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Velvet Flowers opens with synthetic, herbal, metallic floral notes, surrounded by a nice bitter leafy-green accord on a really subtle dry earthy-woody base. The flowers are quite "average" and generic: a clean, soapy, conventional floral accord with no particular depth or interest. Overall it has indeed a certain nostalgic vibe all over, reminding of several herbal chypres of the past, however with a contemporary general (and a bit clumsy) syntheticness which does not mix very well with that kind of inspiration. Also you - well, I - get some heavily chemical whiffs and nuances here and there, I mean "purely chemical" smells (wet paint, gasoline, alcohol). They're just nuances, but again, disturbing and ruining somehow the texture of the scent. Shortly it's not a complete fail, but like almost any Montale, forgettable and unworthy the price.

20th September, 2014
This is quite similar to Oriental Flowers, but without the stale note l get from that. lnstead it's sweetened by the peach blossom & saffron, & as it develops l get rose & a little jasmine. Objectively, it's not that different from your average drugstore fruity-floral, but it feels much classier & better quality. l would say it's a winter scent, but it could work in summer with judicious application.
09th February, 2011
Notes: peach blossom, rose, jasmin, ylang-ylang, saffron, fruits(?), sandalwood, musk

Despite this scent is not one of those 'heavy-on-the-oud' Montale fragrances, V.F. starts with the recognizable opulent, complex, right-in-to-your-face aroma, that I like soooo much, and which is hardly tolerated by my ambience.
The main part belongs to the Jasmine . But this jasmine is sweet, and creamy , and in no time it loses the sharp, stinging side and becomes enthralling, pampering, fruity and creamy.
Velvet Flowers is one of those extra-hyperfeminine scents, which leads you to the time when women were women and men were men. No compromise . This scent is for grownup ladies.
26th October, 2010
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United States
I really like Velvet Flowers as a lush, bright, floral-fruit oriental - the type I normally would wear in the summer. The smell is rich and gourmand without being too sweet. The lasting power is excellent and the sillage medium. I think it would be easy to overdose this one. I can't decide, however, if it's full-bottle worthy, because it smells very much like 2007 Organza Jasmine Harvest by Givenchy (which I already have), except with better quality ingredients and better blended. It also smells like the dry-down stage of Bagdley Mischka's original fruit oriental after the wow-y sweet fruit opening wears off. Still a nice sunny oriental.
18th December, 2008