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Neutral Reviews of Lonestar Memories by Tauer

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Goes on like a son of a bitch!! I mean really heavy handed. I'm sure I won't like it but the dry down?? Well....It gets much better. The problem with this one is that it is just too strong and too overwhelming. That makes it unwearable for me. It will just dominate a room. Really get up peoples noses and can come across as obnoxious and boarder line rude. The bottom line is that I view this as a very well constructed fragrance but just too potent for me.
17th May, 2018 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)
Ridden hard, dusty, trail weathered leather with a large dose of clary sage, cinnamon and cistus. Lonestar Memories is the predecessor to Lonesome Rider. I recently sampled LR and found it easy wearing and smooth, LM is hard and weathered by comparison. It's a very interesting, well executed concept that Andy Tauer deftly employs in both scents and they both are equally derivative of the other. For me LM is just not anything I could wear often and I much prefer LR over it. Powerhouse sillage and longevity. I'll give it a neutral, probably deserving of better.
27th November, 2017
Another odd, artistic creation from Tauer, Lonestar Memories certainly conjures the notion of leather, but is certainly not a leather-dominant fragrance on my skin, with leather being the key note among others: myrrh gives it an incense vibe, tonka gives it a nutty sweetness, and vetiver gives it an earthiness.

I get far more leather in the opening than in the dry down, which is greener and more tonka-laden. Still, the leather/myrhh combination resonates hours into the lifespan of the fragrance, and it is perhaps this particularly sharp combination that I regard as a bit off-putting. Not even the tonka is enough to sweeten it to the point I like the blend. I imagine many enjoy this blend, though, as it strikes me not as bad, but simply slightly different from something I would enjoy, perhaps in need of a few tweaks for me, but downright perfect for someone else.

Performance is good, with a very strong opening and initial hour, and decent longevity for an EDT.

6 out of 10
12th April, 2016
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For the record, I adored Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain and would have bought a bottle in a heart beat, but I drew the line at the cost. Only for Chanel and Guerlain would I spend that kind of money.

Lonestar Memories is the second Tauer I have experienced. It begins for me with a very sweet leather accord, followed by a bitter rotting carcase smell, quickly followed by burnt caramel. It rounds itself out in the first five minutes to smoky birch tar with a sweetish under scent. If you ever made your own sausages, the combo of "Liquid Smoke" and commercial barbecue sauce would approximate it.

There are vintage chypres which have evaporated to a dark, thick, black syrup residue that remind me of Lonestar Memories. While I admire the composition, I would not want to wear it.
13th February, 2016
A powerful leather/rubber scent. It projects well on me and is long lasting. I don't know if it is my skin - but I get more rubber than leather notes. The same actually happens with Knize Ten (while Knize Ten Golden is leather on my skin). What can I say - this fragrance evokes petrol-rubber-leather, and one can imagine perhaps being part of a SM session.. It is an interesting fragrance, though only for special occasions.
13th December, 2014
Genre: Leather

Anybody remember Slim Jims? The slender, rather greasy sausage sticks were a favorite snack of mine, with a distinctive smell derived, no doubt, from a heavy dose of artificial "smoke" flavoring. Rub yourself down with a Slim Jim, and you've got Lonestar Memories.

The stuff goes on in a potent burst of barbecue smoke and dry leather. Both notes persist all the way through the development, to be joined by some candied amber in the Serge Lutens style, and then perhaps a bit of cedar and some black pepper. I can see Lonestar Memories as a room spray for the kitchen when you want to feel as if you've just had a barbecue, but I'm not tempted to wear it. Besides, Slim Jims (if they're still made,) are cheaper.
19th June, 2014
Interesting, warm and simple

I want to like this cologne more, it has a warmth and inviting quality that is intriguing with a subtle powder aspect beneath the sweet earthiness and new tire smell. With vague hints of what smells like motor oil and black pepper, amber, vanilla, myrrh, licorice or anise, leather, cinnamon, something phenolic (wintergreen?) or nutmeg underneath - There is definitely a spice in there because my skin feels warm where I first apply it, the warmth wears off after a few minutes. I personally think that in the end it all amounts to a strong sweet and earthy sarsaparilla smell... I catch myself smelling my wrist trying to figure out what is in there besides root beer. I detect something mildly floral but can't quite put my finger on it. By the end of the day "root beer" and "tires" all that is left and so I'm bored with it.

