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There is almost a suede-ish opening to Oud Wood, but from there it quickly transitions to beautifully polished daek wood like you would find in some kind of old library or study.
It is clean oud wood, i don't find anything "dirty" here, but what i do find is age. This scent feels like it was discovered in a flacon hidden away for centuries and over that time all the ingredients blended together that you can no longer distinguish individual notes, or maybe it is vecause i have a poorly developed nose.
The vetiver, cardamom and amber actually lend a sense of airyness to this that prevents it from getting heavy and i dont really get much sichuan pepper or vanilla. It is an ancient, distinguished scent and in my opinion the best in the private blend series.

31st July, 2017
Strangely addictive scent that is feminine and masculine at the same time, I can't stop smelling it. It's a sweet medicinal woody scent laced with some rose and maybe a touch of vanilla. I suppose you could say this is a gourmand type of fragrance, it has a real sense of elegance about it and is never overpowering, It's blended extremely well , the rose and vanilla calm down the oud perfectly. Performance wise i'd say it creates a close quarters scent bubble that lasts around 4/6 hours, good for things like weddings and meet and greet events or a cosy night in with a loved one.
23rd May, 2017 (last edited: 24th May, 2017)
This is a beautiful and very romantic fragrance, very nice.

I've tried Tobacco Vanille , which I know many people love, and I love this even more. I think it's sexier. This is (arguably) worth the hype and even the price tag. It is beautiful, it's seductive, it's quality, but I find it more intimate (and definitely more sensual..) than Tobacco Vanille. I can't see how many people would dislike this. It's quite appealing.

The fragrance is based around an oud note, but I think it would be unfair to expect a loud blast of agarwood a la Arabesque, or in real Arabian style. No. This is Oud for western sensibilities, almost tuned down for people who don't like loud, in-your-face oud. To be honest, I don't expect this to be loud, it's very subtle, very sensual, and very sexy. It sits very close to the skin and doesn't project so far, so it's more of a scent that people who come up really close to you will go "wow, you smell incredible" kind of thing.

What I like about this is that it isn't your average rose/oud combination, it's oud but done with tonka bean, lavish vanilla, sandalwood and amber, coupled with a beautiful, beautiful rosewood note. I do recommend this one a lot. The only drawbacks in my opinion would be the projection. It's an Eau de Parfum and it sits very close to the skin. But, it's not one to announce your presence, it's an experience to share with that special person in your life, when they are close enough to smell and feel the warmth of your skin. It's a "melt in your arms" kind of scent.

In one word? Romantic.

Worth it? I think so... just really nice stuff.
19th May, 2017
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love this! excellent performance. Not an oud guy typically, but this opened a new fragrance style for me. Worth giving it a go!
12th March, 2017
I’m surprised that nobody’s mentioned the fact that Oud Wood smells a lot like Dzongkha. Specifically, the oily, rubbery cardamom that adds a green, celery-seed-like note to the composition in both fragrances, setting their character dial at once to the savory (as opposed to sweet).

It’s interesting to me the way the different facets of the fragrance – the green spice of the cardamom, the smooth woods, and the oily/industrial facets – add up to a smell that is recognizably “oudy” without ever really smelling like oud when you smell it up close, on the wrist. Once you draw your head back, the disparate parts seem to coalesce into one amalgamated flow of fresh, green oily oud wood.

It smells wonderful – smooth, integrated wooden parts with a rich fleshiness or milkiness to the base. It smells impersonal, too, like a much-admired building in an award-winning industrial complex. It doesn’t have a soul, so it’s easy to make it one’s own. There is something creepy about it, and yet also mesmerizing, like that video that’s been doing the rounds lately with the papier mache, robot-controlled faces biting and licking at each other.

It strikes me easily as masculine but not in a butch way that would preclude me from wearing it. Actually, I guess it is truly genderless, or rather, sexless – as sexless as a Ken doll. I love its creepy, putty-like texture. It’s almost off-puttingly smooth.

My husband liked this sample. It smells expensive and luxurious, he noted. I should mention that my husband loves pure oud oil, and because I test a lot of it, he is familiar with many different oud profiles and has come to love the fiercely animalic ones.

