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Neutral Reviews of Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Total Reviews: 29
So many notes, but what stands out to me is the mint and cedar in the opening and then incense later. I can smell the florals under those. The whole thing smells like a mixed drink but I can't place which one.

Very light and airy with performance to match. This skin scent does last, sprayed it in the morning and it was still there when I got home and changed shirts.
15th March, 2017
delicate and pervasive, nothing groundbreaking, light as the breeze!
02nd March, 2017
I really really wanted to like this and tried really hard to convince myself this should get a thumbs up but I just can't do it. Neutral is a fair rating for this considering the scent tree this should be an epic monster of a scent. Of course it's a long lasting skin scent... If you have that many notes in your fragrance and for the price it should be way more than this. As far as the smell it is pleasant with some citrus and spice with a decent woody vanilla dry down...
08th June, 2016
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Genre: Woody Oriental
Antidote’s top notes are a standard issue citrus/aromatic blend, cooler and sweeter than most, and happily free of the overused “fresh” ozonic or calone components, if still a bit chemical in their demeanor. Powdery lavender, discreet white flower notes, vanillic amber, and an array of sweet spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom, fill out Antidote’s central accord and establish a plush, spicy-sweet structure that hovers somewhere between a fougère and an oriental for a while. The amber and spices outlast the aromatics, so that after an hour’s wear, Antidote has settled firmly into the oriental style.

Antidote’s drydown is much less weighty, nuanced, or complex than the pyramid given above would lead me to expect. A middle-weight woody oriental is how I would describe it, with a somewhat sanitized, bland, generic character, especially for something that’s supposed to contain labdanum, moss, and leather. There is an appealing peppery quality to Antidote’s woody base notes, an effect I attribute to guaiac wood, but its accent is not sufficient to offset the overall flatness I perceive in the drydown. Antidote projects well enough to make itself known, but does not wear heavily. It also endures for several hours, a trait I would appreciate more if its drydown were less “utilitarian.” An adequate scent, but nothing to get my pulse up over.
09th June, 2014
Interesting... This does a lot of things and goes through a lot of changes throughout the day, which I enjoy, but it just never really did anything to make me fall in love with it.

At first, it was that mix of vanilla, patchouli, and lavender that always reminds me of burnt caramel or creme brulee. This stage reminded me of what you'd get if you took the coffee and smoky woods out of New Haarlem and replaced them with mint and nondescript fruits. Slowly, all of this settled into a very dry tobacco leaf over non-gourmand vanilla and woods (sort of like a non-sweet Le Male, if you can imagine that), which then dried down to a pleasant woody pie spice smell.

The influences from A*Men and Le Male are pretty obvious, though I honestly don't think Antidote is as good as either of them. It's clever and doesn't just smell like everything else out there, but never really caught me.
19th October, 2012
I have mixed feelings about that one... I have known Antidote for about three years now but I only tried it yesterday. At first, I thought Antidote was a little too feminine for the average guy. In fact, it shares quite a few notes with Je reviens (Worth) and for the first few minutes after I applied, it was reminiscent of that fragrance (which I love BTW) but with some clashing bitter grapefruit overtones. Soon enough, the violet took over and this is bad news for me. Violet and violet leaves smell very dusty and dry on my skin. Then as the dry-down began, the entire composition became extremely floral and synthetic not unlike some generic bathroom fresheners. Fortunately, it never fully developed and the heavier base notes remained very discreet. As a matter of fact, they were barely noticeable at all. I wince at the thought of having some animalic notes added to that rather weird mix! That being said, I cannot give Antidote a Thumbs Down rating. It is a very original and daring fragrance and I am sure it must smell absolutely wonderful on the right person.
02nd June, 2012
Erok32 Show all reviews
United States
Classy scent. Good for office wear. Good longevity and projection. Sort of reminds me of Chanel Allure Homme. I'm not sure if I love it, but it smells fresh and somewhat interesting.
09th April, 2012
Nice, a little of everything! Good all year round. Interesting, I like this a lot.
15th March, 2012 (last edited: 17th March, 2012)
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I planned on writing a detailed review of Antidote, but while scrolling down, I confess I would almost be copying [B]Alfarom's[/B] opinion almost word for word as I had the same thoughts when I tried it. It is quite synthetic smelling, and yes as he already stated, it smells way too familiar to merit much interest. A blind buy disappointment for me... A very average 2.5 star out of 5 scent, IMO.
18th February, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2012)
One of the best openings I've ever had the pleasure of sniffing.

