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This opens with a blast of leather-smoke-carnation and just a hint of TCP/Root beer. There's a bit of spice and sweetness there, but mostly it all about the leather-y smoke. It last forever (12 hours +) on me, and doesn't change much - the smoke fades a bit and the sweet amber/tonka in the base becomes more prominent. It smells like a bonfire and an old leather jacket, with a bit of warm sweetness underneath. Beautiful in small doses. I've tried sniffing it with Lutens A La Nuit on the other arm to bring out the jasmine (when I was at home alone to avoid suffocating anyone...) and there are some floral elements, but they're quite dry and muted, even when you're looking for them.
15th June, 2018
Goes on like a son of a bitch!! I mean really heavy handed. I'm sure I won't like it but the dry down?? Well....It gets much better. The problem with this one is that it is just too strong and too overwhelming. That makes it unwearable for me. It will just dominate a room. Really get up peoples noses and can come across as obnoxious and boarder line rude. The bottom line is that I view this as a very well constructed fragrance but just too potent for me.
17th May, 2018 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)
where am i coming from?
where am i coming from?
that i'm saturated with such a night's smell ?
Forugh Farrokhzad(1934-1967)
02nd January, 2018
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Ridden hard, dusty, trail weathered leather with a large dose of clary sage, cinnamon and cistus. Lonestar Memories is the predecessor to Lonesome Rider. I recently sampled LR and found it easy wearing and smooth, LM is hard and weathered by comparison. It's a very interesting, well executed concept that Andy Tauer deftly employs in both scents and they both are equally derivative of the other. For me LM is just not anything I could wear often and I much prefer LR over it. Powerhouse sillage and longevity. I'll give it a neutral, probably deserving of better.
27th November, 2017
The more I wear this, the more I think it's bottleworthy. It's leather, tar, cinammon, Rubber, and sand. It's well crafted and doesn't change drastically in the drydown. It lasts about 10 hours as well. I prefer this far more than desert morrocain, but there are similarities between the two. I really enjoy this scent. It's unique and well made.
09th February, 2017

Lonestar Memories - fragrances like this are the reason I love fragrance, thank you, Andy Tauer.

When I first put this on, I smiled, and that is the power of perfumery, and what I heard Andy talk about on a youtube video recently, when he said he came to realise this was not about making fragrances to sell to make money, this was about touching people.

The first wild, strange, intangible burst I got from this, besides the leather, and goodness knows what else, there was just one note, just one note, that took me back to... back to... it was on the tip of my tongue, and my smile was beaming wide, what was it?

And then, bingo, it came to me - it was my dad's dental laboratory, and the smells of my childhood - my father was a dental technician, and a big fragrance fan (and I instantly knew I would have to get him a bottle of this for his upcoming 70th birthday) - it took me straight back to those happy times as a kid, helping him out in his lab at home, those intoxicating smells of the chemicals in his lab, never unpleasant in any way - in fact we always used to joke that he must have been getting high off of all those fumes! - but it took me straight back, and it made me smile, and for that I will be forever grateful, Mr Tauer.

On me, that final basenote lasts and lasts and lasts, literally an application in the morning will last into the next. I don't understand how anybody can be anything but mystified and stupefied at how this fragrance can so slowly and so subtly change and mutate from its brute opening to its beautiful soft, woodsy closing - it is nothing but the purist art from a pure artist, and all I can say is long live our sense of smell! I think of it as art for the nose. I mean, we have art for the eye, art for the ear, art for the mouth, why not art for the nose? WHY NOT ART FOR THE MEMORY, ART FOR THE FEELING! THUMBS UP!!!
07th May, 2016
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United Kingdom
The two main phases are obvious: the leathery-smoky opening, combining a deep and slightly harsh leather with a smoky, campfire-cum-barbecue impression. Which on my skin is never overly intrusive or unpleasant. Rich - yes, intensive - yes, deep - yes, but all well combined.

The leather is quite dark, and a bit like an old leather coat, with hardly any gasoline not present - this is much less bold, raw and gutsy than Knize Ten; it is deeper and darker than Cuiron and also than the Cuir of the Nombre d'Or series.

