scent but nothing special to bring home.

Poor longevity and very overpriced ? ... Yes !

Sorry Tom, perfumerie is an art not a past time...

21st August, 2010
Not bad, but not oud. Anyone who has smelled true, undiluted agarwood will probably find this a bit synthetic and one dimensional.

Terrible name too. "Oud" means "wood" so the wood in the title is superfluous. Makes as much sense as "chai tea" and "nan bread."
12th June, 2010
Updating my previous review of this.. it is definitely more synthetic smelling than other Tom Ford offerings. To my nose, its opening and middle smells very similar to B*Men, only lighter and no sweet notes. I get that same sort of rubber, plastic, watery and coconut smell that I get from B*Men; add a little rosewood though. As it dries down is where I kind of want to scrub it off, as it becomes a very dry and spicy wood, smells slightly animalic in the base as well. Not a personal favorite, but an interesting collaboration nevertheless. Sillage and longevity are just mediocre.
18th April, 2010 (last edited: 31st August, 2010)
Smells ok... I have smelled better Oud frags,with way better longevity.... Over priced in my opinion for what it is...
21st March, 2010
fennec Show all reviews
United States
Not bad at all, but not great. Unimpressed. I know it's not supposed to be a scent for oud afficionados/purists but I think it could have been formulated a little better. The vetiver takes away from the potential oud drydown but this could be a result of the aromachemical used in the formula, Givaudans oud, which is nice but dries down into vetyver like Tom Ford's scent.
28th August, 2009
Oud is Arabic for "wood" but it specifically refers to agarwood, also referred to as aloeswood. Real quality agarwood extracts can cost upwards of $1,000 an ounce and are very difficult to blend, because they have a high terpene content that can very easily come off smelling like turpentine if one is not careful.

Tom Ford's "Oud," on the other hand, smells very much like Firmenich's synthetic agarwood product ("Oud Blend"), which is almost surely used in this fragrance.

All in all a very nice fragrance, but probably not worth the price.
20th August, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
What does this translate to then? Wood Wood? Woody Wood?
Woody Woodpecker? It's a big deep wood though and smells pretty good. Reminds me a lot of the CDG woods though, -- Palisander, Sequoia (but a bit richer) and they are half the price, so won't be investing.

PS. The whole range has been upped in price by 10%. Good on you, Tom
18th August, 2009
Mmmm…..I do like this. It smells delicious.

It is probably a little bit weaker than I would like, and the price is far too much, but as a fan of oud I find the scent simply irresistible.

It is not nearly as satisfying as many of the Montale perfumes, and it doesn’t even match the captivating qualities of M7, but I wish it was it was a bit cheaper so I could buy me a full bottle.

TF Oud Wood is little bit similar to that wonderful M7; but this is not quite that medicinal, strong or luscious.
I find that this also shares similarities to Nasomatto Duro; but that one is much more dry and dense.
And yet I should mention Ormonde Jayne Man; but TF OW is not as green or spicy.

But these all (4) fragrances share that same kind of dominant agarwood note. The differences in tones are very notable for sure, but I would put these fragrances under the same roof into the same family.

Lasting power of Oud Wood could be better, especially when you think about the price tag.
03rd February, 2009
A friend of mine (a guy) is obsessed with it, and I must say, it suits him. Not to mention that the scent announces his arrival like 3 minutes before he enters the room, but it is a very heavy, woodsy, dark, and even maybe sexy (he is a guy, and a friend, I don't think I'll ever find him sexy even if he wears Gucci Eau de Parfum). It doesn't transform at all though, it is quite one note. But a good note at that.

TF promotes this scent as an unisex scent though it is quite masculine. And I enjoy women experimenting with mens scents since I do experiment with the women's juices quite frequently. It is not like a girl is going grow a penis by using a men's cologne, right?

Well, in terms of Oud Wood, you actually might.

Tom Ford tries hard to be the new olfactory god of this generation of perfumers and he has released this 'scent library' for everyone who is rich enough to buy. No gender specific. But from the first spray of this 'perfume', there is absolutely no doubt that THIS IS A MENS FRAGRANCE. There is nothing soft, feminine, or even slightly so, sparkling about it. It is quite masculine in every sense. I don't wanna offend any woman who is using this, but let's be realistic: If Samsara, or Shalimar are not men's fragrances, then this cannot be a woman's scent. I know girls who use m7, or even Chanel Pour Monsieur, even those are less gender specific than this.

It is a good cologne, but ladies, beware... It might be a bit too much for you even if you adore it from the first sniff - better test this for the boyfriend if you love the smell so much.
27th April, 2008 (last edited: 20th June, 2009)
This is a fairly weak take on oud but pleasant enough. I certainly wouldn't pay the price they're asking for this. I would visit Arabian Oud on Oxford Street, London and buy the real thing instead.
29th December, 2007