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Another cheap synthetic smelling version of the already very cloned, very synthetic smelling Le Male. This ranks up there next to 360 White, amongst the worst Le Male clones. So boring and redundant. Want a good smelling Le Male clone? -- go with Cuba Gold. It doesn't have the mint, and has a slight tobacco vibe to it, superb. Don't waste your money on this dreck.
21st February, 2014
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United States
KISS HIM is way too spicy in the opening, and I agree with others that it smells like a strong body odor. Repulsive.

As a patient man, I gave it chance to evolve, so I waited. Ten, fifteen minutes later, the spiciness starts to decrease, and hints of sweetness rise, but that sweaty smell remains rough amidst the overall scent. In fairness, KISS HIM radiates a powdery vibe towards the end, but that unpleasant combination of notes is still very hard to ignore, as it keeps poking in the background.

I'm a fan of sweet fragrances, but this isn't my style. Good luck to you if you are planning on buying this blind.
25th September, 2012
wow. you guys are all way off. no one has said it yet, so ill say it. i wouldnt say it smells like cumin. id say it smells like a dirty sweaty jock strap soaked in chili powder. it smells exactly like sweat from a certain area of the body. an area youd never stick your nose near. i expected as much from gene simmons. it smells like phallus.
03rd September, 2010
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the grossest juice ive ever smelled this always makes all of the other k mart scents smell good
18th January, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Anyone remember Spencer Gifts mall stores from the 1970s? The stores that used to sell lots of KISS t-shirts and mirrors, as well as other goodies like Farrah Fawcett posters and whoopie cushions? Remember that sweet and spicy chemical smell that every Spencer Gifts store had? KISS Him replicates that smell very well.

This is really bad. At first it smells sort of promising, kind of like a darker Havana. However, KISS Him has a sickening, metallic spiciness that just overpowers this thing all the way into the drydown. It also has a dark rubbery smell that also permeates the whole scent.

The only positive thing I can say about this is that it is definitely unusual, and I can certainly respect that. There's an interesting animalic-type note floating in the background in this, but the fragrance's overwhelming synthetic feel makes it smell cheap, like it came directly from a vial in a lab.
23rd December, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
definately in the top 10 for worst scents of all time. this bijan,trussardi uomo,derrick black and many of the over the top80's scents. the odd thing about this is it came out a few years ago though, go figure.body odor,piss and an animal's cage is what this smells like.
01st December, 2009
dreese Show all reviews
United States
This was ghastly. Like some unholy smash-up of Drakkar Noir, Liz Taylor, Brut, and the aforementioned body sweat of an overweight man.
03rd June, 2009
Wow! Smells like all the band members walked off stage, and filled a bottle with sweat. The first thing i smell from Kiss is B.O.
07th March, 2009
This stuff is amazing! They actually nailed the scent of bad sweaty BO to a "T".

The scent pyramid should read:

Top Note: Gene Simmon's sweaty armpit
Middle Note: Dirty jockstrap
Base Note: Vanilla

I saw it today at Big Lots for $6 bucks for a big bottle, I can't imagine why. Ugh.
29th November, 2008
atrac Show all reviews
United States
Indeed, I definitely smell a man's body odor in this. One who hasn't showered and tried to cover the stench up with a cheap and weak cologne.

This has to be Gene Simmon's joke on the public. He must truly believe that if you throw the name "KISS" on it, anyone will buy it -- regardless of how bad it is.

It truly stinks.
23rd November, 2008
honestly my summary of this is:

a candy drop rubbed and soaked into a KISS member's armpit for 2 hours then air dried...then extracted into a tacky bottle..
16th July, 2007
Maybe this needs to be on male skin to smell good. I smelled it on the sample card in the store and the sales girls agreed with me that it's sort of awful. It starts strong and nicely spicy, but fades down to what we could only describe as 'sweaty fat biker guy.' I had to hit the coffee beans to clear it out of my nose. KISS her is, contratily, okay though fairly generic.
14th March, 2007