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what can I say about this complex delicious .lavender cinnamon incense of the most changing scents.9/10
02nd February, 2018
I thought I'd never smelled Viktor & Rolf Antidote but upon obtaining a decant of an older batch just recently, I've remembered that this is something I do recall from a decade ago, and it's phenomenal, mysterious, and signature scent worthy. Perhaps some nostalgia, even from a decade ago, makes me want to keep smelling it over and over again, but it's likely the combination of notes that hits a few areas just right.

The note listing is immense, so I'd mainly hone in a few accords: the freshness of the lavender, soft woodiness of the cedar, and sharpness of the mint that adds a little bit of an edge to an otherwise smooth and unassuming mixture. I

Antidote is classic, vaguely in the barbershop fougere sort of way, a little closer to Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT than some of the other kin, but still in separate territory, a composition somehow unlike those yet reminiscent of the same type of gentleman that might wear it.

Performance is quite stellar for an EDT, with quite strong projection and longevity.

Really a superb blend, an instant favorite and one that I hope to acquire.

9 out of 10
31st March, 2017
So many notes, but what stands out to me is the mint and cedar in the opening and then incense later. I can smell the florals under those. The whole thing smells like a mixed drink but I can't place which one.

Very light and airy with performance to match. This skin scent does last, sprayed it in the morning and it was still there when I got home and changed shirts.
15th March, 2017
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delicate and pervasive, nothing groundbreaking, light as the breeze!
02nd March, 2017
I really really wanted to like this and tried really hard to convince myself this should get a thumbs up but I just can't do it. Neutral is a fair rating for this considering the scent tree this should be an epic monster of a scent. Of course it's a long lasting skin scent... If you have that many notes in your fragrance and for the price it should be way more than this. As far as the smell it is pleasant with some citrus and spice with a decent woody vanilla dry down...
08th June, 2016

This is another Great fragrance in my Collection but unfortunately some times it was gives me headache however My friends tell me,when we smelled your cologne we feel in love with it.

I found ANTIDOTE V&R combination ROMANTIC and SEDUCTIVE.a bold fragrance not the meek and definitely not for the faint of heart.Elegant and is actually a quite complex.Woody and Spicy.

The base notes was very appealing for me.ANTIDOTE makes a drowsy winter night feel phenomenal!Perfect for special nights out on the town.well balance between Young/old but not old man.

LONGEVITY? one of the best part this cologne as it was EXCELLENT on my skin.

15th April, 2015
Well I thought I'd give it a try in giving my thoughts about this rich powerful perfume called antidote . I bought it in the first place because I was looking for a replacement for my all time favorite Envy by Gucci.(oh yeah)
There is a topic on basenotes called: what is a good replacement for envy by Gucci?
some people there mentioned Santal by Floris, so I'll gave it a try and bought the 120 dollar bottle right from the store in London, which was a great disappointment although nicely packaged in a gentleman's way. The problem with this perfume is its lack of projection, although the dry-down is exactly what I'm looking for. exactly like the divine Envy by Gucci.
It's the dry-down, stupid! .
So this was it, bye bye 120 dollar . Next.

The next one I tried was Vetyver by l'Occitane, this only set me down 40 bucks.
This scent is very gloomy, earthy, almost has a feeling to it like strolling in a French wood only dressed in a towel...
First it's smashing in your face, like a drill instructor invading your personal space, but i like it, it's very nice and it has a natural vibe. Right fresh, and down to earth. Then some guy recommend me to buy L'Homme by YSL, but it turned out invisible on my skin although it is a nice scent .

Then, finally came across this: Antidote by Viktor and Rolf.
I found my holy grail at last.
I keep sniffing my wrist like a hound dog keeps sniffing a dead rabbit wrapped in bacon. This perfume, it keeps on intriguing me.
Its fresh, it is sweet it is sexy ,it is full of mystery, it is never boring, like for example Bottled by Boss, and it comforts me through my days.
The ride on this one is fantastic just like Envy by Gucci had .
I think I may give my baby to you now, take care of her, and take my advice and get a bottle while you can, because soon there will no more juice of the gods,it will be discontinued...
04th April, 2015 (last edited: 11th November, 2017)
I don't get it.
I expected a really loud fragrance given all of the notes, but it does not project at all.
I've only worn this on the backs of my hands because I don't particularly care for the smell.

