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Neutral Reviews of Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

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Wow, a strong fragrance indeed. Sillage & longevity monster. The orange blossom notes are somewhat close to overripe fruits and the vanille & sweet notes makes this fragrance very close to a very feminine side. I can't imagine anyone emptying up a 125 ml bottle :) Careful, very easy to overspray.
06th December, 2012 (last edited: 18th December, 2012)
Boy, this could be a love it or hate it fragrance. I have read how this is a silage monster so I sprayed one spray on my chest before work today. I felt like I was drowning in perfume all day. Do not over apply this! Yes, sort of flowery and with quite a bit of powdery smell for me, something I don't usually like but this was OK. Although I do get the flowers and the powder but it is not, as some people say a feminine perfume. How, I don't know, but there is a masculinity in this that most fragrances for women don't have. In fact, I might like this just a tiny bit more if there were some slightly sweeter notes mixed with a touch of something heavier, some musk perhaps.

Strong, long lasting, metrosexual but not a woman's fragrance at all. I guess I will say I like rather than love this and I will not wear if often but I will wear this. May update this review at some point...

EDIT: Do not (repeat), do not over apply. I sprayed my chest once last night and a tiny spray on each arm last night. BIG mistake. One short spray under your clothes is enough. The smell is sort of heavy, waxy and floral (the waxy smell somehow reminds me of Black Orchid) and the projection and silage are strong. I had people turning around in the club to see where the smell was coming from. I like this but in small doses and I am one that likes a fragrance to have projection. The sprayer should have a governor on it. LOL.
26th June, 2012
I like this scent a lot but this doesn't belong to men at all. This isn't even unisex, its for women only...just a mistake that they put it in a man section. I would love this on my girlfriend. What is le male for men its for a woman. I rate this as a neutral because its a very good fragrance, just not for a man...way too floral and powdery...but if you dig those notes then its for you. Projection and longevity is just a more amped up version of le male...WOW, be easy with the trigger.
18th March, 2012
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A greener take on Le Male basically. A ton of neroli/orange blossom added to the top notes, with a rather noticeable fern note.

On the first wearing, I thought.. John Varvatos Artisan, but more complex. After a couple more wearings, I began to notice the original Le Male in FdM more and more. My conclusion: Le Male meets Artisan. By the 4-6 hour point, most of the green notes and neroli is gone, and it's pretty much just Le Male.

Not at mall bad, but definitley not for me. Projection and longevity are just as good as Le Male.
04th June, 2011
White flowers, futurism and soapy-balsamic orange, a Kurkdjian's diablery. On a bed of pharmaceutical coumarin aromatized in a balsamic-airy way by the addition of fern, the performer settled a bitter-sweet neroli accord gentled by white orange flowers. The outcome is a synthetic and delicate aroma of white orangy flowers that soars airy and cool. The rough bitter-sweet opening is original and quite intoxicating, than the scent starts mellowing and losing the harsh/angular fruity initial temperament in order to fade down in to a silky/exotic cream mastered by insertion of an hint of vanilla and a minimal touch of tobacco. Daring but surely not my choice.
16th April, 2011 (last edited: 03rd January, 2016)
The top notes are a bit too loud and scream out at you at first but they die down within 5 min and even more so later on and this scent REALLY shines after that. It's a sweet, musky, vanilla orange blossom scent with a hint of spice with exceptional longevity and sillage. I always seem to take a liking to a long lasting fragrance because I like getting my moneys worth.

It's not as cloying as Le Male and more elegant. Albeit slightly feminine in certain aspects but that's only because orange blossom is a star component which would make any men's fragrance have a certain female feel to it.

A very unique fragrance because florals have a very hard time appealing to me.
Very well done and of course any fragrance that tries to be different and stand out will have a lot of people on either side of the fence.

The problem is that is feels far too feminine and the worst part about it is that it's FAR too indolic. In the sense that it feels too dirty and not as clean as I'd like. It gets quite fecal for a long time before it dissipates yet I cannot stand it until then. While this scent feels natural and takes a unique route in men's fragrances, it's too dirty for my liking and many others as well considering this wasn't a big hit.
12th February, 2010 (last edited: 23rd February, 2011)
Very strong opening, and the drydown is just okay. A big yawnfest from all my friends so I pass on this.
24th May, 2009
I like le male a lot! I own my second bottle and I think I ll always have one....
but not the same with fleur du male,I thought I d like it when I tested,cause after
the "floral" opening which is veeery feminine it dries down to something that reminds Le male that's the only reason I can stand this...but I wont buy another.
04th May, 2009
This works. Le Male toned down with an added carnation or lily added. Vanilla and lily, feminine but intended for men. Has a slight shaving cream note to it.
06th September, 2008
I was given a sample of this one last year in a department store.

I found it altogether pleasant. It smelled very clean and fresh, and, though it is also quite sweet, it was nothing I would call 'cloying.'
It was unfortunately bland. It's a nice change from the run of the mill, and I think it is much better than 'Le Male,' which reminds me of black pepper and body odour, but it's nothing too special.

