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Reviews of Blue Agava and Cacao by Jo Malone

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This is a beautiful fragrance, with it's gentle vanilla and dry cocoa. Not too sweet, and the spice is just right.

But....longevity is not great (to be expected from a cologne, I suppose). And the pricing limits me to the very rare special occasion before I will buy.

Still, thumbs up for a work of art! :)
08th March, 2016
What a surprise. Warm, powdery, and sensual. It's smooth and creamy, with dry cocoa, vanilla and spice. The berry and citrus notes are negligible. It's powdered and slightly perfumy, very different from other Jo Malones I've tried. It isn't a skin scent as it has normal projection and a delicious sillage, kind of sexy. Fairly long lasting, at least 6 hours.
06th May, 2015 (last edited: 09th May, 2015)
Blue Agava & Cacao by Jo Malone is another agreeable, natural-smelling cologne. Strong opening of cacao and vanilla, which dominate the fragrance through its lifespan, with some spicy elements that help balance out the abovementioned sweeter elements, keeping it from being too cloyingly sweet. After reading about the floral notes, I can detect some slightly, but they're certainly not the main story.

As this is the third Jo Malone fragrance I've sampled/worn (after Wood Sage & Sea Salt, a cologne, and Velvet Rose & Oud, a "cologne intense"), my biggest criticism is not the fragrance itself but the intensity, as it seems to project only a foot, and longevity, which is limited to fewer than six hours after becoming a skin scent post-shower, and limits my interest in purchasing any at its price points.

Still, an enjoyable component of the line which strikes me as very natural. It simply could stand to be a bit denser.

7 out of 10
06th February, 2015
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For the couple o f hours before it s gone, it is a beauty. It begins with a citrusy cacao blast and as the citrus tails off, the cacao remains for the full performance, joined by what on my wrist smells like a lighter version of the Fahrenhiet leather note. Brief but very enjoyable.
04th April, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Initially the fruity start had a glimpse of lemon that quickly disappeared and gave way to the instant cocoa notes that remained dominant throughout. It never became cloying, possibly for the agave provided it with a certain freshness. In the base vanilla and especially cinnamon were prominent. Although, like other Malone's, designed for layering, it is not such a straightforward scent and shows some depth and development. Adequate silage and projection, and a surprising longevity of four hours. This is a decent fragrance in its own right.
06th December, 2012
Another Jo Malone fragrance that falls short of the mark. Initially you'll get a burst of the candied lime, but after that it's all down hill. It smells like a flat Selzer water with a lime in it. Labeled as unisex, but is very much on the feminine side. Throw in the high price and it's a no brainer.
09th September, 2012
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United Kingdom
I think a lot of Jo Malone's scents are misunderstood - they are rarely best worn alone, but layered with another, maybe 2 other of the scents. They are all designed to work together, and believe me, try the Blue Agava & Cacao with the Grapefruit, and you will get a completely different, beautiful fragrance.

Both these scents do not do much alone, but together are fantastic. I get so many compliments when wearing these, even strangers in shops stopping me and asking me what scent I am wearing. The only negative thing I can say about Jo Malone is for an expensive brand, the scents do not have the same staying power as other perfumes in the same price range.
20th July, 2012
A rather unique gourmand, using a dry chocolate musk and candy smells instead of the usually rich vanillas that have come to define the genre.

To me, Blue Agava & Cocoa smells like two completely different themes mashed together more than a cohesive whole. First, there's the candy-sweet soda elements, mixing that artificial blue raspberry candy smell with creme soda and pink bubble gum and the distinct smell of pineapple Fanta soda. It has a nose-tickling bubbly effervescence that really does smell like candy-sweet soda. Then, somehow coexisting with that, there's a very dry musk that's sort of soapy but that has some real dirtiness to it (early on, before it's quickly buried, there's a very distinct shot of civet). The cocoa is sort of a dusty, perfumey rendering of chocolate, nothing like the smell of a candy bar, and it mixes with a subtle touch of cinnamon (like the old 60's musks used to use).

Does it work? Sort of. Maybe. It's creative and certainly unique, but I'm afraid that despite what sounds like a really interesting mix of potentially conflicting notes, Blue Agava & Cocoa is actually kind of boring. It's not as sweet and stupid as it could be, but it's not nearly as interesting and "niche" as it could be either. Is it worth a sniff? Maybe. Especially if you're a gourmand fanatic looking for something that doesn't smell like marshmallows or vanilla.
08th June, 2012
I have a HUGE thing for gourmand scents. Blue Agava & Cacao is just... perfect. It's my signature fragrance, need I say more? First of all it should never be listed in the floral section on the Jo Malone website. Secondly it is gorgeous. It doesn't have all that much citrus in it's opening like they make it seem. Maybe just a little bit of it, but not too much. Also Blue Agava & Cacao is all about it's heart notes that seem to play the most important role in the whole composition. It is somewhat sheer and it is never cloying nor heavy. But it is indeed very gourmand and has lots of cocoa in it.