Antidote quickly becomes a skin-scent but does have longevity (as a skin-scent).
The notes I do smell burn my nose and make me wonder why this costs as much as it does. I have had the tester bottle at work and let the other males try it. No one has said they are interested in it. One person said it doesn't smell that bad. Not one asked where to get it (or where I got it).
18th February, 2015
I am a lover of this perfume, really love it and buy it at any opportunity given

For those saddened by its discontinuity there is a solution which works for me, its not exactly the same but it has its similarities which makes Antidote for me the perfect scent

Get yourself a bottle of Hugo Boss Bottled if your missing antidote and need to remember some of its old vibes
15th September, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental
Antidote’s top notes are a standard issue citrus/aromatic blend, cooler and sweeter than most, and happily free of the overused “fresh” ozonic or calone components, if still a bit chemical in their demeanor. Powdery lavender, discreet white flower notes, vanillic amber, and an array of sweet spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom, fill out Antidote’s central accord and establish a plush, spicy-sweet structure that hovers somewhere between a fougère and an oriental for a while. The amber and spices outlast the aromatics, so that after an hour’s wear, Antidote has settled firmly into the oriental style.

Antidote’s drydown is much less weighty, nuanced, or complex than the pyramid given above would lead me to expect. A middle-weight woody oriental is how I would describe it, with a somewhat sanitized, bland, generic character, especially for something that’s supposed to contain labdanum, moss, and leather. There is an appealing peppery quality to Antidote’s woody base notes, an effect I attribute to guaiac wood, but its accent is not sufficient to offset the overall flatness I perceive in the drydown. Antidote projects well enough to make itself known, but does not wear heavily. It also endures for several hours, a trait I would appreciate more if its drydown were less “utilitarian.” An adequate scent, but nothing to get my pulse up over.
09th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast of bergamot, citrus and minty freshness is very pleasant indeed, bit only a prelude to its further development. Cardamom leads to the emergence of a nutmeg note in the drydown, which combines with lavender and withe violet and lavender giving it a more floral character. After about five hours the base entails quite a change, with more wood - cedar and sandal - and a spicy note that owes its existence to a musk-patchouli combination. Towards the end I get cistus and tonka, the latter just enough to add a mild and pleasant sweetness that never clamours to be in the foreground. On my skin there is no harshness, just touches of freshness and then well-blended smoothness and warmth. The odd synthetic whiff passes by, but it never turns generic or boring. Well made, interesting and, although not truly a sommer scent, otherwise very versatile. The first phase clearly is fresher, whilst the later phases are increasingly rounded, softer and comforting. Good silage and very good projection, with an excellent longevity of over eight hours on my skin. From the spicebombers another explosively good earlier creation.
20th March, 2014
Uptight, smug and stylishly classy

In the spirit of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree but more spicy and sharp, a different approach to the former mentioned. Not better, not inferior, just different. Intertwined with old, traditional and new, modern. I can't remember the last time a scent made such an emotional impact on me except for Gucci Envy for men and V&R Antidote. The moment I tried it I knew I had to have it, period! Bought the last bottle, 125 ml and it'll no longer be imported + I heard rumors about it being discontinued. Wreathed with negative and positive emotions that constantly change one after another. While wearing Antidote, at one moment I feel as if old, already lived through my life, would like more but can't, such is the way of things. All of a sudden this negative emotion is replaced with emotion of being full of life, career, good cars, fancy restaurants and beautiful women - life, life awaits, so many great things. That kind of impact this fragrance has on me. I barely walk - I'll run a marathon, this bags are heavy - I'll do 100 kg bench press, I can't even bow - I'll do a hundred push-ups.

