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Virgin Island Water is one of the most "un-traditional/breaking with the classic Creed's tradition" Creed's creations, a scent speaking a more modern finally "post-Victorian" language while running its far caribbean olfactory territories. You can effectively dream far exotic Central American or Pacific islands while enjoying on skin its freshly structured tropical architecture. The structure is not complex but it exists and unveils its soapy/aqueous secrets along the way. I find the juice quite balanced and delicate on skin, I don't get "olfactive drawbacks", just catch an easy basically synthetic recipe finally delicately soapy but with a bunch of interesting shades (floral, woody, musky, spicy, salty). Soapiness is never properly lacteous since there is a basic woody-hesperidic support fixing down the scent's basically aqueous/breezy "cheerful" nature. The first impression emerging while inhaling Virgin Island Water on your skin is related to its "oceanic coconutty" exoticism afforded by a combination of ylang-ylang (heady on the side of coco water/milk), coconutty milk, boozy lime, "rum based cocktail booziness" and hints of hidden oceanic saltiness. There is an undeniable floral core finally "at distance" unfolding a subtle spark of floral variegate luxuriousness but what basically strikes me is this general delicate soapiness quite dreamy, breezy and tropical. Ginger provides a "far oceanic lands" type of freshness while it seems to catch vetiver and secret marine "molecules" in the general recipe. It is quite evident the final warmth impressed by tonkinian musk and woods but I get a touch of exotic salty vetiver providing a sort of mineral-woody saltiness playing as hidden undertone. There is hibiscus in the blend, one of my favorite glamour/chic floral patterns (on the side of sambac jasmine), providing a touch of chic cosmetical sophistication in the air. Spicy rum, mandarine, sugar cane and coconut are nicely combined in order to elicit this delicate pina colada's pleasant taste, the "edible" substance of which seems playing in "pool" with a "coconutty tanning foam-like" vibe and a freshly gingery spicy piquancy. I find this juice "honest" and captivating (really respectfully I don't see the point on several previous "banging" rejections), a pleasant versatile aroma to wear for a sunny tropical "free in the wind" holiday in company of your beloved.
05th December, 2015
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United States
I don't get a lot of complexity out of VIW, but I feel this is a scent that doesn't require it. On initial spray I get a huge burst of lime and bergamot - wow. It really smells like lemon-lime candy, in a good way. This quickly burns off and the coconut starts coming into play, mixed in with a sugary, boozy rum. The lime still stands in the background, but it's much more subdued. I know coconut turns a lot of people off, we can blame sunscreen for that, but it's very natural here and not sickly sweet. I also get bit of jasmine at this point, but it's very faint. From here on out VIW stays pretty linear on skin.

One thing I find interesting is that VIW lasts literally forever on me, while most citrus fragrances last only a few hours. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm definitely not complaining.

I'll be packing this in my bag for my trip to Turks and Caicos next year, and I imagine VIW will not disappoint. Beaches, sand, drinks, and sun are what this fragrance is all about.
02nd December, 2015
This is a scent with much hype and were I a richer person, I'd have bought a bottle straight away after testing a decant. Alas I am not.

It is a beautiful fresh clean scent with a hint of warmness to it. The coconut is wonderfully bold and simmers to down to a delectable combination of white rum and sugar cane. It's all the notes I enjoy put together rather nicely.

I can see this being a long-time favourite and staple scent for me...if I could just will myself to spend that on a perfume bottle.

10th November, 2015
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I have never been able to handle anything with coconut in it, whether it's the smell, taste or texture, coconut is a no go for me. Since the wife and I built our second home across from the beach, I annually get assaulted by coconut sun products. My daughter mercifully knows Dad's aversion to coconut and honors my request for no coconut scents. All I can add is that for those who like VIW, please enjoy it, just put on some Aventus before dropping by.

EROLFA is my summer preference from Creed in both notes and performance. Love Creed, just not coconut.
06th October, 2015
Coconut and Rum. Very simple, very bland. Not even remotely worth the price tag.
17th September, 2015
I was looking for a unique summer themed fragrance, living in Florida I was hoping to find something that could survive the humidity and this was not it. I'm glad I only got a 5ml decant being as the price was really up there.

I tried hard to like this especially after the reviews and hype surrounding it but I just couldn't.

