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I get a lot of lime, almost an eau de Cologne opening, then a bit of coconut. Projection and longevity are way too short. I can't give it a positive rating.
04th August, 2017
An amazing wonderful, tropical coconut with lime and rum frag. Very fresh very tropical and cheers me up. I love this stuff, excellent sillage and projection. I get amazing longevity with this but with creed, it is all about the batches baby. 8/10
26th July, 2017
Frequently imitated, but never duplicated- VIW has this silky smooth quality to it that is unmatched anywhere else in my opinion. The standout notes to me are the coconut, lime and rum- blended to perfection. As far as I'm concerned, this fragrance is genderless, but to some it could definitely come across as fem, so steer clear if you're not into that kind of thing. To me it's light and soapy in the best possible way, and poses absolutely no risk of 'offending' anyone ever, even if heavily applied.

This one works for any type of casual setting; board shorts, t-shirt, jeans etc. probably not so much in formal suit and tie situations. I'll even wear this to work sometimes (hospital setting) and get nothing but compliments from patients and colleagues alike. It gives me a sense of peace and calm anywhere I happen to be.

I love it, two thumbs way up- I'll be keeping this one in my rotation for many years to come.
23rd July, 2017 (last edited: 24th July, 2017)
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N0tlee Show all reviews
United States
Don't get me wrong the scent itself is an amazing coconut island fragrance. However it only lasted a little under to hours. I don't plan on making a purchase or even having a decant.

17th July, 2017
Dream beyond the yacht
Ballrooms, gowns, raised glasses and
Crystal chandeliers.
08th July, 2017
A marginal thumbs up for this beach and lime-juice cocktail fragrance. If there were more competition for beach and lime-juice cocktail fragrances, it could be downgraded to a neutral, but there just aren't, in my experience.

This fragrance had complex development during my sampling, with a distinct opening of citrus, mostly lime, a mid of coconut-flavored sunscreen, and a base of pretty decent musky fixatives.

A couple others to try: for more on the refreshing cocktail theme: Frederic Malle Angeliques Sous La Pluie; for more on the sunscreen theme: MiN New York Long Board.
21st June, 2017
Stardate 20170609:

Take SMW and add some coconut water. Not bad but again if you like this kind of fragrances options are limitless at better price point.
09th June, 2017
Zowiee Show all reviews
United States
This is a fantastic summer scent in warm climates. The notes all blend well and the dry down is "my favorite beach" in a fragrance! Last a long time on my skin!
27th May, 2017
Mouth-watering lime and creamy coconut - what's not to love? Yes, it's insanely overpriced, but a 10ml decant lasts me all summer. It's a fun, tropical fragrance and women seem to love it!
16th May, 2017
I approached, tried, tested, and wore Virgin Island Water in two different phases - once in 2015 summer, and once in 2017. In 2015 I had approached it with high expectations. In 2017 I did so with average expectations. The fragrance was underwhelming in 2015, and more so in 2017.

The structure was clear each time around. A beautiful and natural lime opening with just a hint of booziness, that lasts all of 5 minutes, before giving way to a musky coconut dry down. There's no citrus, no florals, no woods, no spices, no booziness - just coconut and musk. Granted, the accord is still occasionally pretty, but it's neither innovative nor compelling. Additionally, it is extremely muted on skin beyond the first 30 minutes or so, and has a disappointing duration of a few hours - that, too, from a very generous application.

Granted, I only tried this in hot weather. However, that's supposedly the season for this coconut-lime fantasy. When the temperature is any lower, why would I even consider this frivolous persuasion - ahead of thousands of more worthwhile offerings including Creed's own Bois du Portugal and Green Irish Tweed?

19th April, 2017
Memories: Six-star resort on a tropical island. King of the world.

Who should wear this: Richard Branson. Daniel Craig. Me.