These are his comments: “I really like this. But that’s not oud. It is very safe-smelling. I would recommend it to people who wear suits. Real oud oil smells crazy, wild. It doesn’t have limits. This fragrance does have limits. I suppose that’s what makes it perfect for the workplace.”
26th September, 2016
Stardate 20160918:

One of the better ones of the Private Blend Line.
A nice synthetic oud along the lines of Montale/Mancera. But much better blended than Montales.
I like the Rosewood note and the whole thing just works.
Now I doubt there is any pure oud or SW in this but the synthetics are nicely done.
A pretty linear scent (but then linearity is the hallmark of this line) that you should try.

This one, like the other TF, is not worth the full retail and decant should be the way to go

19th September, 2016
For me, Oud Wood is the most 'tame' and unimposing scent from Tom Ford.

From the moment I sprayed it on at the shop, I could not stop pressing my forearms lightly against my nose to enjoy off the the various notes. I could not get it out of my head until I bought the bottle a few days later.

Of all Tom Ford scents I have, this would definitely be my favorite, and will purchase again. It is also the one that seems to be getting much lower than the other TF I have :)
16th September, 2016
I'm giving it a thumbs up but it's true what others have said - compared with Tuscan Leather or Tobacco Vanille, this one doesn't have much projection or longevity. I find I have to double the dose. Still very pleasant though - a good mid-season scent to my mind.
03rd March, 2016

Lots of wood right from the start: rosewood and the oud has already moved into the opening… A tamed oud – all the animalism has been eliminated. I don’t get the pepper but the cool underlayment of cardamom provides an appropriate depth to the woods. The rosewood provides an excellent alto level wood tone while the sandalwood provides a solid bass to the cool oud and cardamom. The whole accord quite pleasing. I don’t think I would ever get tired this but I already know that I’ll never get a chance to test that theory: There is not much sillage off it, and it seems to be fading too quickly…

After a half hour of pure enjoyment, I have to wonder what happened to this pleasant, civilized accord. It could be nose fatigue, but I doubt it – it doesn’t come back even if I back off for fifteen minutes. But this doesn’t surprise me, though. Several of these pure deep, dark wood accords I’ve tested have had disappointing longevity.

This is a very nice fragrance for as long as it lasts. As a soft skin scent it lasts two or three hours after the sillage has weakened – its performance leaves much to be desired. And then there’s the thing about the futility of paying for a premium oud fragrance and getting only a short taste of a denatured version of it...
17th February, 2016
Thoughts, July 2015

Comet and latex. I guess the story Tom Ford is telling with Oud Wood is of a house that's in the midst of spring cleaning,a fresh coat of paint and new custom built wood bookshelves. Perhaps it's a high end restoration and flip? It definitely does have a 'construction materials' theme happening.

Very Flipping Vegas!

Thoughts, December 2015

Oud Wood is no less Comet-like now than I remember it. Definite cleaning supply/house restoration vibe with Comet and wood. It's futuristic and wants no ties to Z-14 or Old Spice. "I'm a different kind of stink" it says with it's scent. Strange yet shockingly familiar as the things surrounding you everyday. This is no small feat. It seems to be begging the question: Is it art? There is something strangely appealing about it tonight, though.

Thumb's up, but only the tiniest bit up from neutral, mainly because it's "New House Smell" in a bottle and Tom Ford was inovative enough to make it, knowing it would unconsciously appeal to many.

17th December, 2015
Sharper in its opening, smoother in its dry down, Tom Ford's Oud Wood provides mostly wood, and only a little oud, and is mainly a refined cold weather scent that is regarded as one of the men's mainstays of the private blend line, and I generally agree. Oud Wood is masculine, smooth, and relatively safe creation from the private blend line, which is generally somewhat more daring. This is more of a crowd-pleaser, however, despite some notes that pile on the earthiness, like vetiver. I don't get much spiciness (i.e. cardamom, pepper) or sweetness (i.e. amber, tonka, vanilla) as the notes would suggest. For me, Oud Wood rests wholly in the woody realm with rosewood and sandalwood, with the oud as a subservient note that doesn't harshen the experience very much.

Relatively strong on projection and longevity, but not a powerhouse like Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir, it certainly has enough potency to justify spending they money if you like the scent.

