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Neutral Reviews of English Fern by Bronnley

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This site lists Bronnley’s English Fern as a feminine scent, and I agree. I am a big fan of fern or fougere scents. R& G’s fern soap, Trumper’s Wild Fern and Penhaligon’s English Fern have the most marvellous green, mildly “rubbery” scent. I thought I’d try Bronnley and see what they did with it. I am reviewing the Body Splash Cologne. This is an odd scent (to my nose), not anything remotely fern-like about it. Initially it is sweet; like candy, chocolate or almonds. It then settles into a sweet hay scent. It is impossible to get information on the fragrance notes, but I’d guess they are mint, light moss, sweet musk, maybe some patchouli. There is almond oil in the soap and this splash, that also adds a sweet nutty aspect. The soap has a more pleasing, grassy smell than the Cologne. Final verdict – too sweet for me.
20th June, 2007