A green, slightly herbal and slightly floral transition leads to the second phase, which sees a fairly dark vanilla together with a Taueresque sweetly-spicy incense impression; a synthetic sandal wood together with the spice keep the sweetness in check; this composition is never overly sweet, sickly or cloying; the balance is quite impressive.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a great eleven hours of longevity.

The wintery fragrance displays many of the features characteristics for many of Tauer's products. Very pleasant and blended very well, overall very nice. 3.25/5.
01st May, 2016
Another odd, artistic creation from Tauer, Lonestar Memories certainly conjures the notion of leather, but is certainly not a leather-dominant fragrance on my skin, with leather being the key note among others: myrrh gives it an incense vibe, tonka gives it a nutty sweetness, and vetiver gives it an earthiness.

I get far more leather in the opening than in the dry down, which is greener and more tonka-laden. Still, the leather/myrhh combination resonates hours into the lifespan of the fragrance, and it is perhaps this particularly sharp combination that I regard as a bit off-putting. Not even the tonka is enough to sweeten it to the point I like the blend. I imagine many enjoy this blend, though, as it strikes me not as bad, but simply slightly different from something I would enjoy, perhaps in need of a few tweaks for me, but downright perfect for someone else.

Performance is good, with a very strong opening and initial hour, and decent longevity for an EDT.

6 out of 10
12th April, 2016
For the record, I adored Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain and would have bought a bottle in a heart beat, but I drew the line at the cost. Only for Chanel and Guerlain would I spend that kind of money.

Lonestar Memories is the second Tauer I have experienced. It begins for me with a very sweet leather accord, followed by a bitter rotting carcase smell, quickly followed by burnt caramel. It rounds itself out in the first five minutes to smoky birch tar with a sweetish under scent. If you ever made your own sausages, the combo of "Liquid Smoke" and commercial barbecue sauce would approximate it.

There are vintage chypres which have evaporated to a dark, thick, black syrup residue that remind me of Lonestar Memories. While I admire the composition, I would not want to wear it.
13th February, 2016
When I first tried this, my wife said "That stinks, get away from me!". After the burnt rubber subsided a bit, she reckoned "It smells like Morocco, like a Moroccan souk. But it still stinks." (she knows nothing about Tauer). Personally I quite like Lonestar Memories despite the admittedly tough opening (which reminds me of the day my washing machine broke down in a cloud of smoke).
11th February, 2016 (last edited: 15th February, 2016)
Lonestar Memories features an almost overpowering smoky leather note at the beginning, like a leather jacket tossed onto a campfire. Its black, rubbery thrust might seem too monolithic were it not for the minty geranium leaf and an orangey myrrh shooting though it, letting down the density of the smoke to an acceptable level. The opening is thrilling and evocative, but there’s no beating around the bush here - it’s wild enough to scare the horses.

But Lonestar Memories isn’t a perfume built purely on the shock value of its topnotes. The smoke note here is rich, full, and rubbed with sage, so despite the general industrial bent to the leather note (tar, creosote, tarpaulins, motor engine oil), there is a refreshing whiff of the great outdoors too. It’s a macho, dry perfume built on a HUMONGOUS scale, as broad in scope as a prairie. A fragrance for dreamers and wanderers.

For me, Lonestar Memories only really hits its stride when it enters the dry down. The smoke note settles, and becomes just one more layer in the rich leather, a tiny prickle of birch tar there to remind us that this is no ladies’ glove type of leather. There is real beauty in the quality of the myrrh here. It is soapy, antiseptic and slightly bitter in that black, oily way that myrrh oil is, so one gets the pleasant impression of having washed one’s hands with coal tar soap. If you are someone like me who grew up with that soap, then this stage will be a real rush to the head. It also has a licorice-like facet to it.

Teamed with the smoky but now smooth leather, and a gummy floral note (jasmine?), the myrrh provides a shot of almost bitter soapiness that reads as very necessary against the white, creamy amber in the background. The opening is riveting, but the delicious, long dry down is what keeps me coming back for more.

