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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    It does what it says, the main accord is a silky cigar tobacco aroma (not real, raw, pungent tobacco leaves) blended with a round, still not sweet, vanilla accord. Smooth dynamic base of spices and dried fruits, with hints of cumin and saffron. Overall it recalls the safe coziness and the unisex elegance of those narrow flavoured cigarillos (that ironically, come always in vanilla flavour among others) which are usually bought either by ladies or young smokers who want to appear cool and "manly", but still can not yet physically stand the effort and show the self-consciousness to smoke a real cigar. And that's precisely how this scent works too: it is soft and elegant, in a really safe-for-everywhere way, but also light and toned down, with a rather plain personality, and all materials are bounded in a sort of soothing anonymity - clean and sharp as a posh shop. Not saying it is bad, just a bit boring and predictable.


    06 April, 2014

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    Beautiful. Rich, smooth and a little dark. Opening reminds me very much of vanilla extract for cooking with notes of cinnamon, some dark raisins, berries and even more complexity is present...leather, polished wood? Some notes I can't fathom but are interesting and delicious to say the least. Tough to articulate but I'm reminded of velvet and silk...This is top quality stuff. During the drydown, the gourmet aspect leaves and the vanilla changes to a pipe tobacco, a quality mild vanilla pipe tobacco with a touch of ash. I own l'Occitane Eau des Baux which some have said is twinned/similar to Tobacco Vanille...I disagree - Tobacco Vanille is certainly deeper, richer, more complex and smells different to my nose. Eau des Baux for me is a more straight forward vanilla pipe tobacco and incense blend with an overall drier edge to it. I reckon Tobacco Vanille is worth the money... It is robust with outstanding sillage and longevity...a couple of sprays maximum and it projects rich and strong - and lingers the following morning.

    28 March, 2014

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    The opening was cinnamon, vanilla and a pinch of cherry tobacco, then just cherry vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. Lasts a long time though

    I really wanted to love this but I don't want to smell like Dr. Pepper all day

    28 February, 2014

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    I originally tried Tobacco Vanille as a Christmas gift, not knowing anything about the fragrance or how pricey it is. I fell totally in love with the sweet, deep, rich spiciness. It opens with the sweetness of tobacco and an incredible blend of mature spices...I then get a creaminess and vanilla and deep rich chocolate laced with anise and dries down to vanilla and woods. It's really hard to explain, but it is a masterpiece. When I went to purchase a new bottle, I was mortified at the price. A co-worker later told me about a pure perfume oil blend of Tobacco Vanille that she purchased online for less than $40 an ounce and I thought it would be a waste of my time, but to my total surprise, it has the same deep, sweet spiciness as my original bottle of Tobacco Vanille had. For those who want to give it a try, it is worth every penny. Chemistry and Co. I am very pleased with Tom’s Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, both in the original version and the pure perfume oil interpretation. Sjnce wearing Tobacco Vanille, I have become a bit of a perfume LOVER. I never knew the journey that fragrances can take you on.

    31st January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Opens like smokey vanilla extract, then settles into a sharp vanilla. It's not a bad sharp, and in a way is pleasant. But it's too simple of a start and end for me to want to buy it. I don't see the fuss!

    TL;DR: Too simple of a combination for me to love. Longevity is nice, though.

    09 January, 2014

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    tempest moon

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    Complex fragrance...

    This one is not easy to describe as just "Tobacco" and "Vanilla", I find it much more complex than that. To me this opens up with a huge wave of honey. Honey and dried fruit, coupled with boozy vanilla, almost like vanilla extract. It's very much in gourmand territory, and I think people who like gourmands will like this one. It can also be quite sweet and medicinal, almost syrup-like, and that can be overwhelming (or even perhaps cloying) if sprayed too much. It is a high strength Eau de Parfum, and a little goes a long way (no more than a couple of sprays). In that respect, you won't need much of it and it's worth the price in many respects, as it does smell very well made and expensive. I can pick up some very faint tobacco, but to my nose it's overshadowed by the sweetness of the vanilla, tonka bean, and honeyed-fruits. In conclusion, I think it's worth the price for what you get. I think it can come across as masculine, but it's also wearable by a well dressed woman. I find it a little linear to begin with, but I do appreciate that it changes in the dry down and you can pick out individual notes. Overall a very very well done fragrance by Tom Ford. Try it first, but I think many will love it. Addictive stuff!

