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really nothing disctincitve about this at all i had to wash it off

as a proud owner of a Dunhill briefcase a did feel a bit of brand loyalty but this just offended my senses. I just seems uninspiring and generic if i can use that term. nothing seems to stand out for me and it just seems like any other inexpensive cologne. After a few hours of wearing it i get a faint whiff of something leathery and almost pleasant but its so faint that i can't see the point. you'd have to douse yourself to levels of this stuff which would have got Joan of arc nervous to get a good silage from this bass note. sorry a no from me.

Pros: no expensive
Cons: no distictive qualities ata ll"

24th September, 2013
I would describe this as Ginger Spice - no reference to a 90's girl band member intended. I also get mandarin, sandalwood, amber and musk coming through on this one. It's basically a skin scent, so a good one for daytime/work and not too overpowering, which I like.

I have heard it compared to Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti, but having tried Roma, which is much sweeter in comparison, I prefer this.

So spice up your life!
09th January, 2013 (last edited: 06th November, 2013)
A warm smooth oriental. Similar to Biagotti's Roma Uomo. Not Dunhill's best but, it's a nice scent.
05th October, 2012
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Picked up a 50ml of this in the bargain bin of a discount shop today. To me, my first reaction was a salty papery fragrance. It is clean and powerful. A lot of reviews are saying barbershop and I agree, but I was thinking dentist's office. The bottle is beautiful as well. I asked a couple people what they thought of it today after wearing it for about 15 minutes. The reactions were both negative. I however kinda like it. I suspect I will be wearing this one a lot when I'm working around the house.
30th January, 2012
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
My immediate impression was of a ligher version of Aramis Havana or Cuba Red, with a more medicinal dry down. A spicy mess, I thought I detected tobacco and cloves. Like it, don't love it.
29th June, 2011
Been wearing this one during the day, and get many compliments from both men and women. I really like the aftershave vibe, and that's something that helps with this fragrance. It's a little orangy and spicy - but clean. It's not something to over use though. I have luck with about 5 sprays (wrists, neck) total and it lasts for about 5 hours. If you are not into after shave or barber type scents, it's probably not for you. I can wear it to work, fishing or a bar and it's pretty versatile.
20th February, 2011
Just purchased a bottle of Pursuit. Happy with it after the first two days of use. My wife gave it the thumps up as well.
17th January, 2010
I will always keep an extra bottle of this on hand. It is wonderfully unique and perfectly balanced, nuanced, and suitable for just about any occasion. The success is in the application, though. It takes less than you'd think, and, no, it does not scream out its presence. But it is there, and serving finely.
11th September, 2009 (last edited: 19th March, 2014)
I didnt have a good impression about it at first ...but i really started to like it after i apply it on me couple of times ..... very inoffinsive and nice smell ...i feel comfortable weairng pursuit .... i really like this fragrance .....
14th February, 2009 (last edited: 10th August, 2009)
Very Very warm. very warm. Smells 'nice'. Thats what youll get. Great with a linen suit, khaki colors or summertime dress attire. Lasts a decent, pretty good amount of time. There is one sharp note though that i always smell. I cant quite put my nose on it. But still one of my favorites. Very classy.
24th January, 2009
Classy and refined, as are all Dunhill products. It reminds me of one of the Lacoste fragrances. It has a rich bouquet and a wonderful sillage.
14th January, 2009
A nice citrusy vetiver scent. In the top notes I smell mandarine and lemon in addition to the vetiver. There is a floral note (lavender?) in the heart that lends a dryness to Pursuit once the citrus top notes leave the scene that seems to work well with the bright vetiver. The dry down is a slightly musky wood.

Pursuit lasts about 4 hrs on my skin before it needs refreshing. Overall, a good but not great vetiver, but one that is worth trying if you are in the market for a summer fragrance..
02nd August, 2008
Good colonge best use it for day...doesnt last that long on me..but lasted longer on my uncle i smelled it a few hours after we left home...still was on him ..i think about 5 hours mabe more but on mr it last max up 2 ....say 4 hours .anyway great fragrance..the intresting thing is women love it..and i found that out when i was buying it....6 girls bought this just before i did...and it was valentines day.anywayvery good smell...might last longer in coooler weather..and good for office. thats what i think or casual wear...but it finishes up very quikly cause its only 75 ml .worth buying
22nd July, 2008
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This stuff is great. I got a spray on paper yesterday at Sephora and decided to leave with a 1mL sample spray of the stuff. Wore three sprays, one to the neck, one to the belly, one to the back of the wrist. The four notes that are standing out the most to me are lemon, incense, sandalwood and vetiver. A quick look at the directory confirms three of the four notes are indeed there, and the vetiver note I'm getting could be something else. Initially it's a bright, orange and sandalwood-laden scent that's a little too fresh for me. When it dries down, though, you get the most wonderful incense note, deep and smoky, sweet without being cloying. This interacts with the lush sandalwood wonderfully and you get what I find to be a unique incense. Combined with heat from the body you get a marvelous drydown, one of my favorites to date.

