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It's a heads up battle between tobacco and vanilla for dominance... Thick , rich , sweet and syrupy...kudos to the very realistic tobacco leaf that pops out here and there...a very fine fragrance , just a tad too sweet for me... I like my tobacco fragrances a little more on the unsweetened side...this is almost like a gourmand tobacco...has that chewy mouthfeel effect...i'm good with just finishing my decant...
13th February, 2019
'Tobacco Vanille' is the silent killer who never speaks but always looks impeccable. His stance says everything. Wearing a triple black ensemble, the top of his dress shirt is unbuttoned showing just enough skin to be enticing but he is not interested in impressing other people. Not a hair out of place, looking dangerously sexy while smoking an expensive as hell cigar, his right ankle sprawled around his left thigh/knee cap as he looks around the grand ball room calculating everything. Eyes like a predator awaiting his prey... in the most literal sense, he is an assassin, trained in an Italian Intelligence and Security Agency since birth, his next victim is Noir de Noir as she discovered something she wasn’t meant to. The opposing party needs to take her out and who better to do it then their top agent TV. You really don’t want to mess with him, but to those who are personally close to him (which is a handful of people) knows that he is one of the sweetest people to be around. But even with his dangerous profession you can’t help but feel so drawn to him. Like a moth to a flame. He smells so inviting, as he stalks into the darkness of the night getting ready to capture NdN, he leaves a heavenly spiced eggnog trail and it tantalizes your senses.

This is what I envision when smelling this.
02nd January, 2019
I find this nauseating. The sweetness comes over very synthetic to me (that doesn't mean it is). Tobacco Vanille tries to be inoffensive, mainstream. I wouldn't downvote for that. But after wearing this for an hour or so, I cannot stand it anymore - too linear, too sweet, too synthetic (for lack of a better word). Try Amouage Journey if you like Tobacco.
24th November, 2018
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06th November, 2018
This is the best niche fragrance I own and have tried. This is what sexy smells like. This is what sex should smell like. It is seductive and mysterious. It projects well and longevity is great.

Well worth the spend - hell yeah.

p.s. unlike most, I don't get into the notes, etc. It's all there for everyone to see on this site as well as other places on the net. I'm not a pro, just a novice collector.
20th October, 2018
Probably one of the best, if not most controversial, of Tom Ford's tobacco-based Private Blend EdP's.

The incorporation of cacao powder alongside the vanilla always struck me as an ingenious idea; the inherent sweetness of this tobacco-y oriental becomes richer in character by notes like that, as well as deft incorporation of spices, dried fruits, tobacco flowers, tonka, and woods.

This one lasts a really long time on me, and it has a great deal of sillage that requires a steady, disciplined hand in applying the right amount on the skin. Dark, heavy, and richly aromatic, giving tobacco lovers a well-made option of a scent.
30th September, 2018
There are many dupes of this fragrance, some are going for high end designer prices, having tried a few myself I really don't think any can come close to the exceptional balance of tobbaco vanille. After the initial spray it all seems a bit over scrambled for me, I get every note listed all at once with a prominent clove smell that dissapates ..after 10 minutes the magic really starts to take shape. Rich rolling tobbaco appears that feels laced with a touch of honey, dried fruits keep things from going too syrupy this is the perfect balance. Then for a rare occasion I am greeted by a stunning vanilla, vanilla is a note I don't crave for, but not in this creation, it's smells plush and addictive. When every note is revealed you are left with a linear tobacco/vanilla combo with little whiffs of spice. This is real luxury stuff and a 50ml bottle may seem expensive but I'd expect a bottle to last me years, incredible performance that never really goes away, especially when sprayed in a trendy beard. A match made in heaven for those weekends away in colder surroundings. When this first came out it was very polarizing to many people, back in 2007 who wanted to smell like a pouch of their grandads rolling tobacco including me, but now most women and men find this universally appealing, with help from the current industrial trends and programs like Peaky Blinders. Tom Ford really did show some exceptional vision with this fragrance, like the very best designers ..they are all gifted with fantastic intuition and back in 2007 it took balls to release tobacco vanille, stunning luxury.
21st September, 2018
Tobacco Vanille (2007) is among the most talked-about of the Tom Ford Private Blend selections, and came out of the original lineup which also spawned Noir de Noir (2007) and Oud Wood (2007). Out of the intial Private Blend wave, Tobacco Vanille has the largest hype monster stalking it, which has certainly proven lucrative for Tom Ford, since many of the sales accounting for this one's success are from blind purchases, and for many this is not just their only Private Blend, but their first Private Blend, and also their first Tom Ford. There are even those for whom this is their only Tom Ford fragrance, even over the more-accessible signature range, proving the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. Tobacco Vanille was also composed by Olivier Gillotin, a perfumer with a good portfolio and frequent Tom Ford collaborator, but also known for some strange and ineffectual fragrances for houses like Dior and the dubious Ed Hardy. Gillotin's heavy hand with gourmand and oriental notes works well here, but you have to like that sort of thing to find the appeal in Tobacco Vanille. As another hype monster on the tip of everyone's tongue, this one doesn't live up to the "endless compliments machine" description it's fans give it, but neither does Tobacco Vanille come across as disingenuous like hardcore niche fans who oppose it will tell you. I think Tobacco Vanille is okay, but maybe not worth the price, since it really feels like a purpose-made "smoker's fragrance" in how dense and single-minded it is about tobacco and vanilla, but more on that later. I also get a giggle out of the fact that the name is half English and half French, almost like Tom Ford just ironically uses the French language because France is such a fixture in the perfume world.