I have no idea what agava flower smells like and it does not matter to me. I'm all about that rich, chocolate-y cocoa! Just the right touch of vetiver and cinnamon make it to die for! Being very sensual, rich and deliscious, it never gives me a headache or anything. Nor is it overly sweet. The cocoa is definitely more of a Piment Brulant type, than Montale Chocolate Greery. It's a very dark and full-bodied note. Yes that description fits the bill perfectly: full-bodied but never too heavy. It's such a comfort scent too!! I wear it all the time, perfect for the office, great for a night out. I guess that's what a signature perfume it's suppost to be anyways - good enough to wear for any occasion. My boyfriend particulary likes this one on me, he has a sweet tooth just the way I do. However, when I wear something that begins to be a bit too much on the sweet side, he warns me about migraines. This would never give anyone a migraine. It just is so well-blended there is absolutely nothing to complain about and never will be. I love it. My absolute number one and his too! Not to mention that he is latino also... ehhhh latinos can smell their own kind so perfectly!
12th April, 2011
Pretty good on the dry down, but MAN what a mess right off the top. really sweet and in your face, powder and treacle all the way.
17th December, 2010
I don't think the cacao phase in the beginning is as awful as others say (though I agree it smells more like cocoa powder), but once that passes this HUGE, cloying cloud of muskiness descends and it's a total scrubber from that point on.
23rd April, 2010
I found that this fragrance was too foodie and couldn't detect different notes. It does however pair well with Jo Malone's Wild Fig and Cassis.
01st April, 2009
kess Show all reviews
United States
Stale chocolate describes this well. Cloying, 'sweet'ish -- almost headache inducing. Can't imagine either a man or a woman wearing it well.
12th February, 2009
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Straight from the sample vial this reminds me VERY much of the smell of one specific sun lotion. When I smell this, I can easily imagine myself laying at my favourite beach, under the clear blue sky and burning sun. Eyes closed, I hear sounds of playing children and moving water.
Overall this is unbelievably beach-y scent to me, because along with that lotion, I also sense something else that is reminiscent to that place….Probably the smell of cool and sweet salty lake water, warm sand and even some snacks that I have brought with me….

What a pleasant, enjoyable association!

Dry down makes this potion a tad darker, and it also becomes quite powdery as the cacao and vanilla kicks in. Still that sun lotion accord with other nuances of the beach in the mix as well.

Overall this is to me very summery fragrance. Could be quite uplifting to wear this on some cold winter day. I have to try that sometime soon, and see if it’s really capable of transporting me (again) comprehensively into that beach on a warm day in July.
03rd February, 2009

I don’t know what to make of this. I get a dose of aloe, and a streak of undetermined sweet which is not at all impressive. And the cacao is there quite strongly, but it is not very like the chocolate-types that I’m used to in fragrances… this is more a dusty, stale cocoa… an indifferent note as far as I’m concerned. I get a cinnamon and a musk from the base, but the orchid comes to me too strongly and not very pleasantly. That orchid is a minor annoyance, but its influence on the rest of the notes negatively influences my appreciation of the rest of the accords. I wish I could appreciate this fragrance more – I was looking forward to it because the juxtapositioning of chocolate and agava sounded interesting to me - almost Aztecian. Unfortunately, I don’t find Blue Agava and Cacao working for me.

