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Tom Ford Amber Absolute perhaps is as known as much for its power as it is for its quality, falling into the group of Private Blend fragrances (like Tobacco Vanille and Noir de Noir) that are regarded as extremely powerful for EDPs.

The note breakdown is relatively simple and straightforward: amber, incense, vanilla, labdanum, and woody notes. Overwhelming, the amber, vanilla, and incense dominate the experience of the fragrance. In essence, it's a pure expression of amber mixed with the sweeter vanilla and the spicier/floral elements as well.

I compared Amber Absolute to a few other amber fragrances (Tauerville Amber Flash, By Kilian Amber Oud, Le Labo Benjoin 19), and what's obvious about Amber Absolute is that it's perhaps the sweetest amber-dominant fragrances I've ever tried (while still being spicy and smoky due to the incense).

I have a 30ml decant but intend to buy a full bottle as the 2015 release is a limited edition, still, to my knowledge, available only at Neiman Marcus / Bergdorf Goodman in the US, and it's not difficult to imagine that it'll be discontinued again as the 2007 was.

Again, one of the great performers of all time and certainly of the TFPB, and a must-try for amber lovers and lovers of sweet gourmand winter fragrances alike. Superb.

10 out of 10
29th August, 2017
Went for a Tom Ford fragrance marathon in Paris last August and snagged a 50 ml of this. Pricey. Why didn't I get two or find the 100 ml.
Excellent all the way around and probably my fave TF over the Tuscan Leather and the Noir Extreme, although I haven't secured the TV, opting for the Eau des Baux instead.
Almost gone and lamenting.
21st June, 2017
I went to a cocktail party wearing six (!) sprays of Amber Absolute... Everybody (men and women) seemed to want to talk to me.
20th February, 2016
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Huge Tom Ford frag fan in general. The re-release of AA in 2015 has made for an absolutely outrageous scent. This is sex in a bottle. It's the perfect scent for covering up dirty deeds and makes you smell very, very expensive.

I have been experimenting with ambers recently; I usually find them too cloying. This frag, however, is: long lasting, exotic, complex, and sensual. It is also mature without smelling old; in other words, this is pretty sophisticated for a youngish person to successfully pull off. I can imagine it smelling fantastic on a man as well. One of the few frags I have put on that my BF has commented on... he couldn't keep his nose away from my neck the first time I wore it.

This is powerful stuff and you should be careful where you wear it. A NSFW scent, I think. A little goes a long way. Immaculate!
18th October, 2015
Tom fords amber absolute is one of the best amber money can buy! I really love this fragrance.
12th September, 2015 (last edited: 15th September, 2015)
surge Show all reviews
United States
This one holds a special place in my heart, it's the first ever private blend that I purchased back in 2008 when the line debuted. I read an article in some magazine talking about how amazing it was; the author said this one and Tobacco Vanile were his favorite; I decided on AA to be the first purchase and planned on buying TV later on.
When I first got it, I opened the box and sprayed it on a tissue, and smelled...and I immediately gasped...I thought it smelled absolutely awful. I was very disappointed in myself for blind buying it, and I was basically pissed off at the world at that point, especially at the guy who wrote the article :P I put the tissue down and forgot about it, and I left the room. Came back about ~45 minutes later and something caught my was a very faint vanilla incense that blew me was the tissue I had sprayed earlier! I sprayed some on my hand and again hated the opening, but after awhile it really started to smell magnificent. Eventually I learned to appreciate the opening and the entirety of the absolute masterpiece.
Boggles my mind why this one got discontinued. It's one of the highest rated private blends on this site and other fragrance based websites, there are tons of threads on it and multiple youtube videos and magazine articles...I doubt they'll ever bring it back, but one can hope...
05th June, 2015
Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
i got a sample of this with a purchase of another Amber frag, and thought, huh, Tom Ford, this will be another one i wont like.
i was wrong.
first impressions were nothing great, the top notes didnt hit me and shout BUY ME, but as it dried down, i was encapsulated in a gourmand woody amber sheath, which personally i LOVE!
Definently a must have for me, just so sad its discontinued. thankfully, i have 50ml of it!
19th May, 2015
Reading the reviews of Amber Absolute is testimony to the fact that our individual senses of smell are unique. It is alternately described as:

Butter Scotch
Air freshener
Wood Shop
Pink Sugar

I get tons of Labdanum and love it. Labdanum, incense, and woods. Absolutely beautiful and, to me, unique. Both sillage and longevity are outstanding.

