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Neutral Reviews of Sienne L'Hiver by Eau d'Italie

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Reviews (elsewhere) had built this one up high; I half expected a misconstrued, ahead-of-its-time masterpiece. Upon trying it, I see no originality, alas there is still nothing new under the sun. Its iris is a carbon copy of Dzongkha, with very little to differentiate, throughout the drawn-out opening. I'll downplay the "olive/truffle/celery" accords...maybe I was expecting it too much based on other reviews (it's there, although I didn't find if off-putting or over the top). I enjoy the dry down most; I get a tastefully austere amber and wood, and this part seems to last, yet not project much.
15th January, 2017
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United Kingdom
I completely get the Dzongkha reference - the opening is very similar. Both have the odd effect (in common also with Magie Noire) of making me feel...not hungry exactly, but quite literally 'un buco allo stomaco'. Weird. Anyway, that aside, I find the development of this to be too vegetal for my tastes. Clever, yes, but not really what I want to smell of - chilli peppers, a slight smokiness, a touch of truffle perhaps - it's all great, but not for me (although possibly quite true to its name).

I also find it to be quite linear: after the opening blast dies down and the body of the scent comes through, it doesn't really go any further - 5 hours in and it's exactly the same as it started.

Great longevity though.
10th January, 2014
Purchased a sample and immediately thought of cocktail sauce (sorry). After trying it again, I went from negative to neutral in my estimation of the juice. If the idea here is to smell "different" this achieves that and then some, but if the idea is to actually smell good, which is my goal, this one isn't it. I cant give it a negative rating, but I can't say it is positive either. I wanted to love this one so much, but it just isn't my cup of tea.
24th December, 2013
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Smells like excellent quality cocktail sauce with a gin martini on the side. Where's my shrimp?

31st December, 2012
Unusual. Sienne opens on a sweet-and-sour, very recognizable violet leaf note. I enjoy it in theory, but find it hard to actually *wear*, and that's one of the reasons I would not buy this, well constructed though it undoubtedly is. Violet leaf is astringent and sour, and I've seen it compared to everything from black olives to green beans, but for me smells closest to pickled jalapeños.
Anyway, the violet leaf does calm down and the rest of the fragrance is an excellent, gentle mix of mildly sweet spices and resins.

Not for me.
04th September, 2009
Notes (from Eau d’Italie website): coal-roasted chestnuts, black olives, autumn leaves, truffles, French straw, iris root, white musk
I wanted to like this scent! The concept of a olfactory ‘walk’ through a location, especially one as romantic as Sienna, is very appealing. The promised fragrance notes are intriguing. I’ve tried it on several occasions over the past few months. In the end, I’m neutral on it. My reservation is that it just isn’t “me” – it doesn’t suit me. On my skin, it is a largely a creamy, slightly sweet and slightly leathery scent. Although it is so much better than Cumming, it does remind me of that, another high-concept and location-oriented fragrance.
The opening is very good. It is green with lovely lemon and birch-like wood notes. There are hints of smoke, olive, wood, the earthy tang of truffles. It is a subtle scent, and stays close to the skin. It evokes an introspective, personal aura. It dries down to a clean, slightly soapy finish. But as I said, the lingering sweetness and creamy aspects don’t click with me.
I urge people to try it, and see for themselves. I’m sure it will suit many, men and women.
20th November, 2008

A tricky one…is it a shape-shifter or is it so acutely dependent on skin type and olfactory variations? The top is intriguing… it took my about five testings before I could grasp anything substantial in it, but now I love it. It’s a mixed bag of all sorts of wonderfully out of the way smells one encounters. I immediately get violet and olive (especially olive), and there’s something nutty in the background. There’s an earthy, or more likely, “stony” note prominent in the background, too. The smoke just doesn’t come through until the last gasps of the fragrance. I like the accords in the opening, and they stay on for almost the entire run of the fragrance. The over all feeling of Sienne l’Hiver is one of freshness and naturalness, but it seems a little too light – I would like it to have a stronger presence. I would also like it to last longer. I would buy this if it were a $60 a bottle fragrance, but I feel it’s too expensive for what it delivers.

10th October, 2008
I really, really wanted to love this. You know the feeling when you read the notes, consider the concept, and just "know" you'll love it. But then there's skin chemistry and the ever unpredictable olfactory perception with which to contend.

The topnotes were great. And I can completely notice the concept unfolding. There is the somewhat sweet nutty smell, some vegetal components, a whiff of smoke, and an earthiness underlying it all. Then as it dries down, the sweetness, the nuttiness, the smokiness, and even the earthiness all give way to a murky, plant-like smell reminiscent of tomato plants, or maybe green bell pepper plants. And there it sits.

I am encouraged by the topnotes and have high hopes for the others in this line. I am seriously hoping this is a skin chemistry issue for me. Nonetheless, I am disappointed by the way this scent collapses in on itself every time I try it on my skin.
05th March, 2007