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United Kingdom
A nice citrus opening that soon takes a floral turn and then has hints of a slightly mossy wood added.
The main issue for me is its poor performance, with soft sillage, very limited projection and about two hours of longevity on my skin in spite of liberal application.

The performance problems would be acceptable in a pure volatile citrus-centred creation, but here it is not convincing; and it is not made up for by originality and brilliance. Pleasant, though. 2.75/5

28th November, 2015
a light Creed GIT
07th November, 2015
Derring Do opens with a jump into the near past – the almighty 1990s. A spicy, bold yet compelling accord of nutmeg on creamy-powdery woods with perhaps some incense, or something equally “resinous-woody-dusty” with a bright and transparent substance. The head notes are mostly citrus and a kind of dull, generic floral thing. Nemo by Cacharel comes to mind, mixed with Issey Miyake’s groundbreaking Eau. A poorly-persistent, fresh-powdery Oriental spicy scent with creamy woods and a sprinkle of pastel nuances (flowers, citrus). Clean, pleasant, graceful, slightly exotic, totally civilised. And boring to the bone. Fairly similar to many – cheaper – mainstream scents, too: pick any among the “clean-synthetic-floral-spicy” ones, chances are you won’t smell big differences.

03rd April, 2015
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The Ineke line has delivered disappointment after disappointment – and Derring-Do is no exception. A buffed, synthetic, citrusy aquatic of bargain basement quality with a dialled-up fougere twist (clearly deriving from the hideous lineage begun by the likes of Cool Water and Escape). There is an emperor’s new clothes feel about it. Such stylish packaging and imagery, a striking name, and yet the scent is clichéd and ill-executed. Made me feel bilious, like I’d overdosed on fruit punch.
11th November, 2013
Derring-Do for Men by Ineke - One is initially treated to a flurry of invigorating, citrus smells. This sparkling accord has sweet and sour aspects with the zingy grapefruit at the helm. Nascent, watery notes gather strength and come to the fore in a graceful wave of petrichor, that special smell of earth, caressed by raindrops after a dry spell, releasing its pent-up energy. Some metallic smell, perhaps, the exposure of minerals from the force of the rainfall, flutters about. Staid cyclamen joins to highlight its lightly floral greenness evoking thoughts of leaves bathing in a sun shower. These accords are quite refreshing, and trickle to the awaiting middle. Here, elegant magnolia infuses the chaste, rain notes with its creamy, lemony, floral goodness with ghosts of verdure. Also, a pepper note with its lively spiciness, as well as a cardamom note with its prickly smokiness add to the delight of the heart. Transitioning to its pleasing base, sweet and airy guaiacwood along with buttery and rich, virginia cedarwood impart their delightful woodiness. And, a faintly powdery musk with its clean and fresh elements joins the satisfying woods to meander to the refreshful drydown. This bracing composition revels in the spring and summer, and has good projection and longevity.
23rd December, 2011
Ineke DERRING DO is another of this house's masculine-leaning unisex fragrances. This one, too, is probably too masculine for me, but the quality of the ingredients is indisputable, and I would heartily recommend it to guys looking for a fresh citrus woody summertime scent. I find that all of the INEKE "unisex" compositions really lie on the masculine side of the M/F divide, and DERRING DO is no exception to the rule, but I do appreciate its fineness--for what it is.
30th July, 2011
I am not a big fan of aquatics. They have their place, and I find myself using them most when it's very hot, in weather conditions that would have the rest of my wardrobe choking me out. That said, Derring-Do was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! I liked it at first, and it's only grown on me with every subsequent testing or wearing. Yes, it starts off fruity-citrusy, with an obvious aquatic note. But, it's got more body to it than most aquatics. It has a fougere-like oomph to it, and ends in a light, woody, musky, slightly powdery base. Throughout its development there is a stony, almost concrete-like smell or feel that's hard to relate in words. This note or accord brings an air of aloofness or seriousness to what could be an overly light-hearted scent (FWIW, this lack of seriousness is what has ultimately made me tire of Creed's MI). It's an EdP, so unlike most other aquatics, I get good longevity.

I recently wore this on one arm with Kenzo Homme on the other. Derring-Do easily smelled deeper, richer, more ''natural" (of course), more complex (of course), and lasted longer. The only point at which I preferred Kenzo Homme - and by the slightest margin at that - was in the deep base where Derring-Do still had some sweetness and Kenzo Homme seemed to have a nice, subtle woods, florals, and light spice thing going on. That said, the Kenzo was much too light to smell at that stage from any distance further than nose-on-skin. [Of course, this comparison is not really fair, as they are two different scents in two different styles. I'm sharing the comparison only to give a sense of what Derring-Do smells like as compared to a more familiar standard-bearer.]

All said, thumbs-up for a well-constructed fragrance, an aquatic with some character and lasting power.
04th May, 2011 (last edited: 12th May, 2011)
Very Nice! Derring-Do seems to me a little like what would have happened if Jean Claude Ellena made Green Irish Tweed. This fragrance is very crisp, light and airy but not insubstantial. I concur with Primrose's review that this sent is safe yet I will add that it is not boring at all. You will want to wear this fragrance. I would suggest this scent for anyone that wants something fresh, casual, and different.
27th July, 2010
Derring-Do is a very refreshing scent, and my second to be sampled from the Ineke line. It is very citrusy and crisp at the top and settles into a fougere floral blend. Longevity is good and this is very much a "safe" scent and very unisex.
24th May, 2010
Well, I didn't realize it was For Men and I just LOVE it. On me the opening is a burst of citrus juice quickly followed by rounded leafy magnolia. After an hour or so this is mellowed by a sort of angular woodiness. Great longevity...a total winner.
25th March, 2010
Unquestionably fresh, I can't imagine anyone ever finding this offensive to be around. Upon first application I certainly get the citrus opening, along with whatever rain notes compromise (petrichor?), if cyclamen is present, I'm unfortunately not aware of it. The drydown is smooth and excellent, there's no annoying "cloying" feeling here that I get from too many things. I can still smell this wafting ~6 hours later from two sprays on my neck. I've only worn this in fall>winter weather for the moment, but even then it's quite acceptable for use.