I do not regard this as one of the greater entries in the private blend line, as many do--it doesn't sit well enough on my skin, personally, though I can understand how this could be a men's signature winter scent. Worth trying, as you may love it as many do, but not terribly unique in my opinion.

7 out of 10
15th December, 2015
I have changed my mind about this one. I dismissed it initially after getting a strong plastic/rubbery vibe from the opening. Upon second try I no longer get this. Just a beautiful, light, woody, slightly spicy scent.

Lasts for a decent amount of time, but becomes a soft skin scent after a few hours. Great high class scent for work.
10th October, 2015 (last edited: 03rd December, 2015)
Like most TF fragrances, the sum of the parts equal a linear almost one note jus.

My first impression was Brillo pads (Google is your friend). And I thought why would I want to smell like scouring powder and steel wool? Then your nose picks up the nuances and then you can't get enough of it.

Nasal fatigue comes quick so for those who think this has longevity and projection issues, be rest assured others can smell it on you. I spray liberally.
30th June, 2015
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I love this one. The intense woods bind together with the cardamom, tonka and vanilla(and benzoin?) to a round and persistant chord from the beginning all the way through the drydown.
The oud, peppers and the fleeing top notes(i can't really put my finger on what it is) provide some energy and variation, but it's the linear quality of that main chord that keeps me returning to this reliable fragrance.
13th April, 2015
My first time wearing any type of oud, and I am extremely impressed and satisfied.

This is a very masculine scent, very clean up front but with a warmth to it that smells earthy and refined. I don't smell smokiness in it, per se, but maybe the smell of charred wood that's become wet by rain. Earl grey tea/bergamot notes as well, which i quite enjoy. Simply put; dry, clean and manly.

Longevity is good. The scent, for me, seems consistently the same from the time you spray it on until well after dry down. Sillage seems fairly low to me; the lovely aroma stays right with you. (Tobacco Vanille seems much the same, people could smell it up-close but not so much from a distance.)

Great scent. I'm glad I tried it. 9/10 for me.
19th March, 2015
Excellent stuff, though I did not like it on initial application, seemed another boring woody / Oudy composition but after a few wearings it becomes the most favourite TomFord replacing TF Extreme.

Dont Know about others but I do get a similar vibe with Amouage Dia in the far drydown. Lovely blending and quality material probably from Givaudan.

To all those(like me) who dont like Oud in its full , I would recommend to give it a try.
29th January, 2015
Oud Wood is more about woods than oud; it opens with a balsamic, somehow cold and almost “piney” blast of aromatic wood, supported by a quite realistic almondy tonka note, vanilla and just a shade of oud. The wood here is really invigorating, fresh, much aromatic too, in a way I almost never smelled it before. Plus, the texture is really peculiar in my opinion: Oud Wood is not as much sweet or “rich” as it may seem, on the contrary it appears to be really sharp, clean, thin, “woody” in a realistic, but slightly “industrial” meaning, if that makes sense (think of Ikea furniture). The name as I said is a bit misleading to me, as the oud is far less detectable than the wood; and also it has the same features of the oud in M7, which means it’s not the usual dark-rubbery-smoked and “animalic” note we’re used to, but here is rather more oily, nutty, slightly medicinal, and more “bright” than you may imagine. It is a bit smoky, but in a far more gentle way than usual. Overall Oud Wood is a really pleasant, versatile, masculine and easy going scent: it is classy, but at the same time “generic” enough to be safe for anyone in any situation. Actually perhaps one of the most generic and less creative among the Private Blend line for what I’ve tested so far – I don’t mean to say that with a negative connotation. Finally, I must agree with what several other reviewers stated: it is quite close to skin and the longevity on skin is really unacceptable for the price, while on clothes it lasts longer and projects quite well. A nice fresh and refined Oriental woody scent unworthy the cost in my opinion, but a nice one I’d keep and use if someone gave it to me as a gift.

10th January, 2015
Does Tom Ford really need to tell us that Oud is "Wood"? Not really but it was 2007 and Oud was not yet a household name like it is today. Tommy was early to the Oud band-wagon as now everybody and their brother (Ferrari anyone?) has an Oud fragrance. Synthetic oud oil must be getting cheap these days.

