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Tobacco Vanille is luxuriously, ludicrously rich and heavy – it smells like you are wearing an overstuffed armchair, upholstered with the most expensive materials known to man. It is famously sweet, but its sweetness derives from delicious dried fruits, prunes, and bitter chocolate, all aspects of the rich tobacco absolute used.

People complain about the vanilla, saying that it smells like a holiday candle. Hey! Point me in the direction of a candle that smells as good as Tobacco Vanille and I will buy the shit out of that. Until that happens, shut up. Tobacco Vanille is a thick scent for days when it is so cold you want to never leave the house. There is no better smell to catch for days and days on the label of your heaviest winter coat. I wear it once every 365 days, which is more than enough for one person.
26th September, 2016
Smells very elegant. The dry wood notes mixed with lush, sweet tobacco are fantastic. Like most fragrances, I don't smell all the listed notes. What I do smell is a very sweet vanilla and tobacco blend. The tobacco note is so accurate that it does smell like an unsmoked cigar. I notice the tonka as well and finally, a woody note.

It's very lovely and projects 1 meter at all times. It also lasts 10 hours before starting to fade.

I've had a 4 mL sample vial for more than two years and still have half left. I've gotten at least 10 wearings if that helps you imagine/judge potency.

Overall rating is easily 8.5 out of 10. It's lovely and very fall-like, but not something I reach for often, which keeps me from purchasing a full bottle.
21st September, 2016
Typically vanilla is synonymous with white or cream but this vanilla is not white or cream - it is a dark glossy brown. It's delicious but not in an edible way, I can't help myself from sniffing it over and over again.
My inexperienced nose does not detect a whole lot of notes, mostly smoky woods and deep, dark vanilla. Not a lot of development from top to base but that's ok with me. A truly beautiful fragrance for men and women.

Not exactly a masterpiece but definitely a quality fragrance.
11th June, 2016
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So I kept hearing about this one EVERYWHERE online. I decided to see what all the hype was about. I got my sample in the mail with 4 other random Creed frags that I wanted to check out. So I unwrap the bubble wrap taped around the samples (which was also in a small ziplock from decantshop) and immediately i'm smacked with vanilla. All I thought to myself was, "damn, if this is the T.V I'm going to like this (I love vanilla). Sure enough I opened each vial and it was the T.V. Very potent.

A few weeks later, I setup a date with this woman. I figured T.V would be a perfect fit on this date. So I applied it very carefully (reviews online say to be careful at this part) I spray 3 sprays on my neck and that was it.

The date went better than expected (I wish I could confirm it was from the frag) while she moved in close to my neck (probably 3 hours later) she says, "wow you smell delicious" at that point I knew this was going to be a good night.

All in all, T.V is definitely a great date night frag (when you are not going to the club) and women love it when they move in close, or at least this one did ;)
26th February, 2016 (last edited: 02nd June, 2016)
A masterpiece and an absolute triumph in perfumery. My all time favorite and a fragrance that marks the end of my fragrance 'journey'.
23rd February, 2016
I tend to have a high skin temperature that blows through fragrance, so my impressions of TV happened fast. I got the strong but smooth burst of tobacco, fruit, and a bright, almost bitter note that almost immediately began to round out and warm up and I got a strong hit of spice. The spice slowly wore away into the simple accord of creamy vanilla and honey, with just the lingering lilt of tobacco. Pretty simple, very sweet, not usually my thing, but I want to be wearing this ALL THE TIME. I don't find it to be super long-lasting on my skin, although one spray is plenty, so I feel like I want another spritz after about six hours. I don't usually gravitate toward super sweet fragrances, but I loved Jil Sander Style, too, so maybe it's all in the blend.
26th January, 2016
This one smells like tobacco and vanilla. Pretty simple. Much like most other Tom Ford Private Blends, this one lacks depth and character.

But the quality and balance of this blend is just astonishingly perfect. If you like tobacco and/or vanilla, you have to smell this.
23rd December, 2015
Vanilla and the smell of very rich pipe tobacco. Imagine walking into an exclusive English men's club in the early 20th century, complete with leather chairs, a fire and the carved oak walls and ceilings and what it might have smelled like. Imagine the smell of your grandfather's winter wool coat. This new Tom Ford fragrance defines a new type of fragrance sent that evokes these types of memories. It is a serious fragrance that balances the pleasure of vanilla with the provocative character of pipe tobacco.
I gave a review that wasn't as pleasant as this a month ago. I had to give this fragrance another try. I smell all I'm suppose to smell, tobacco and vanilla. I personally have the private blend. One spray lasts all day. Two sprays is the max. I wish all fragrances were as potent as this.
24th August, 2015 (last edited: 10th September, 2015)
An intincing, beguilling fragrance that I have grown to love belovedly. I have worn this fragrance for years and gotten nothing but good compliments from it. I starts off very strong with light tobacco, vanilla, and dark fruits; then, the tobacco emerges stronger and deeper developing around the vanilla. In the dry down, the tobacco is still there, but not as much as the middle; the ending, the rich vanilla takes over,but Dont be mistaken, the tobacco is still there from beginning to end, but more so the middle. Tom Ford's Private Blend fragrances are expensive, but well worth the money you purchase them with excellent sillage and projection.
14th July, 2015
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United States
First off... There are very few Tom ford fragrances I like... Second.... I like this. It hits your skin with all the pipe tobacco you could ever want. Rich, moist, tobacco then for me it calms itself just a tad with the vanilla creeping up slightly... But for me that's it... You smell like that amazing pipe shop with the jars of pipe tobacco lining the counter... It's a very fall and winter fragrance. Wear it in the summer and you'll get that ew look from women, wear it in the winter and you'll be curling up together. Good juice, not everyone wears it so that makes it even better to me.
21st June, 2015