    28 December, 2013

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    This is amazing when it first goes on and the tobacco is big and bold. Within an hour or two the tobacco pretty much is gone and you are left with vanilla and cedar. That stage lasts a long time. It's nice, but this is done better elsewhere I think.

    26 December, 2013

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    sierra 18
    Switzerland Switzerland

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    Rich vanilla that evolves

    I received this recently, as I have been on the hunt for a nice vanilla-based fragrance. While I have Frapin's 1697, I had come across too many interesting reviews of this frag to pass it by.

    So, having worn it now for a while, I find the following:

    1. I get a very strong vanilla and tobacco-leather off the start.

    2. The leather and tobacco fade quickly on me unfortunately, but it does leave a cinnamon note that I find interesting.

    3. The vanilla is sweet, with a hint of cherry. Some reviewers have likened it to the cherry-vanilla car fresheners that you hang from your rear view mirror. I get what they're saying, but this scent is not anything like that, rather, its more of the scent of the vanilla-cherry you get when smelling certain unburned aromatic pipe tobaccos, such as the famous IQ pipe tobacco blend.

    4. This fades to soft, so the sillage is low on my skin, but the scent is there the next morning, so the longevity is long. In other words, it lingers a very long time, much as my Tom Ford Tuscan Leather does, but that lingering scent is also faint as of about 2 hours of wearing it.

    Overall, this one evolves on me, to run through a series of vanilla variations, starting with a tobacco scent, then into cinnamon, then more of a cherry-vanilla, then just smoke and vanilla at the final gasp.

    Its a very nice scent, not sure if its worth the high price. However, I thought that of my TF Tuscan Leather, and that 50ml bottle of TL has lasted me over 2 years owing to its strength (a little goes a long way) and to its heaviness (strong and complex, so not an everyday frag). I foresee Tobacco Vanille being like this; strong, and not an everyday wearer, but a very unique one.

    Pros: Strong vanilla note, with complexity
    Cons: Not as much of a dry tobacco as I would like, such as L'Artsan's (unavailable) Tea for two"

    16 October, 2013

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    I love this, this was my first Tom Ford scent and it boiled down to this or Tuscan Leather. I think I made the right choice. Tobacco Vanille is a little more dynamic than TL I think although I will pick up TL at some point as well.

    This opens with a nice warm cigar-esque smell, I also think it's quite spicy at first which is later replaced with the vanilla. I have to try my hardest not to wear this all the time, once I sampled this I couldn't buy it quick enough. Is it worth £130? I'm not sure about that, it does have excellent longevity and projection which can't be said for all of the Tom Ford range so at least there is that. It's a formal fragrance and I think best suited to colder weather. It's definitely not something you can wear in a club either, way too serious.

    I keep this one for a special occasion, family meals, romancing the wife etc.

    Pros: Longevity, classy, deep
    Cons: Expensive"

    12 October, 2013

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    I purchased a sample bottle of this and when it arrived at work i couldn't wait to open it up and give it a try..

    I went to spray some in front of me and then sniff the air but instead I sprayed myself straight in the face... :'(

    Picture a Cuban Cigar with a scent of vanilla..

    10 minutes later...

    Picture a smokers ashtray in their car and a vanilla scented xmas tree hanging from the cars mirror trying to cover the scent of the ashtray...

    omg... i washed my face twice that afternoon and it wasn't till the following morning that the scent had finally subsided...

    you live and learn I guess... ;)

    05 October, 2013

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    starts with an incredible tobacco scent then goes horribly sweet ends up vanilla

    This is one of the most wonderfully opening masculine scents in my opinion ! so intense , very clear tobacco. i almost rush to buy the bottle but as i tested it the vanilla became stronger until it was so cloying i actually felt nauseous. Its so sad that the vanilla is just too over powering and horrible horribly sweet in my opinion. It projects well with great silage but honestly it ends up smelling of artificial vanilla custard powder. if this was reformulated to be less of a sledgehammer it would be a masterpiece

    Pros: incredible opening of tobacco
    Cons: really really horrible after about 2 hours. "

    12 September, 2013

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    Sex in a bottle. Period.

    I just wish the tobacco smell lasted longer, the opening (50% tobacco, 50% vanille) fades away after a couple of hours and you're left smelling just the vanille.


