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Neutral Reviews of Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

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Its nearly Christmas as I write and my nostrils have become well attuned to the smell of Scotch whisky. So, when I was going through a selection of scents today it wasn't difficult to pick up on the opening gambit of Cuir Ottoman as a booze fest for the nose. Not exactly a single malt but not far off...

Later in the winnowing process what turned up was iris. I can't be more specific because it wasn't a perfume review I had in mind but something new for the upcoming festivities.

Can't say that Cuir Ottoman smells much of leather, and neither does it remind me of the land of Turkey, but then, hey, I'm no expert...

23rd December, 2016 (last edited: 04th January, 2017)
Wow does this have some kick to it. I would say this is a love or hate fragrance at first sniff. My first impression was I hated it but once it dried down I couldn't help but sniff my wrists every few seconds. In a way its repulsive and intriguing simultaneously. Personally, its too bold for my taste.
04th June, 2014
Opens up with a very realistic leather note - not smoked, not tempered with flowers, not liquored up with hay or amber - just a true, beefy, new coat leather smell. It is not too butch or tarry. Just....realistic. There is a rubbery smell to new leather that is accurately represented here. This rubbery note is very similar to Bvlgari's Black. I may be wrong about this, but to me, this rubbery aspect of leather is created by using a black tea accord, such as Lapsong Souchang. I drink this tea myself, and it tastes exactly like the top notes of this scent (and that of Bvlgari Black).

Having said that, whether you want to smell like a leather coat or new pair of shoes is up to you, really. I felt rather self conscious smelling like this for the 45 minutes that this top note lasted.

The florals come in soon enough, and work to soften up the leather note. The florals to my nose are indistinct - rose, jasmine, iris? I don't know. It just smells like a dusty, powdery, vaguely flowery mix. If pushed, I would say that it reminded me of cosmetic powder from a makeup compact that had spilled into the lining of a leather purse. It is not the freshest smelling floral smell either; this is a purse and spilled cosmetic powder that has been sitting in Auntie May's closet for a season or two.

The base is the usual one used by Parfum D'Empire in their fragrances, and I am delighted to see it turn up. Rich, ambery, resiny, incensy, balsamy goodness.

In short, a well-made perfume, as one expects from this excellent house. Not for me, because if the too realistic, beefy leather up top and the mess of indistinct florals in the middle, but I respect the artfulness and quality of materials.
07th May, 2014
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It opens with a lovely floral jasmine and iris accord then the shoe polish note joins the mix. After a while when the shoe polish note fades you are left with the floral accord which has slightly sweetned with vanille.

I find this scent to be really weird, the florals are very nice indeed but I do not want to smell like shoe polish.
06th August, 2012
Leather and incense is what I get out of it.

Personally I like the latter better than the former.

Interesting scent though, and yes, definitely suitable for guys as well as ladies
26th June, 2011
If you like your leather scent to be less floral but more leather-like, look no further. This is the real deal. Unlike fine leather impressionists such as Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur and Serge Lutens' Daim Blond, CUIR OTTOMAN's florals are subdued enough to allow for a more realistic projection of the leather scent you smell off shoes, bags, even furniture. There is also a certain dry 'saltiness' about it that reminds me of preserved fruits and I find myself salivating. While I can imagine men wearing this, this is not for me - I don't wish to smell like a pair of shoes. I also think the only women who can pull this scent off with panache are the leather-clad rock chicks. But then again, with that much leather in their attire, they probably won't be needing this scent at all.
01st October, 2009
Leather and Iris, that's what I got when I sprayed this on my arm. The scent dries down to a less vanillic Bulgari Black, a bit more subdued and refined.

Classy offering, definitely wearable for a man, but nothing groundbreaking.
08th March, 2009
Interesting, this smells like leather and... candy powder. Like Romeo Gigli for men. Leather and florals in reality, it just doesn't get anywhere else aside from SweeTarts dipped in tanning solution. Smells very well construction but definintely not for me to wear.
17th November, 2008
I will join to the neutral reviewers gang here.

CO is a nice, well done leather scent, but it doesn`t deliver me any particular vibrations.
Dark, little bit chemichal burnt styrax note and oily leather engaged with iris, jasmine and some balsams. Nice blend, but it really lacks that wow-factor plus overall impact despite the reasonably edgy character. I`m not quite sure whats wrong with it, but it really doesn`t melt my heart at all.

For the fan of Aoud Cuir d`Arabie and Knize Ten like me, this just isn`t that satisfying fragrance.
15th November, 2008
The very first note made a flash scent memory from childhood. The old sewing machine of mum; the lubricating grease combined with the leather strain on the metal wheel you run with foot. In ten minutes you notice leather but synthetic and metalic note stays over leather for half an hour. beside being very chemical to my nose the leather note in it is not the soft alluring note of tabac blond or daim blond but the cloying and masculine note in the royal english leather by creed.
22nd September, 2008