A unpredictable and completely irresistible fragrance by TOM FORD.when you wear TOM FORD fragrances you have got the comment"Wow you really smell unique". Tobacco Vanille is a long lasting scent,one that is both memorable and sensual. Fantastic,Classy,Seductive,Provocative, Sweet,Gorgeous,Hot, Expensive and Luxurious.

Tobacco Vanille infuses rich notes of cacao and tonka bean over an intensely sensual base of vanilla and tobacco that makes a heady oriental scent for a man or a woman who know how to embrace their sensual side and take pleasure in the smaller details.It scents attractive to the senses. sweet and spice vnilla.i love it all you need is two spray and you ready to go.

This dashing fragrance compliments the three piece suit as well as evening attire.Tobacco Vanille is surprisingly intimte and subtle when worn on a date.if you are looking for a unique and enticing evening scent that sets you apart from all the others prevalent on the market today,then TOBACCO VNANILLE is the one for you.
Thank You TOM FORD!



11th May, 2015
Wonderful fragrance being like I love this genre of parfums. However, I sometimes get this "churchy" scent when I wear it. I wanted something that would out do my Eau des Baux (which is heavenly), but sadly, I haven't found this with TV.
Anyway, I do love the scent and its a permanent staple in my collection and my go-to when I want to stand out from the crowd or get the "mmmmmmm what it that smell" comment.
13th April, 2015
Personally I love this scent.
The opening has quite a punch, gorgeous vanilla, sweet tobacco, spices, and to me some liquorice?
I really enjoy wearing this, yes the initial hit mellows over a few hours but which fragrance doesn't? However the vanilla and spice lasts well.
For those whom are saying it is too spicy it makes me laugh when so many are raving about Spice bomb.
This is head and shoulders above that. (Have sold mine).
A true quality dignifies the scent and it is now my favourite cologne.
Yes you can buy cheaper stuff, but this just oozes quality and class.
Definitely recommend for someone who appreciates a good, well balanced cologne but is prepared to pay a bit more.
If you shop around, as I have you can get 100ml for £110.00. Which to me is worth it. Sell some cheaper scents and you're good to go!
05th April, 2015
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I 100% agree with taint it sweet; the opening spray-on is the absolute best it will ever smell, then it fades to more vanilla, less tobacco.

I have always been partial to clean, fresh smelling colognes and this is my first attempt at wearing anything containing vanilla, and this may sound odd but I was leery about wearing something with tobacco notes, having quit smoking about three years ago. But as it turns out, i wear this scent quite well, I enjoy it, and it's quite subtle and blends with my natural odor as the day progresses.

Longevity is nice and the sillage is low for something that smells so good and lasts so long, the scent really stays with you.

My new favorite, for sure. Too bad I can only afford to buy 4ml at a time, hahah! 10/10 for me.
17th March, 2015 (last edited: 18th March, 2015)
This is what George Bailey would have been wearing in "It's a Wonderful Life".
11th March, 2015
My first foray into the world of fragrances. And what a way to be initiated!

Opens with very little tobacco for me, which may be good or bad, depending on your tastes. A wet, moist tobacco, along with some dried fruit and a hint of spice (cinnamon?) backed by a boatload of vanilla/tonka. Once the tobacco quickly fades I'm left with a vanilla sugar cookie and eggnog vibe.

This is a one spray frag for me. I don't find it cloying, but it is a tad sweet, and two sprays can be overwhelming.

At times, I question whether I should have bought this as my first frag, as it's not 'versatile', but the proof is in the quality -- I continually come back to TV because it smells so incredibly good and versatility be damned. Longevity is at least 12 hours for me, and by hour 15-16 it's in skin scent territory. The next morning and the wonderful scent still lingers.

Looking for serious tobacco? I don't think Tobacco Vanille is for you. As it's blended, though, it fits me like a glove.

