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Neutral Reviews of Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

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United Kingdom
A nice citrus opening that soon takes a floral turn and then has hints of a slightly mossy wood added.
The main issue for me is its poor performance, with soft sillage, very limited projection and about two hours of longevity on my skin in spite of liberal application.

The performance problems would be acceptable in a pure volatile citrus-centred creation, but here it is not convincing; and it is not made up for by originality and brilliance. Pleasant, though. 2.75/5

28th November, 2015
a light Creed GIT
07th November, 2015
Derring Do opens with a jump into the near past – the almighty 1990s. A spicy, bold yet compelling accord of nutmeg on creamy-powdery woods with perhaps some incense, or something equally “resinous-woody-dusty” with a bright and transparent substance. The head notes are mostly citrus and a kind of dull, generic floral thing. Nemo by Cacharel comes to mind, mixed with Issey Miyake’s groundbreaking Eau. A poorly-persistent, fresh-powdery Oriental spicy scent with creamy woods and a sprinkle of pastel nuances (flowers, citrus). Clean, pleasant, graceful, slightly exotic, totally civilised. And boring to the bone. Fairly similar to many – cheaper – mainstream scents, too: pick any among the “clean-synthetic-floral-spicy” ones, chances are you won’t smell big differences.

03rd April, 2015
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To my nose, this is the best of the Ineke line, and still, not even that great. I found it be pretty sharp and synthetic, just like the rest of the fragrances from this house. A shame, since I love the marketing and bottles. Even the customer service is great - I just don't like the fragrances.

17th November, 2009
Got a sample of this and am unimpressed as it is way too light. The "rain notes" are nice, but extremely fleeting, as is the fougere. It dries down very quickly and is basically gone within about two hours. It could be that my skin chemistry is incompatible with this one, but I expected more.
21st November, 2007