The first 60 sec was a blast of lime, then the coconut set in. After about 5 mins the coconut turned VERY creamy to the point where it smelled like make-up. I looked to see if iris was a note but I didn't see anything. I hoped that the creaminess would eventually fade but it was linear throughout the one hour long performance.

I'm disappointed in this one only because of the price and the performance. I can't wait to finish this sample so I can keep the sprayer and replace it with something else!
02nd August, 2015
I really wanted to like this, and the various notes seemed to promise an enjoyable summer scent.

All I got was a bit of fruity/alcoholic freshness, followed by coconut... all of which disappeared after a bare hour. It didn't project much if at all on me either.

Much as I liked this scent, I would expected this sort of result from something nice and cheap- and would choose that rather than fork out megabucks for VIW. Shame really.
16th July, 2015
Freshly squeezed limes, rum, coconut….it’s not an overly complex smell but it does what it says on the tin. Creed Virgin Island Water has to be the fragrance equivalent of the sentiments expressed in those 90’s Lilt adverts, where the running joke was about how laid back life in the Caribbean was, and how the only thing that got people stressed over there was how to pull your dinghy up from the sea to the beach bar in time for happy hour.

It smells like a cocktail with lime, Malibu, rum, and well, that’s about it. I think it’s massively over-priced and would be more suited to a body spray rather than a niche fragrance. But the smell is so good-humored and promising of drunken relaxation that I can’t see how anyone could actively dislike it. If you’re the kind of person who wrinkles their nose at a good cocktail, then I don’t want to know ya.
01st July, 2015
On my skin, this smells like a colorful Popsicle from summertime; it's definitely a unisex scent. The two main notes for me are lime and coconut that basically stays constant throughout its linear dry down. The lime is the best lime note I've ever smelled: sweet and not too citrusy while mixing with the coconut perfectly.

It's one of those scents where I just can't get enough of and wish I had more than a tester vial of it, and that rarely happens with me and sampling fragrances; hell, even Aventus took 2 times for me to appreciate it. Usually I need more than one wearing of a frag to appreciate it, but seems like an easy crowd-pleaser for summertime wear.

The big downfall of this scent is that it has a very short longevity, about 1.5 - 3 hours. For $160+ for 120 ml, I do not think I can justify spending money on something I have to keep on reapplying every few hours.
22nd June, 2015
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United States
Love this stuff! I sampled it on my skin at the store and sure enough coconut... After walking around letting it dry down the limes came out.. Sold... On the way home my daughter (the 11 yr old nose knows lol) kept sniffing my arm to see which notes she could pick out.... At one point coconut the next limes and they altered back and forth for a bit before finally settling into what she described as coconut sun tan lotion with the ocean wind.... That very night I couldn't help but notice a woman behind me at a check out line getting closer and sniffing... Good stuff longevity is of course 4-5 hours with it being so light of a fragrance and I can't complain about that. It's also not something most wear which is one thing I look for. all in all 2 thumbs up.
21st June, 2015
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United Kingdom
Your drink Sir?

Oh thankyou. oh how i love sitting here, the sun is high, beating down on the white sands, scantily clad women sunbathing, hard muscled men swimming the pool, the palm leaves are gently swaying in the light ocean breeze.
a ship in the distance is sailing slowly across the horizon. My drink is cool, ice melting slowly, the aroma is delightful, so refreshing, my drink....

Yes, Virgin Island Water, this is like Malibu on your skin. I can really see how their marketing department wrote the speel on this one, it really does give you the sense of tropical beaches. Very coconutty top notes really splash throughout, and give an air of freshness and sweetness to the whole affair.

this coconut accord stays but mutes down, and the dryer notes poke through, and mellow this frag delightfully.

This has edged its way to the top of my list of creeds, and is a Brilliant summer scent!
18th June, 2015
Probably the second most hyped Creed men's fragrance behind Aventus, Virgin Island Water promises the coconut rum beach joy of summer and certainly delivers. It's a pleasant blend of citrus and coconut as top notes and musk and rum as base notes, and while it only opens slightly more citrus-y than it ends, it does become more gradually subdued over time. It may be one of the closest mimics of Malibu liqueur in fragrance, though I'm sure there are plenty of rum-like fragrances that I'm unaware of.