Would I buy a bottle? Probably not. Not because I don’t think it is beautiful or striking, because I do, but because it is such a strongly “environmental” fragrance, by which I mean that it conjures up an entire slice of Americana – a prairie, a dust bowl, a tire shop with oily mechanics – and so I feel it doesn’t really fit in with the type of life I lead.

But I treasure my sample of it. Now, rather than wearing it on my skin, I prefer to soak a blotter in Lonestar Memories and place it into my jeans pocket or underneath the desk lamp in my office so that I can enjoy its rich, smoky, cowboy-chaps scent all day long without the commitment of skin time. Perfect.
08th February, 2016
Well I'll be hornswoggled, if this ain't a smell to rustle up some memories in an old timer like me. Reminds me of 'West', that cowboy scent of the 1970's, close partner to Brut if I remember right. Now that one was like baked beans cookin' over a campfire out on the prairie, a real American smell. But they tell me this un's made by some son of a gun in Switzerland, or some such place. Well I'll be.
09th November, 2015
Here is fine example of Andy Tauer's work. It's structure follows Classic lines of some of best of my generation's Masculine scents and with such precision that it is breathtaking.
It opens like a blast of Napalm, blinding heat, excruciating noise and thrust of a Jet engine through the Nostrils. My first sampling had my mind shoot back to hallucinations of Morphine Withdrawal. I just had to Stop, Shower and walk away.
It took a couple months to approach it again. This time with a little more knowledge and a little more determination to work through the hell storm. I was able to work my way through this time and begin to witness some of the awaiting Beauty in the distance. About ten minutes in I'm exhausted and have to turn back once again.
Third time lucky I guess,I broke through the Sadistic barrier to reach the tingle of satisfactory Masochistic.
Kind of like moving from Jalepeno to Habanero and beyond.
Since then I have found some satisfactory mimic alternatives to play with.
All in all a Masterpiece that I respect, however not something to Love or would choose to wear.
This is my totally, Subjective View. Re if you like.
29th August, 2015 (last edited: 10th January, 2017)
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I love it when I don't really like a perfume at first try but keep having to sniff my arm just to make sure I don't like it and then on a second or even third try I get it! Lonestar Memory is like that for me....I found it too strong and strange at first but now I absolutely love it!! And I'm a girl! It reminds me of an old fashioned apothecary with a first hit of strong Benzoin that wonderful aid for bad chests that we inhaled as children over a steaming bowl of water. Benzoin is one of the nicest essential oils but its difficult to get a good one (I'm also an aromatherapist) and this is stunning. I didn't get burning rubber or diesel - but I did get that Benzoin quickly followed by a sweetness redolent of the old perfume shops of my childhood. Its gorgeous!! And it lasts for ages and its interesting and you think its over and then you get another whiff. I think this one again depends on your skin type - more so than modern generic perfumes - and if it likes you then you grow to love it!! FB worthy for me.
20th May, 2015 (last edited: 10th May, 2016)
Another Tauer creation to try. Tauer seems highly regarded in the fragrance community, but I'm not really sure what it is that people really like. I get the imagination of his works. I like that. Here's the concept for this one: "The scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire".

But Tauer's creations seem to have this gross pink bubblegum / candy floss note. Is that part of the fixitives or base ingredients he uses? That note that both sweetens and ruins it in. Same with desert morocaine. What exactly is that 'house note' ?

I detect the leather, a little bit of spice, the sweetness of the bubblegum, and of course the tire smell. This one does remind me of a broken in saddle. Sort of. I actually think user TallulahRose got it right - this actually smells just like Canadian Tire, the store. So this is more like "the scent of a lonesome rider, heading into Canadian Tire after a long day working on his car to cash in his Canadian Tire money on an air freshener."

