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Neutral Reviews of Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

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Tried Noir de Noir twice and both times disappointed. Similar to Portrait of a Lady, it smells like my grandmother’s cupboards, but in that style I prefer POAL. To be honest I rarely wear rose scents, and when do I pick Dior Ambre Nuit, which is more sexy on a man.
21st November, 2017
Noir de Noir, a rose fragrance with patchouli and truffle. I'm not into Turkish Delight or rose flavored truffles for that matter. I can tell that Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose used Noir de Noir in some ways as a template. Noir de Noir is better made, but it's still not my style. Of the rose centric fragrances I've tried, Rose Flash by Andy Tauer is the one I've felt was the most accessible on my skin, but Royal Mayfair by Creed is the fragrance with a rose note that I've enjoyed the most out of all the rose notes for men that I've tried. Noir de Noir is for some, just not for me.
18th April, 2017
Yesterday I did a simultaneous test with NdN on my left arm and Cafe Rose on my right. I'll be buying Cafe Rose soon, but Noir de Noir was just too dirty. CR was more nuanced, with the notes (saffron, rose, coffee) dancing and jiving, keeping things interesting deep into the dry-down. Of the two, NdN had less sillage and longevity on my skin.
21st August, 2016
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I just can't bring myself to like TF NdN. My wife bought this as a birthday present and while I appreciate the gift, the fragrance just isn't masculine IMO. TF should have named this "Rose Wood", because all I get out of this is a full bloom summer rose and a powdery sandalwood. So basically this smells like your grandmother. Also the performance on me is terrible, 2hrs and it's a skin scent. I would normally give this a Thumbs Down, but it was a gift from the wife and it does make me think of grandma, so Neutral.
20th September, 2015
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United States
This is well.... Not what I consider masculine... It reminds me of my rose bush on a humid summer evening.... On me no it doesn't work.... On a woman.... Well it's what I can imagine Audrey Hepburn would smell like... Classy, mysterious, ultra feminine and lose all my common sense sexy.
21st June, 2015
Noir de Noir??? Actually nothing about this scent says "black on black", or "black of black"; it's a very misleading name. I mean, I don't take much stock in a name, but i do feel the name should imply the scent, and we're World's apart here.

The cologne sprays on nicely, smells masculine, but the moment it starts to dry it smells of roses and powder.

Basically, when I spray it on, I smell like my Dad. After the dry down, I smell like grandma.

A nice scent nonetheless, but I expected it to be much more "black". I wouldn't even wear this at night. 6/10 for me personally, but as a whole it is a much higher rated scent than that.
17th March, 2015 (last edited: 18th March, 2015)
Noir de Noir is a fairly ordinary "rich" floral scent, quite on the masculine side - dry, dark, elegantly austere - with a darker base comprising oud and a bunch of spices. Sophisticated, opulent but also restrained enough, clean, carnal, dense. The rose note, which is the main flower here, is nice and fairly bold – bolder than oud, so I won't consider this a "oud-rose" scent, but rather the opposite. The other most prominent note is vanilla, which is quite good: sweet, velvety, dusty, slightly smoky and almost earthy, finally a "complete", good quality and realistic vanilla note - and not a cloying, ice-creamish synthetic bomb. A hint of floor cleaner, as usually with synthetic roses, completes the blend. Overall I'd say that "it smells expensive" reflects both the best way to describe this, and the average target of people which this may suit - that is, people which want to smell "expensive". Me? I prefer to smell good.

05th October, 2014
Despite the great reviews of this one thus far, for me I am still at neutral with it. I am a fan of Montale's Black Aoud, and I suppose going into this one I was looking for something similar. Perhaps something with more depth, but the same vein.

Well going in with expectations was part of the problem. Immediately upon applying, I was hit with the gourmand flavours of this scent - the chocolate, the truffle. Similar to the truffle from Black Orchid. This was not, for me, a copy of Black Aoud (as Kain found it to be) - it was a much more sweet.

But the sweet flavours are too rich - like tasting a pastry that is just a bit too sweet to be really enjoyed. Keep in mind I'm a lover of dark chocolate and don't enjoy milk chocolate, so personal preference comes into play here.

It's well blended, and the sweetness (although too much for me) never crosses the line to something that would be generally offensive. And the earthy notes are there, and they are good. Combined, it creates an alluring, 'dark' fragrance that I think would perform well in cool weather.

Willing to attempt this one again, but probably not for a while.
23rd May, 2014 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
I like this one okay. It's grown on me since the first time I smelled it in Saks. It's very inky, sweet, and rich. I like the hint of dark rose and the chocolate I get, but it's a little too strong and sweet for me. Like most TF's, I also find it to be pretty one-dimensional. Tobacco Vanille remains the only Tom Ford Private Blend that I really think is worth the price. They're all so strong, singular, and smell pretty synthetic to my nose. Just my humble opinion...
15th March, 2013
I get a very gourmand blend of rose oil and chocolate. Trouble is... they are discordant. A very sweet fragrance, not for summer.
30th October, 2012
I really like this fragrance's rose, oud, patchouli, and saffron combination. The mix is hardly unique, but there's something very wearable and almost "friendly" about it that sets it apart from the likes of the bold Black Aoud or the reserved Dark Rose. I don't smell truffles, but rather a Christmas-cake vibe that steers this slightly into gourmand territory.

Oud seems to come in a lot of varieties, and the oud note here is a softer, mellower oud note than most I've experienced, not at all "barnyard" or medicinal. Its closest kin in my experience is the oud note in Montale's Original Oud.

Unfortunately, Noir de Noir has a huge down side for me: fleeting longevity. It lasts an hour at most before disappearing entirely into the air, which is why it gets a neutral rating. If this lasted the way Tobacco Vanille did, it would be thumbs up for sure.
08th September, 2009