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Neutral Reviews of Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

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Imagine a toasted and nutty graham cracker. I get honied grains, toasted nuts, and vanilla-not-vanilla (it's more a well smoked tonka bean). Creamy. Nicely made, especially for the price. A woman could pull it off, though it's too sweet for me in spite of the smoke and wood. After a few hours it's an animal cracker sitting on my arm. Not bad.
19th November, 2013
I came across this fragrance on basenotes and thought I might give it a try. So I did.

the second I tried, I thought I recognized the fragrance from somewhere... and I did. It's a great copy of 'Carbon de Balmain'. It's great. It's definitely not for everyone, it's too strong for that.
17th April, 2013
This is a frag that starts with the smells of Christmas! It's got some light cinnamon and nutmeg like pumpkin pie spice to it (maybe even fresh baked cookies?), with loads of vanilla. It quickly turns into a big vanilla bomb. I don't know what it is with so many frags drying down into this sweet vanilla goo, but I don't care for it.

I like the spicy, festive opening for sure. The dry down might as well be Vanilla Fields, mixed with cool whip and a pint of vanilla bean ice cream.
27th December, 2012
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This lightly spiced Gingerbread scent is pretty good. It develops into a smooth vanilla scent which is not cloying at all. If you are looking for one of those loud frags that can be smelled minutes after you leave the room, then this is not for you.

Don't expect the best presentation with the bottle and box, but as long as the frag is good, that's not a problem.

08th November, 2012
I had great hopes for this one. After reading glowing reviews, I am somewhat dissapointed. EDB initially starts out vey niche like, with a spicy rich somewhat incense vibe to it. However, after a few hours, it morphs into basically a vanilla candle aroma. I don't wan't to smell like a cheap vanilla candle. Compared as of lately to Spicebomb, Spicebomb, blows it out the door! There is a richness and luxurious sheen to the V&R composition the is lacking in the EDB. The EDB ultimately falls way short of the smooth elegance of Spicebomb. I was a little suspicious of the price point of EDB, and maybe for good reason too.
26th July, 2012
I believe this one to be reformulated, possibly in late 2010. The sweetness is much more in the front. The top/heart that used to balance the base just right, is now less green and less interesting. I am cautious towards vanilla, and it has now passed the threshold of being a sweetened, but nicely balanced fragrance and ended up being too sweet for me.

Probably it sells better now though.. Shame.
16th February, 2012
A vanilla-woody-almost gourmand. The cypress is featured prominently here, being a woody note that you haven't smelled that often before in other scents.

I find the base a bit cloying though, lots of sweet amber and vanilla.

Could wear this as a clubbing scent, but not sure how the wood will be interpreted by the people around you.

It's not a bad scent - certainly not for this price - but I'm not raving about it as some others.
15th May, 2010 (last edited: 21st June, 2010)
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United States
Eau des Baux does smell nice enough, but I also feel that it's a bit too simple and is not complete. It does give me an impression of being a bit light weight just as Diamondflame mentioned. Like the other L'occitane fragrances I've tried, it looses most of it's oomph quite quickly. I can barely smell this after an hour or two. Bottle worthy? I guess so since it's pretty inexpensive but I have many other fragrances that I would choose to wear more often.
10th January, 2010

The opening bodes well for the fragrance… it is a smooth, sweet, and discreet wood / smoke / slightly spicy accord that presents a soft, resinous, masculine richness: Quite unique and highly attractive. The middle accord is loses the sweet and spice and stays as a dull, warm woodnote to my nose. I like this accord even though it is rather characterless, but there is not really a lot to say about it. The base becomes sweet ambery – almost gourmand, and I experience it as a significant change in the movement of the fragrance. I don’t mind this change, but I don’t applaud it, either… OK, I’ll admit that the sweetness was foreshadowed by the opening, but it was dropped in the heart notes and coming back makes it a little out of place. I feel that the scent, which was very good in the opening and heart, has lost direction and has taken an irksome detour: This is a bit sad because its initial direction had been so right! I’ll keep trying this scent – maybe I can get used to the base… the first movements are excellent.

14th November, 2009
I really enjoy the opening: warm spicy woods, mmm... Unfortunately, the drydown is way too sweet, after an hour or less, all that remains is a nondescript synthetic sweetness. Too bad!
12th August, 2008
I started liking Eau des Baux but in the end can give it only a neutral rating. The vanilla basenote spoiled the smoky wood and incense which I had been enjoying. The opening looks interesting on paper but I couldn’t detect it. The mid took over right away. And what a middle –hauntingly evocative wood and incense. Mysterious, romantic. The wood is really well done: smoky, dry, resinous. The incense gives a rich and substantial quality. So far, I’m thinking that this is an amazing scent, and such good value. Then the vanilla kicks in and becomes quite strong and sweet. I just don’t like that sort of ending. I find it cloying. So the thumb goes sideways, sadly.
I'll do an update on the above. In some ways I'm now more forgiving but in other ways less interested. Basically, this is a somewhat sweet, vanilla-tinged woody scent. The wood seems like cedar or even sandalwood rather than cypress. The scent isn't heavy, just a bit sweet. It is isn't dominated by vanilla, but vanilla is there. The scent no longer seems so complex to me as it did in my earlier review. Thus, my rating stays at neutral. But I am sure that many guys would like this and it would suit them.
25th June, 2007 (last edited: 14th January, 2012)