That said, is Oud Wood any good? Yes, it is quite nice but not compelling, especially at $215/50ml. The opening is a strident cardamon accord that comes across as almost fruity. I can't really detect detect much else at this point save for the approaching oud. Of course, the cardamon fades into the subtle oud (yes, it's soft and supple). The oud is warm and not animalic at all like other ouds I have smelled. Tommy really rounded off the raw edges of the oud with a touch of sweetness from a bit of amber and tonka. The base lasts forever and smells quite distinctive and suave. Not very complex but I'm more than impressed with the quality of it all (a few sprays last all day).

Would I pay retail for this? No, but if it's discounted then I'm game. Other than that, I'll stick with Montale's take on oud as they're just as good and much cheaper.

19th September, 2014
I have the 12ml bottle from the 5 pack sampler and this scent is amazinggg. Wood, spice, oud, vanilla. This has everything any man should wear. It is real good on its on but with the other private blends (love the sampler) layered over it is on of the best smells there is. The only reason I do not own more is I need the 100ml bottle and I need at least tobacco vanille or Tuscan leather 100ml. Either of those combos, or all three, is like whoa... I feel like my own perfumer ever time I finish. Some synthetic components but I just love this scent.

So yea. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle and a very expensive one, at least in my opinion. This scent is a must for my collection, eventually....
20th March, 2014
great on its own, and even better when mixed with other fragrances from the private blend line, I would not want to do without this in my collection.
24th December, 2013
This is a great and classy masculine fragrance and I like it so much.
The opening is a really rich and bold, but at the same time non aggressive combination of oud, brazilian rosewood, some spices and a little bit of sweetness.
The oud note smell really good, oily and quality.
There is brazilian rosewood as well that give the scent a sharp and semi fresh woody feeling.
There are some spices and some sweetness from amber but they are mostly in the background.
Something that I really love about the scent is the balance of the notes. just masterfully done by Tom Ford.
In the mid and base I can smell a beautiful creamy sandalwood mixed with some oud and rosewood.
Longevity is great and projection is good.
It's not something very unique and different but amazing quality and great balance of the notes is the reason why you're paying this price.
23rd December, 2013
I really like this juice. It stood out from an "oud notes" sampler pack and I kept coming back to it, now I am applying it regularly. I have purchased a decant now and will likely work my way up to a full bottle. I may experiment with spiking this with oud oil as well.

It works good on my skin. It's a little powdery/astringent on the opening, but I keep picking up great notes of amber, tonka?, vanilla?, spicy earthy oils, etc as it wears on. Longevity isn't huge, but the drydown is great and that to me is what's important.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a sample for anyone that is interested in the published scent notes of this fragrance.
05th December, 2013
Terrific - Tom Ford's masterpiece

I bought this in Saks Fifth Avenue in Santa Barbara, CA, having tried it at the airport on my way over from Europe on a business trip. "Wow", is the word I'd pick if I had to choose just one to describe this.

It's rich, dark, complex, masculine, redolent of classiness and intrigue. The opening is beautifully smooth and Oud Wood soon develops a slightly sweet, warm middle age like a hug in an autumn forest. Funnily enough I don't get much in the way of oud from this; it's present but subtle, in a similar way to Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud. I sense more of the creaminess of the tonka bean and the fresh-cut sandalwood than the oud, but everything's so harmonious, yet maintaining complexity, that you don't really miss the oud, and there's none of the skankiness that you get with some ouds.

This is now by far my favourite fragrance ever. It works perfectly on my skin and suits my style perfectly. Longevity I'm finding good, sillage perfect (not so strong that it knocks people out, but enough to attract compliments). Price is certainly high, but a little goes a long way. Tom Ford Oud Wood is an absolute knockout!

Pros: Exquisite, complex scent
Cons: None that I can think of"

18th September, 2013
Oud: Inside the numbers

I'm always interested in a breakdown of the numbers (ratings) for a fragrance and generally start with the "one-star" reviews--which are basically, in my opinion, difficult to comprehend. The most-common complaints are longevity and price which are objective and the perception a scent has for the person wearing it, which is subjective, since scents directly influence the libric system which does not process the same sensory input in each of us in an identical way.

