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This is heavenly, just heavenly. I've never had so many compliments with a fragrance before. The cotton candy vibe is amazing and the sillage and longevity are E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S. Be careful on the trigger tho, this little monster will choke people out with more than 2 sprays, especially in the warmer months. If you like sweet/gourmand fragrances, just go for it, even if it costs like 250$, this is blind buy worthy. Big thumbs up.
13th May, 2017
Acqua e Zucchero is an unusual composition, but that's becoming normal for Profumum, that seems to artistically and boldly go where many fragrance houses seem not to, and AEZ is no exception, pushing the boundaries on what I expect fragrance to be, and what I expect to like.

As usual, Profumum's note breakdown is pretty limited, at least in terms of what they disclose, so it's simply listed as vanilla, orange blossom, and some mix of fruit (berries, red fruit, forest fruit, something to that effect).

It's sweet and vanilla-laden but light and fresh enough to be worn in warm weather. Not light as in weak on performance, to be clear, as it's still up to Profumum's standard performance that is very strong, the extreme of most houses.

I'm not familiar with the Pink Sugar fragrance to which many seem to liken AEZ, but I'll offer that it doesn't smell of cotton candy to me, though some seem to think that's case. It's far more natural-smelling to me than cotton candy specifically or confections in general.

Overall, it's a very pleasant scent that's unusually productive, not in my typical wheelhouse, but it's strong in several categories---performance (as expected), versatility, creativity, and fun.

8 out of 10
01st March, 2017
Sweet, waxy, cotton candy. Acqua e Zucchero is a top performer in longevity and projection so no need to overspray. It leans feminine but a guy could wear this and get noticed positively. The base is all vanilla so vanilla-lovers should check this one out. The orange color bottle hints to the orange blossom and seems like it might have some citrus, but its more vanilla than citrusy/fruity.
03rd October, 2016
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To me it stayed very linaer throughout with the skittles milkshake scent. (Open a bag of skittles and you will get the general idea). Though i found the smell pleasant i found it more suited to being a room fragrance opposed to an aftershave. But as it is a aftershave i feel i would prefer to smell it on someone else who i would be around for the day and then ne able to distance myself from it when needed. 1-2 sprays is all that is needed with this to make it suitable and not kill everyone around you. Projection and longevity are both superb but like i say better suted to smell on another than yourself.

Also as a final though it think it would be good to layer with something just to give a bit of depth, maybe try with a spray of oud wood 1st just to give it a bit extra to draw away from all the fruit.
18th January, 2015
Acqua e Zucchero is a very nice sweet fruits and vanilla gourmand. Complexity isn't the name of the game here. Rather, simplicity is all this fragrance needs. Profumum's fragrances are all very well formulated. The longevity of AeZ is great. Put this on in the morning and you may very well go to bed with it still on. Projection is likewise very nice. It contains the possibility for overuse, like any other fragrance, but particularly so because it's a sweet gourmand. And these have the tendency to be like a clingy, ditzy blonde girl, wearing a lot of lipstick and hairspray with very long fake nails, never really going away even though you tire of her after a short while.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to wear this every day, but it's still very nice. It does give an impression of cotton candy, as many have noticed. But it's basically a sweet, vanilla and fruit gourmand. I don't find much development, but seeing as it smells good from the get-go that's not a problem. It's overpriced like other Profumum scents, but it's still worth trying.
07th July, 2014
Beautiful! Very sweet but in a good way. I do love my sweet scents (Kilian Love, L de Lolita) but this is more foody sweet, cotton candy fruit flavored but not in a cheap or tween way, this has been compared to PInk Sugar But I never tried it so I can't say. I just got my bottle of this and the awesome SA at Osswalds gave me samples of other ones from the line including this one so I could make sure I liked it before using my bottle, and man do I like it! One spray goes a long way, I could smell this for hours and the opening last a loooong time, so I think my samples will last me a while which is nice because that means my bottle will last forever!

