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Neutral Reviews of Roberto Cavalli Black by Roberto Cavalli

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Roberto Cavalli Black smells like Versace The Dreamer minus the tobacco leaf note. You're left with a pleasant, non-offensive, creamy lavender. Smells more like a casual scent than something you want to wear to be taken seriously. The opening is nice but the drydown leans into what you'd expect from cheaper scents.
10th November, 2017
Soapy, musky "toilette splashing water" type of fragrance with a sort of bath foam smell due to a prickly accord of lavender-citrus-bamboo-tonka-musk-pepper. Very masculine, aromatic, green and clean with a refreshing toilette sparkling (even thanks some spices) soapy (slightly bath foam) smell, at least in the first part of its development. Set the dry down the scent becomes more creamy and consistent. The cedarwood placed in the base provides a touch of dry texture to an otherwise too watery/balmy fragrance. It's a sensual, casual, a bit sportive scent in the same clan with Body Kouros, Le Male and Lempicka au Masculine but with a darker spicy beat and a less dusty (i mean less powdery/humid and resinous) temperament. It reminds to me a bit the smell of clean and airy washing back in my youth. May be a touch of amber enriches the base with its mild resinous temperament. Some dry flowers in the heart provide a touch of sophistication and romanticism. Decent projection at the beginning and very bad longevity on my skin. Not bad in the complex.
18th February, 2011 (last edited: 11th January, 2014)
The overriding emotion I experience when sampling this,is disappointment. I cannot detect the black vibe that the name alludes too, more a murky grey. The opening is dry, herbal, with a strong pepper presence. It certainly isn't unpleasant, but it lacks vibrancy and inspiration. The heart notes provide some welcome relief from the slightly depressing top notes, and a warmer, mellower fusion of lavender and geranium are discernible. This softer phase is too brief, perhaps designed to usher in the fragrance's party piece; the tonka bean in the base. As others have already alluded to, it is an especially pleasing tonka bean note, but it lacks the support from the musk and cedarwood to ensure that the dry down is wholly enjoyable. The longevity is an issue that finally consigns Cavalli Black to the lower end of a neutral rating. It is difficult to locate any trace of it beyond four or five hours.
13th November, 2009
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I would describe this scent as smelling similar to Armani Code in the beginning and finishing off very similar to Burberry Touch. The beginning is unique in its take on coriander and the bamboo gives off a flat, woody feel. I can't really make out much of the notes listed as the middle in the pyramid but I do get a noticeable dose of white pepper from the very start. This is spicy and modern with a dark feel to it but I can't quite say why. Anyway, the dry down is a simple tonka bean and vetiver. Though this smells like a combination of Armani Code and Touch, this fragrance doesn't really live up to the appeal of either of those scents. Its unique, but I would stick with the other two based on performance (better sillage, longevity, etc.). But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself...
13th October, 2009