Projection and longevity-wise, it's not a powerhouse but quite strong for a warm-weather EDP, and that it's widely available on fragrancenet and other third-party sources makes it all the more appealing even though it's not room-filler. This is mostly a summer day fragrance but I imagine it can be expanded to summer night and winter days, even, if the mood is right.

I'm certainly not in the camp of worshiping VIW, as the rum note is a bit too dense to keep it as fresh as Aventus, Silver Mountain Water, or Himalaya--each of which has a subtler base---but I enjoy it plenty still.

7 out of 10
29th May, 2015
Most of the notes alleged in this fragrance are imaginary. It is almost entirely coconut. Citrus? Lime? Whatever. Coconut. 3 out of 5
12th May, 2015
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Absolutely stunning. If it's summer, there's a good chance I'm wearing Virgin Island Water as it flawlessly encapsulates everything I look for in a summer fragrance. You can't go wrong with this one.
23rd April, 2015 (last edited: 27th April, 2015)
Virgin Island Water is one of my favorite Creed fragrances to wear for the spring and summer along with Green Irish Tweed and Millesime Imperial. If the weather is warm, there’s a good chance I’ll be throwing this on. Upon application I get notes of citrus, lime, and coconut. Together these notes create a crisp, fresh, and natural opening. Whenever I smell the opening, I think of Pina Colada drinks. Approaching the heart, floral notes of hibiscus, jasmine and ylang ylang combined with notes of musk, ginger, sugar, and rum make their way to the front. At this point the citrus and lime fade into the background while the coconut still remains predominately strong. The coconut note matched against the florals, musk, ginger, sugar, and rum notes create a slightly floralish/boozy/sweet composition that is well balanced. Towards the end the fragrance it dries down to a musky-sugary scent with hints of coconut. VIW is absolutely gorgeous scent from start to finish.

In terms of longevity and silage that will depend on the weather. Under warm weather conditions, I’ll get between 6-8 hours of longevity with moderate to above average silage for the first 4-6 hours before the scent stays closer to the skin. Under cooler conditions, I’ll get significantly less longevity anywhere between 3-5 hours with moderate silage for the first 2-3 hours before it becomes a skin scent. For better results, VIW should be worn during the warmer months of the year. In warm weather, VIW would be a great casual scent for many occasions such as a day at the beach or an outdoor activity during the day. I personally haven’t found that many individuals not liking this scent and most were rather pleased when smelling VIW. VIW isn’t too masculine or feminine therefore both men and women can easily wear it. Overall, VIW is one of a kind and one my favorites from the millesime line and Creed overall. Well done!
15th March, 2015
Lime. Coconut. That's it, nothing else. Lasts for hours and projects like a beast. Immune to nose blindness and it doesn't have a dry you smell coconut and lime for hours and hours.

Nice, tropical and different....but its way too simple to be a classic.
03rd March, 2015
Crisp, juicy, delicious lime and a smooth, carefully calibrated rum comprise some of the most enjoyable top notes I've encountered in any fragrance. It's 15 minutes of perfection, the epitome of a tropical vacation by the beach, sipping a cocktail, and taking in the sun. As the lime recedes, and the rum settles down, a sweet coconut note becomes dominant. It's simple but again, an appealing, honest, and more or less flawless accord. Perhaps it's a little sweeter than a "realistic" coconut note, and more along the lines of coconut ice cream, but it's well done, and doesn't come across tacky or cheap in the least. If you want lime, rum, and coconut, this is where it ends. There's no need to look any further. Another excellent fragrance in that it executes exactly what it set out to do, I can find little fault with Virgin Island Water. The notes are fresh and vibrant, and the smell, though somewhat singular in purpose, is top notch. If the sound of this appeals to you at all, then definitely get your nose on it. Projection is just right (medium in this case) and longevity about 6 hours. Recommended as a blind buy.