13th March, 2014 (last edited: 22nd March, 2014)
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United States
This is a beautiful gourmand vanilla fragrance, made all the more interesting by the addition of tart berries. Wonderful longevity makes sure that this treat lasts and lasts.

It is like saying that you love vanilla ice cream, but you would rather an addition of something interesting. The interest in this one is the addition of a very long lasting berry note that adds a wonderful contrast to this vanilla.

It is sweet, but never too much. Profumum knows how to do vanilla, also amber, and for any vanilla gourmand lover, this one is a must sniff. Wonderful, simple and full of class in an category of fragrance that can very easily go so wrong. An adult vanilla gourmand. I love this one.
15th December, 2011

What a treat this one is! Acqua e Zucchero is not really the orange blossom cologne that its name implies. It is a vanilla gourmand that is not demure in producing sillage and longevity. The straightforward and linear sillage is a delicious and inviting vanilla with occasional hints of berries. I really can’t separate out the orange blossom, but I’m sure it’s there mellowing and enriching the vanilla / berry brew. As noticeable as the sillage is, it is not overdone or cloying: It simply, lovingly sends out its pleasant, balanced wisps of gourmand goodness. Delightful aroma; very good, non-cloying sillage; and good longevity… All-around excellent…

10th June, 2010
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United States
Wow sweet! I would love this for a woman, it would be the biggest thumbs up. But, for a guy way to sweet IMO. I even like sweet scents and this is to much for me. I get lots and lots of great vanilla. I still have to give this a thumbs up just because I love vanilla on women and this is unisex. But for a guy thumbs down.
13th July, 2009
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United States
Yet another deceptively simple, bright and cheery gourmand from Profumum (along with Dulcis in Fundo, Confetto, and the other ambers in the line). The simple accord of vanilla and light fruit notes strongly reminds me of a certain pastry, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the pastry. Imagine the smell of a rich vanilla custard with a tart berry sauce and you're probably close to AeZ. There isn't much development, but nor is it entirely linear.

The fragrance starts out as vanilla with a light dusting of fruit - they say orange blossom but if that's what it is it isn't very distinct. Over the next couple hours the fruit becomes more noticeably a tart berry note. You might be reading this thinking that AeZ is recklessly sweet, which it is not, and although the vanilla is rich there is a restraint to it, and the dryness of the berry note keeps the sweetness in check. About 4-5 hours after application the berry note recedes in prominence but never fully disappears, leaving the vanilic base that is a touch powdery. As you can expect with Profumum, the materials are of obvious quality, none of the notes appear synthetic or cheap, and both great sillage and monster longevity can be expected with minimal application. Like with all other Profumums, it was perfectly well behaved on my skin.

A quick note by means of comparison to other gourmands: I happen to be skin testing Keiko Mecheri's Lokhoum on the opposite arm as I tested AeZ. Other than being gourmand and having fruit notes, AeZ shares nothing in common with Lokhoum-style fragrances such as the KM/Serge Lutens/Ava Luxe Lokhoums or Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream. The lokhoum/"Turkish Delight" gourmand sub-genre is characterized by a sweet almond note lasting the life of the fragrance that provides the sweet background, giving those fragrances a distinctly nutty and more subtle, maple-like aroma. Remove the almond and they are entirely different fragrances. AeZ is far more bright, the fruit notes far more prominent and sharp, than any lokhoum/gourmand.
16th March, 2009
sugar and orange blossom notes that morph on the skin. something so simple..a male magnet.
09th March, 2009
Mmmm... this is a delicious vanilla! Sweet and tangy yet bakery fresh. THe scent lingers around you all day. Amazing.
24th September, 2008
This is a fabulous perfume and rare, not easy to find. Try It lasts all day! its starts with Orange and tart berries and drys down to a smokey sweet vanilla. If you love vanilla you'd love this. It makes me feel sexy.
15th July, 2008
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