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Negative Reviews of Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

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It's too....strong and floral. This is the kind of stuff that triggers people with allergies, I got complaints from wearing this.
12th May, 2013
This is pretty foul to my nose. Smells like a cross of some Calvin Klein synthetic fresh scent with the most heavy ylang ylang and rotten fruit. Sickly sweet combined with sharp, fresh ozone and coumarin. Really a let down, and I can't wash it off! It sticks like glue!
15th February, 2013
This is a darker version of Le Male . I agree with Darvant in that this smells pharmaceutical . Dead flowers, soapy, , quite old woman scent ...
Longevity and projection are similar to Le Male , in other words , great .But I can't imagine a man wearing this .Instead I picture a middle-age woman.
Thumbs down
10th February, 2012
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I recieved this as a gift and only wear it when iv run out of all other fragrances. Its just too floral and sickly for me. I suffer from motion sickness sometimes when im in a car and this fragrance seems to make it worse for whatever reason.

The good side to this fragrance is that it projects very well ( then again so does a fart) and lasts a long time.

I wouldnt recommend this fragrance to anyone I know.

My score: Projection 8/10
Longevity 8/10
Fragrance 3/10
08th January, 2012
I smelled this in Perfume Mania. Either it was off, or it really does smell like shit. Very indolic, this one. I expected it to be very round and flowery at the start, but it was quite sharp and peppery. I tested it on paper rather than my arm. The SA warned me about it. He ask if I was familiar with Le Male and that it's nothing like it's older sibling. He was reluctant to get me a sample of he was ashamed to! I can see why. Pass.
05th December, 2010
This is merely a sickly, gaudy over-ridiculous floral blast. I can't even call its opening for the first hour or so unisex. It smells just like woman's perfume. When it dries down, it does get better. It starts to smell more like a floral le male. But it still retains the floral note and comes off too feminine for me. At its best it is a strongly unisex fragrance bordering on purely feminine. If you like masculine scents or any kind of "manliness" this is not for you. If you hate strong florals, this isn't for you. If you think le male is too unisex, this certainly isn't for you.

The only positive for me, is its projection and longevity is solid. (But what perfume really isn't)
09th August, 2010
Firstly, I have to say this scent is very unique, definitely. Then I have to say it doesn't appeal to me the least bit. Longevity great, sillage quite solid. Scent itself smells very artifical, but in a futuristicly unique way. I can easily assume that this one could have as much as haters as much as it has lovers. I understand why one might love this one, but alas I don't share that love.
04th April, 2010
Agghh!! Smells like something my grandmother would have worn. Overcrowded and musty in my opinion. Definitely never ending up in my wardrobe.
01st April, 2009
I tried if I could like JPG offerings: Le Male and Fleur D’ Male. These fragrances in my ultimate opinion (whether good or bad) are typical "metro sexual" realities! Thereafter, being a lasting and silage monsters is an impractical feature for insisting me to put them in any sort of regular usage.

Thumbs Down for having these worst fragrances in my collection. I spent a quite heavy price to get them. Worst 2nd Buy in my 75+ collection is “Le Male” while the 1st one is "Fleur D' Male" (yakhhhhhhh!!!)

And after getting these 2 from JPG, I learnt to try at least twice before buying any PERFUME!

Final Conclusion: Only use in which I can put Le Male is to mix it with some sophisticated heavy & spicy fragrance to give a little sweet touch! And unfortunately can’t put Fleur D’ Male even for such a use.
09th March, 2009
Tried it on in the store. The best way i can describe the barrage of smell that hit me.... is DIRT. It smelled like dirt. not even a earthy dirt, just repulsive stenchy dirt. I think the salesgirl across the room even saw my face cringe at the impact of the smell. Didn't like it at all. Maybe it smells better once the top notes fade, but i didn't let it get that far so i really can't say. But what i can say is that i didn't like it at all.
13th January, 2009
JPG has given us the first male contraceptive. I swear, I wouldn't be able to stand within ten feet of any man wearing this fragrance, it's THAT bad. Nasty.
08th January, 2009
Being a huge fan of La Male I decided to spray this on right away without even smelling it first on a card when it came to our shop. Sadly it smells a bit like 2nd hand cd stores and rubber mats. I realize people say that you've gotta wait a bit for it to smell nice on you (up to 2 hours from some people) but I can't really spray cologne on while I'm sleeping to really give this a proper test. Really disappointed and feel it's unworthy of the name.
23rd December, 2008
tanto Show all reviews
United States
Too much orange blossom in this fragrance. Smells very much like Kouros (but not as nice). Some of the dept stores in NYC and the surrounding area have already returned this fragrance back to the vendor. The only nice thing about it is the great looking "Le Male" bottle design in white. Other than that, this is a real, true FLOP !!
02nd December, 2008
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Holy Honeysuckle this stuff is nasty. One whiff and I was angry. Le Male was my signature scent for a long time (before it got insanely popular) and is still one of my all time favorites.