The bottle is a bit of a plus as well, classy :D
22nd November, 2009
To my nose, this is the best of the Ineke line, and still, not even that great. I found it be pretty sharp and synthetic, just like the rest of the fragrances from this house. A shame, since I love the marketing and bottles. Even the customer service is great - I just don't like the fragrances.

17th November, 2009
Goes on relatively strong, the citrus top notes weighing in heavily, but then settles into a very pleasant, crisp, sweet (but not overly so), fruity, refreshing fragrance. Mellow and breezy.
20th July, 2009
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Yes, it's on the masculine side, but I'm completely comfortable wearing it. It's great-crisp and clean, citrusy and sparkling. Very well done. So far I haven't met an Ineke I don't like!
04th September, 2008
A little bit citrus, a little aquatic, quite a bit of metal – all rounded off in a light accord… and it makes for a catching and attractive masculine opening. This is one of those ultra clean scents, and when it reacts to my skin, I get Chrome flashbacks. This is not Chrome…it’s more refined and subtle and not as metallic. I actually have enjoyed it after several wearings without losing my appreciation for the pleasant cleanliness of the accords. I’m not sure what it is about Derring-Do, but it has a uniqueness that escapes easy classification. It’s light, it’s clean, it’s a bit metallic, and it has quite good longevity, but it belongs to the aquatic genre, which is not a favorite of mine. This one is about as good an aquatic as I’ve tried. It deserves a thumbs up for its refinement and competence if not for its genre.
23rd August, 2008
This is definitely my new favorite scent. One reason I like it is because no one has ever heard of it and most folks that I know don't know where to find it. Lately, I try to be somewhat unique with my fragrances. Its clean citrus and watery fresh smell ( but not oceanic ) on top of a powdery, mossy, fresh musk base. Its not overly crisp and definitely gets warmer over time, but the fresh rain notes lasts well over 4 hours.....I don't really find EdP's for men very often and I find it makes a significant difference in duration and projection. I don't like sweet, musky, or extremely powdery fragrances, and while this has a very slightly sweet lavender/powder scent on the drydown its still clean and fresh. Every girl that has smelled this on me says it makes them want to get naked under a fuzzy warm blanket. If that doesn't make it a winner, I don't know what does!
21st August, 2008
Definitely light. Definitely crisp. Definitely fresh. Unlike other scents of the over saturated genre of fresh and clean, this one is quirky with a touch of wood. ON a card, it disappears after 30 minutes but on my dry skin it's still there. However, no projection from me. But! This is a well made fragrance and I love it.

On a side note: I recently purchased a bouquet of cyclamen for someone's birthday. They are a very interesting looking flower with waxy leaves. I sniffed them but they had no distinctive odor.
28th June, 2008
This is that rare Men's scent that is simple, clean, fresh, but LONG LASTING and will stay with you all day.It's the "ultimate light" in that it's not overpowering...but it's always there with it's step out of shower freshness. If you like fresh scents that are very unique and last...then this is worth a try.
30th May, 2008
Just received my beautifully packaged sample set from Ineke Ruhlman. Apparently, the person in charge of internet sales literally lives across the street from my office in San Francisco, and walked it over himself. Now that's what I call service! It certainly puts me in a positive frame of mind to review Derring Do. So far, I'm loving it. The first impression is the citrus, light and clean and refreshing, followed by the middle notes which to my nose emphasize the magnolia. There is a flinty, almost metallic, crispness that keeps it alive and masculine. I've always been a little amused by descriptions that talk about "rain notes", since last time I checked rain had no fragrance, but this Derring Do does capture that moment when the first drops of a summer rain touch the dust on asphalt -- the scent that accompanies being caught in a downpour and escaping under a tree in the park. This is certainly NOT your father's eau de parfum.

The dry-down is warmer, but still fresh. My clients must be wondering why I keep raising my wrist to my nose....
12th May, 2008
yes great. looking for other men products from her. she seems to be proud of what she does. this is a great masculine scent. you will get many compliments. guaranteed.
20th December, 2007
This reminds me of Divine's L'homme de coeur, but, not because they smell so similar, but, because I had the same "meh" opening reaction. But, just like L'homme de coeur, the dry down is completely different. I would put it in the same category as Pleasures as far as "fresh" is concerned.
12th December, 2007
Light, crisp, clean, and easy to wear. Not overpowering or offensive. Def. an every day scent, that the guy next to you on the train won't be wearing. Not head-over-heels in love. Instead content.
07th December, 2007
Got a sample of this and am unimpressed as it is way too light. The "rain notes" are nice, but extremely fleeting, as is the fougere. It dries down very quickly and is basically gone within about two hours. It could be that my skin chemistry is incompatible with this one, but I expected more.
21st November, 2007
I expected a lot from this because of how beautiful the website and the packaging are. When I first sprayed it, I was a little disappointed. It reminded me a lot of Yohji Yamamoto pour homme, which is not a bad scent, but I expected something different. However, I've worn it for the last two days and I can't stop smelling it. It has a very clean masculine scent that I can say just makes me want to go out and do stuff!
19th November, 2007