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Disappointing, given that there are other scents in this line which are really nice. The Eucalyptus, for example, is a wonderful warm weather masculine.

But I can't shake the "cardboard" note which is present for the duration of the scent. Ruins the otherwise pleasant blend of herbs and patchouli.
13th March, 2017
I'll give this a cautious thumbs up. I bought it a couple of years ago on spec, mostly due to the ingredients:
Olive leaf extract and oil, Sardinian laurel leaf, sage, rosemary, balsamic lavender flowers, rosewood, bamboo leaf, aromatic wood notes, patchouli.
When I first tried it, it seemed very sweet and patchouli-centric to me. I put it aside for a couple of years and am revisiting it. Now it seems OK to me. Perhaps it also works better for me in cool weather.
It is fresh and starts fairly sweet (to my taste). It is a bit dense and soapy at this point. The scent opens up and has a green-fruity note which I associate with olive soap. The herbal notes develop nicely as the sweet-soapy aspect burns off. The scent is quite pleasant. It is a bit soft and pretty, not quite as dry as I usually wear. The patchouli now seems OK to me, not problematic.
10th February, 2012
It’s kind of green / light woody. The green doesn’t really remind me of olive leaf and the wood is a bit coniferous. It’s quite lively in a neutral, natural way. I agree that there’s some pepper in there, too, and it all comes together as a scent that exhibits genuine bits of presence and masculinity. Linear, of course, and somewhat short lasting: It’s still a worthy fragrance.
23rd August, 2008
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Warm and dry fragrance for fans of olive notes, with just a touch of pepper in there to break up the monotony. Great (albeit fairly linear) frag for the office or classroom.

Nice range of home scenting products available in this frag, too -- I like that about The Thymes and its full range of mdse.
03rd April, 2008