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Negative Reviews of Encre Noire by Lalique

Total Reviews: 22
The fragrance in itself is very good. It is dark, earthy, smoky and then some. A refreshingly unique scent, so different from the usual masculine products.
Why the thumbs down, then? The problem is that this fragrance does not seem to last more than a couple of hours. I have even tried deliberately over-applying, almost dousing in it, but to no avail. I am totally sure that my bottle is original and fresh, so I cannot figure out what could possibly be wrong here. I tried Terre d'Hermes once and could still smell it on my skin the day after, it's a pity that I didn't like it half as much as Encre Noire.
I am really disappointed because I love this fragrance and it would be great if people around me could actually smell it.
Sillage: none. Projection: none. Longevity: maybe three hours if you pour half a bottle on yourself.
03rd October, 2017
When I put this on this morning I was like wow that's good. On the drive into work I keep getting notes that really interest me. Very good smelling cologne. However it's already fading so I imagine the longevity will be poor.
And it was.
15th July, 2017
I'm clearly missing something here. I don't get it. I found this to be simply horrendous- way too sharp and bitter. Seeing all of the love here, I'm going to give it another shot, but I"m not optimistic.
07th May, 2017
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Have to join the minority here and go with thumbs down. This is an Iso E Super bomb, with so much "lifting" on display that it calls to mind artificial peppermint flavoring of the sort that gets up your nose and creates a sensation of "chilled." The vetiver escapes me entirely, as does any other aromatic component. A scrubber for me and not just that -- I felt compelled to take the tester strip outside for disposal because it was strong enough to fill a room. Not my thing, clearly. Normally when I don't care for fragrance I can understand how someone else might like it but that doesn't seem to be the case for Encre Noire.
04th September, 2016
It's well realised, technically. A woody, nutty power-vetiver. The fragrance stays strong and linear for a long time, longer than I could bear for the 3-4 wears I have attempted so far. Because I bought the bottle, because it is an amazing bottle, as could be expected from THE name in glassware, an extraordinary masterpiece of minimalism, proportions and colours (or a study in the lack thereof) and it's my favourite paperweight.

Nevertheless, I could never get past the screechy turpentine feel (is it the Iso E Super? or just whatever they used to replicate a woody vetiver?) and always end up feeling a bit sick whilst wearing this.

If your introduction to vetiver was Malle or the original Givenchy or even Guerlain, this could disappoint. It's not an expensive mistake and the bottle alone is probably worth the current market price.
03rd August, 2016
The low prices this celebrated perfume commands raised my suspicions even before testing the juice. Once bitten, twice shy: I had once too often been disappointed by popular fragrances smelling rough and ready; works-in-progress marketed long before they were ready.

Anyway, my suspicions were justified because Encre Noir smells half-backed, sharp, thin, lacking depth. Compairing it to decent vetiverts like Guerlain's or even Tom Ford's is a bit of an insult to the latter two. I bought 100ml of EN "for reference sake" and never feel masochistic enough to wear it. Won't recommend it, unless you're suffering from anosmia.
15th April, 2016
Picture Romania, then walking through a very dark forest on your way to Dracula's Castle. Burning leaves and wood surround you, the night howling of werewolves get closer. This stuff is what the undead would wear, the vampire would be at home smelling like this. Dark, evil, burning with no end in sight. This is potent juice, best left for those who suck blood and want to smell like a overflowing ashtray.
13th October, 2014 (last edited: 14th October, 2014)
Smell like a old burnt out building. I am not fond of this scent. This scent can not be worn in FL at all. Even the coldest day of winter here is not cold enough for this scent.
23rd July, 2014
One of the worst scents I've ever smelled. I simply cannot understand the hype around this perfume. First of all it smells really, really synthetic, it evokes me the scent of something you would spray to kill little insects like bugs, mixed with what smells like splashed ink from a fountain pen. Why would I want to smell like that?

It basically have no top notes, no middle notes, nothing, just a raw, chemical and linear abomination that lasts and lasts and simply won't go even after you wash it off several times. It's incredibly potent. Worst blind buy ever, sorry for the people who love this, no disrespect, but i find no beauty in this whatsoever. It may be original, but it simply doesn’t smell good and is incredibly unpleasant to wear.