This is one of my all-time favorites and one of the few fragrances with which I find absolutely no deficiencies.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Discontinued
11th May, 2015
Ahhhhhh, Amber Absolute. you sick bas****! :D
Finally I found a sample of you!
It's another great amber based fragrance that I was expecting a little more out of it but still it's strong enough to kill tons of other fragrances out there!
The opening is a strong sweet amber mixed with lots of woods and spices.
The sweetness is strong in vanilla way and mixing with strong woods and spices, create a yummy sweet fragrance which is brutal and masculine at the same time.
The opening remind me of Amber Sultan. yes, but the sweetness is more and stronger.
As time goes by, there isn't too much changes.
The vanilla sweetness become stronger and you can still smell strong woods and spiced side by side the sweetness.
The dry down is different from Amber Sultan too my nose.
In Amber Sultan you will get a smooth honey sweetness which is not so potent plus very smooth woods and spices, but in this fragrance the sweetness is vanilla like and its very strong and also woods and spices are much stronger!
The dry down and base of this fragrance remind me of Andy Tauer's masterpiece! I mean LADDM!
They don't smell exactly the same, but they do have things in common!
So if you can't find this fragrance or it's too expensive, you can replace it by LADDM easily which is as quality as this, maybe even better and just like this with stunning projection and longevity.
It's quite sad that this fragrance is discontinued, but fortunately there are great replacements for it.
01st February, 2014
Robust Amber

Really good stuff. And very strong.

To those who haven't smelled too many amber-based scents I would describe Amber Absolute as toasted marshmallows with a dry, slightly smoky, and dusty edge. The incense, which provides the dry, dusty quality, works wonderfully to balance the vanillic amber heart. While quite robust and powerful, this is also a cozy, sensual fragrance that leans more toward the masculine side of the spectrum than feminine (though I certainly wouldn't mind it on a woman). It is a little bit spicy as well, but in a warm, inviting kind of way. Rich and thick, I find Amber Absolute works best when applied lightly with just one or two sprays.

For those who are familiar with some of the better-known amber-based scents, I would describe Amber Absolute as Ambre Sultan with the spicy herbal aspect toned down and the vanillic amber turned up, along with some of the dry dustiness of L'Air Du Desert Marocain. Somebody even described it as "Gucci Pour Homme on steroids," which I think is really the perfect descripiton of this.

An especially great fragrance to wear on a winter night, Amber Absolute has excellent projection and longevity. And while it's unique and interesting, it seems easy enough to pull off.

Unfortunately, this one has been discontinued.

Pros: Excellent Quality, Superb Longevity and Projection, Unique
Cons: Discontinued, Hard to wear in warm weather, Maybe too strong for some"

17th July, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
LOvely with lots of character

this is like a well rehearsed opera. every note is in tune with each other.the 3 players are the amber/vanilla/incense mix. very intoxicating but also cloying after a few hours. I only have a 3ml decant and adore this over Ambre Russe..

Pros: longevity and incense
Cons: cloying at times

19th June, 2013
A very woody sweet amber with incense and vanilla is what I'm mainly getting from this one. It's a bit on the syrupy side but the interplay of these notes is nicely balanced. Though I still like HdP Ambre 114 as my Ambre of choice.
26th October, 2012
blown away by this scent. for one, it projects and lasts for hours (15+) and for two it's just the best amber scent on the market. very woody and masculine (not to mention daring) in the opening. the dry down gains sweetness. the best way i could describe the dry down is if you had amber scented/flavored cake frosting. sweet and delicious.
15th August, 2012
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Amber is the name of the game here, intensive and with smoke and a touch of cedarwood added. Amber pure with little added notes; unlike, for instance, Creed's Ambre Canelle, the amber is not softened up and blended as much; and in spite of a hint of vanilla in the drydown this remains an amber scent with limited sweetness. Sillage and projection are good for the first three or four hours, but the longevity is brilliant: up to ten hours on my skin. One of the few convincing amber fragrances.
03rd August, 2012
This wonderful evocative ambery-boise oriental scent is mastered by the heavenly and generally renowned olibanum-labdanum accord which characterizes a disclosing bed of vanillic amber enriched by a touch of smoke. The fragrance is not complex and owns a certain strength because of its minimalistic blend. The sweetness is wonderfully calibrated and is mainly based on a well equipped crew of mild woods as Gaiac, cedarwood and probably sandalwood. The starring role is played by the note of labdanum together with an high quality incensed amber. The latter is mastering in its typical kind of sweet, almost beastly, smell but this one retains the facets of the labdanum note that is a sort of piney, smokey, spicy, aromatic kind of aroma which together with amber and incense turns out with a strong woodsy-animal depth and a more austere aromatic soaring perfume. Inhaling this wonderful fragrance i'm teleported in a serene fall afternoon spent on a mountain in loneliness. Amber Absolute is warm and almost edible but is a woodsy, musky, ambiental, almost meditative amber in my opinion and is neither particularly glamour (Costume National 21) nor sumptuous (Ambra Nera, too much linear to perform like that indeed), arabesque (Ambre Sultan) or properly decadent/baroque (Ambre Russe, Golden Amber), it's simply a great amber far from the glamour and the provocative olfactory "naughtiness".
22nd October, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
I've owned several amber fragrances, but this is hands-down the absolute best ever. It's sexy and warm and inviting without the sometimes biting note that comes with amber (like Ambre Sultan). Most people would probably wear this at night or during the cooler months, but this is so lovely that I'll even wear it on a warm summer day. Fabulous.
11th August, 2011
Im not a big fan of basic amber scents. I like them blended in a more complex fragrance. But I have to say that Tom Ford created a masterpiece with this amber dominated scent. Its a smooth, boozy, and almost edible amber that I believe amber lovers would orgasm over. Today I wore some to work from my sample vial and my co-worked was blown away by it. She asked me what it was and I told her, and also warned her of the price tag. She said she would pay it. She loved it so much.