Pros: Decidedly masculine, simple and warm
Cons: Too simple - not very complex"

25th July, 2013
The geranium at the opening lasts really a matter of seconds, after which this fragrance settles in a leather accord that I find surprisingly pleasant, not being a fan of leather myself. I couldnt help but think of Fahrenheit when I first tried Lonestar Memories. And what I like about this Tauer fragrance is precisely the core of this scent, dominated by the smoky element of the leather accord. Towards the end however, this smokiness fades or rather mellows into a much sweeter leather, almost milky (thankfully not oily though) in its quality.

All considered, a pretty interesting fragrance, not to be discarded.
30th April, 2013
Sweet, smokey opening, a little spicy (spicy carrot seed, I guess? I don’t know what that smells like). There is an impression of amber, which shortly warms to a presence. Jasmine creeps in, but it is the brighter aspect of the flower, not a heady-night-blooming-carried-on-the-breeze sort of thing. Tauer’s description (as seen on Lucky Scent) says that he wanted this to be fresh and light. And it is. Strangely so. As it develops, freshly-burned mesquite charcoal chips are suggested, but only briefly. They are oddly juxtaposed with otherwise “bright” impressions, evoking mise-en-scene that is neither out under the stars, or (thank goodness) a week-end barbeque. It is elsewhere. But wherever it is, there is a mug of sarsaparilla nearby, and it stays put throughout.

I felt like I was waiting a long time for dry-down, but realized it had already happened a while back, only it was not at all as expected. On me, this stays rather bright (in the sense of violets, although there are none). It is something I am feeling just as much as smelling for hours, which brings on fatigue, olfactory and otherwise. Where is the smoke? Where is the leather? I seem to be in the minority here, as most people seem to get these notes, which I wanted, in spades. In the end, what I have is a rather bright, slightly spicy, and kind of floral amber. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not what I was after. Perhaps this scent simply does not work with my chemistry.

On me, none of the potentially unpleasant aspects are present: no bacon or jerky (or any other form of meat), no oil, no baked asphalt. At the same time, neither present (beyond mere suggestion) are some of the more hoped for elements: namely smoke and leather.
11th March, 2013
Sweet peppermint Knize Ten
12th October, 2012
On a blotter this opens a wide starlit sky, the rush of woodsmoke, a certain weary night mystery. I couldn’t wait to wear it. After a beautiful tarry beginning with much smoke and leather in evidence, in summertime this more or less expired to a whiff of latex on my skin, with occasional glints of something or other that might tease the scent receptors. In cooler weather it settles to a luxurious but fairly quiet, smooth, new-from-the-shop leather. I was so willing to fall in love with this one, but it isn’t the grail of smoky perfs that I was hoping it might be.
10th October, 2012
starts like leather-smoke then gone to floral-smoke and then ambery-smoke. It smell like a fireplace, wood burn. Better in the drydown for me.
24th March, 2011 (last edited: 29th March, 2011)
Tortola Show all reviews
United Kingdom
For me, Lonestar Memories conjures up a biker rather than a cowboy. It brings to mind motorcycle grease, a lived-in biker jacket and a whiff of petrol fumes. It's quite "dry" and not in the least flowery or sweet, with good longevity. I love smoky scents and was eager to try this one but it's just a bit too macho for me. I think the more feminine leathers are more my style (such as Cuir de Lancome and Cuir de Russie). It's very well done though and I'd love to smell it on a guy, so giving it a neutral.
06th January, 2010
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United States
It's really not bad. I just wouldn't purchase this. It smells to me like a root beer float bought from a back roads gasoline station. More sweet than I anticipated, and while that's not bad, it's not what I was looking for. Original for sure; I haven't smelled anything quite like it. This could be great for some people.
20th June, 2009
Canadian Tire.

This fragrance floored me -- it smells exactly like a Canadian Tire store.

Every Canadian will understand what I mean -- the rubber tires, pinesol, dangling balsam car deodorant "trees" and chewing gum by the checkout. The smell of brand new sports equipment, tools, lawnmowers and bicycles.

For a Canadian, especially one living far from home like myself, there is a strange comfort and reassurance in being able to smell a Canadian Tire store.

After half an hour, the fragrance shifts to something drier, smokier, more wearable and sexy.

