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Positive Reviews of Yanky Clover by Richard Hudnut

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This is a very refreshing herbal splash from the mid 1940s.

It has an anise-like scent, due I assume to the presence of tarragon as a major ingredient.

In regard to the other reviewer on this page, paloma 54, my experience with R&G's Le Jade is entirely different. That scent is a green chypre, quite similar to Homme de Gres, but using lime rather than lemon as its heart note, hence the green color and name reference.

Yanky Clover is nothing like it, according to my nose, so beware of thinking you can substitute one for the other.

If you do find Yanky Clover on Ebay, I do recommend you try it. It's quite unique.

First Edit: In 1955, eleven years later, Dana released Ambush, a copy of Yanky Clover.
15th February, 2015 (last edited: 03rd June, 2016)
I first bought a bottle of this in a "vintage" store in Cleveland. The bottle and its box seemed brand new, and I don't believe anyone had opened it. I was enchanted by the fragrance wafting upward to greet my nose. The scent is a sweet floral with a slightly spicy edge. I'm sorry that it's hard for me to describe notes the way some members here can, but that's all I can come up with for a description. It's not an oriental or a chypre, of that much I'm fairly confident. It's definitely a much older perfume style, but pleasant, very nice indeed. I have also bought two other bottles, both were in great shape. One thing I would point out about Yanky Clover is that it is one of the most durable fragrances I have ever bought. It holds up remarkably well over time, so a bottle where you can see fresh-looking juice is definitely likely to still smell fresh.

It took quite a few years for me to find a bottle of Roger & Gallet's old fragrance Le Jade. Because of the hint of greenness, and green florals being my favorite type of fragrance, I had really obsessed over this purchase. When I got the bottle, I was rather disappointed to find it smelling like a cheaper, flatter version of Yanky Clover.
10th May, 2012