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Neutral Reviews of Kiss Him by KISS

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Smells like a strip bar and leather. Which, I'm certain, is exactly what Kiss was aiming for.
28th July, 2017
One of the better celebrity fragrances on the market. I do get the cumin note as others have mentioned. Combine that with some woods, more spice, and tonka. Nothing that's going to blow your socks off, but it's surprisingly good through the dry down. Not a big fan of the opening which is why it gets a neutral.
27th September, 2012
While surprising (because of the name attached), this really isn't special. Though, it's got nice touches to it. If you've ever tried Diesel Zero Plus, the texture is similar. Opening is a huge cumin note that's really a turn off. A smooth yet synthetic leather after you let it settle. Lasts a good while.
24th October, 2008
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