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Neutral Reviews of Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

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Reminds me slightly of Ambre Nuit or Mitzah but slightly sweeter. Nice fragrance IMO. I see why this one gets a lot of hype. Wish I would have sprayed more on my arm. A nice light incense is in here as well as a nice dose of vanilla in the drydown. 8/10

Now that I own a full bottle, I've also noticed that AA smells a lot like Ambre Sultan. Very identical.
17th August, 2015 (last edited: 19th September, 2015)
When I first tried the Tom Ford Private Blends, I was new to "fine fragrance" and didn't really like most of them. I hated Amber Absolute most of all - I thought it smelled weird and moldy. As the years have passed, most of the Private Collection have won me over as I've gained a little more experience. But I'm still not sure about Amber Absolute.

It's kind of like someone re-created a 50's/60's butterscotchy amber (there are shades of Coromandel in this) using that modern Pink Sugar marshmallowy vanilla instead of a nicer vanilla. It's got hints of sandalwood and frankincense, as well as some lavender on top for brightness (I think this is where the moldy smell comes from), as well as a peachy fruity quality.

Really, there are so many amazing amber perfumes out there that, in order to stand out, yet another one has to bring something new to the table. And the only thing Amber Absolute is serving is marshmallow. I can see how that could modernize a classic recipe, but I don't think it's for me. I no longer think it's awful, but I don't think it's great, either.
30th April, 2014
Had high hopes for Amber Absolute and in many ways it didn't disappoint, but in other areas it did. It has a commanding presence as soon as the juice touches oxygen. This stuff is extremely potent and loud in the opening. Also the quality is evident as it smells of a rich woody amber. The problem is that it lives up to it's name and what your left with is a super sweet syrupy cloying amber. The woods are still there, but it's just way too sweet. Some might enjoy this, but it's just not something I'd ever wear.
02nd August, 2012
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It smells very sophisticated at first, maybe a bit too soaking and overlasting.
On top of that it reminds me of the air-freshener used at Ritz hotel in Paris.
Try to step inn and you’ll see
05th May, 2012 (last edited: 09th May, 2012)
This is wood and amber. No, it's not "woody," it's wood. It smells like wood shop. It's so earthy and raw that it starts to smell like play dough if you use your imagination a little. There may be of hint a patchouli in there, too. This is seriously high quality stuff, and it only takes one wiff to know it. Anyway, as much as I commend Tom Ford for releasing this kind of amazing monstrosity, I just don't dig on amber, no matter how well done.
02nd March, 2012
Woods and bee's wax is what I get with a sweet amber. I don't know if I like this one yet but it sure is unique!
04th January, 2012
Its very thick and amberish indeed. But not really sweet or cloying. Its more syrupy than vanillic if that makes any sense.

Somehow it feels a bit like petrol in terms of how clean/dirty it is (Fahrenheit) and a mix of Musc Ravageur's animalic notes.

Very unique indeed but I'm not sure I put this ahead of TV and seems like it is very suitable for layering.
08th November, 2011
A great example of amber in almost its natural form. The opening is short lasting, a quick burst of sweet amber and spicy frankincense. The sweetness quickly fades off, and it turns into what mostly smells like beeswax to my nose. My enthusiasm is stunned here, I'm disappointed. This lasts for a good 2 hours before it takes on the amber again, only this time it's rich and smoky. It fades into a creamy vanilla/amber with a little spice before the final base which appears to be just amber. Certain parts of this fragrance I love, but other parts I despise.

Longevity is excellent, as one would expect.. 12+ hours easily. Projection is above average for the first 4-6 hours. The very first 10 minutes has HUGE projection, more so than Tobacco Vanille. I've never really been much of an amber fan, Amber Absolute definitely shows the more natural take on amber, personally, I prefer the simple, sweet synthetic stuff that's in the bases of many of our modern fragrances. I'll have to pass on this one.
19th January, 2011
Maple syrup? No, wait. That's Miracle Homme. What we have here is an odd duck of an amber with a funky herbal/wood harsh note that makes one wonder if it was intended to make it 'dirty' in the sense that MKK is a'dirty' musk. Or perhaps it's just meant to erase any accusations of being cloying? I don't know but this is sugar sweet and --Naw, not dark. Not amber noire, just amber . . . funky. On the brighter side, no one can accuse this one of having low sillage or poor longevity.
I'll pass.
28th April, 2009
A simple, nice, sweet, dry, powdery scent. Dry as cardboard and creamy as pudding. Very linear but it's a lovely smell.
28th September, 2008
I'm an amber fan, but I prefer my ambers dry and powdery like desert sand. This is more of a syrupy, resinous amber. It even reminds me of pine, pine sweetened with vanilla! Don't get me wrong, it's still an easily recognizable amber scent, it's just a certain type of amber, and not my favourite type. It feels a bit too thick and "gooey" for me, gourmandy with some rather sharp wood notes thrown in. A bit unsophisticated, to tell you the truth.
26th June, 2007