Oddly, I dont love it. I just dont connect with it. Though I feel its an incredible creation. I just dont love it for me. But if your an amber lover and you like minimalism in your scents with amazing quality ingredients TRY THIS.
19th March, 2011
Sultry. Seductive.

If I were on death row and they asked for my last meal request, I might ask if they could just bring in someone wearing Amber Absolute instead. It's that good. So rich, so sultry, so sensual, so tantalizing, so long-lasting ... (I'll be right back)

The amber by itself is enough to cause angels to fall from heaven in droves, but add the incense and the devil just comes right up and grabs them from the gates. Devilish, dangerous, divine.
27th February, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)
l agree with Asha; this is "an amber lover's amber", a rich & satisfying amber in it's most classic form, & very much like Profumum's Ambra Aurea because of this.
lt opens as a thick, dense, resinous, "piney" amber with dark wood & smoke, very autumnal & rather masculine. After around 15 minutes, it sweetens into a rich, caramel-like benzoin, & persists in this manner with a wisp of incense running through it, all the way to the drydown many hours later.
The sillage is powerful, even though so far l've only dabbed this from my 4ml mini. l actually can't imagine what it's like sprayed on! Must try it sometime...
10th February, 2011
Amber Absolute is a fragrance that is evocative: You will adore and cherish it, or you'll find it a very suffocating amber from the mixture of all of its elements. I find it a very rich Amber with an almost incense -- think High Mass incense -- element that wafts just beneath the surface. It's simply delicious if done in small doses, which would be my only caveat. In small amounts -- simply pulse points, or in combination with an Arabian Wood or Oud -- it's very striking. If overdone, it can be very off-putting. This is a very deep and rich amber scent, one that evokes memories of a chilly fall day and warm fires and the smell of a rich herbal tea nearby to warm you. This is that fall/winter-esque scent that is a delicacy. But do not bathe in it unless you want to evoke the smell of a Sunday high-mass and sweet burning incense.
06th September, 2010
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Labdanum and amber characterize this scent. The vanilla is kind of an obligatory player in orientals. Which woods are in this? My guess would be guaiac wood, perhaps with a sandalwood note, and a bit of something cashmeran or ebony-scented. This makes for good layering with Tobacco Vanille or Tuscan Leather.
30th March, 2010
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Notes: Frankincense, Amber, Woody Notes, Vanilla, Labdanum (from

I love amber. I love amber. Did I mention I love amber? Amber Absolute is an amber lover's amber. Its primary ingredient is the woody, smoky, peppery, leathery, balsamic note labdanum. It is sweetened by vanilla which also lends its wood, hay and tobacco nature to the composition. It is made resinous with frankincense and benzoin, the frankincense adding a gorgeous smoky incense note that never smells metallic or funky. Amber Absolute is not overly complicated, but it is extremely rich, with a good balance of dry, tannic and sweet. It is amber in its most classic form. The quality of ingredients here is excellent, along the lines of Profumum Ambra Aurea, and equally satisfying. I love amber.
07th November, 2009 (last edited: 08th November, 2009)
A direct, to-the-point amber powerhouse. The top notes come on quite strong, lightly spicy, but not herbal to my nose, lending a gourmand quality to an amber already with a distinct caramel edge.

Despite being almost entirely focused on amber through its development, it isn't a one-note fragrance, and has a slow but recognizable development as it loses its edge and becomes gentle and vanillic.