This stuff is just rank. JPG has lost his damn mind on this one.
05th October, 2008
This fragrance enrages me... It smells like heaven at first... the orange blossom is to die for (I grew up and live in florida, and the smell of orange blossoms is one of my favorite smells ever)... then the sexy somehow manly orange blossom turns into the smell of stinky old people.......... so dissapointing
03rd October, 2008
Havok Show all reviews
United States
I must say, smelling this on a card was questionable at best. But I had high hopes for this, so I tried it on my wrists. Boy was that a mistake. The next few hours were torture as I endured this lightly fruit version of watered down Le Male mixed with what I'd expect to smell in a urinal. Terrible.
24th September, 2008
As I think JPG Le Male is one of the best scents ever created I was very excited about trying FdM a few months ago.
I even considered just to buy it without trying it first as it was JPG and the bottle reminded me of LeMale.
THANK GOD I tried it first!
Now, I have never been to a Southern European, male only "Massage Club", but I am pretty sure THIS is the kind of smelling sensation you get there!
It smells sweet, but not the good kind. It smells "thick" I dont know how to describe it better. If I liked it, I would have written "deep" but this word is not enough for the overwhelming smell.
It smelled like a mixture of Rose-Soap and babypowder with a hint of musk.
Normally I like sweet scents, but this is just way too much. After walking through the city, I felt like apologising to everyone that got closer than 2m... not exactly the feeling you want to get after spraying some cologne on to you.
Maybe I'll try it again sometime but for now, I have to give a clear thumbs down!
31st July, 2008
Gaultier pushed the envelope a little too far on this one or should I say he was in a rush to and missed what ever he was trying to achive.

This smell like a bad body spray imposter no less of Giorigo Beverly Hills for women. Its the sweet over kill of orange flower which reminds me of that.

In my mind what should have been done (again this is in my mind) Jean Paul should have tweeked his original Le Male. Work with that unique scent throw some spiced rum into the mix - create an edp version of Le Male! Make the bottle black covered in shinny rubber -give it some tattoos on the body - pierce the nipple.. These are some ideas original ones then this female scent you are trying to push on us.

16th July, 2008

This is one is just too much to bear.....i think they tried to produce something as ground breaking as the original one, but they definitely failed !
03rd July, 2008
And what do we have here? An average/ordinary female scent became a modern male scent… No, I’m not surprised: in the strange world we are living nowadays.
It’s floral, very long lasting, floral, partly powdery, floral, quite strong and… Did I say it’s floral?
However, if you’ve already bought this one (like me, for example) you should know that it’s not so repulsive on very low temperatures.
I agree with just a part of its name: “fleur”… oui, sans aucun doute, mais “du male”… je n’ai pas cette impression.
18th May, 2008 (last edited: 14th July, 2008)
Somehow I really dislike this scent. It even smells a bit like urine! I can't seem to enjoy it in any stage, not even the drydown! In some occations it could be appropiate, but I would only use it a few days a year and will definately never buy a bottle of this stuff!


Not super bad but definately nothing I like either!

Ooh and I nearly forgot: the longevity on this one is great! But do you want to have it around you for a long time, that's the question! Test it before you buy!
07th May, 2008 (last edited: 08th May, 2008)
Death by plastic flowers.

My complaint here is not against its being rather feminine. I enjoy florals and I have no problems wearing feminine scents. Apparently, Gaultier didn't give Kurkdjian enough money to spend on material, since it just feels so damn synthetic and artificial. Such a shame, considering that I'm usually a sucker for neroli.
25th April, 2008
My first review to review this Fleur du Male and how absolutely AWFUL it is. Has to be the worst smelling cologne I personally have ever tried. To me it smells like old man plus womens perfume with a small small hint of Le Male. It is bad. I love Le Male but this is just awful. Can you tell I hate this fragrance. I would just say test before you buy and make sure it is on your skin and wait for the drydown. Happy for you if you like it though.
08th January, 2008
jogu78 Show all reviews
United States
a girl at sephora sprayed this on me as a recommendation and at 1st i was like "no way, smells way too floral", but i couldnt stop wanting to smell it over and over. i almost bought it but didnt. i kept thinking about this all night and went back the next day to spray this on myself before deciding on whether to buy it. again, i was like man this is so flowery but theres a masculine edge there somewhere that makes it male.
as i stood around chatting with the girls i kept sniffing my wrist where id sprayed it; ughhhhhhhhhhhhh, the scent started to smell plastic-y. thats all i can say to describe the sickening... something fleur du male took on.
hours later, im sitting at my desk and i can STILL smell this just as strong as when i initially put it on. none of the notes seemed to have evolved in that time either. just floral sweetness and some kind of... plasticness.
yuck yuck yuck, i dont fink this would be good on ladies either cos after a while it turns into poop
30th November, 2007
G... so many different opinions. How are we ever going to achieve World Peace if we go on like this? Well, I'll tell you how: you can simply decide NOT to wear Fleur du Male. That would be a perfect first step towards making this planet a better place.
21st November, 2007
Hmmm.Just plain orange blossom and some rotten flowers for me.Extremely disgusting.Unfrotunately I bought it blind despite being advised from several people here,not to do so :).Every bad thing happens for good.I will do what I am advised to do from now on :P
08th November, 2007
I really had high hopes for this one. When it was about to launch, I paid a very high price to be the first person who owns a bottle of this in my home-country: a blind expensive buy! And what a disaster!

It starts with an overdose of Neroli and dries down to an overdose of Neroli poured over a base of muted Le Male. Honestly, Le Male is far better than this!

Stays very long with monstrous projection. Overall: 3 out of 10.
04th August, 2007 (last edited: 22nd July, 2012)
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
it smells as if someone ate baby powder and orange cream flavored protein powder and then threw it up. Horribe. Disgusting. Hope this tanks and they discontinue. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!
10th June, 2007
A digustingly sickly and feminine perversion of the perfectly fine, compliment illiciting original! Ergh!
10th June, 2007
fasty Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I tried this in a duty-free shop and wished I hadn't.
It starts out much to flowery for me and I missed the basenotes that I enjoy from Le Male
05th June, 2007