Edit: i like it somewhat better, i tried it again today and it was kind of different. The scent has actually CHANGED from the last time. Yet it's the same bottle! No i'm not crazy. My guess is the difference of temperature made this smell change! The last time i tried it it was in winter, weather was cold and wet. It's now very warm where i live, and i swear the fragrance smells different, incredible! i knew perfumes could smell different according to the weather, but it just goes to a whole new level with this one! I couldn't bear it a few months ago when it was still cold outside, and today, warm weather, wow! the fragrance evolves into something new and quite pleasant, almost fresh and crisp while retaining the dark vetiver note, but not in that awfully inky way i had experienced previously. Very interesting. Still not something i would wear, but i'm amazed at how this fragrance changes according to weather.
21st April, 2014 (last edited: 10th June, 2014)
Theo Show all reviews
United States
Encre Noire is a perfect example of why I don't blind buy anymore based off of favorable reviews for a fragrance, although I was very tempted to based of it's low price point. With a recent Fragrancenet order I saw they had sample spray vials of this, so I added one to a recent order.

First off, the opening is horrible. It literally does smell like ant spray (the pungent ink note). It was scrubber for me but I could still smell it after I washed it off and it didn't smell AS horrible, so I sprayed some on paper and allowed it to mellow a bit. I also retested on my skin again. I can see the appeal of this for others, but it smells extremely synthetic, is very linear after the drydown, and all of descriptions of it being a 'dark', 'smokey', and 'brooding' fragrance are complete and utter hyperbole. It's doesn't smell earthy, or dark. I definitely get a bit of green from it throughout it's life, albeit synthetic green.

I own Grey Vetiver and love that fragrance. Vetiver is a tricky one for me because it does smell different based on the other notes used with it. EN is a total miss for me. Don't believe the hype, this is one of the cheapest, most synthetic fragrances I've smelled, and I'm shocked to hear people call this niche-like, worth $100, art, etc. It simply falls flat for me and is totally uninspired.
27th February, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
The opening is flawless. A bit of vetiver and bourbon for the first half hour.. Then I get a ton of musk.. The vetiver does not mix with the musk and the bourbon is gone.
Great opening with a terrible drydown.. I will retest it before the spring hits but I doubt I will change my mind..
12th February, 2014
I was drawn to the purchase by the exotic reviews. Well, let me tell you..just my opinion but this stuff seriously smells like a old damp basement replete with spiders webs and leaky plumbing..ah, no can keep that cute dark bottle..
03rd February, 2014
First of all, I have great respect for this fragrance. The ingredients are high quality and this could easily be a niche fragrance marketed at twice the price, so if you like this fragrance, affordability won't be a problem.

However, despite how much I really wanted to like the fragrance (especially because of the appealing bottle design and all of the rave it has been getting), I ended up not liking it. It does have that ink cartridge, wet newspaper, wet and dry vetiver scent, reminiscent of a dark forest. While this fragrance is high quality and respectable, it does have many qualities that could be seen as flaws.

It is not a very versatile scent. It is mainly a winter scent, and shouldn't be worn in warm weather. I can't imagine the younger crowd (under 25) getting excited about this one. It is more for a formal event such as a black-tie event or an executive business meeting maybe. This is not something to wear on a casual day. For this reason, if you buy a bottle of this, you probably won't ever use most of it.

Others won't respond to this well. This is not your feel-good smell-good compliment-getter that you can wear to clubs and women would be all over you. This is not your Le Male or Armani Code. This is a dark sophisticated fragrance for refined tastes. While my nose appreciated this one, my stomach felt nauseous and my brain was having a headache.

