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Neutral Reviews of Santalum by Profumum

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A minimalistic concoction of cinnamon, sandalwood and myrrh. Smells good and smells exactly like the sum of its parts. Spicy, woody and a bit resinous. Well crafted and honest (with the exception of the price which is anything but).
18th December, 2011
(Vintage Version)
Profumum is run by a bunch of Dadaists who get a kick out of selling weird caricatures of perfumes for dead-serious prices. Santalum is a failure in this respect, as it is actually halfway decent, though it is not primarily a sandalwood fragrance and pretty synthetic as well, while its simple composition cries out for quality naturals. For the money, get yourself some real sandalwood from La Via del Profumo.
04th May, 2011
I really wanted to love this fragrance, but I just can't get there. To my nose, myrrh is the main player here, not sandalwood. Santalum smells like a fairly straightforward and simple blend. The topnotes offer a wonderful, eccentric and spicy rush, but soon afterward it settles into a medicinal blend, made just slightly sweeter by the cinnamon. I really wanted this to be woodsier and spicier.

Perhaps oddly, the scent that this most reminds me of is Luten's Vetyver Oriental. While in VO the myrrh is accented with vetiver, cocoa, and iris, here is is accented with cinnamon and sandalwood, though to my nose only a light touch of sandalwood. VO definitely seems more complex. Santalum is nice enough, but I had hoped for more from it. As it is, it just doesn't quite do it for me.
23rd December, 2006
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This is a very nice pungent woody smelling sandalwood fragrance. It is simple and straight forward. The supporting notes remind me of linseed oil, or some other wood finsihing product. Everything in the mix supports the woodiness of this. I think of a fine table being polished and a great shine being produced. This is another wonderful sandalwood fragrance that may be great, but does not standout in my experience. It does not have very good longevity on me. It is not particularly distinctive. Like fine clothing, it is well made, and comes at a premium price, but doesn't shout "hey look at me!" Maybe I am affected by past experiences, but I prefer Trumper or Villoresi sandalwood fragrances that add distinctive supporting elements.
29th October, 2006 (last edited: 26th December, 2010)