Your feelings on this will depend almost entirely on how you feel about the amber genre. It's not complex, but it's high quality.
31st October, 2009
Amber Absolute: well, for those who say Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan doesnt have amber..should smell this one for reference. It's opening accords reminds one of mid-base notes of Ambre sultan minus the extreme spicy notes of AS. within 10 minutes it morphs into another scent we adore so much, which is Parfums d'Empire's Ambre Russe; ofcourse minus the leather and herbal, what that leaves us with is a smoldering accord of glowing amber so powerful, it has the capacity to create an aura and sense of warmth by merely smelling it. no wonder it's called amber "absolute". this is a straight ahead, no-nonsense, smoldering amber based scent. a definite must have for someone who admires Ambre Sultan and Ambre Russe. is it worth ahaving all these three scents in one wardrobe...? depends. i do have amber, i dont need this one. but, for thsoe who have Ambre Russe, this one is different enough to be in the same WD. just for our info, this has more in common with Ambre Sultan than with Ambre Russe.
13th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
I was in Las Vegas and sampled this fragrance on a spray card at Neiman-M. At first I didn't find it that exciting but when I got back to my hotel I kept getting the card out and smelling it again. Later, I went back to N-M and sprayed some on my arm for a test-drive while I browsed around the Fashion Show Mall. The longer I had it on, the more I liked itand I eventually bought a bottle before I left town. I always wear a sample/test spray of a cologne for a whole day before I decide to buy it - some of them start out OK and then take an ugly turn a few hours later. Plus, things that smell good on other people can absolutely reek on me.

To me, Amber Absolute is the perfect blend of vanilla and incense - and by incense I mean proper Japanese insence, not that cheap hippie-crap with a bamboo stick in it that you get at the truck stop or the swap meet. The incense components aren't too strong and the vanilla components aren't overpowering - they balance each other and blend together so well that you have to really breath deep and focus to be able to pick each one out.

So far everyone I've asked has said they really like it on me - the most common response when I ask them to have a sniff of my forearm is 'OMG what is that!? I love it!' You know when they actually grab your arm and keep it under their nose that they aren't just being polite. The scent doesn't change much after you put it on and it lasts for several hours before gradually fading away to just a hint of vanilla. Although the Private Blends are ridculously overpriced, the lady at N-M did give me 4 samples of other Private Blend scents when I bought this one. They were generous 1/4-ounce samples in little glass bottles with lids - not those stingy plastic vials with two drops of cologne in them that you usually get.

UPDATE: this review is for the 50 mil spray version. The non-spray in the larger bottle smells completely different to me - I think they are two different formulas.
02nd April, 2009 (last edited: 23rd January, 2010)
Extremely thick, syrupy, powerful, and rich. Herbal like Ambre Sultan, but much sweeter with a hint of smokiness from the incense.

What's special about this one is the sillage. It's a sillage monster alright. The good thing is that the sillage is indeed pleasant: resinous and sweet and to my surprise, without being too cloying.
06th January, 2009
With notes of amber, African incense, labdanum, rich woods, and vanilla bean, Amber Absolute is an incense-laden amber, with a dark and smoky character. It presents a nice study in contrasts, both dry and warm, peppery and...well, not quite sweet. Thick, yes, and maybe even a bit syrupy. But there is nothing sugary here. Wearing it on one arm with MPG Ambre Precieux on the other for comparison, Amber Absolute hardly even budges the sweetness meter.

Except for a smoothing out of the initial strong smoky and syrupy notes, the fragrance remains mostly linear. This is also a heavy sillage scent, so go easy on the trigger.
05th January, 2009
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
This is one of the best and richest ambers I've tried. It's got the perfect amount of sharpness, and dries down to a magnificent, warm amber scent. It lasts and lasts and is pretty powerful so a little goes a long way. If you take the medicinal herbs from Ambre Sultan and add some extra warmth to the base, you'll have something close to Amber Absolute.
24th October, 2008
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
On first application I wasn't too thrilled with Amber Absolute.... too sweet, too syrupy. Luckily I've learned that making judgment calls on one wear is a rookie mistake!

On second wear I put two diffuse sprays on the back of my hand and went to work. The beginning was the same story - sweet, vanilla amber so thick it could be syrup. However, I soon noticed at work that the most wonderful aroma was wafting in front of me, right over my keyboard. At first I forgot the AA was on my hand and thought it was my scent of the day (Egoiste). I then remembered I had sprayed the AA and found that the two sprays on my hand were giving off the most lovely, resinous incense-like sillage. These dark notes are balanced perfectly with vanilla and amber. Never quite gourmand, Amber Absolute is rich and inviting, with terrific sillage and longevity.

Thumbs UP, and on my 'purchase someday' list!
20th August, 2008
gordonm Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a really clever fragrance. All the private collection are marketed as unisex, but in my experience, this one smells either very masculine or very feminine according to the wearer's skin- i.e- not unisex but one or the other as opposed to a fence-sitter. Not an every day at the office type of thing, but could be worn day or night. It has great subtlety in a very distinctive manner. A great blend of amber with wood, a dry / sweet balance with great lasting power. A refreshing detour from the mainstream "ozonic note, low-carbon-footprint, inoffensive, Walmart, boil-in-the-bag " rubbish. Whilst this might be twice as expensive as a bottle of "everyman's juice", do not be put off. It's easy to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Check it out!
13th August, 2008