My first fragrance, and definitely could be my last. 9/10.
05th March, 2015
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United States
It was what I expected from a fragrance called "Tobacco Vanilla" The longevity is wonderful 7+ hours on my skin, longer on my clothes...but be careful, it stains. I do notice the tobacco fade after 3 or 4 hours. The vanilla and spices in the final dry down do not come across as fake or imitation to me. Had this fragrance been less expensive to purchase I am inclined to believe the negative and neutral reviewers would be more forgiving. I get nothing but compliments with this. I enjoy wearing it very much for leisure.
22nd February, 2015
For me this is a lovely, rich & sweet tobacco with a little freshness up top & a faint touch of incense. lt's very linear & soft, but never powdery or cloyingly sweet. lt lasts around seven hours before fading out.
This does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak, & beautifully captures that scent of vanilla pipe tobacco that l love. A little more smokiness would have made it truly awesome, but even so, it's very nice indeed!
14th October, 2014
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United States
Beautiful tobacco, vanilla, and cinnamon crafted into one gorgeous scent.
Smells exactly like a sugar cookies and eggnog. It's an amazing fragrance that was blind bought by me and i love it BUT more importantly the ladies love it! This is high quality stuff and a little goes a long way.
11th October, 2014
Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille is Truly a Masterpiece, heavy Tobacco heavy Vanilla mixed with spices and honey notes... a perfect sent for cold weather, absoluetly in love with it !
21st September, 2014
I enjoy layering TV with Tobacco Oud to round out the sweetness of the Vanilla. Very nice pipe tobacco that is expertly blended, hence the $$$. Do not fret tobacco frag devotees, a little goes a long way here so buy with confidence.

Tobacco frag fans unite under the well manicured beard of Tom Ford!
07th September, 2014
Tobacco and vanilla perfected, for sure. Try layering with Eau des Baux for more distinction. Try a decant of this or Parfume de Marley's Herod or Pure Havanne to save money. A little goes a long way if you choose TV. A true classic with some score deduction for price. 4.5 out of 5.
09th August, 2014
I love this stuff. I don't get any chocolate, or fruits, or honey. Just straight up tobacco blended with vanilla, 50/50. Just as the name implies. Only con would be the ridiculous price.
15th June, 2014
Starts very strong heady and dense but gradually settles to a smooth creamy vanilla / Almond Scent.
Its strange to see no Almonds listed in the notes as there is a strong and persistent vibe of Almonds , Vanilla along with smooth and light Tobacco.

Tobacco Vanille seems very similar to Dior Hypnotic Poison to me and can be a very nice option for the ladies who like HP Dior.

I personally love smelling it on others (especially Ladies) but cant wear it, A very long lasting and sweet (in a good way) fragrance.

20th May, 2014
It does what it says, the main accord is a silky and sweet tobacco aroma (the "humid tobacco leaves out of the bag" type of tobacco note) blended with a round, rich, terribly good and still not that sweet vanilla note. Smooth and colourful base of spices and dried fruits, with hints of cumin and saffron. And something balsamic which provides a pleasant sort of fresh-anisic feel. Overall it recalls the safe coziness and the unisex elegance of those narrow flavoured cigarillos (that ironically, come always in vanilla flavour among others) which are usually bought either by ladies or young smokers who want to appear cool and "manly", but still can not yet physically stand the effort and show the self-consciousness to smoke a real cigar. And that's precisely how this scent works too: it is soft and elegant, in a really safe-for-everywhere way, but also restrained and somehow tamed down, with a somehow shallow personality, and all materials are bounded in a sort of soothing anonymity - clean and sharp as a posh shop. Now, despite it may seem so, this feature (I mean the fact it's a bit shallow) is actually not completely negative, as at the same time Tobacco Vanille smells undoubtedly classy and much good: it's sweet and Oriental, but dusty and smoky enough not to end up smelling nauseating. Think of something halfway some Lutens' spicy-candied scents, Boucheron Jaipur Homme and some more "manly" tobacco scents. A bit boring and uncreative, probably, but solid and versatile for sure - too costly for what it's worth, but nice.

