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Very good is very modern scent.the top notes is OK.intimate and masculine not for every day use.Nice straight-ahead fragrance without too much fanfare.suitable for romantic mood with your lover during the spring/autumn evenings.

Good sillage but longevity is poor for my my opinion RCB is the best masculine RC fragrance.

17th December, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
The Best Cavalli

the best and that's not saying a lot. semi spicy opening coriander/pepper that dries down to a powder concoction.musk/Tonka that stays somewhat close to the skin.decent slightly above mid range fans that does not do a lot of justice.

Pros: great warm and inviting
Cons: lacks depth"

14th August, 2013
Black is an outstanding fragrance. Smells unique, sexy and warm. Thats a very well done blend of tonka and lavender with touchs of cedar. Wonderful. My only complaint is about the lasting power thats weak.
04th November, 2012
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I really like this one! This is a great for a party or in the evening (especially in the winter or autumn) If you like a spicy, peppery special scent, this is the winning ticket.

Longivity and projection are very good, thats a big plus for me because mostly fragrances last for like 5 hours max on my skin.

Ill give it an 8!

01st November, 2012
The key to understanding this scent is to acknowledge that it is a fougère. Lavender + coumarin (in the tonka) = the basic fougère chord, and style. Certainly that is here: the distinctive soapy-mossy tone is very nice. This scent is called an “oriental fougère” perhaps due to its smooth and slightly rich character. I would call it a “woody fougère” because I get attractive lingering wood notes. The scent has airy, grassy notes. It is dry and wears well. It is a comfortable, non-challenging introduction to a low-key fougère. The term “black” here is a complete marketing ploy, there is nothing ‘black’ about this in any way, as far as I can detect.
04th January, 2011
Great scent for dating and clubbing. Shares the vibe with Cerruti 1881 Black and YSL La nuit Del Homme.Longevity and projection are great. Better to wear it in autumn and winter. Even though it is not overly heavy, I wouldn't wear it in summer. Thumb up!
20th July, 2010
What a great winter scent.
I tried this one based on several positive reviews, and I'm glad I did.

It does have a bit of an "alchohol" smell right at the beginning. But that fades very quickly.

I do see the comparison to Armani Code...which isn't a bad thing at all.
08th January, 2010
the best black scent ive ever smelled, which knocked Code off the perch. very different here, and its actually more green and black than just black. first scent which ive caught 2 different notes coming off of 2 different sprays on my body. oddly, i also get a new money scent thats slightly sweetened, but not at all sweet.

this has entered into year long, constant rotation in my wardrobe. 5 stars, and recommended to any man. the design on the bottle is supposed to be a snake, by the way.
02nd May, 2009
Damn I love the tonka bean in this. The entire frgrance is slightly spicy, slight sweet with a nutty bitterness to it that lingers for hours. One of the few "black" named fragrances that comes close to its moniker. Rather interesting graphic on the bottle.
12th November, 2008
This one flew underneath everybody's radar. I don't think it was ever released in the US. Anyway, I did manage to get a bottle for a good price, and I'm glad I did. If you tried other "black" scents, forget those pretenders to the throne of darkness and give this one a try. First of all, this bottle is cool! A strikingly dark black/purple hue illuminates a snake crawling around the bottle. In a different light, the bottle turns green. But how does it smell? Like a modern take on a club scent that is balanced and nuanced. The opening reveals a bamboo and spice mix that is very inviting. Tickles the nose a bit. Gentle yet very elegant. Towards the midnotes, the white pepper and geranium take this to a different dimension. There's a subtle lavender note in here that's hard to detect but it's there if you "look" for it. Slowly the sweet wood and musk notes take over for a finale. You'd think with white pepper, lavender and musk, this would be an in-your-face fragrance, but I'm here to say that the perfumer did an excellent job blending these notes that it remains present but not "too" present. I'd also go so far to say that the vibe here is towards a dark, gothic glow. I can see some parallels to Armani's Black Code, but this one is more interesting because of the different transitions it takes, especially in the midnotes. Nothing groundbreaking here but a superb scent when all is said and done.
27th August, 2008
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is one dark sexy beast that keeps giving. Nicest take on amber I have come across. Not groundbreaking, but after previous offerings -- it's like stumbling over a gold bar.

02nd April, 2008
After the first three catastrophic releases for men, Cavalli´s Black is big step forward. By no means a particularly orginial fragrance, but instead a very plesant one. Basically a subtle and rustic amber with strong notes of dry lavender and a noticeable white pepper. Very italian in it´s overall feel.

Initially the longevity may seem limited, but Black sticks around for quite a while but without major sillage. The late drydown is in fact it´s most rewarding stage, This is where the tonka bean in the base steps up and sweetens the deal significantly.

To those that might feel Caron´s Pour un Homme is a tad old fashioned and stuffy Roberto Cavalli Black is a nice alternative. Of course with such a trade what you´ll gain in wearability you´ll lose in complexity and quality.
01st December, 2007
This is a lot better than nice. It is amazing. So sexy and dark and mysterious. This stuff is awesome. It is what Dali is trying to be. Black is sexy and perfect for those men who have an edge to them - this stuff is for men. The exact opposite of the garbage Calvin Klein and Tommy put out. The only American fragrance worth a dime is Sean John.
04th November, 2007
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Nice. Another 'amber' scent, which I was initially surprised that it is not one of the ingredients. But it makes perfect sense because the amber (which shows up in less than an hour) is not dominating like most amber frags. This character makes it perfect for those who enjoy that amber flavor but don't want it to be overpowering.
This reminds me of "so delicious" by Gale Hayman, in fact they are almost exactly the same. The Cavalli though is more well starts out like Bulgari black (short round bottle with what looks like a tire) and then the amber shows up. It also smells like GUCCI PH plus the aforementioned Bulgari.
04th May, 2007