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Neutral Reviews of Young Sexy Lovely by Yves Saint Laurent

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YOUNG SEXY LOVELY is delightfully pink,pretty and a flirty celebration of feminine style and gusto.It is not my favorite but not a bad scent either.sweet but not flowery or coming off smelling like candy.truly luscious scent but nothing sexy.Soft,Modern, Juicy, Clean,Gentle,Cute,Girlish,Simple and Fresh.

It opens with the lush scent of sparkling pear nectar,Italian mandarine,followed by the pleasant notes of magnolia and peach at the heart and a soft and amiable base notes includes musk and amber.The dry down is familiar for fact it starts fruity, turns floral then dris down soft and kind.

The packaging is so cute.It is suitable for teenagers and those women in their early 20's.A great birthday gift for your girlfriend and a nice day to day scent.totally If you are looking for a young and soft scent of YSL this is a nice choice for Spring and Summer.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

09th June, 2015
Pretty and delicate, inoffensive yet unoriginal. I'm a little disappointed in Young Sexy Lovely. Yves Saint Laurent usually comes up with interesting and in some ways, unique fragrances. However, in this case, Yves Saint Laurent played it safe.

It is neither too fruity nor too flowery, it's a nice balance between the two. Young Sexy Lovely is yes, young and lovely, but definitely not sexy. Flirtatious maybe would have been a better choice.

The scent from the opening to the drydown is very soft and intimate. Pear, peach, cherry blossom, magnolia and musk are the most dominant notes to my nose when I smell this fragrance.

In my opinion, this would appeal to a relatively young audience, age 13-20. It's nice in a casual, everyday use, inoffensive sense.

30th June, 2011
I sampled this in a department store and loved it. But the name put me off. To be honest, I'd feel a bit silly telling people what I'm wearing!
18th January, 2008
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