If it lasted longer on my skin, it could have been in my top 10. However... It last very little time... I would use it just before heading to bed with that special someone... Thats it.
11th July, 2011
Huge pyramid-medium scent. Antidote it's not bad but far from being unique or particularly interesting. It has that kind of "familiar vibe" that makes me think of other designer's perfumes I smelled in the past 10 years, but not specifically one, more like a bunch of them blended together. Don't get me wrong, Antidote it's not bad at all, but maybe a bit cacophonic.

An average quality oriental composition of moderate interest.
20th May, 2011
Antitode is a synthetic combination of several aromatic-fresh and warm detergent notes. What I basically perceive as key elements are mint, a lot of spices, flowers (for instance a touch of violet joined with synthetic leather), balmy notes, musk (galaxolide) and incense (Iso E-driven Incense) in the way this fragrance ends its development as a sort of aromatic/grassy, laundry and almost talky potion with a mentholated and soapy candied vibe. It's an articulated synthetic type of scent that is not able to notably strike my taste. I find similarities with the Classic Romeo Gigli By Romeo Gigli which is a far better concoction for sure. Antitode follows the modern trend of performing resinous-milky perfumes which i don't crave for because of their usual lack of boldness, balance, articulation and distinction even if this one introduces several interesting traits holding on a tad of elegant articulation due to a detectable and well blended addition of earthy/spicy patchouli. I appreciate the mint-incense link that infuses a bit of esotericism to the juice even if i find the creamy notes of milk overly prominent, side by side with vanilla and caramel with their synthetic candied approach. I detect a subtle leather vibe which slides in to detergent laundriness. Sandalwood and cedar provide warmth and structure to an otherwise mediocrely powdery scent and the link of woods, faint synthetic leather and patchouli prevents the scent from sliding towards a concept of excessively soapy "bath foam" type of scent. The tonka beans provides a touch of tobacco flavour (slightly bitter in aftertaste and not utterly rounded) often proper of this type of powdery-milky aromas. This fragrance is a romantic and slightly bohémien one for sure and manages to teleport the wearer back in to a romantic dimension proper of the 19th century. Longevity and sillage are decidedly impressive.
07th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th July, 2014)
Ahree Show all reviews
United States
Hmmm. I fell hard for this when I discovered it existed but have cooled on it in recent months. Certainly a departure from the brutal, dry harshness of some fragrances. A flower bomb in its own right, one might say. It's probably correct to conclude, as many have, that this suffers mildly from too much of a good thing -- a jumble of competing and complementary accords. Fortunately, it fades fast, but you'll miss it when it does. An interesting scent...just not at the top of my list.
14th October, 2010
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Nice stuff.
Smells very similar to Cristobal pour homme, IMHO.
(a bit of Canali thrown in too)
19th November, 2009
I have only smelled this out of a tester and on my own skin, not a man's, but my experience of it was not a good one. It is very chemical to my nose, and I didn't enjoy it at all, I couldn't even pick apart any particular scent -- but I can see it transforming into something good on the right man's skin, and thus am giving this one a neutral vote.
24th September, 2009
I was so excited about the whole Antidote launch. I even bought it unsiffed on ebay 2 months before its official release. What a deception! I learned my lesson since.

Indeed, way to many ingredients leading no where. Oh! It's fresh, no... it's spicy, wait it's an oriental. Oh! No it's fresh again! Very tiring in the first 15min for a rather boring finale result.

I'm a bit hard. I can't say it's not pleasant to wear, but it's so much more mainstream than what I was expecting. And like with most mainstream colognes, the few times I wore it I got compliments...
31st July, 2009
Watered down Gucci Envy for Men. Get the real thing for full effect.
02nd July, 2009
I always had (more) sillage and (less) longevity problems with fragrances. But not with this one. Antidote runs 18+ hrs on my (normal to dry) skin with really strong sillage!

On the other hand, it is very hard for me to define what this fragrance smells like, but just take a glance on the structure! One of the most complicated descriptions on the whole site...

