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Negative Reviews of Lonestar Memories by Tauer

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Another Tauer creation to try. Tauer seems highly regarded in the fragrance community, but I'm not really sure what it is that people really like. I get the imagination of his works. I like that. Here's the concept for this one: "The scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire".

But Tauer's creations seem to have this gross pink bubblegum / candy floss note. Is that part of the fixitives or base ingredients he uses? That note that both sweetens and ruins it in. Same with desert morocaine. What exactly is that 'house note' ?

I detect the leather, a little bit of spice, the sweetness of the bubblegum, and of course the tire smell. This one does remind me of a broken in saddle. Sort of. I actually think user TallulahRose got it right - this actually smells just like Canadian Tire, the store. So this is more like "the scent of a lonesome rider, heading into Canadian Tire after a long day working on his car to cash in his Canadian Tire money on an air freshener."

This stuff is also very tenacious, and seems to get sweeter and sweeter as the day goes on. After 4 hours now, I think it's time to scrub. Sorry Andy, another miss in my opinion!
23rd February, 2015
Remember the old Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies? In almost every movie there is a funny but also slightly disgusting "eating-scene". Especially when they eat a whole pan of beans and bacon, it turns my stomach upside down! With "Lonestar Memories" you get the olfactory equivalent of such scene. Disgusting bacon-like smoke with an even more disgusting sweetness that could easily come from the beans. I like most of the Tauer-perfumes and I think Andy is a really nice guy, but "Lonestar memories" is simply disgusting!
21st November, 2012
Tar, leather, and geranium. Dissonant concoction.
30th October, 2012
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Big let down. Seems to be part of the CdG industrial range. Tar, rubber and smoke dominate. Not my cup of tea
28th February, 2012
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
Tar and industrial notes, a cousin of Bvlgari Black, but I prefer the latter. A better name for this might be L'Aire du Desert Oilfield. I respect the attempt, and it's definitely something different, but I don't want to smell like this.
01st July, 2011
Lonestar Memories tries to do leather in that tire rubber/gasoline way reminiscent of Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella and Eau de Fier by Annick Goutal, but unfortunately fails, and smells awful.
08th January, 2011
To me, this represents how people should not smell: dense smokiness coupled with the tarry smell of hot asphalt. I don’t think food when I smell Lonestar Memories; I think creosote. I don’t want to smell like this and I don’t want to smell anyone wearing it.
28th March, 2010
I was hit by an instant memory after just one whiff. Rubber Halloween mask. It was of a creepy old man with warts and missing teeth. This fragrance recreates the scent of an rubber Halloween mask. Um, OK? Certainly doesn't bring to mind any of my hikes through the American midwest. I didn't come across any rubber masks then.
27th November, 2009
For those of you unable to afford this very exclusive niche offering, I have made a fabulous discovery:

You can make your own 'Lonestar Memories' at home! Mix equal parts iodine, baby oil, and "Liquid Smoke"...and VOILA!!

Please, though, no one let Mr. Tauer know I have revealed its composition. I don't need any legal troubles.
02nd November, 2009
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Czech Republic
My opinion on Lonestar Memories is similar to that about Creed's Acier Aluminium; although the basenotes after drydown are very pleasant, I just don't want to wait through those 2 hours of unbreathable smell.. (but that was just the first try)
18th August, 2009
This is an odd industrial scent, and I find it quite unpleasant. There is an initial note something like burnt coffee and sticky chocolate, mixed with warm rubber. This develops into a more piercing note, something like the acetone of an over-ripe banana. Maybe if I really use my imagination I can smell a worn leather jacket here… maybe. This gets sweeter and heavier, and after half an hour I couldn’t wait to wash it off. Don’t know what sort of cowboy this is… unconventional, I guess. More at home in a garage or laboratory than in the wide-open spaces.
17th February, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Tauer Lonestar Memories

On first spray, I smell burning rubber and smoke--a lot of smoke, like the simultaneous sweet and acrid smoke of burning tires combined with wood fire smoke. The early stage of the fragrance also has a sugary vanilla quality--it could be some amber lurking in the mid or base notes. There is some leather present, and it seems like new leather made in industrial production rather than the hand-tanned leather I would expect from something called Lonestar Memories. In the mid notes, the sweet vanilla quality I smelled in the beginning becomes stronger while the smoke and leather remain. The effect is sweet latex rubber mixed with a mentholated note such as wintergreen or sweet birch. This accord is a bit sickening, and it reminds me too much of household cleaning products. LM is definitely a fragrance that smells different from further away than it does up close. With some more distant whiffs, I actually like its sweet spearmint chewing gum effect, despite a growing headache which this fragrance has induced. Mostly, I can't understand the appeal of LM. In fact, the fragrance on the whole is very chemical smelling and heavy-handed. Furthermore, it does not evoke western-style leather for me at all--it smells like factory-assembled leather athletic shoes with rubber soles, toxic glue, and a wad of chewing gum stuck to the bottom.
01st February, 2009
I'm not sure masculine is how I would describe the porterhouse steak and turpentine accords. As it evolves the meat-factory smell hasn't disappeared before the tyre burn-out note comes to the fore.
When I do smell like this it is usually because I've slaved away cooking charcoal steaks for the family. I don't have any desire to capture that smell in a bottle, even though my son and I are rather fond of char-grilled porterhouse cooked medium-rare to perfection.
In closing I would humbly suggest a rename for this product: "Porterhouse pour Homme"
28th January, 2009
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I nearly shrieked in repulse to this ...this is probably the most repulsive composition from the Mr Tauer...

take a peice of steak and nail it to your car tyre and do some donuts on a tarmac road...till smoke comes out from the wheels...get out of the car and smell the tarmac...probably you would smell remains of charred meat and burnt rubber...thats what Lonestar memories smells like...

the worse part is the longevity...freaking thing lasts till the cows come home...and sillage is freaking impressive though...i was asked if I had been to a nascar rally...

09th November, 2008
Sweet, smokey. The birch tar smells dry and rubbery. More of an environmental scent, but people shouldn't smell like this, the outdoors should.

08th July, 2008

If you want an idea of what this smells like imagine mesquite wood chips being smoked, a damp horse blanket that has been sitting in the barn for a few months, a cheap pine air freshener, and a touch of cheap leather all being right under your nose. Now imagine you are sniffing these items together with a mouth full of trail dust and you have the experience that is Lonestar Memories.

Being from Texas I thought this could be a great signature scent and I really wanted to like it, but there is no way I can wear this, it flat out stinks.
07th April, 2007