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Say what you like about the tacky endorsement or the body odour accord, this is a surprisingly good, spicy, masculine frag for the little money you'll pay for it!

Dark, woodsy and seductive with that edgy animalic note that have lead some to write it off as "sweaty". This is daring and a little bit different and worth every penny. Stands up to plenty of designer (and even a few niche) frags in terms of quality and longevity.

If you're that embarrassed to have the bottle in your collection, decant it or wrap it in brown paper. Don't overlook KISS Him!

11th December, 2012
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Probably one of the best bang for your buck fragrances that you'll ever come across. KISS Him is a very dark, spicy and seductive scent which people would probably easily dismiss due to it being a celebrity fragrance. This is a mistake as it makes a very good scent for the cooler months with the added bonus of impressive longevity. If you can put aside the affiliation with a bunch of aging rockstars, and I suggest that you do, then that this is definitely an enjoyable scent and a worthy addition to anyones collection.
27th September, 2012
As a lover of 60s,70s and 80s Rock Songs (who can dislike their ballads?) I should own a Kiss fragrance. Kiss, what a commercial band!
I was expecting trash for a high price, but, contrariwise, i got a good fragrance for such a bargain!
Its a sweet yet fresh oriental spicy fragrance, with lots of cinnamon and cumin, some lavender, tonka and maybe some sweet vanilla, in the veins of Le Male (specially the Terrible version.)
A very appealing fragrance, marketed to Kiss Fans (ranging from 15 to 50 years old?).
18th August, 2012
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Rxd Show all reviews
United States
Not bad at all. A nice change from all the clean sents today. You can't go wrong at this price.

Am I crazy or does this smell similar to Armani Code?
27th October, 2011 (last edited: 11th November, 2011)
Surprisingly good ! Despite being a big fan of KISS , at beginning I was skeptical , you know , something like... everyone that has a name in the show business can make loads of money in several business sectors , just carrying the name, and people buy it.

But this fragrance is really good.... starts sweet with some dark thing going in the background , after one hour takes place a leathery base , kinda synthetic , but does not hurt my nose. It's a OK fragrance , nothing outstanding , but it's good.

Good job Gene Simmons !
30th June, 2011
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United States
I tried this one again today and it seemed like I was detecting violet! I looked on the box and it said that this one contains ionone gamma methyl, which can impart a powdery violet effect. Those who say this has an unpleasant, metallic spiciness are likely thinking of this molecule, because at first it seems quite strong. The ionone gamma methyl doesn't last very long, so just give it some time. There is a nice drydown that represents the listed notes well - it has a hint of a balmy/resinous quality (presumably the fir and sandalwood), with the cumin and anise coming together and a slight ambery/vanillic aspect emerging. The sprayer is very diffuse so you may have to spray more than usual, though of course if you don't like the opening that may be an issue. Yes, this has a niche-like quality - it's challenging in certain ways, but after the first half hour or so the notes listed are represented without any kind of clearly "synthetic" quality. But it seems that for some people a scent like this only smells good if it cost $200 or more per bottle!

My old review of October, 2010: Some BNers would likely slap down big bucks for this if ELDO marketed it as one of theirs (perhaps it would be called "Aging Rock Star"). One thing I've noticed is that when there is a strange note, some people perceive it as stronger than it actually is. I wish the cumin was stronger here, but as it is, it's a fairly sweet fragrance, but has enough "darkness" to it so that it's worth wearing once in a while. It's reasonably natural, well balanced (if you like the notes, of course), technically sound, and fairly dynamic. You can't ask much more from a fragrance that sells for around $10 for 100 ml. If you don't like the notes, sample first, but keep the sample if you don't like it, so that you can see if your tastes change over the months or years (if you are serious hobbyist).
29th October, 2010 (last edited: 26th June, 2016)
I bought this as a bit of a joke as it was only $10 Australian (around $9 US). I remembered reading negative reviews about this smelling like body odour, but I bought it undeterred (hey I like Kouros and Yatagan so I was prepared for anything). When I tried it I was pleasantly surprised. It is a nice spicy fragrance (I thought cinnamon, but apparently its cummin). There is woodiness behind it all and I do not detect the purported sweaty rockstar note. As it dries down it is much cleaner than I had imagined it would be. Towards the end of its life it has a "fresh linen' accord (at least on my skin).- it's not the sweaty, leathery, animalistic fragrance I had imagined.
13th August, 2010
Wow, where did this come from? It smells good. I'm a fan of the band so when I saw this in the store I figured oh, why not. I tried it and it smelled really good! My nose says cinnamon over a woody undertone. The lasting power is not where it should be, but overall a really nice fragrance!
19th October, 2009
Cumin is indeed the culprit here, but I thought it was OK for the money. I wouldn't associate it with sweat and armpits and other stuffy areas. It's got something 80s about it, but not that heavy, with the oakmoss missing. I'd buy it again for US$10, no problem.
01st September, 2009
This has got to be one of the oddest scents to ever come out; in everything from conception to execution. KISS Him by KISS, the rock band. Huh? They're not even a group anymore. Did the four of them get together in the lab to concoct this potion or was it just Gene Simmons behind the endeavor? Something tells me it's the latter. The bottle leaves much to be desired, but whoever created the scent was onto something. A couple of people have mentioned "sweaty rockstar armpits" and I must confess, when I sprayed it on, I immediately thought, "I bet this is what Gene Simmons underarms smell like." Not a place most people other than Shannon Tweed probably want to go. Let's put it this way. It smells a lot like a Middle Eastern man. For some people, that's a dealbreaker. For others, a complete turn-on. As it passes through the heart to the base, it begins to resemble that same man if he wear wearing head to toe leather riding gear motorcycling through the Sahara where he might stop at an oasis. Despite all this obvious imagery, the scent throws in some complicated olfactory twists that keeps you sniffing. In fact, the scent itself has that heady luxury you expect only of higher end perfumes. The irony is it's completely unsuited to the audience it's being marketed to, which I assume is the teen to thirties set.
Perhaps KISS should bring out four new scents, one for each band member, like they did with those four individual records back in the day. As long as the quality was as good for each of those as it is for KISS HIM. KISS HIM, however, is just too outre to become a popular favorite. Hopefully it will stick around, but if it doesn't, it was a nice try.
30th January, 2009
You might remember the Phaeton, the car from Volkswagen that flopped massively in the US a few years ago. Oddly, it didn't flop because it was a bad car (everyone who drove or owned one loved them), but instead because it was completely ill suited to its intended market. Those who could afford the $75K price tag wouldn't even consider a VW, while those would consider a VW couldn't afford the 75K asking price.