Therefore - you have to try. It is kinda oriental, but not so cloying as an oriental can be. I have not "matched" with the notes of Antidote and I am very sorry about this :( but I could wear him (except summer). However, my wife had almost headache being near me... :(((

In my opinion - neutral, but can be someone's signature very easy, as well as someone's cause of headache (as I already saw...)
29th May, 2009
It's OK, but smells too much like too many other perfumes. I already have Prada Amber pour Homme (which I seldom wear), so I won't be buying Antidote.
10th May, 2009
The is a very pleasant fragrance. Kudos to the nose that can get all of these notes to play well together. However, just because it's nice doesn't mean it's good. There's no personality here. I get soapy, sweet, fresh, clean, dirty, earthy, leathery, spicy, woody all at the same time. It's not that it's overwhelming, it just is. Antidote is a solid fragrance that's good anywhere, but for all of the well blended notes, you won't stand out a bit.
02nd September, 2008
This is a gorgeous fragrance.

I normally wear Chanel Antaeus, so Antidote is a kind of culture shock for me. I’m used to wearing a fragrance that is rooted in the earth, but Antidote is engaged in a slow burn to overcome gravity and retain its vantage point above the ground.

The accords between individual ingredients are so well managed that I can never smell less than three things at a time. The top notes are more like a citrus orchard than citrus fruit, and they merge seamlessly into a luscious night time garden of middle notes. The base notes are there to sustain the relationship between Antidote and the ground, and the ripples of smell act like thrust to keep Antidote aloft.

* Several Months Later *

Too many notes; too little progression/direction; too short lived.

Rating changed from thumbs up to neutral.
04th July, 2008 (last edited: 02nd September, 2009)
Oh I want to love you, but your muskiness makes it impossible. The top notes and middle notes were a piece of heaven, but a mere 6 hours later all I can smell is that horrible white musk that (imo) has ruined so many fragrances for me. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a mini of you and will keep you around for bragging rights.
03rd July, 2008
Whoa whoa whoa.... why'd I read the note pyramid before smelling this? I think the scent went away on my card before I got to the end of the pyramid! More notes in here than a Philip Glass piece. Let's try again. Ah, there we go. A abrasive scent but in a good way. I think it wakes you up; actives your neural pathways. A very stalwart and salient synthetic that doesn't fail to please. This isn't my style of fragrance, however but it's good.
29th June, 2008
Flowerbomb is very nice, but Antidote leaves me wondering, "What's the point?" V&R's fashion is classy, reserved, but with a hint of zest and quirk. Antidote is classy, warm, and a little gourmandish/creamy, but where's the quirk? Where's the playfulness?

It's also a little hard to make out what's going on, but looking at the scent pyramid, it's easy to see why. There's just TOO MUCH going on here, and as I've said of some other scents that seem to have too much going on, it's almost as if the parfumeurs decided that "if five classic notes together are good, then fifty will be great!"

Sometimes, that's the case, but I'm not so sure it is with this one. Something that I'd put in the same universe, but that does the classy/mysterious vibe a lot better, would be L'instant de Guerlain PH. Save the extra $$$ and go with the Guerlain.
25th November, 2007
I tried it just because the advertisement looked funny, like a fragrance used to invocate a "delicate" ghost or the reincarnation of an austrian pianist from the 17th century. Surprisingly, it smelled very traditional and masculine.

It had a classic start with citric bergamot, mandarines and grapefruit, a bit of mint and something like anise. At middle notes some green notes appeared, some soft cardamom notes and traces of lavender... at this point the anise disappears. At base notes it had classical woody notes, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.

The fragrance was made following a "fair-play" style, avoiding to break rules or defining new schemas, and tends to be another classical cologne. The start was nice but the last notes were traditional ones. For daytime or office use, maybe it should be unnoticeable at evening use. Fresh and spicy notes works fine at summer and winter. Range of age between 25 and 45 years old men.
21st November, 2007
This scent begins with a wooded impression, creamy, with a spicy undertone, full and almost incense like. Then is settles to more discreet floral notes, lavender and violet seems to dominate, and the geranium keeps it light and airy. As complex as the basenotes are listed here, you catch mostly the cedar, patchouli, and musk, airy and not heavy as you would expect an oriental. Classic notes, but modern composition and weight.
29th July, 2007
Classic and elegant. Not very original but good nontheless. Considering all the ingredients in this one it should have better strengt. Maybe its my skinchemistry who is the problem. If you want a alternative to allure, pour une homme and the likes of them use this one. And dont be afraid of overspraying. It is needed. Neutral due to the lack of strength.
12th March, 2007
antidote is a good scent.but the problem is that it stays too close to the skin so after half an hour of application no one smells it on u.the pyramid is overcrowded with notes but i cannot detect most of them.I'm neutral about antidote especially it has a high price.Not worth the money.
12th February, 2007
easy use fragrance,vanilla-amber base make it sweet and smooth.
16th October, 2006