Sillage is fair to good, I did get a comment on it at work today. Longevity is good so far as I'm seven and a half hours into wearing it and most of the magic is still there.

What it reminds me of, and the SA agreed, was Terre d'Hermes, only a little stronger, deeper and maybe a bit sweeter in different ways. Where TdH has a note that conjures up images of a mouth-puckering sour lemon, Dunhill Pursuit offers oranges at an incense-smelling church. I like it, I like it more than TdH honestly.

This was the first Dunhill fragrance I've tried and I'm impressed thus far. Dunhill Pursuit is now on my buy list.
19th April, 2008 (last edited: 29th April, 2008)
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United Kingdom
Lovely take on orange (with spices) that settles on a bed of sandalwood later (don't really get any musk). It is a truly nice but not groundbreaking fragrance -- longevity and sillage both excellent. On a par with Dunhill (2003) and Edition (found recently gathering dust in Harvey Nicks in the Dunhill accessories concession) imo and better than latest offering (London).

14th April, 2008
I nice all time fragrance that combines orange(y) fresh top notes with a slightly sweet powdery smell. It reminds me of Lacoste pour homme (gray bottle) and just a little bit of Boss Soul (due to the powdery character), although it's better than Soul because it excluded the flowery annoying note.
By the way, The longevity is good.
12th January, 2008
Gorgeous top notes of orange leaves, green leaves and cedar when sprayed, dries to a warm pineapple and incense.
The sandalwood, musk and amber are subtle as a base.
Not macho at all, smells fresh on... a very nice and distinctive scent, sweet but not flowery.
For winter I wear Dunhill Edition, this would be perfect for summer.
(above = on my skin)
01st November, 2007
Very well done.
An old man's HUGO.
A little heavier low end, and a little less of the powdery floral would have improved it IMHO.
Still a very well done cologne.
01st November, 2007
Spicy, and a bit sweet. BEAUTIFUL bottle, interesting concept with the whole 'Pursuit' approach. The juice is nicely colored, but the fragrance doesn't match. It doesnt smell like the color! Almost as if Acqua di Gio was black! That wouldn't make much sense! What if Angel was yellow..or red?
Great developing scent, rich and smoky..LOVE IT. Just think the color should have been a bit different. Whatever though..the thumbs speak!
28th May, 2007
I just received a sample of Pursuit that I requested so long ago I forgot all about it. I really like it. It starts out a bit strong and harsh, sort of typical men's cologne type scent, but it soon dries down into a sweet, warm, spicy/woodsy fragrance, but not heavy, quite light, actually, pleasant and skin-scenty. Not bad at all. I wish my husband liked it but he doesn't. :-/
26th May, 2007
really nice spicy-fruity base that make it so comfortable, warm and very versatile and aromatic, a pleasure to wear, great longevity, nice aroma around fav dunhill release.
24th April, 2007
I just purchased this scent last week, but I've quickly come to appreciate it as a smooth, fresh and yet warm fragrance. Back in the early 90's there was a popular fragrance (I can't remember the name) being worn around London, and this reminded me of that immediately. Contrary to some of the other reviews I've read, this fragrance seems less like a spicey scent and more on the aromatic side. I feel like I can wear it with a suit or jeans and a t-shirt; diversity of a scent is key for me. I've liked the other Dunhill fragrances I've tried (especially Desire), so I'm not surprised that I've taken a fancy to this one. On a side note, my wife loves the simple, yet elegant low slung bottle and orange embroidred cap. She likes the fragrance on me, too.
16th April, 2007
Just as I was complaining about nothing new for men that is truly manly (flowery for men needs to end now!) I came across Pursuit, and I must say, this is well done. It reminds me of something from waaay back, maybe late '70s but modernised and well balanced. It really shines in its mid-notes, speaking of notes this is what I found:
'An oriental, woody fragrance with tropical green pineapple, green leaves, orange leaves, cedar, sandalwood, musk, amber and smoldering incense.'

It's not sickly fresh or cloying, rather, it is macho with a nice guy feel. Mature, yet a 20 something guy like me would enjoy it.
10th March, 2007
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Dunhill [B]Pursuit[/B] is a good, spicy-musky scent with a mildly ambery drydown. It's a little sharp at the start, mellows into a short phase that seems to feature grains of paradise, a little warmer and woodier than at the beginning. Then it begins to take on the ambery and slightly chypre aspect and settles down into that for the rest of the ride.

I like grains of paradise (sometimes called Melegueta pepper, Guinea grains, or maniguette). It has a hint of pepper or allspice, mixed with a myrtle-like note.

This scent is great if you're a fan of this central spicy note, but if you're not, I'll bet it isn't going to rock your olfactory world.
14th February, 2007