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Neutral Reviews of Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

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For the first 15 minutes all I got was dried preserved prunes - the sort you'd find in Chinatown, sold in large packets with the prunes individually wrapped in paper. We call these preservatives 'buah kanna'. (Hey, maybe Tom Ford was eating some while sifting through dried tobacco leaves and somehow drew an inspiration!) Anyway fun facts aside, when the tobacco finally arrives, its presence is unmistakable. Loads of dry unlit tobacco leaves here, playing up an evocative note which probably reminds many of the men in their lives. This aspect of a scent normally wins my vote. However, considering the line's exclusivity and price point, I find TOBACCO VANILLE's linearity and simplicity too uninspiring that eating some buah kana seems to be the more satisfying option. Strictly for tobacco lovers.
12th October, 2009
it smells like...... honey tea to me. basically LOTS of honey, warm honey, only honey.

i like honey, i sure do, but i wouldn't pay for this.
01st October, 2009
Chergui wth more tobacco and slightly lower quality vanilla. For the price difference, get the Chergui and then smoke a pack of cigarettes.
09th September, 2009
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Boy, oh boy - my first review and I have to be very neutral about this expensive fragrance. I would have given a thumbs down, but didn't want to be such a naysayer in my pilot review. So what to say? Although I have worn colognes for many, many years, I never gave much thought to individual notes of which the fragrance is comprised, but rather looked at the "big picture". I either like the smell or I don't. Tobacco Vanille, on my skin, is too sweet to be masculine. The combination of vanilla and tobacco definitely produces an odor reminiscent of vanilla-flavored tobaccos that were popular during the 80's. Maybe still, I don't know. After a few hours, the scent began to morph and started to remind me of some other familiar smell. Hmmm...let's see, what is it? Then it hit me: it smells like freshly prepared banana pudding! (For those of you who may not be familiar, banana pudding is a dessert staple in the southeastern U.S. and has a huge vanilla scent). Don't get me wrong, I love banana pudding, but I draw the line at smearing it on my body as a fragrance. I love a nice, juicy steak, too, but....well, you get the picture. Now if Tom Ford slapped a layer of meringue on top of that Tobacco Vanille, I might consider eating a bowlful. Oops - forgot about the price - better make that a spoonful. One more thing: this is definitely a long-lasting fragrance, but I wouldn't necessarily consider longevity to be a plus for this particular juice.
03rd September, 2009
Well the longevity and sillage were absolutely unbelievable on me. Linear, yes.. but one tiny spray from a small atomizer and I was good to go for 16+ hours. This is so rare for me - in fact I'd say that 99% of fragrances don't last anything close to as long as TV on my skin.

You have to be a vanilla fan (tonka bean) to enjoy this - no doubt about it. There was mention of the vanilla scented candles that I could relate to a bit, though the vanilla in TV is of higher quality and doesn't smell nasty, though it does smell synthetic.

Price isn't absurd when you consider one.. TWO small sprays at most.. will last you as long as TV does. Probably my favorite from the Tom Ford Private Blend. I can see it really shining in colder weather. In warmer weather this fragrance was a total turn-off. Somebody I knew who sampled it described it as "dirty vanilla". After the last time I wore it I'm forced to agree. This is one I did a total 180 on and won't be returning to.
27th May, 2009 (last edited: 10th March, 2010)
Dirty Vanilla scent. The tobacco gives the vanilla a "naughty" side. Great sillage and longevity, however the scent isn't all that inticing...
08th December, 2008
It's like I smoked a cheap cigar right after smoking a pipe in a crushed velvet chair adn then had the keen idea of spraying on some of Coty Raw Vanilla. I'm torn between a pleasing scent and a rip-your-heart-out high price.
18th September, 2008