This stuff is also very tenacious, and seems to get sweeter and sweeter as the day goes on. After 4 hours now, I think it's time to scrub. Sorry Andy, another miss in my opinion!
23rd February, 2015
A powerful leather/rubber scent. It projects well on me and is long lasting. I don't know if it is my skin - but I get more rubber than leather notes. The same actually happens with Knize Ten (while Knize Ten Golden is leather on my skin). What can I say - this fragrance evokes petrol-rubber-leather, and one can imagine perhaps being part of a SM session.. It is an interesting fragrance, though only for special occasions.
13th December, 2014
I love this and it just lasts forever. Redolent of burning rubber it's not for every occasion. Certainly stands out from the run of the mill perfumes.
11th July, 2014
Excellent. Definitely a brother/sister to LADDM. To my nose a cross between LADDM and Jeke. Wore it for the first time yesterday and kept smelling my wrist all day. Probably not for everyone, especially those who most admire the popular, mass-produced "safe" fragrances. If you want to smell great while standing out from the crowd, this may be for you. Since not everyone will like it, get a sample first.
19th June, 2014
Genre: Leather

Anybody remember Slim Jims? The slender, rather greasy sausage sticks were a favorite snack of mine, with a distinctive smell derived, no doubt, from a heavy dose of artificial "smoke" flavoring. Rub yourself down with a Slim Jim, and you've got Lonestar Memories.

The stuff goes on in a potent burst of barbecue smoke and dry leather. Both notes persist all the way through the development, to be joined by some candied amber in the Serge Lutens style, and then perhaps a bit of cedar and some black pepper. I can see Lonestar Memories as a room spray for the kitchen when you want to feel as if you've just had a barbecue, but I'm not tempted to wear it. Besides, Slim Jims (if they're still made,) are cheaper.
19th June, 2014
Beautiful, complex and quite unique scent. It changes and shows you different facets according to the strenght you inspire it with; you smell the somber smoke-leather accord, but if you smell more carefully and invigoratingly, here you notice a fresh floral/earthy flash (the geranium). Signature Tauerade base and a load of spices. One of the "deepest" scents I have ever tried, and I mean physically deep - a genius structure which runs on two axes, the horizontal progression *and* the vertical depth. Really brilliant, and still quite safe and wearable. Massive projection and persistency as many other Tauer's.

19th February, 2014 (last edited: 16th April, 2014)
Another masterpiece created by the master!
At the opening I can smell a heavy dose of myrrh followed by leather and amber.
The myrrh note is dirty and kind of oily and there is some leather here to give it more dark and masculine feeling.
The semi sweet and creamy amber reminded me of another masterpiece which is "02 LADDM" and I can definitely see his/her foot prints here too!
While the opening is more masculine than feminine, in the mid, things changed even more into masculine side! in the mid the leather note became much stronger and with his powerful entrance, pushed sweet amber in the background at the same time.
The mid is a dark, bitter dry leather scent with much smoother myrrh and some dirty smoky vetiver in the background.
There is a little bit of spicy peppery scent too and I can feel it, but it's in the background.
Where is amber?!
Hey, what are you doing back there and in the corner? but it's OK, stay there for a while. it's not your turn yet!
In the base while leather, myrrh and vetiver notes are much softer and they are kind of whispering, the amber dare to take the lead.
The base is a semi sweet amber smell with all other notes completely in the background.
Projection is good and longevity is around 8-10 hours on my skin.
16th February, 2014
Interesting, warm and simple

I want to like this cologne more, it has a warmth and inviting quality that is intriguing with a subtle powder aspect beneath the sweet earthiness and new tire smell. With vague hints of what smells like motor oil and black pepper, amber, vanilla, myrrh, licorice or anise, leather, cinnamon, something phenolic (wintergreen?) or nutmeg underneath - There is definitely a spice in there because my skin feels warm where I first apply it, the warmth wears off after a few minutes. I personally think that in the end it all amounts to a strong sweet and earthy sarsaparilla smell... I catch myself smelling my wrist trying to figure out what is in there besides root beer. I detect something mildly floral but can't quite put my finger on it. By the end of the day "root beer" and "tires" all that is left and so I'm bored with it.

Pros: Decidedly masculine, simple and warm
Cons: Too simple - not very complex"

25th July, 2013
The geranium at the opening lasts really a matter of seconds, after which this fragrance settles in a leather accord that I find surprisingly pleasant, not being a fan of leather myself. I couldnt help but think of Fahrenheit when I first tried Lonestar Memories. And what I like about this Tauer fragrance is precisely the core of this scent, dominated by the smoky element of the leather accord. Towards the end however, this smokiness fades or rather mellows into a much sweeter leather, almost milky (thankfully not oily though) in its quality.