The scent opens with strait-up pipe tobacco, which shouldn't surprise anyone when sniffing. There's sort of an allspice melange going on too, and I can't tell what exact kind are swirling about, but it's very nutmeg and clove oriented. There's a tiny drop of mandarin too, enough to pull this in a sweet direction, but the tobacco still does most of the talking. Cacao joins a rich vanilla, exactly the kind one would expect in vanilla pipe tobacco, giving this the feeling of smelling everyone's uncle Chuck when he comes over to watch football with Dad. Tom Ford was going for an old English gentleman's club, but I'm not getting much of that vibe since there's no real dryness present. A boozy note surfaces in the base, but it's more like a cognac than something definitively English like gin, so once again, no dice on the mental imagery. For whatever reason, this is decidedly more French in spite of the advertising blurb. That sweet boozy note swirls around a fat coumarin tonka note, some dried plum, and a gaiac wood component which Tom Ford is fond of using. Parallels to Givenchy Pi (1998), Michael for Men by Michael Kors (2000), and Dior Homme (2005) can be drawn to Tobacco Vanille in the finish, and perhaps the later Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men (2008) took some cues from Tom Ford here. The dry down reduces the whole thing to the stifling smell of an original Black & Mild Tiparillo with hints of booze and woods. I used to smoke those, so it's not an association I like because I don't want to revisit, since perpetually smelling like you just finished a pipe is not the most comfortable feeling, especially if you no longer smoke.

The only real bit of hype that's actually correct about Tobacco Vanille is the strength. This stuff is indeed "beastmode" like all the gym-obssessed dating-app-using and GQ-reading corporate ladder "dudebr0" types say it is. But whether you're driving your Audi A4 to Gold's Gym for those "sick gains" or "kicking it my guy" with your homies after brokering a new merger, you won't need to have somebody hold your beer so you can reapply. This stuff is literally the gourmand equivalent to Joop! Homme (1989), and it's probably that very heavy tobacco, chocolate, and vanilla combo which is the cause, especially in eau de parfum form. This is sold as a unisex fragrance, but we all know that mostly guys yack to no end about this more than the ladies. It's decent, but a bit stuffy and rich for my tastes, and there are more dynamic options in this category for less, so I'll give it a neutral to be fair, but it's really just another victory for the hype monster, as sillage doesn't equal satisfaction, at least not to everyone. Best used in romantic circumstances or evenings, and cold weather. Noir de Noir is still my favorite from this line, but Tobacco Vanille would get a thumbs up for longevity and elegant simplicity if not for the cloying sillage, plus the fact that it's a tobacco scent which makes you smell like an actual smoker. Definitely sample before giving into the hype and buying, because the other notorious part about Tobacco Vanille is its often the most resold variety among the Private Blends, probably from all the blind buyers. Testing shouldn't be too hard, since Tom Ford sales reps will shove 4ml sprays of this into your hand just for making conversation with them.
22nd August, 2018
Boozy vanilla, tobacco, something sweet and fruity like a plum or raisin covered in cocoa powder.