I think of KISS Him as the cologne version of the Phaeton, equally ill suited to its intended market. It's actually a nifty little fragrance, with plenty of kick and oomph, an oddly niche-like scent packaged in mass-market low-rent. I'm afraid those that will get the subtle oddity of the fragrance (through the cumin note mentioned in these reviews) will also be fans who like McQ Kingdom, Lutens MKK, or Diptyque L'autre. But, will these buyers even THINK to sniff a fragrance bottled like this and marked "KISS?" I doubt it.

In fact, I only sniffed it because a fellow Bnoter whose nose I trust sent me some and told me, "give it a sniff." Otherwise, I'd never have tried it.

Likewise, it seems to me that those who would be into a KISS scent, or into a mass-market designer/celebrity scent will NEVER get into the odd combination of notes. They'll be looking for the typical marine/detergent/"clean" vibe and this one has sweat and sweet in high doses.

Sadly, like the Phaeton, I predict it will disappear before its time. I'm still pretty impressed with the scent, in all its stinky goodness, but I just don't see it making the grade.
07th December, 2007
I was thoroughly entertained when I spotted Kiss Him in Ulta a couple weeks ago. What a goofy premise for a cologne, right? Not only that, I sprayed it on a card, and it was exACTly what I expected... essence of sweaty rockstar! Actually, it was kind of attractive. Anyway, I put it out of my mind and went on trying girly things. Weeks later I'd found nothing I liked. Everything I tried turned sweet and simple on me, or went pungently rancid.
I found myself at Ulta again today, and in a moment of caprice, I sprayed on some KiSS Him. (I wear men's scents quite well, and since I'd been having such bad luck...). Holy wow!!! This stuff is DIVINE!!! It's dark and smokey and sultry and it definitely works on a woman. I feel inCREdibly sexy in it. It’s the only scent I've tried in months that KEEPS it's complexity as it wears... I still catch different things every time I sniff...a spike of incense, something warm and sweet (that must be the dark rum absolute), a smell like woodsmoke (or concert smoke), and something very pheromonic that I can only describe as sexy, sexy BO). It’s a warm, wanton, dark… has wonderful depth and dimension. It would be unbelievable in winter. I’m going to give Kiss Her a try (the fig leaf and red pepper and mahogany are intriguing) but I’m DEFinitely buying a bottle of the men’s stuff! I’ve finally found something I love!!

Kiss Him features top notes of bergamot, white pepper, anise and black cumin followed by middle notes of lavender, cypress, fir balsam and dark rum absolute. Base notes of sandalwood, tonka, moss and honeyed amber crystals.
29th April, 2007
I bought this from a fellow Basenotes member and tried it tonight. WOW, it is a great scent and my wife loves it! This is what I have been seeking for awhile, a nice spicyness to it.
30th January, 2007
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oolong Show all reviews
United States
Surprisingly good fragrance and not at all what I would have expected from the rock group Kiss. I would have expected something a bit darker, more ominous. You don't have to have tattoos and black leather to carry this off. I find it extremely versatile (black leather to power suites), unique and assertive without being overbearing. It also lasts a long time. Unfortunately the association with Kiss will likely have people taking it less seriously then it deserves.
26th January, 2007
Suprisingly...good. I saw this in Dillards and laughed...until I smelled it.

KISS is widely known for their marketing of tawdry products- Christmas tree ornaments, guitars,and even KISS coffins.

I fully expected this to be extremely run-of-the-mill; an ubiquitous aquatic/citrus concoction that was barely worth mentioning and surely not worth remembering. However, this seems to be one of the ballsiest scents of the last couple of years, opening with a huge blast of cumin not experienced this side of McQueen's Kingdom. The cumin lasts and lasts in this, and really drives the fragrance.Sso if you aren't a fan of cumin this is not for you. The stuff lasts too- a full day on my skin, and I swear it is still detectible on a tester card I sprayed it on 3 weeks ago. Its probably not going to win awards, but I do have to commend it for being unique. But I suppose KISS- love them or hate them- are unique in their own way. I'm not a KISS fan, so this actually made its debut as the first piece of KISS merchandise I have ever bought. Gene, I bought your morning coffee. You're welcome.
11th November, 2006