All considered, a pretty interesting fragrance, not to be discarded.
30th April, 2013
Sweet, smokey opening, a little spicy (spicy carrot seed, I guess? I don’t know what that smells like). There is an impression of amber, which shortly warms to a presence. Jasmine creeps in, but it is the brighter aspect of the flower, not a heady-night-blooming-carried-on-the-breeze sort of thing. Tauer’s description (as seen on Lucky Scent) says that he wanted this to be fresh and light. And it is. Strangely so. As it develops, freshly-burned mesquite charcoal chips are suggested, but only briefly. They are oddly juxtaposed with otherwise “bright” impressions, evoking mise-en-scene that is neither out under the stars, or (thank goodness) a week-end barbeque. It is elsewhere. But wherever it is, there is a mug of sarsaparilla nearby, and it stays put throughout.

I felt like I was waiting a long time for dry-down, but realized it had already happened a while back, only it was not at all as expected. On me, this stays rather bright (in the sense of violets, although there are none). It is something I am feeling just as much as smelling for hours, which brings on fatigue, olfactory and otherwise. Where is the smoke? Where is the leather? I seem to be in the minority here, as most people seem to get these notes, which I wanted, in spades. In the end, what I have is a rather bright, slightly spicy, and kind of floral amber. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not what I was after. Perhaps this scent simply does not work with my chemistry.

On me, none of the potentially unpleasant aspects are present: no bacon or jerky (or any other form of meat), no oil, no baked asphalt. At the same time, neither present (beyond mere suggestion) are some of the more hoped for elements: namely smoke and leather.
11th March, 2013
Remember the old Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies? In almost every movie there is a funny but also slightly disgusting "eating-scene". Especially when they eat a whole pan of beans and bacon, it turns my stomach upside down! With "Lonestar Memories" you get the olfactory equivalent of such scene. Disgusting bacon-like smoke with an even more disgusting sweetness that could easily come from the beans. I like most of the Tauer-perfumes and I think Andy is a really nice guy, but "Lonestar memories" is simply disgusting!
21st November, 2012
Tar, leather, and geranium. Dissonant concoction.
30th October, 2012
After a date with my girl, I get on my horse to come back home. It´s too late to make many miles and, at the middle of my path, the night falls on me. It´s too dangerous walking through the night so I decide spend the night near a big tree.

I gather some branches and light a fire with my lighter. While the wood begins to burn, I feel the burning. Suddenly, I notice that something in the back pocket of my jeans keeps me from being comfortable, I put my hand on it and pulled out a bouquet of flowers some dried and crushed. They were flowers that I was carrying for my girl, but I had forgotten to give them. By then, the fire burned completely.

I got as comfortable as I could to rest while the aroma of burning wood, my smoked leather boots and the bouquet of flowers accompanied my thoughts about my girl and how she makes me feel like a star. We should not have spent that night alone, neither she nor I. At that time, just before closing my eyes, only I had her memory; only were the Lonestar Memories.
14th October, 2012
Sweet peppermint Knize Ten
12th October, 2012
On a blotter this opens a wide starlit sky, the rush of woodsmoke, a certain weary night mystery. I couldn’t wait to wear it. After a beautiful tarry beginning with much smoke and leather in evidence, in summertime this more or less expired to a whiff of latex on my skin, with occasional glints of something or other that might tease the scent receptors. In cooler weather it settles to a luxurious but fairly quiet, smooth, new-from-the-shop leather. I was so willing to fall in love with this one, but it isn’t the grail of smoky perfs that I was hoping it might be.
10th October, 2012
Somewhere between Vincent Roubert's Knize Ten and Laurie Erickson's Fireside Intense, Lonestar Memories is set upon a vaguely incandescent citric/myrrhish/vetiver backdrop. While just as bold (and a good deal more complex), I find the Tauer composition more appealing than either. Farther down the smoldering leathery burnt tar trail a dollop of sugared coumarin emerges with a subtile floral accent (the jasmine I presume) wisping about, softening the whole experience. An extremely interesting peice of work, this is definitley a ride I'd enjoy taking on a regular basis.
21st July, 2012