Bottom line: Magic. Playful. Bold. One of my new top five.
04th March, 2017
I would imaging those luxury super yacht's smell of this throughout ..coconut and lime are the notes that I can detect mainly and they are of the highest quality and supported by white rum, the overall feel is like taking a 5* Caribbean holiday without actually having to leave the house. This could also be a great treatment for mild depression. Totally unisex but would be more interesting on a gentleman with a zest for life. I think I actually sniffed the tester card dry (it's mid winter here in northern england).
02nd March, 2017
A luxurious tropical treat for the senses! Close your eyes and inhale, as you are transported to your favorite Caribbean hideaway. Rich blend of refreshing lime, coconut, rum over a soft bed of sweet musk. Lovely yet very fleeting. Like a dream vacation, it's over all too soon....
08th February, 2017
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You are laying on the beach somewhere in the caribbean. As you lay there with your eyes closed, soaking up the sun, someone nearby is lathering themselves up with suntan lotion. Jimmy Buffet is singing "It's five o'clock somewhere" over the speaker system of a nearby resort. You can hear the ocean's waves crashing to shore. Laying in the sand next to you are two half empty cups of a resorts watered down pinacolada drink. The air is humid and thick. There is a slight salty ocean breeze which is helping the humid air seem manageable. Creed's Virgin Island Water is this experience in a bottle!

Remember as a child how you would open up the suntan bottle in the middle of winter and sniff that coconut smell (well at least I did) and be instantly transported to a warmer place, well now there's VIW to spray on and sniff throughout the day and imagine oneself somewhere far far away from the office. It's funny as VIW is truly a summer scent but it's in the winter when one wants to wear it the most and dream of the summer and the beach.

The main scents at play here seem to be coconut and lime. VIW lasts a bit longer than most Creed scents and three or four sprays at the beginning of the day (assuming you are spraying from a legit Creed bottle) and you should be good to go. This fragrance leans a bit to the feminine side of "unisex" though this certainly doesn't stop me from wearing it. It also layers great with some of Creed's other fragrances from the Millesime line such as Aventus or Royal Oud.

Overall I give this scent a solid eight out of ten. What it lacks in refinement it more then makes up for in the pure delight it brings when you close your eyes, breath it in, and imagine yourself in the scene described above.
25th November, 2016
Such an evocative scent.
Beautifully blended in a way that doesnt create a mess. You pick up the lime, transition to cocunut rum and then the rest of the dry dowwn is a day dream.
If only this could last longer so i could get wafts of paradise in my nostrils all day.
Overall 8/10
Longevity 4/10
20th November, 2016
Tropical paradise...opens with some lime and coconut...sweet boozy coconut pretty much for the
life of this...nice for sitting around on a summer
evening on the patio and having a mini staycation...
16th September, 2016
virgin island water is just a masterpiece!

every time i smell this fragrance it reminds me of just being at the beach with a drink in my hand and just watching the waves splashing. starts off with this nice citrus opening which only lasts for a few minutes then you get this blast of lovely coconut and some light sweet rum and its just a nice coconut smell all thought the dry down. not good on compliments but this one is just good for personal pleasure.

smell 10/10
uniqueness 10/10
projection 6/10
longevity 7/10
compliments 4/10
06th May, 2016 (last edited: 10th May, 2016)
Lime, Rum & Coconut...

This is one I liked instantly. A lovely fragrance which transitions between all the stages, going from tropical and fresh to gourmand and woody. I cannot fault it for smell. Just a wonderful experience on skin.

Virgin Island Water is my second fragrance from the house of Creed. I must say I am not disappointed. I get fresh lime and a very authentic rum note (imagine any kind of rum you like, this fragrance is true to the note). That sweet, sugary, boozy smell mixed with the fresh lime, which then transitions into a beautifully juicy coconut heart, before going into a creamy coconut base.