Tommy Bahama's Set Sail St. Barts is often suggested as an alternative to Virgin Island Water. While I do like St. Barts, and recommend it as a bargain fragrance with a similar kind of summer vacation vibe, they really don't smell alike, and Virgin Island Water is better overall. In other words, they're not exactly substitutes for each other. However, someone who likes VIW, but doesn't want to spend the extra cash would do well with St. Barts. Just don't expect the same thing.
20th February, 2015
Virgin Island Water opens with a sort of citric-musky accord juxtaposed to creamy-gourmandish notes (ylang) with a tropical vibe (coconut), then sandalwood, ginger and a light floral breeze. Surely reminding of sea overall, but in a thicker, “watery-milky” way rather than predictably “calone-ozonic”. Surprisingly, it’s not bad at all: it is fresh in a rather round, rich and pleasant way, with a really peculiar and nice feel of silky, refreshing and realistic creaminess enhanced by a quite faithful and appealing fruity tropical vibe. A sort of zesty, invigorating “Tiki gourmand” mood, somehow making me think of a tropical ice cream. Still, sadly I also get a persistent and rather annoying astringent citric note which smells exactly like any mosquito repellent, as it happens in many cheap quality citrus scents. The evolution is close to nothing, meaning that as hours pass Virgin becomes just slightly drier and muskier, finally landing on a citric-musky drydown which features just less freshness and less creaminess than the initial stages. In my opinion, citrus-tropical scents are quite a tricky field: it must not be easy to make one that doesn’t end up in smelling either dull and generic or cheap. This quite nails it on the contrary, managing to be fairly distinctive in a way, and with a nice quality of notes, except that mosquito thing. It’s still basically an enhanced version of any sea-citrus-tropical fragrance, but still it’s better than most of them, at least for what I have tried. The “tropical” side especially is particularly nice. Not bad for being a Creed... but still, all considered, surreally overpriced.

20th February, 2015
For me, this is my all time favourite scent. One spray of this gorgeous fragrance, makes me feel like i have been transported to the Caribbean, for a day at the beach. Coconut, Lime, Rum, are all instantly recognisable. Its a slightly sweet smell, but not overly so. The scent lasts all day on my skin, which i see is a concern from various other reviewers. If i was rich enough, i would buy the shower gel of this too, and literally slap it on everyday! But i would be bankrupt quite fast! This scent really is worth every single penny. I think a woman could easily get away with wearing this too. Its just a beautiful smell.
31st December, 2014
I like the idea of lime , rum , coconut and the beach , behind this fragrance , but to me its a lil lime and rum at start and dominating coconut "Bounty" like fragrance due to dominating co co nut, its yummy , delicious and a very simple scent which I can wear once in a blue moon just for change of taste, otherwise it sometime strongly reminds me coconut oil.

I would recommend it to women rather, as imo it suits more to them.
13th July, 2014
Genre: Citrus

Nice, but…

Both my wife and I tried Virgin Island Water, and both came to the same conclusion: it’s very pretty, but it smells too much like suntan lotion to spend hundreds of dollars on. Coconut is the villain here. Well-integrated coconut can lend fragrances a certain creamy richness, as in Philosykos, Carnal Flower, or Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s Bamboo. But when it’s prominent and isolated, as in Virgin Island Water, it quickly gets me thinking “Coppertone.” Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s Bahiana is another tropical fruit blend that’s spiked with coconut, but I find its coconut in better balance, effectively blended with a rich base of gaiac and rosewood. If you’re looking for a tropical cocktail scent for the summer, I’d recommend Bahiana, Nicolaï’s Juste un Rêve, or even Fresh’s goofy Sugar Lychee over Virgin Island Water.

09th July, 2014
DMA Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A Gorgous unisex fragrance which is definitey one of the best from the Creed house, if not the best imo.

I basically get a citrusy lime with hints of coconut. Its quite musky and combined with the rum it gives it some depth and a little warmth, preventing it from going into the childish tropical fruit punch territory. You can pick up on the sugar cane too theres some sweetness, but not sickly sweet.

What it lacks in versatility it makes for in just being... Well, a first class summer fragrance for me and even my mother too. :)

17th May, 2014
This is a summer delight I like to think of it as a vacation scent. That opening of coconut, bergamote, and musk really graces the skin. The longevity is lacking but the fragrance is none the less a summer favorite for myself.
10th May, 2014
wonderful lime opening and beautiful coconut drydown..5 hours duration..thought it was a flop but actually great!
01st April, 2014
This fragrance has been high on my test list for the hype it gets and for the generally positive reviews with performance issues being the main drawback.

First applied you get a huge blast of lime followed by coconut moments after. Very natural, and indeed a tropical bliss. One of the greatest openings I've experienced on a summery scent. Fresh, tropical, and beachy.

