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Negative Reviews of Chemical Bonding by Ineke

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Eminently forgettable citrus followed by thrift shop tea combo – the tea note is so insistently artificial that it bleaches the citrus notes of all vitality and one is left with the odour of some strong cleaning agent on one’s skin. This embarrassment barely deserves to be called a perfume, yet there are plenty more of its ilk around, which makes me wonder why perfumers bother turning out yet more.

21st February, 2014
Smells like your favourite washing-up liquid. Nothing I'd want to smell of.
Found it rather nasty.
11th March, 2010
I was strongly reminded of Clinique Happy by Chemical Bonding. I don't care for Happy due to the pronounced (to me) chemical notes, but I will guess that if you like Happy you will like Chemical Bonding.
18th November, 2008
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