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This one is a little deceptive at first. The initial notes present an incredible citrus melange: at times, I smell orange; at times, lemon; at times, grapefruit. This is quickly joined by a tea note. But then, just as you think you've got another typical modern citrus fragrance on your hands (or arms, or torso) it's like Ineke said "let there be peony." And there was. And it was good. If you like peony, you'll love this stage. As the scent wears on, the musky, powdery, clean base shows up and merges with the peony for a while until the peony runs its course and you're left with the powdery, clean, musk and woods. It's very nice, it's clean and fresh in a non-generic way, and it's unisex, but probably on the feminine end of the unisex spectrum. Lasting power is very good on me, as with all Inekes I've tried.
04th May, 2011
Chemical Bonding is a very nice tart citrus/tea scent that I find to be completely unisex. The citrus notes last and last, and the tea/peony notes compliment the citrus very well. Good stuff.
08th March, 2011
Ah! Body chemistry!!

A few caveats: 1)I AM a peony lover/ searcher and 2) what I write here is what happens in my nose to this frag on my bod - I don't pretend to be objective.

On me Chemical Bonding opens sweetly citrusy with a sort of bergamot peony already peeking through. When the peony becomes full blown she's soft and round and super creamy. She shines this way for HOURS growing softer and creamier as she goes.

TOTALLY one of my fave peonies...many thanks to the BNer who pointed me to Chemical Bonding!
23rd March, 2010
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Effervescent citrus opens this extroverted frag from Ineke, and it is vibrant and lemony. An immediate reference combination of Keiko Mecheri's Sanguine and Damask Rose come to mind. However, this Chemical Bonding is all about the peony. Like foetidus says - larger than life! I have a so-so feeling about peony in my perfume, and although this one is very good, it isn't something that connects my nose to my heart. This peonys' most likeable quality is its' lightness. Sometimes highly fragrant florals like peony or rose can 'lay heavily', but not this one! A tea like character wafts in and out on occassion. Blackberry is a difficult note for my nose to detect, and I don't smell it in this compostion. The musk is subtle, and appropriately present, very polite. I don't 'get' the name though...possibly a self-indulgence by the creator?! Nonetheless, a uniquely creative springtime scent.
08th March, 2009
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United States
Foetidus' review is really all you need to know about this fragrance's smell.

I will add that I sampled at a store that did not indicate the gender of Chemical Bonding.... I assumed it was unisex, and even though it is classified otherwise I look forward to buying my own someday soon.
22nd July, 2008
At first there is a very serious chemical note that is somewhat bitter: I get the bitterness in the opening rather than the drydown. I find the "chemical" accords of Chemical Bonding definitely attractive: It quickly becomes a neutral texture that has elements of citrus and tea and metal. I like it very much except that it lasts only about five or six minutes. Then a strong peony note enters in – a very good peony note, actually: a peony note almost larger than life, just like the peony flower itself. When the peony note recedes, we are back to a chemical note again. This time the notes in the accord are less synthetic and more standard – there are a recognizable vetiver and amber, and the accord is very enjoyable in a subtle sort of way. It is smooth and light and a bit powdery. Chemical Bonding is quite an enjoyable fragrance.
02nd May, 2008