06th April, 2014 (last edited: 13th December, 2014)
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Beautiful. Rich, smooth and a little dark. Opening reminds me very much of vanilla extract for cooking with notes of cinnamon, some dark raisins, berries and even more complexity is present...leather, polished wood? Some notes I can't fathom but are interesting and delicious to say the least. Tough to articulate but I'm reminded of velvet and silk...This is top quality stuff. During the drydown, the gourmet aspect leaves and the vanilla changes to a pipe tobacco, a quality mild vanilla pipe tobacco with a touch of ash. I own l'Occitane Eau des Baux which some have said is twinned/similar to Tobacco Vanille...I disagree - Tobacco Vanille is certainly deeper, richer, more complex and smells different to my nose. Eau des Baux for me is a more straight forward vanilla pipe tobacco and incense blend with an overall drier edge to it. I reckon Tobacco Vanille is worth the money... It is robust with outstanding sillage and longevity...a couple of sprays maximum and it projects rich and strong - and lingers the following morning.
28th March, 2014
I originally tried Tobacco Vanille as a Christmas gift, not knowing anything about the fragrance or how pricey it is. I fell totally in love with the sweet, deep, rich spiciness. It opens with the sweetness of tobacco and an incredible blend of mature spices...I then get a creaminess and vanilla and deep rich chocolate laced with anise and dries down to vanilla and woods. It's really hard to explain, but it is a masterpiece. When I went to purchase a new bottle, I was mortified at the price. A co-worker later told me about a pure perfume oil blend of Tobacco Vanille that she purchased online for less than $40 an ounce and I thought it would be a waste of my time, but to my total surprise, it has the same deep, sweet spiciness as my original bottle of Tobacco Vanille had. For those who want to give it a try, it is worth every penny. Chemistry and Co. I am very pleased with Tom’s Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, both in the original version and the pure perfume oil interpretation. Sjnce wearing Tobacco Vanille, I have become a bit of a perfume LOVER. I never knew the journey that fragrances can take you on.
31st January, 2014
Complex fragrance...

This one is not easy to describe as just "Tobacco" and "Vanilla", I find it much more complex than that. To me this opens up with a huge wave of honey. Honey and dried fruit, coupled with boozy vanilla, almost like vanilla extract. It's very much in gourmand territory, and I think people who like gourmands will like this one. It can also be quite sweet and medicinal, almost syrup-like, and that can be overwhelming (or even perhaps cloying) if sprayed too much. It is a high strength Eau de Parfum, and a little goes a long way (no more than a couple of sprays). In that respect, you won't need much of it and it's worth the price in many respects, as it does smell very well made and expensive. I can pick up some very faint tobacco, but to my nose it's overshadowed by the sweetness of the vanilla, tonka bean, and honeyed-fruits. In conclusion, I think it's worth the price for what you get. I think it can come across as masculine, but it's also wearable by a well dressed woman. I find it a little linear to begin with, but I do appreciate that it changes in the dry down and you can pick out individual notes. Overall a very very well done fragrance by Tom Ford. Try it first, but I think many will love it. Addictive stuff!
28th December, 2013
Rich vanilla that evolves

I received this recently, as I have been on the hunt for a nice vanilla-based fragrance. While I have Frapin's 1697, I had come across too many interesting reviews of this frag to pass it by.

So, having worn it now for a while, I find the following:

1. I get a very strong vanilla and tobacco-leather off the start.

2. The leather and tobacco fade quickly on me unfortunately, but it does leave a cinnamon note that I find interesting.

3. The vanilla is sweet, with a hint of cherry. Some reviewers have likened it to the cherry-vanilla car fresheners that you hang from your rear view mirror. I get what they're saying, but this scent is not anything like that, rather, its more of the scent of the vanilla-cherry you get when smelling certain unburned aromatic pipe tobaccos, such as the famous IQ pipe tobacco blend.

4. This fades to soft, so the sillage is low on my skin, but the scent is there the next morning, so the longevity is long. In other words, it lingers a very long time, much as my Tom Ford Tuscan Leather does, but that lingering scent is also faint as of about 2 hours of wearing it.

Overall, this one evolves on me, to run through a series of vanilla variations, starting with a tobacco scent, then into cinnamon, then more of a cherry-vanilla, then just smoke and vanilla at the final gasp.

Its a very nice scent, not sure if its worth the high price. However, I thought that of my TF Tuscan Leather, and that 50ml bottle of TL has lasted me over 2 years owing to its strength (a little goes a long way) and to its heaviness (strong and complex, so not an everyday frag). I foresee Tobacco Vanille being like this; strong, and not an everyday wearer, but a very unique one.

Pros: Strong vanilla note, with complexity
Cons: Not as much of a dry tobacco as I would like, such as L'Artsan's (unavailable) Tea for two"

16th October, 2013

I love this, this was my first Tom Ford scent and it boiled down to this or Tuscan Leather. I think I made the right choice. Tobacco Vanille is a little more dynamic than TL I think although I will pick up TL at some point as well.

This opens with a nice warm cigar-esque smell, I also think it's quite spicy at first which is later replaced with the vanilla. I have to try my hardest not to wear this all the time, once I sampled this I couldn't buy it quick enough. Is it worth £130? I'm not sure about that, it does have excellent longevity and projection which can't be said for all of the Tom Ford range so at least there is that. It's a formal fragrance and I think best suited to colder weather. It's definitely not something you can wear in a club either, way too serious.

I keep this one for a special occasion, family meals, romancing the wife etc.

Pros: Longevity, classy, deep
Cons: Expensive"

12th October, 2013