As to complaints about price, disastifaction with the scent and it's properties, do the people who skewer a scent after feeling ripped off ever consider going on e-bay or amazon and getting a sample for $10-$20 before shelling out $200 or more--or do they just blind buy or purchase based on how a scent comes across on a scent strip? If so, don't blame Tom Ford. Common sense would have spared you your sense of victimization.

Another thing about price. I fly Gulfstream 550's which have an hourly operating cost of $7,500 an hour.

I've flown people to the Caribbean, Europe--Japan. None has ever complained about the price or what they get for their money. We serve fine wine but not finest; excellent food but not four-star Michelin cuisine, and have excellent in-flight service managers but they don't give massages. My point: the only people who complain about price are people who can't really afford somethig or feel (subjectively) they should get more ofr their money.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, scent is in the olfactory receptors of the wearer. And it's farcical for me to say a fragrance is unconditionally wretched or overpriced because that's my perception.

I could care less about what's in a scent. It either appeals to me or it doesn't; I can afford it or I can't. That means little to anyone else, nor should it.

Pros: It's basically a sleeper in the TF line and a novel scent experience for many
Cons: To me, dry down seems similar to Tobacco Vanilla and Noir Du Noir"

19th July, 2013
Sweet Oud

I just received my 1.7 oz bottle of Tom Ford Oud Wood today in the mail and I am impressed and excited. I'm fairly new to oud fragrances but I'm curious and will be purchasing Creed Royal Oud and M7 by Yves Saint Laurent soon. As a fragrance connoisseur, I am always relentlessly researching and pursuing fragrances in hope of finding one that I'm intrigued by. Tom Ford Oud Wood ranks currently in my top three niche fragrances. I sprayed it on before work and immediately felt compelled to get on Fragrantica and review this fragrance. In my opinion, the notes smell of exotic spice and wood, some hint of leather, light incense and vanilla, and the projection is powerful and masculine although it is versatile and understandably, it can be worn by a female. After about an hour, the sillage began to settle however the scent is still rather pungent and continuing to radiate off of me. I am kind of trigger happy with the sprayer and perhaps I went overboard with it today but I'm delighted that almost three hours into wearing it, this fragrance is holding its weight. Even though it is recommended for fall/winter, one could successfully pull this off in warmer weather only because it isn't loud, overbearing, or offensive....Overall, I'm beyond pleased and I highly recommend this to any connoisseur's collection.

My 8 hour shift is almost over and Oud Wood is still projecting off of me like a BEAST!!! This is a keeper...Very rich intoxicating dry down that hasn't altered fact I really enjoy both, the initial application and the drydown...This has "elegance" and "class" written all over it!

Pros: Long lasting
Cons: Cost is a little high."

14th July, 2013
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United Kingdom
Another Oud

The predominant wood note is nice, with some sandal impression but nowhere of very high quality. The Oud is not particularly good either and clearly synthetic, but a nice touch of cardamom makes it a bit more interesting. Overall a nice fragrance, but nothing special. Of note is the respectable projection and the decent longevity of three hours.

Pros: Overall a nice wood scent
Cons: Not very exciting

31st May, 2013
Oud tends to be the gorilla in the room in a fragrance. Oud being both potent and distinctive, the challenge is how to make an oud-centric perfume fundamentally different than any other. This is a problem for all perfume producers, not just Tom Ford. Oud is the It-Girl still, and here lies the other problem. The oud trend has been going on for long enough that its moment is getting a little long in the tooth. The smart niche companies that were touting oud for the past 4-5 years are moving on, but the high end designer lines (Dior,Versace, Armani) and the niche lines (Killian, Kurkdjian) missed the memo. My point is not at all that the perfumes are bad, but that seeing the trend as a function of marketing, the glass house of exclusivity and taste is looking a little fragile. All the $200-$500 exclusive ouds are competing with each other, but they’re also competing with much less expensive, well-made oud perfumes also available. Exclusivity is a fiction that style-merchants are constantly busting their asses to maintain, and the market is famously fickle. My bet is that the oud star is falling. (see photo)