Verdict: Don't blind buy. But definitely sample this fragrance.
11th July, 2012
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I gotta admit that I enjoyed Encre Noire at first. Probably because it smelled so different, but to be honest, it got real old, real quick for me. At first this fragrance reminded me of the incense you would smell in a Catholic Church ceremony. Growing up in the church, I always loved that mysterious smell, but the last few times I wore Encre Noire, the incense memory went completely away and reminded me of nothing more then a newspaper factory, and that just didn't work for me, so I sold it on EBay. I took the money and that I sold EN with, and purchased HeWood Rocky Mountain Wood by D Squared. I love it! It's a toned down vetiver cousin of Encre Noire, but It's a lot more versatile and came with a lot more compliments. Good luck using Encre Noire as a signiture scent, your gonna need it.
01st July, 2012 (last edited: 01st January, 2013)
I too purchased this fragrance blind based on the overwhelmingly positive and oftentimes glowing reviews that I saw here. While I am quite new to fragrances, of the couple dozen I've tried this is the first one that I would refuse to wear even if I had no other options. I find it genuinely unpleasant.

I quite like the smell of ink and love the smell of gasoline, so I can't really agree with an earlier review positing that to be the turn off for some. It has the sharpness of fresh cut wood (cedar? pine?) but what I like in that is heavily masked by the sharpness of a chemical overtone. I'm not sure what pesticides smell like, but that sounds about right.

The strength of the opening dies down some, but the fragrance remains quite linear, and to my nose it is linearly bad.
21st June, 2012
I bought Encre Noire as a blind purchase based upon the overwhelmingly positive reviews on basenotes as well as two other sites. I used Encre Noire 3 times and tossed the bottle in the trash. The aroma reminded me of the incense used in funeral masses with hints of musty basement and damp woods....absolutely terrible.
02nd March, 2012
Burning cedar chips that have been soaked in pesticides.
24th February, 2012
disappointment! Feminine and like a steamy kitchen really.
14th October, 2011
I have always favored vetiver scents. Until I smelled this one; I really hate this.
The peculiar thing is: it smells SO MUCH like Guerlain Vetiver (which I love).
Somewhere upon the inhale, this takes a raunchy turn. In fact, I really cannot explain how/why I don't like this.
Maybe it's just "too much" for me. Too dank; too much musty-cellar or licorice.
I do, however, recognize its quality, and understand why it's so well-received.
28th January, 2010
Horatio Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It is very easy to knock out a decent Vetivert scent. It is a cheap ingredient that requires just a little softening of the edges.
The best example to my mind is the Malle VE - green perfection. This blend comes close but there is a weird musky note in the dry-down that reminds me of soggy uncooked pastry.
The packaging is superb.
20th April, 2009 (last edited: 23rd July, 2009)
Encre Noir was an unpleasant scent experience for me - unpleasant, but at least worthy of a review!

I'm a fan of vetiver and musk, so I don't know what went wrong with Lalique's Encre Noir. I wore it for half a day and decided that I absolutely HAD to shower and wash it off. Nothing redeeming here except longevity, which I obviously didn't quite appreciate in this case.
29th March, 2009
lalique better known for their outstanding art works-they created f.e. the flacon for nina ricci´s air du temps must have realized one day that launching a perfume is the key to more money.But lalique is definitely not chanel,caron or guerlain!and the great times of outstanding perfumes are over or have you ever found in 2006 something comparable to cuir de russie,tabac blonde,bandit,jolie madame,quadrille etc.etc.???anyway encre noir is presented in a minimalistic nice bottle and the opening of this scent reminds me of comme de carcons pour homme, gucci pour homme-again a perfume similar to what´s already on the market and successful.again a fragrance that is not unique or special-the typical strategy of the century-i am producing a scent that has to and will be sold!
Encre noir is aromatic,warm and sensual but with a little fresh note ( vetiver)-the feeling of a woody aromatic note mixed up with the fresh and lighter vetiver is nice-one one hand a warm and smooth and on the other hand fresh.The scent reminds me of the smell in a church.....the opening is really promising but the drydown isn´t anymore-the scent is nice and ok but doen´t make you dream or want more.....if you really want more, you wanna feel inspired,seduced then you should have a look a the already above mentinned perfumes.encre noir by lalique is a nice eau de toilette-not less not more and aren´t we all nice??!!
03rd March, 2007