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Negative Reviews of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

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United Kingdom
Maybe I don't get it - it just smells like cinders that have been doused in chemicals.

Its rare that I find a fragrance so disagreeable, but this is truly hideous.
15th May, 2011
Plastic. Floral.

I guess this doesn't impress me like it does others. The top note smells like a cheap toy in a dusty aisle of a toy store that's seen better days. It has hints of the floral it's trying to be, but comes off as more plastic, vinyl, and synthetic than anything. The effect is that of something that's clearly trying to be something else, but isn't getting it done. If it weren't so banal it would be a scrubber. Right now it's just ... eh.

That said it's not terrible (read my review of ELdO's Rien to see what that smells like). It's just not that good either. As for it being a leather scent, I cannot agree. If you think "thin, dainty, leather driving glove on the hand of someone too old to drive," then maybe. But you're not getting saddles and horseback and cowboy boots (though you might get dust), and you're definitely not getting whipped and dominated. It does not bring the kinky. Plastic + synthetic + dusty - kinky = not for me.
30th April, 2011
Cuir Ottoman starts off rather boozy, for the first five minutes I could smell is a note that reminds me of Jack Daniel's Old No7. The floral heart notes start to creep in on top of the boozy note with the leather not far behind; at this point in its development Cuir Ottoman seems to lose coherence, becoming a raucous cacophony of rather synthetic smelling notes. The iris comes in adding an earthiness and a little dirt but it still seems muddled by the time the basenotes are fully apparent.

After all of the good words I have read about this fragrance, I wish I could find a redeeming factor... but it eludes me. This is an unbalanced, muddled, synthetic smelling mess of a fragrance; all in all quite a horrid scent.
27th January, 2009 (last edited: 01st February, 2009)
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