Good projection, can get compliments with even minimal sprays, which is probably better because it can be overwhelming.

Excellent longevity. Lasts all day and you can still smell it the next day.
18th February, 2018
Tom Ford has a taste for bold accords with retro throwbacks, that is evident throughout the Private Blends range. Tobacco Vanille is an interpretation of the ambience of gentlemen's clubs, redolent of warm, aromatic pipe tobacco. Tobacco Vanille is an oriental, centred primarily around the two notes of tobacco and vanilla. A dramatic opening of spicy, sweet tobacco, very rich and even loud, sets off the proceedings. The note of tobacco here is abstract rather than photorealistic, while clove and other spices ensure it is wonderfully multilayered. This accord softens a little in an hour, as a vanilla comes more to the forefront of the composition. The vanilla is gourmandish, somewhat crude and a bit too saccharine. While it pairs reasonably well with the spicy tobacco, it also becomes the dominant accord on my skin as much of the complexity and nuances are lost. Tobacco Vanille is fairly linear thereafter, and overall possesses excellent sillage and duration.

Tobacco Vanille smells very sophisticated and multi-layered on a card, but on skin it can appear somewhat rough - especially towards the dry down. What works in its favour is that here the composition has an initial edge, and the chief pairing of notes complement each other. The opening act of Tobacco Vanille is immensely arresting, but thereafter it can become underwhelming in the base. It may be argued that it might be a victim of its own success: it's perhaps hard to sustain or follow up on something so wonderful. One has to agree with Luca Turin here - Tobacco Vanille is a good fragrance, perhaps as a parfum d'ambience; but a bit doubtful as a personal fragrance, especially since it lacks in abstraction. I primarily attribute my neutral reaction to the calorie laden dry down; to some can be excruciatingly sweet.

08th February, 2018
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United States
You've stopped at a gas station in rural America and you've purchased a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. You get in your car, you open them up, and you bury your nose into the pack before taking any out. You then unseal a vanilla Little Trees air freshener, and you hang it from your rear-view mirror before driving on. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.
07th February, 2018 (last edited: 25th February, 2018)
I'll keep this to the point if I can:

This is a must-try! It's mesmerizing, truly. One of the most elegant, refined colognes I've ever tried. I am usually a woodsy/citrus guy, but this has made me really respect the tobacco genre.

Scent notes are perfectly stated: starts off with a powerful sweetish-tobacco note, which calms down into a mildly-cherry and moreso-vanilla base. To my nose, those were the main parts of this cologne (which is actually of parfum strength).

I had never tried Tom Ford before, and I couldn't afford a 220USD 50ml bottle. So, I decanted from a reputable ebayer, and am now a TF fan. That might sound ridiculous based on one cologne, but the primary thing that stands out to me is the very high quality of ingredients. You really can tell the difference between a 30USD cologne and a 200USD sometimes, and this is one of those cases. I'm sure there are similar scents out there costing far less than what Ford charges for his "Private Collection". However, you can smell the difference AND feel it too.

This cologne lasts and lasts....over 14 hours on me. And the projection isn't some obnoxious hipster cologne reeking of insecurity and need for approval. TV stands its ground but in a gentlemanly manner; if you get close enough you'll be impressed upon but there needs to be that closeness. I personally like that in a cologne - it turns the right heads if YOU wish.

So to conclude, I heartily recommend you try this. It's a masculine cologne that can be purchased for far less than retail, and stands apart from pretty much everything else out there. Perfect for cooler weather and more formal settings. You don't need to be a cologne snob, a certain age or even love niche tobacco fragrances; you just need to enjoy smelling yourself a lot!
09th October, 2017
When I wear this I often get 'This smells like Christmas' comments but not in a negative way, folk really love the warm, sweet, cinnamon smell and the incredible enveloping density, but not in an overbearing way, this frag has.

Performance seems to be a bit of an issue, with some claiming beast mode and other 'meh, it don't last for diddly'
I'm lucky as I get beast mode with it and it easily lasts 12-14 hours and projects well for 4-5.
As for the frag, it's pretty much as it says on the tin: Tobacco leaf, vanilla, cinnamon, clove etc and warm, sweet aromatic woods.
This is Christmas in a bottle or snuggling in your favourite PJs with your SO in front of a roaring fire, toasting marshmallows and sipping on a great claret.

