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I have tried several Rahat Loukhoum based fragrances and find the Ava Luxe the most wearable of those commonly available in the US without coming across as a dessert cart. Almond is balanced nicely with pistachio. Honey, which can be so cloying, is brightened with rosewater. There is a sharp burnt sugar that may be confused with hazelnut which brings out musk on the drydown.
28th March, 2009
In my opinion, Loukhoum is Ava Luxe's masterpiece. As I have said before, I am not afraid to enjoy a gourmand or sweet fragrance - so long as it is just right.Loukhoum is soft and elegant and doesn't scream "food". The pistachio note is delightful, and the creamy/musk/rose base wears naturally. Loukhoum makes a presence and has good sillage while still remaining light. It vaguely shares something in common with Noa,which I also enjoy, probably due to the blend of a subtle floral with gourmand and green notes. I would say this is versatile enough to wear for day or night.
28th February, 2009
I'd say this smells like hazelnuts and roses. It's very nice but something in this actually upsets my stomach.
24th September, 2008
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Loukhoum is a gourmand fragrance that is inspired by Turkish Delight, and it is actually wearable – some I’ve tried aren’t. This Loukhoum is not in-your- face as several of the other ones. This Loukhoum is more subtle; it’s sweet but not gooey syrupy; and it has a tolerable sillage. The pistachios and hazelnuts are appetizing but not cloying, and even the difficult- to- use almonds are handled with an excellent artistry. The rose is subtly excellent and it definitely moves the fragrance into the “elegant” territory. Loukhoum’s sillage is civilized and the longevity is superb. This is a refined, well made scent: it’s performance and price could not be better. This is one of the best – surely the most wearable – interpretation of Turkish Delight I’ve seen.
12th March, 2008
The nuts and musk in this Loukhoum make this scent very gender neutral. Creamy, soft, and delicious...not overly foody.
08th December, 2007
The nuts and musk in this Loukhoum make this scent very gender neutral. Creamy, soft, and delicious...not overly foody.
08th December, 2007
After sampling several Loukhoums I settled on this one because it is so refined yet yummy. Honey and almonds and rosy cream. I too got the Body Milk and and the combo is warmly seductive in the most ladylike way! Veiled seduction - so to speak.
31st May, 2007
Ava Luxe's Loukhoum is beyond delightful, and has a rare (and sweet) sophistication that sets it apart from other gourmand scents. Pistachio, hazelnut, cream, light musk, and a very light hint of rose water. Nice, indeed.

Note: I recently ordered a bottle of the Loukhoum Body Milk, and must add that it is one of the most delightfully addictive scents I own. (Nicely priced, too!)
27th September, 2006