    Pros: 1) It's sex in a bottle. 2) Powerful, classic, quality fragrance. 3) LONGEVITY is AMAZING.
    Cons: 1) Tobacco note fades away after the first couple of hours. 2) High price. "

    17 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Less "Vanille" Please

    A gourmand with a couple of tattoos, Tobacco Vanille begins harmoniously enough: high quality spicy tobacco with a heavy dose of sweetness underneath. The delicious tobacco fades too quickly, and one is left to decipher the muddled base for the remaining seven hours of the scent's life; there is some vanilla in there to be sure, along with some tonka, and perhaps some cocoa. These notes are poorly misused in the scent, and create a sticky confectionery potent enough to make the pillsbury doughboy gag.

    Projection and longevity are slightly above average.

    2.6 out of 5

    Pros: Great opening
    Cons: The drydown is obnoxious"

    14 August, 2013

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    Less is much, much more

    Grabbed a small sample of Tobacco Vanille from Bloomingdale's after giving myself a few sprays. I found, for me, just putting my finger to the opening of the bottle and dabbing each wrist--and if I really want a bit more projection in my hair--Tobacco Vanille is in a league of its own.

    I think men go waayyyyyyyy overboard with their expectations and analysis of scents. All this talk of silage, projection, and longevity is a bit anal. Just go to Nordstom's, Barney's, or a Bloomingdales, dress like you belong, say you've heard a lot about it, and ask for a sample. Not a quick spray a sample. Then see how it makes YOU feel. It's really that simple. T/V makes me feel like I belong in the Harvard Club or playing a round at Pebble beach or winter in Palm Springs. It gives me a sense of quiet, restrained power and that becomes the way I act.

    If I just get off on a scent but it doesn't stimulate some deep recess of my unconscious that alters my self-perception, it's off the table. T/V compels me to believe that even if I'm 20 or 30 years older than a woman, I can walk up to her and she'll be caught up in my belief that I'm someone to take seriously--again, if my suit and other adornments are consistent with the scent. It's grey flannel, wood-panelled walls in boardrooms, and private jets. That's quite a hat trick for a scent to pull off.

    Pros: A littler goes a long, long way
    Cons: Decant may be better way to go than spray."

    04 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Projection beast

    Wanted to own a Tom Ford fragrance so I decided to buy the highest rated one without previously smelling it. Upon my initial wearing, I was taken back...this is potent, strong, and very much simply tobacco and vanilla. It actually smells like you've smoked a cigar around a cherry tree? Projection and Logevity are amazing...I don't know if it was worth the money or if I'm in love but lets see how it does in the winter.

    Pros: Distinct, sweet, powerful
    Cons: Linear smell"

    21st July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Big, powerful and sweet

    This is one that I have to be in the mood for. It is big, and has a very much 1970s feel to it. It goes back and forth for me between sophisticated and raw. A cowboy college professor or college professor cowboy. The sweet tobacco begins to give way to the vanilla an hour into the dry down for me. Projection strong but not choking. I like this, but don't see this as something I would wear that often. However, the sample is still half full, so we shall see.

    Update: A little more time with this, and it is really great. The basic essence is the same, but as it calms down, it really becomes both sexy and powerful.

    12 July, 2013

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    It wasn't love at first smell

    The first time I tried it I did not like it. It took me a while to fall in love with it. As far as compliments, my daughter hates it (lol), and the girls my age (30+) and older really like it.

    In simple words, when I wear Tobacco Vanille I feel like a sexy cowboy. Love this fragrance.

    It is masculine and complex, but since not everyone loves as much as I do I would recommend to try a couple of times.

    Pros: Strong silage, projection, and longevity.

    28 May, 2013

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    Very surprised by the 88 positive to 12 negative reviews..
    I get 1 hour of Tobacco and 8+ hours of platics-y, ultra synthetic vanilla.
    I much prefer the creamier varities of vanilla, but that of TV smells like I melted a plastic toy made from vanilla and smeared it over my skin.
    Projection bomb on me- NO
    Longevity monster- NO, 12 hours sometimes less which is above average.
    I go 4 sprays and some rec 1.
    Is it a masterpiece or complex- NO
    I give it a 8/10

    05 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Tobacco Vanille opens with a strong tobacco leaf note blended with some sweetness that smells like honey to me. Syrupy or medicinal, in a good way. The tobacco remains dominant for a couple of hours on my skin, then the vanilla takes over. Reminds me of rootbeer / cream soda with hints of tobacco and spices.