Would be an interesting experiment to test this with Canadians you know...
17th March, 2009

For me with my sporadic dislike of leather, Lonestar Memories travels the thin line between acceptable and not acceptable. I don’t find it repulsive, but I can’t warm up to the leather accord that dominates the scent. When I saw the pyramid, I was looking forward to the geranium, carrot seed, and sage—I have loved all of the accords like this that I’ve encountered before. But the opening gave me birch tar and cistus. Instead of getting jasmine and cedar in the heart notes, I get birch tar and cistus. For the dry down I don’t get myrrh, tonka, vetiver, or sandalwood…I get…well, I don’t need to say it again. The leather in Lonestar Memories is not nearly as objectionable as leathers I’ve experienced in some other fragrances, but I still don’t find it inviting.

16th March, 2009
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United States
Upon the initial blast I get a strong camphorous note along with the smokey tar mentioned by others. After about a minute I get a stong smell of tobacco. Not the pleasant tobacco that so many of us love. I mean tobacco in the form of a freshly extinguished cigarette. I used to smoke and the smell I'm trying to describre reminds me of an ashtray with a few "butts" in it. This persists for about 5-8 minutes and then the leather has arrived with both revolvers drawn. I'm only about 30 minutes in and all I'm getting is leather. I reviewed the notes listed by LiveJazz but, like Foetidus, I can't really relate to them. I only really get the leather, which even isn't listed. It isn't bad once you get passed that initial blast. I've definitely smelled better leather scents but this one isn't the worst either. It's masculine for sure and does the trick when you want something a little rugged or are just tired of wearing something "clean".
27th February, 2009 (last edited: 13th August, 2009)
Smokey, florals with a bit of a meat-factory weirdness to it. Very strange.
06th September, 2008
Opening note is all tannins and tar with a hint of chemical spill at the asphalt site. The drydown softens to a harsh dry leather. These Lonestar Memories are not best of memories in my opinion.
Edit: I tried this fragrance a few years later and found that the harshness has been modulated and the tar notes reduced and it is more wearable now so I change my review from thumbs down to neutral. Neutral because I still can't wear this thing, but I do like to smell it.
19th February, 2007 (last edited: 01st March, 2014)
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United States
I really wanted to love this scent but something in it lingers much too long on me. The sweet and sharp parts of this scent pierced for hours on me. I normally love birch. leather and smoke scents but something gets in the way of this one. It reminds me of an auto repair facility with all the chemical and petrol scents. Perhaps this scent is meant as a former cowboy who is now working as an auto mechanic? The scent also reminds me of my father's workshop, full of dusty electronic parts and soldering tools.

I admire the uniqueness of this scent and I think it would work on some people, but it is not for me. It is like a piece of art meant to provoke rather than soothe.
17th February, 2007
Lonestar is heavy, thick, dark, and greasy. I had really hoped for images of a dusty western US landscape, with tumbleweeds rolling past, cowboy boots, horse saddles, maybe even horses, but instead I get the image of working on a tractor in an old barn, wearing greasy, dirty, leather gloves in the darkness and the dead of winter. I've spent more than a few winter evenings repairing machinery, so this image is very real for me, and not an altogether pleasant image. Those who have never spent a night hungry and cold, working on machinery that tears open your frigid, stiff, and dry skin might want to romanticize such imagery, but for me, it's not all that pleasant. I have a hard time getting past this notion when I smell Lonestar.

Being more objective for a moment, Lonestar very much reminds me of Tauer's first men's scent, Desert Marocain, only here the tar and dirt elements have been amped up. There is still that smoky woodiness that to my mind defines Tauer's first three scents. Lonestar dries down to a scent very similar to Marocain. In fact, Desert Marocain does a better job of bringing to my mind the western US imagery I had hoped for with Lonestar.

I don't want to give the impression that this is in any way a "poor" scent. I like it for what it is, and I can see how, for many, this would bring to mind the desired imagery. It just takes me somewhere else entirely.
24th December, 2006
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
A really evocative one. I get more campfire than leather, and there's also woods and maybe some fields, and lots of other little things that keep coming and going. My only problem with this one is that on the drydown it loses most of its interesting original notes and becomes just another of those nice inoffensive sweetish niche scents, in the vein of L'Artisan or Miller Harris.
22nd October, 2006