25th January, 2009
The vanilla and spice make their appearance almost immediately, freshened by citrus at this early stage. The chocolate is a velvety sort. Quite a foody scent, and it seems very feminine to me. Although initially I can stand the vanilla, I find that it gets heavier and sweeter, and thus my mild appreciation withdraws. I just don’t like vanilla.
05th November, 2008
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
I LOVE Blue Agava and Cacao. I like it best on its own, and it is nice for layering. Blue Agava and Cacao is a vibrant, energetic green fragrance that is sophisticated and sultry. The topnotes are citrus-floral and sweet. The sweetness calls to mind the Blue Agave Nectar I've tried in Baja California. Blue Agave (aka Tequila Agave) is a succulent (not a cactus) that's related to lily. Its "nectar" is extremely sweet, and tastes something like honey. My range of tequila expertise begins and ends with Jose Cuervo, which, to me, tastes like oily asphalt, so I can't personally say I get a tequila note in Blue Agava and Cacao. However, I can say I sense Blue Agave Nectar. If the incredibly beautiful, delicate cacao flower could have a scent, Blue Agava and Cacao would suit it perfectly. Blue Agava and Cacao is slightly sweet, with the acerbic, coffee-like note of cacao seeds. It's spicy, too, like Aztec cacao (sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar.) Its base is of green woods and musk, enhanced with cinnamon and dry vanilla. I've never smelled anything that comes close to this scent; it is unique and bewitching. Lasting power is excellent.
05th September, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It sounds interesting in theory, but I found the cocoa note dominated and overpowered an otherwise unremarkable blend
10th August, 2008
Ok, I understand the criticism of this fragrance used by itself – but give it a second chance by combining it with something deeper and you may like it. I like it with Jo Malone’s 154.
01st August, 2008
I am truly mystified why someone thought it would be good to create a scent such as Blue Agava and Cacao, much less why anyone would willingly spend money to purchase it. Blue Agava and Cacao has a sickly sweet top note reminiscent of bubblegum and is overall, an intensely fruity mess. It became more tolerable as time wore on and it wore down. Some spice notes eventually appeared (but no cacao as far as I could tell) but overall, I did not find it pleasant or wearable. Afficionados of Satellite's Ipanema or Armani Privé's Rose Alexandrie would enjoy this.

Here are the notes, courtesy of The Perfumed Court: lime oil, grapefruit, birgaradia, cardamom, red berry, agava flower, sea salt, orchid, geranium, white lily, cocoa, vetiver, cinnamon, musk and vanilla beans.
23rd June, 2008
This is great if you want to walk around smelling like a hershey candy bar.....I'm not feeling this one.
16th April, 2008
I like it. It's very smooth and velvety. If anyone has seen the movie Chocolat, this is what I imagine that thick, beautiful hot chocolate that tempts everyone in the town to sin smells like.

This is not a one note chocolate scent though. I definitely detect the green agave cactus note that gives the scent part of its name. A funky, unique, and totally unexpected note that brings back memories my childhood in Texas, where my Hispanic friend's mom would would fry up whole pieces fresh picked agave for lunch, or mince it in with eggs for breakfast. The cinnamon is the icing on the cake, and perfectly rounds out the base of this treasure.

This might be bottle worthy for me because of these associations and because this is the first chocolate scent I've really liked.
13th December, 2007
Bitter & fruity settles into spicy without being loud about it. I for one, if left smelling of having had a night of drunken revelry would like to at least have actually HAD a night of drunken revelry, so I was wary of all the reviews with references to liqueurs. Contrary to popular belief, to me, it does NOT smell "alcoholic" at all. An interesting and relieving discovery.
07th February, 2007
This is a very peculiar Jo Malone, and is really different from the rest of the line. Even more different than Pomegranate Noir, as it not only combines notes that are very unusual and not often used in perfumes, but also notes that don’t really go very well together… This starts off kind of aromatic and green (must be the lime, an oil that is often used in household cleaning items), but you can smell the cacao bitter-sweetness in the background, which is kind of intriguing and a bit dry, which makes you think of cocoa powder. For some reason, this smells like a toilet duck to me. I usually try to stay away from such associations to describe scents, but this is what this reminds me of initially, in a peculiar, perfumey kind of way. Thankfully, it’s a well done toilet duck and it actually smells pleasant in its own odd way. The dry down smells to me almost exactly like Coty’s Musk Vanilla, which is quite nice. It does improve when you layer Grapefruit cologne on top though.
11th December, 2006
SniffQ Show all reviews
United States
Sprayed it on. Chocolate. Loud, sweet chocolate. It went from that directly to overly sweet and sticky smell with no definition. I love almost all Jo Malone's fragrances. I have no idea who ignored her sensibilities and opened a bag of instant hot chocolate and called it a scent. Scrubber.
02nd November, 2006
Upon application I first smelled the cacao. Directly after that the red fruits and the floral heart; and next to that a soft cinnamon note. Rather quickly, after about 5 minutes, all the different notes become one. The result is something not too far from Dolce Vita by Dior and Féminité du Bois by Shiseido, but not exactly the same either. There is this strange oak barrel note in the base that further reminds me also of Cellar candle by Pierre Frapin.

I would say Blue Agava is unisex even with it's floral heart, the woody notes make it masculine enough. Of course in true JM style you could layer it with another fragrance to make it either more feminine or masculine. The JM website advice to layer it with the Amber & Lavender cologne.

For a cologne Blue Agava has a good staying power, something JM improved upon with Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Pomegranate Noir.

Overall a nice, different Jo Malone!
19th October, 2006