The salesperson who gave me the sample (a bit of a shark in her approach, really) told me that "this is for someone who is brave," that wearing a floral scent is courageous for a man. I, however, think it's the opposite; bravery involves actually wearing a woman's scent. Buying a scent so obviously feminine because it is being sold as a man's cologne is, well, wimpy.

So, if you like pretty flowers, you better just skip Fleur du Male and get yourself a real woman's floral. If you want to smell feminine whilst hiding behind the 'pour homme' label printed on the bottle, I suppose you should go for this.
31st August, 2008
Not for most men. Clean, fresh, flowery, slightly powdery and soapy; all those things that we'd expect from a women's fragrance. Why would you buy this when there are tens of other manly, charismatic, virile scents? Well, this one does what they could not even begin to do; make you enjoy yourself except when your nostrils burn from that overpowering opening!
This should definitely not be the only scent you own, might be the 5th or 6th to be used once a week when you do something at home and do not share any moments with a female if you know what i men!
14th July, 2008
I got a vial of this fragrance free and initially I do not like the strong floral musky smell of it (i am not into musky 'powerdery' smell).

Since it is free, I decided to wear it and man did I give this fragrance a second thought. It is lost lasting and smell okay for me. I wouldnt buy it but wouldnt mind wear it if someone gave me a bottle free =p.

JPG named it 'Fleur' which is obivous to us it has a floral theme to it.
20th January, 2008
My first experience was terrible. It just did work on my skin and clothes, and I got a bad headache.

The smell was too strange for me, mentally I couldn't accept it. Strange I started liking it after a few attempts.

I like blending it with other perfumes. Not on its own.
19th December, 2007
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This stuff is just too feminine for me. I actually like the edp gaultier number 2 better - and that is technically for women, but is less feminine. Fleur is just downright for ladies. It does have an orange twist to it, but sorry it is not for you - it is for your girlfriend. However, it does smell good if, but so does Chanel number 5.
06th November, 2007
I sprayed some Fleur du Male on my wrist to test out. It has great longevity. My first impression was that this was just Le Male with all the masculine bits stripped out of it - but oddly enough, I still liked it. It was also my last impression of it when I sniffed it still going strong 10 hours later before it got washed off.

I gave my wife a whiff of it when I first tried it and several times later during the day. Her response was the same every time - "It's a woman's scent" - and she gave me an "Are you crazy" type looks every time I suggested it might be worth pursuing for me.

25th June, 2007
It starts off nice with prominent floral notes. But unfortunately it dries down to a basic powdery scent that smells like a stripped down version of Le Male IMO. As a fan of JPG, I hate to say that I was disappointed in this one.
25th May, 2007
Today I noticed the eagerly awaited new fragrance for men by Jean Paul Gaultier… Wow this bottle looks even cooler in white opaline, than the regular Le male-bottle…but there are no other similarities! Les Fleur du Male is as the name implies, all about flowers… It is intended to be a fragrance for men, but without common male notes, such as leather, amber, musk and the classic woods - instead replaced by delicate floral notes. The floral notes are delicate and well balanced in a potpourri, so authentic that you could easily believe that you are in the middle of a garden in full blossom.
So far I am very positive towards this fragrance, but since I personally am a man of Santos de Cartier and Yatagan-style scents, these notes are too delicate for me. As a fragrance regarded, I have quite strong doubts regarding the manliness of this fragrance, since I find the floras to be far too “on their own” and far too delicate to suit at least my personality.
By all means check it out and make your own judgement, but would not recommend a blind buy at Ebay.
05th May, 2007
If you love orange blossoms ... and believe me, I do ... then Fleur du Male is right up your alley! Romantically sweet, softly sensual and exceptionally "Spring-y", Fleur opens like a drive through Phoenix in April. When I first read that orange blossom was one of the keynotes in Gaultier's new concoction, I knew I had to try it. Having worn Le Male over a decade ago, I knew that sugary sweetness was the designer’s Achilles Heel. However, I was willing to make an exception to my otherwise darkly spicy sense of smell. Fleur does blossom, or rather explode, come on … What did you expect? – Subtly? But it slowly gives way to the familiar base and ultimate heart of Le Male. What was groundbreaking and unique in the 90s is now somewhat commonplace and tired in 2007. How many times have we all smelled Le Male? It is unmistakable. Perhaps this is why Gaultier has chosen only a variation on his classic’s bottle. Yes, Fleur is new, but not that new. The clothes have changed, but the man is still the same.
05th April, 2007
This is a very metrosexual fragrance, that could be a turbo-flower juice for men who are not afraid to be mistaken for women. In this sense the orange blossom does the man-woman transition job nicely, although at initial sniff it reminds quite closely to lily-of-the-valey, where is my problem with this perfum. With this hint of popular synthetic smell and a completely elitarian prejudiced mind (wrong upbringing) you can find it rather proletarian with the peculiar image of a working class drag queen on a cruise. For me this is also part of the appeal if you posess a sense of humor& guts of steel and decide to wear it in the office of a blue chip corporation, along all Aqua di Parma smelling suits. Working on my courage now. Tempting...
02nd April, 2007
Nice, although a little feminine. Reminds me of the original Boucheron perfume for ladies – If fact, if I wanted to smell like this, I’d probably wear the Boucheron.
10th March, 2007