This fragrance is playing with my emotions, mind, creates illusions then strips them down and makes you face reality just to create another illusion right after that. This fragrance is a potion, but ironically it's not the antidote, it's poison! Mesmerising poison and I need my dosage constantly! It's a terrible shame it's discontinued - if the rumor is true, that is. Albeit the fact it's summer and weather started to get hot and sultry, I enjoy wearing it, however projection and longevity suffer quite much. In reality, this is a more temperate, colder weather fragrance which will give it's most in autumn, winter and the early spring.

Conclusion - if you can find it and it does to you what it did to me - purchase it without a second thought!

Pros: classy, formal, spicy
Cons: sillage and longevity during warmer, humid days

16th June, 2013
Beautiful, but not for everyone

This is my favourite. I will always have a bottle of this as long as it's produced. I can only say that of one other scent, Chanel's Platinum Egoiste, a very different scent to this one.

Having said that, this is not for everyone and I would STRONGLY suggest not blind buying it.

A good batch won't project too much, will have a classy, surprisingly refreshing smell that will be hard to place. A bad batch will have an odd synthetic tang to it, or may smell a little too citrusy at times and very weak projection. I left what seemed to be a bad batch sit in the fridge for about six months and it seemed to fix after that.

I've always gotten compliments on this one!

Pros: Interesting and complex scent
Cons: Batches can differ slightly

01st June, 2013
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In the opening I get bergamot and mandarin with the mint perhaps tempering the two more than becoming a presence. I find myself wishing it played a greater role, but wouldn't find it wanting, had it not been listed. Half an hour in, I can make out all the middle notes, as long as I have the description in front of me. The geranium, while not overpowering is fairly easy to sense; interesting. The cinnamon bark and nutmeg emerge shortly after, out of which rises a rich, ambery mélange of woods. The woods continue to warm and develop, becoming more prominent in the drydown--which is really what this scent is all about. All this to say the fragrance triangle is pretty accurate! Whether or not it adds up to chaos depends on your taste. I find this to be complex, interesting, and appealing without being particularly exciting or unique. A 7ml bottle at 10 USD shipped is quite the deal as far as I am concerned. It should last me a long time, as I don’t imagine myself wearing every day. I will, however, enjoy it when I do. Downsides: I have to apply quite a bit to sense it properly, and the longevity leaves something to be desired, with the scent becoming rather close after about 3-4 hours. As for Antidote vs. Spicebomb, I prefer the latter, but they are apples and oranges, so I’ll leave it at that. Overall, thumb more raised than not.
22nd February, 2013
Classy, spicy, a very good combination. It is one of the best perfume in which mint is used.
15th January, 2013
Love this juice. Just name a note and you will smell it in this complex juice. Lasts forever!
14th December, 2012
I could not wait to try this other offering from V&R as spicebomb was outstainding and quickly became a favorite in my ever evolving collection. Now, I did wear it on a cool evening and the results were notable on a number levels. For one thing all the talk of cacaphony were put aside as a symphony of so many notes combined together to enrich the senses. There is an old world appeal to this fragrance. A nod to tradition while retaining a fresh contemporary feel. I have found Antidote next to impossible to acquire anywhere. What a shame as it would be one of the easiest buys this year. Now where there is darkness there is always light. In the case of Antidote the darkness is very definately in the very limited projection along with the poor longevity. If both were better, I would be hunting down full bottles of this scent to keep for years to come. But for now the 7ml minis will do fine. Victor give Rolf another pat on the back for me will ya.
08th December, 2012
Unfortunate for some of the reveiws of this fragracne...I simply fell in love with this stuff. I was very glad that I purchased a bottle. Comes off sweet, not a in girly kind of way but less stark. I notes hee blend with harmony..not seing the confusing as some suggested. Great stuff!
30th November, 2012
I love this very very short fragance. The smell is fantastic, but the longevity it's very short.
I use to take a pocket sample for reaplications
28th November, 2012
Complex and unique, Antidote beats some niche fragrances easily. I smell woods, florals and incense at the same time. It has a beautiful drydown and good lasting power. Sillage is average and projection medium. Definetely thumbs up!
29th October, 2012 (last edited: 04th January, 2013)
It smells rather confusing, chaotic. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like it tries to do too many things, and can't find a genre in which to go to. It's closer to the unpleasant spectrum than to the pleasant one in my opinion.
23rd October, 2012
Interesting... This does a lot of things and goes through a lot of changes throughout the day, which I enjoy, but it just never really did anything to make me fall in love with it.