Oh, and it is totally unisex, well at least I think it is, but then again you may not, but that's cool too.
22nd September, 2017
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Tobacco, vanilla, and lots of spices. Everything with very good sillage. I tried it on along with other fragrances and it went over everything else. I bought it without thinking. It became a favorite, instantly. I think it would be very suitable for men but I'm a young female and I love it.
18th September, 2017
I much prefer Eau des Baux from L'occitane to Tobacco Vanille. EDB was released the year before and to me is just so much more wearable. It's more masculine and it's just not as cloying. TV is extremely well made, but for my tastes it's just too sickly sweet in the same way JPG Le Male is. TF Tuscan Leather is definitely more my style and deserves all the praise...
and then some.
13th September, 2017
A very accurate tobacco scent. If you want to smell like a jar of moist pipe tobacco, by all means. Not a bad scent, just not for me.

(EDIT 11/27/17) I’ve done a complete 180. This scent has a fantastic quality about it. Warm, comforting, a great winter scent.
05th August, 2017 (last edited: 27th November, 2017)
Amazing scent. Addicting. That simple. First spray is overwhelming and it blossoms from there. First choice of all the TF's, even over the Amber Absolute, 2nd choice.
31st July, 2017
This comes quite close to the sweet vanilla scent of the jar of tobacco in your tobacconists window. That tobacco is, however, covered in artificial vanilla flavoring and doused in propylene glycol. This also has a baby powder element that doesn't work well. It isn't off-putting, but it stands apart from your body chemistry, like a piece of clothing. Not worth the price, and there are better examples of this genre.
21st June, 2017
Starts off with tobacco and spices and then drys down heavy on the vanilla. Imagine a pouch of rolling tobacco with several vanilla pods left to brew for a week. I also get a kind of aniseed smell. VERY manly. I once got told by a woman while wearing TV that it was the manliest of manly fragrances she had ever smelled. Totally over the top but so good for those special occasions.

I always find it quite strange when people complain about this being too sweet!! It's called Tobacco Vanille right? Vanilla is sweet. It also has notes of Cocoa & tonka?? Why would you not expect this fragrance to be sweet? It was never meant to be a dry harsh tobacco. Come on guys!!

13th June, 2017 (last edited: 27th December, 2018)
A true beast of a fragrance that lives up to every bit of the hype and considerable accolades. The others have described it beautifully, so I won't try to add to that. I will say that this is one of the very few fragrances that I can imagine will ALWAYS be a part of my arsenal.
07th May, 2017
Best fragrance in this genre. Initial impressions on first spray were negative, but the dry down is a beautiful sweet honey, vanilla, cocoa and tobacco olfactory experience that is both alluring and addictive.
16th April, 2017 (last edited: 23rd April, 2017)
It's that signature combination of chamomile, honey, and cedar that creates that pipe tobacco humidor smell. It's just magic and despite being copied hundreds of times over by now, it arguably smells most at home in Tobacco Vanille, flanked with spicy cloves and sugar-frosted vanilla and a big glob of ash.

Honestly, in the ongoing battle of tobacco and vanilla perfumes, while Tobacco Vanille is the Godfather who sets the standard, I personally prefer Kilian's Back To Black, which places more focus on the honey and pushes the marshmallowy vanilla to the background. But despite my personal preferences (I'd much rather smell like honey than marshmallows), Tobacco Vanille still deserves a hearty thumbs up.
27th March, 2017
amazing! very powerful, be careful for office or professional settings. A little goes a very long way. The only reason I don't own (yet) is because my wife doesn't seem to like it very much. But hopefully will grow on her and then I'll do the full bottle soon!
12th March, 2017
From start to finish I love this scent (my wife on the other hand HATES IT). Any who some scents I wear for my personal enjoyment. As for the scent... it is a stunner. Strong at the start with gourmandish spices and a sweet honey like tobacco... the middle is also an amazing mix of vanilla and tobacco with a hint of tonka and cocoa to my nose. The dry down of woods with lingering vanilla and tobacco is simply amazing. A scent that will remain in my collection for as long as it's made (even if the price is slightly prohibitive). Enjoy!
17th January, 2017
The reactions and responses for this scent are fascinating in and of themselves. I am a great fan of tobacco scents, my favorite still being the very first (R&G's 1911 Cigalia), but also love Tabac Blond (both vintage and re-formulation), Gauloise and DSH's Prophecy.