    Longevity is very good (not excellent), the projection is loud the first couple of hours, then it tones down, before becoming a skin scent.

    While Tobacco Vanille seems easy to understand, it is a fine perfume that every fragrance head must smell. Thumbs up!

    31st March, 2013

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    This is a beautiful Vanilla based fragrance. I get mostly spices, vanilla, and woods, more so than tobacco. The tobacco note in this fragrance is very faint. I would have loved for TV to have a stronger tobacco presence. However, this is an excellent fragrance for winter with powerful projection and staying power.

    28 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A very nice scent. It's exactly as others have described here. It reminds me of my grandfather's pipe tobacco humidor. It does have a nice vanilla drydown but, for me, the pipe tobacco note lasts pretty much the whole time. I didn't notice any cinnamon. I can see this as a unisex fragrance. The big drawback is the ridiculous price- I'd buy it if it wasn't so costly.

    18 March, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    I don't get this scent. I almost feel sick when I smell this. Tried to give it away, but no one seemed to like it.

    15 March, 2013

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    50% Tobacco, 50% Vanilla at opening.

    25% Tobacco, 75% Vanilla at drydown.

    Enough tobacco to flavor and spice the fragrance, but not overpowering or musty.

    Just the right about of vanilla, so it is not feminine or overly sweet.

    Quality notes, great projection and longevity. Relatively versatile for what it is.

    May be out of your price range, but if you have the money, this gem is definitely worth it.


    27 February, 2013 (Last Edited: 03 April, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    One of the better Private Blends IMO. It starts off with a vanilla blast and the tobacco creeps up very fast. It settles down to a nice sweet cinnamon and vanilla scent with that tobacco still in there. The spices really assist this one to be a really good winter scent.

    21st February, 2013

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    A Great perfume. It perfectly recreates the illusion of sweetish pipe tobacco and/or unsmoked cigars. I simply love that scent. However, the scent is not cloying or too heavy. And it is really the tobacco scent that is dominant, not the vanille. Curiously the perfumer has also managed to blend smoked or burnt tobacco scent as well, creating the impression of the delicate smell and scnt of the cigar club of which I was member a few years back. Recommended!

    26 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Aside from DHI, TV is my wife's favorite scent that I wear. Very sexy scent which is odd because I really don't consider tobacco as a sexy scent. I get Tobacco (duh) vanilla (duh) and then I get a light mixture of honey and cinnamon to round it off.

    21st January, 2013

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    Preston H
    United States United States

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    This is absolutely stunning. The tobacco flower and the vanilla infuse to make a dark, honey accord. In fact, when I wear it I get a beautiful cloud of honey and cocoa and its so gorgeous. During the dry down I get a smokey tobacco leaf and a chocolatey fruit smell. Absolutely unisex, the kind of scent u want your gf/wife to wear. When I wear this to the strip club, the dancers get a lil closer, and the dances last a lil longer ;)

    01st January, 2013

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    Not a lot to add. Loved it when I first purchased it two winters ago. Love it this winter.

    27 December, 2012

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    LOVE it, mostly.

    The first time I tried this (at a store in San Fran), I dismissed it as "not for me" as it made me rather nauseous. I've recently come back to try an individual sample and sure am happy I did so! It turns out that the nausea was due to just way too much sampling.

    Upon second try, I find that I LOVE it for the first 4-5 hours... then the tobacco begins to fade and you're left with a smell that reminds me of sugar cookie dough... too sweet at this point.

    It's honestly a masterpiece... for the first 4-5 hours. After that? Not so sure. I'll update when I have more experience with it.

    18 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 19 December, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    Initial thought, overrated. I tried it and just didn't get it. I revisited this the other day and wow, I must have been crazy. That sweet burst of tobacco eventually dried down but never really hid in the shadows as the vanilla crept up. Throughout the evening I kept getting hints of the tobacco swirling with vanilla. This is exactly what I wanted it to be, Warm, Sophisticated, Relaxed, Opulent. Now to justify the price. When my girlfriend pulled me close 6 hours later and reminded me that I smelt amazing, the deal was done.

    10th December, 2012

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