A large part of the above scenario is price. Rare Vietnamese oud, ancient Cambodian treasured oud... You’ve never heard anyone refer to rare ethylmaltol, and for good reason. Where is all this oud coming from? Oud isn’t quite ambergris, whose formation is measured in decades to centuries, but you don’t plant it one season and harvest it the next. As with every other quality of smell that we refer to in perfume, oud, the note, and oud, the material are not the same thing. A product that is much more expensive than its direct competitors (a $400 by Killian perfume v. a $100 Parfumerie Generale perfume) require a certain justification, and whether the company is Chanel or Whole Foods, the rare sourcing of botanical components is the contemporary grail of sophistication among the consumer. Ivory, gems, elephant skin, milk fed veal. The exclusivity of Empire has given way to exclusivity AND ethics. ‘Please don’t spill your acai martini on my ipe wood floor and cause a stain. Though it’s sustainably grown, I’ve spent years monitoring the webcast of the organic, high altitude farm where I commissioned its growth. Don’t put me through THAT again.”

And here we have oud. All the sophistication of ambergris, none of the ethical indecision. We’re perfect prey for the oud-mongers.

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood starts out much like many other eponymous oud perfumes I’ve smelled, but from the very outset has a quality of softened edges and rounded tones. [Caveat: I don’t have much of a nose or mind for dissecting the notes in oud, although I’ve smelled many oud perfumes. I’ve even had the opportunity, thanks to a friend sharing his stash, of doing a comparison sniffing of a number of quality pieces of Vietnamese and Cambodian oud wood whose very specific provenances were know by the person who collected them.]

This is a perfume that makes me question the difference between modulating something very particular and strong (oud), and going mainstream. At all points in Oud Wood’s progression it reads as within normal limits, not low and not high. Within normal limits: is that the goal? If so, it’s achieved. This fragrance would appeal to a large population, perfume fans and otherwise. Normally I would deride a goal of normalcy-above-all-else, but Oud Wood is wonderfully constructed, and despite the oud name, is a principally woody fragrance that modulates sweetness, smokiness, firmness and softness. It’s blended but specific, and smells like an imagined wood in the way that an abstract floral fragrance like Heeley’s Ophelia or the classic Patou Joy suggests an idealized flower.

Does Oud Wood have all the brutal smokiness, bitterness, and slap-in-the-face often associated with oud? No, but I find this modulated quality refreshing given the ‘my oud’s bigger than your oud’ competitiveness that characterized some oud fragrances released around the time of Oud Wood (2007). Perfumer Richard Herpin pushes oud more to the center of the stage than this, but applies moderation deliberately to the composition and gives us the subtle but forthright Oud Wood.

24th May, 2013 (last edited: 18th May, 2015)
I am not sure why did people make negative ratings for this great one. To me it's the best from Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. I rather couldn't stand the smell of Tobacco Vanille. Wearing Oud Wood makes me feel walking through an unknown peaceful orchard. Such a great smell. I wear it specially when I am upset. I spent more than $200 to buy it and it was worthy spending my money. Now planning to get rid of my Tobacco Vanille. Oud Wood is now my signature perfume. I would be more fascinated if this stay a bit longer on my skin. Such a great product from Tom Ford
08th May, 2013
I really like this one. It's got a wonderful mix of smoky wood smells that reminds me of both a dark redwood forest and that great smell you get when a house down the road is burning a fire and you can smell the smoke from their chimney. As for the oud, it's mostly just a sweet rubber smell that mixes with the smoky woods. Given time, it really opens up, as a fantastic mace note - the pie spice, not the weapon :) - comes in and gives the whole mix a lot more depth.

Much has been said comparing Oud Wood to M7, but I think it owes a larger debt of gratitude to Fahrenheit, with its mix of smoky woods, rubber, and mace, but there are also elements of GPH in here, specifically that Tom Ford signature that's sort of like tea and sort of like pipe tobacco, with that mace/vanilla undertone that also implies coffee.

Honestly, it took a while for Oud Wood to really impress me. I wrote it off early as fine but nothing special, but smelling it on a walk outside on a really cold night changed everything, with the sweet tobacco/tea effects in the sillage combining with the smoky rubbery woods. 5 stars from me now.
17th January, 2013
Very nice, lasts a long time even while doing strenuous work!!
12th January, 2013