Tobacco Vanille begins for me with a burst of clove and mint, without a hint of tobacco. Slowly the tobacco leaf note sneaks into the picture, almost as an embarrassed late comer. The humidor effect seems genuine. The gourmand effect of the vanilla, cocoa and tonka bean take over eventually and dominate.

I am wearing this in winter. It does not over power me. It is a perfectly pleasant scent and I like it very much. As with all Tom Ford, Roja Dove, and By Kilian scents, the price tag does me in, so I will not be purchasing it. If you can afford it, go for it.
30th November, 2016
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille accomplishes the perfect balance of vanilla, tobacco, and enough spices to keep the tobacco/vanilla blend superbly interesting from opening until its eventual disappearance.

It's superbly simple, with few listed notes, but the harmony among them suits me and so many others very well. The tobacco and spices render it masculine, while the vanilla keeps it inviting and borderline boozy.

TV is among the top performers of the Private Blend line and it's in rarefied air among the likes of Noir de Noir, Tuscan Leather, and of course, Amber Absolute. Projection and longevity are both superb, among the best I've smelled.

Its power and composition certainly lend itself toward cold weather wearing, though the quality of the scent means that one might make exceptions on summer and spring evenings. It's serious enough to wear for business, provocative enough to wear on a date, and fun enough to wear on a random autumn day or a holiday.

Despite many clones and approximations, there's nothing quite like the real thing, and for that reason, Tobacco Vanille might be the most worthwhile of any high-end fragrance I own. And with great performance, the fragrance can last longer per volume.

I'm never one to buy flacons but the 50ml and 100ml atomizers (currently at $225 and $305, respectively, as with most of hte PB line) are worth splurging for. It was love at first sniff (and this was two years ago, so I was quite late to the party) and the love remains.

If I had to own only one fragrance, it would be Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

If you're intrigued at all by sweet tobacco fragrance genre or the hype surrounding this, give it a try.

10 out of 10
15th November, 2016
sweet, sour and syrupy tobacco fragrance

an excellent fragrance that opens up with a slightly harsh and syrupy opening. the harshness is attributed to the tobacco. as it dries down the vanilla, cocao and dried fruits start dominating the fragrance while the tobacco is setting in the background and still providing that slightly harsh feel into the fragrance. the fragrance remains syrupy and sweet till it completely dries down. excellent performance. its most suitable in cold weather.

10th November, 2016
I have now worn this a few times and my relatively inexperienced nose picks up something new each time.
Today, the clove note (although not listed)was very prominent.
I do really like this fragrance, but this is very easy to over-spray, and definitely works better in cooler weather.
01st November, 2016 (last edited: 02nd November, 2016)
Wow! This is one of the best openings I've ever smelled from a fragrance. I smell like the best hot wassail ever! Perfectly balanced blend of notes, in my opinion. AND, there is a coniferous brightness around the edges that just thrills my senses! I'm only about an hour in, so I'll see where this incredible opening takes me. Five hours in now and it's changed. A lot more tobacco is noticeable. Smells like pipe tobacco, still pleasant. I'm now sitting at 13 hours post application, and this still smells wonderful. I'm getting some similarities to Burberry London, which I also love. But, Tobacco Vanille smells a bit less synthetic, and has a smoother, better overall blend. I really love this frag. It was a cold, rainy day and this fragrance kept me warm all over all day and now well into the night it's still going. An outstanding job on this one by TF. Two big thumbs way up!
29th October, 2016
"Give me 1 ping and 1 ping only!"

Great novelty scent. Less is more... especially if vanilla, no matter how well done, is but a toleration rather than a celebration. More sprays for the Ladies? Sure, but it's a cloying risk.

There are masculine tobacco scents I find more appealing, versatile and inexpensive as compared to TV, however, every so often there's nothing quite like a spritz under that favorite baseball cap bill, thick wool sweater, etc., to accompany a walk through autumnal woods, pipe or cigar in hand and dog at my side.

I'm only familiar with pre-2010.
16th October, 2016