The opening is my favorite part, but for about the 20 minutes that it lasts the inevitable drydown follows..

The lime settles a bit, and you begin detecting the rum note infused with the coconut, and I'm guessing the sugar cane note follows. What I get here is a sweet & purply smell reminiscent of the beverage Pina Colada with a touch of lime. The fragrance stays this way all the way through.

Unfortunately I can't say I'm a very big fan of the drydown, but the top notes are what made me love the fragrance.


Longevity is excellent. Definitely enough for me. Over 10+ hours.

Projection is again, excellent. I am indeed very lucky to be able to get more than 6 feet of continuous projection for hours on end. No lotion, only 4 sprays straight to skin. Seems to work beautifully for my chemistry. Shocking.

Overall I think it is an excellent tropical & summery fragrance. I do wish the opening notes last forever, as it would have been the perfect scent for me.

Creed has done it again with the quality of the notes used. I do suggest everyone sample it first before making a committed purchase but it's mainly due to the performance issues a lot of people seem to get.

I give this one an 8.5/10
14th February, 2014
This is the BEST smell in the world. 100% perfect. Sadly it doesn't last long. I literally spray myself 20 times or more and within 2 hours it's gone.

I have been told my a beautiful woman when wearing "I want to eat you." 4oz bottle for $100 from fragrance shop is the only way I'd buy. 4.0 lasts only one month.
19th December, 2013
Almost Gourmand

Virgin Island Water is the latest Creed that I've acquired; and the one that left me curious since most people said that this is the finest coconut based scent in the market - I see now that they had a good reason to say so

VIW starts with burst of fresh and crisp lime, surprisingly pleasant from someone who usually dislike lime - There's a lot of sweetness accompany the opening (but I haven't been able to detect the Rum as a single notes, it closer to pinacolada in my nose opinion - IMNO) before it changes with slight ginger and floral added to the shining coconut, gives it more character before the coconut becoming something close to a gourmand character; it's not a sugary coconut but more of a crisp coconut cookies smells-alike.

A Great transformation from lime freshness with boozy-characteristics before settles down with mouthwatering coconut - a well crafted fragrance that have a good character and could be a good signature as well (and a good idea since it's rarer to find someone wearing this than GIT, SMW, IM or Aventus)

Scent-wise, VIW is an astonishing fragrance with multifaceted scent that transform itself beautifully - projection's good and I had receive some compliments and people seemed liking it in positive lights, while the staying power is good the projection would quickly subdued after 2 hours

And one more, it smelt better on the skin rather than in the clothes

???? for a nice tropical surprise from Creed

Pros: scent quality
Cons: quickly became a skin scent"

19th October, 2013
The 2013 batch is a must buy

I have the new Virgin Island Water, the 2013 batch and I have to say wow. It is amazing. It also has the new cap on it, I personally liked the old one. I previously had a 2011 batch and it had some longevity issues but this new one o man it is a beast it last on my skin for long time.Ill leave a link to the review I did of it on my youtube channel if you all are interested in checking it out.

Pros: Everything
Cons: its not edible "

20th September, 2013
Nice unique scent

Surprised at the reviews calling this too sweet or cloying. This is a very nice scent and I really like it. There are definitely way sweeter scents out there and this is nowhere near that. Does smell somewhat like pina coladas, but that is a good smell nonetheless IMO. To me this is bound to become a "feel good scent". I doubt I will be wearing this as often as some other things in my collection, but I am pretty sure that when I do it would be really fun. Wearing this at the office right now makes me realize how much I miss los aguas azules de la Carribean :) Good longevity so far and while not a projection monster, I think it makes its presense known.

Pros: Positive associations
Cons: Not as versatile"

10th September, 2013
Review of VIW by RichNTacoma

Been siting with a sample for a couple of days. This is a great, happy smell to me. As folks have said, simple coconut and some citrus. I almost pulled the trigger on buying this today, but I wonder how often I will want to smell like a happy big coconut? Great smelling, but perhaps not as versatile as I would like.


I was able to find a small split of this, and glad that I did. In spite of its simplicity, it is just a fun, happy scent that I can see wearing periodically. While it may a summer scent, I can see wearing this in the winter as a sort of pick me up on our cloudy, Pacific Northwest days.

22nd August, 2013