At first, it was that mix of vanilla, patchouli, and lavender that always reminds me of burnt caramel or creme brulee. This stage reminded me of what you'd get if you took the coffee and smoky woods out of New Haarlem and replaced them with mint and nondescript fruits. Slowly, all of this settled into a very dry tobacco leaf over non-gourmand vanilla and woods (sort of like a non-sweet Le Male, if you can imagine that), which then dried down to a pleasant woody pie spice smell.

The influences from A*Men and Le Male are pretty obvious, though I honestly don't think Antidote is as good as either of them. It's clever and doesn't just smell like everything else out there, but never really caught me.
19th October, 2012
I did enjoy Spicebomb from Viktor and Rolf, so I decided to try their Antidote (which is much different than Spicebomb, to be fair).

I was disappointed.

The problem with this one is that it has way too many ingredients, as you can see, to the point where it is over-complex and confusing. It is not even well-crafted, simply just many random ingredients mixed together. Most good fragrances convey a mood, set an atmosphere, or have a memorable note that make them so useful for a collection. This one, lacks that.

This fragrance is not awful, horrible, terrible, or even bad. It's just mediocre at best. I would rather wear nothing than wear this, to put it concisely.

I honestly can't recommend a purchase, as there are just so many other fragrances on the market in that price range that are significantly better.

Don't even sample this one. Just ignore it.
23rd August, 2012
Lots of incense in the opening, smokey, niche quality all the way. Reminiscent of a more complex Gucci Envy. Accompanied by a sweet dried fruit accord, something like cherries. Cherry in the sense of dry and old, not fresh and juicy, I think of the cherry accord in M7's opening. Cinnamon in the background, eventually becomes the front note. Finally a very resinous amber base, with the incense still kicking a little bit. Longevity is 8-10 hours on my skin, but mostly a skin scent. Very enjoyable scent here, especially if you love incense. A lot of notes listed in this one. But the main players are: incense, cinnamon, amber.
10th June, 2012
I have mixed feelings about that one... I have known Antidote for about three years now but I only tried it yesterday. At first, I thought Antidote was a little too feminine for the average guy. In fact, it shares quite a few notes with Je reviens (Worth) and for the first few minutes after I applied, it was reminiscent of that fragrance (which I love BTW) but with some clashing bitter grapefruit overtones. Soon enough, the violet took over and this is bad news for me. Violet and violet leaves smell very dusty and dry on my skin. Then as the dry-down began, the entire composition became extremely floral and synthetic not unlike some generic bathroom fresheners. Fortunately, it never fully developed and the heavier base notes remained very discreet. As a matter of fact, they were barely noticeable at all. I wince at the thought of having some animalic notes added to that rather weird mix! That being said, I cannot give Antidote a Thumbs Down rating. It is a very original and daring fragrance and I am sure it must smell absolutely wonderful on the right person.
02nd June, 2012
I would prefer to classify this is a evening/night scent, lots of amber to make you feel a little lazy, a bit classy but still casual - an antidote for a poisonous evening..
22nd May, 2012
tnamey Show all reviews
United States
I like it. Very much. If you readers (colleagues) have read my notes on other fragrances, I can literally dissect a fragrane or build it up. I'm retiring for evening, and am to tired to write a substantial note, But this is one classy fargrance. Good night!c
02nd May, 2012
Erok32 Show all reviews
United States
Classy scent. Good for office wear. Good longevity and projection. Sort of reminds me of Chanel Allure Homme. I'm not sure if I love it, but it smells fresh and somewhat interesting.
09th April, 2012
A pleasant and elegant oriental/green fragance with medium longevity (4-5 hours).

It's original and well made.
22nd March, 2012
Nice, a little of everything! Good all year round. Interesting, I like this a lot.
15th March, 2012 (last edited: 17th March, 2012)