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Positive Reviews of Elite X for Men Skill by Umbro

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Here I am, already reviewing the third Umbro frag, but I felt I had to do this, since, just as correctly remarked in the previous reviews, this one is by far the best Umbro frag available.
I would even go a bit further and say that this one, without being necessarily a cheap imitation of the latter two, is for the mass market what Cool Water are for the designer segment and GIT for the niche segment of the market. Moreover, this one is one of the few aquatic which exudes class and manages to be, in certain ways, less obnoxious and less alcoholic-smelling than Cool Water (though GIT is harder to surpass), but I always get the sensation that this one is a lighter, smoother, more luminous and more suave version of the Davidoff Bestseller.
Skill starts out as a generic, bland, somewhat vapid aquatic, with hints of fruity notes, white florals and herbs, but then settles into something way more masculine, something making a lasting impression of elegance and good taste without trying too hard.
The only minus point, though understandable for this price, is its longevity, barely outlasting 2-3 hours at most. But this may work as an advantage too, should one intend to wear a simple, crisp summer frag, intended to cool and refresh, rather than be a long-lasting projection monster.
28th November, 2010
Totally with Robbo1979, put this on again today as I'm not planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone and repeatedly highly pleased with how good this scent is. I've worn it to worn on severeal occaions and had ladies come up requesting a closer sniff. It's a light, fresh and clean scent with good longevity and apparently very good sillage. Doesn't become tiresome as the day wears on. Hard to place the most prominent notes; something light and slightly fruity like some of CK & Davidoff scents and a hint of amber or vetiver maybe.

With a top footballer's or clothing designer name on this and smart packaging it could easily sell for £30+ a bottle at 2010 prices.

Don't dismiss it just because you can get it very cheaply, it's too good to be written purely based on price, and as Robbo1979 says, don't go near any of the others :)
03rd August, 2010
Found in just about every 99p and Poundland shop in the UK, this scent is indeed cheap at under £1 for a 100ml bottle, but PLEASE don't let that put you off... this scent is actually very fresh and excellent for putting on after a warm hot shower before bed...very soothing. Skill (it's in a blue box) is actually well worth a cheeky punt from the pound shops at that price, but I do suggest you avoid his rival Umbro scents Power and Speed (red and dark grey boxed ones) as they are absolutley awful.
13th June, 2009
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