All in all, a great experience! I believe fragrances should make us happy, and this one succeeds. Ultimately, I think it's a fragrance which should be tried on skin throughout the day, to get the full impression. For me it's a great smell and a good overall fragrance. The smell of great memories in faraway places full of happiness and sunshine. I'm impressed!
29th March, 2016
This literally transports me to a tropical island walking along the sandy beach. Virgin Island Water is such an enjoyable fragrance. I'm still picking up whiffs of it 9.5 hours after application. Great sillage and longevity for me. This is a light fragrance compared to some of the other Creeds, but it still lasts a lot better on my skin that Terre d'Hermes. I love the lime/coconut/rum transition...very enjoyable. Today was a cold day, and the nice thing about VIW is you can spray it on and feel the tropical vibe and freshness, even when it's miserable outside. This is a beautiful scent and I'm so glad I discovered it that day at Nordstoms. Highly recommended.
16th March, 2016
Even when buying other fragrances while in Saks, I would always take a whiff of this one at the Creed counter. Eventually, I bought the smallest bottle for myself.

It is a fantastic scent and very linear after the initial lime blast. You'll definitely notice the coconut and lime in it. I also pick up a very sweet sugarcookie-ish scent.

If I spray 5 times, the scent will last all day. My normal spray count is 3 and it becomes a skin scent after the 6 hour mark. My overall score for this one is 9/10. It would be a perfect 10 if it lasted the entire day.
15th March, 2016
VIW is one of the few fragrances that literally makes me smile, giggle, laugh to myself every time I catch a blast when I wear it. The gent who sold me my first bottle of Creed (Aventus) insisted I try VIW when I was sampling saying "it's a vacation in a bottle" he elegantly described and boy was he right. It's something I wear for me, plus my wife and lil 5 yr old daughter love it. Most importantly, it's a reminder to not take myself or the world so seriously. I can't wear it everyday given I have client presos, close quarter meetings, and mentor to others so smelling like a frat house isn't a good look, but I do love it. It's perfect for a day of run-on conference calls.

In terms of value, I've purchased a few Creeds at NM in Metro Detroit, but bought GIT, VIW, and Nautica Voyage with $80 to spare from after returning my bottle of MI to NM (check out my review of MI, not cool). I would pay retail for VIW for all the reasons listed above, plus I get good longevity, not great but good, that lasts most of the day. I don't wear a frag to get compliments, but this one does bring about some inquires, which being in Tech and mainly working with a bunch of nerdy dudes, is probably the best case scenario.

03rd March, 2016
Virgin Island Water is one of the most "un-traditional/breaking with the classic Creed's tradition" Creed's creations, a scent speaking a more modern finally "post-Victorian" language while running its far caribbean olfactory territories. You can effectively dream far exotic Central American or Pacific islands while enjoying on skin its freshly structured tropical architecture. The structure is not complex but it exists and unveils its soapy/aqueous secrets along the way. I find the juice quite balanced and delicate on skin, I don't get "olfactive drawbacks", just catch an easy basically synthetic recipe finally delicately soapy but with a bunch of interesting shades (floral, woody, musky, spicy, salty). Soapiness is never properly lacteous since there is a basic woody-hesperidic support fixing down the scent's basically aqueous/breezy "cheerful" nature. The first impression emerging while inhaling Virgin Island Water on your skin is related to its "oceanic coconutty" exoticism afforded by a combination of ylang-ylang (heady on the side of coco water/milk), coconutty milk, boozy lime, "rum based cocktail booziness" and hints of hidden oceanic saltiness. There is an undeniable floral core finally "at distance" unfolding a subtle spark of floral variegate luxuriousness but what basically strikes me is this general delicate soapiness quite dreamy, breezy and tropical. Ginger provides a "far oceanic lands" type of freshness while it seems to catch vetiver and secret marine "molecules" in the general recipe. It is quite evident the final warmth impressed by tonkinian musk and woods but I get a touch of exotic salty vetiver providing a sort of mineral-woody saltiness playing as hidden undertone. There is hibiscus in the blend, one of my favorite glamour/chic floral patterns (on the side of sambac jasmine), providing a touch of chic cosmetical sophistication in the air. Spicy rum, mandarine, sugar cane and coconut are nicely combined in order to elicit this delicate pina colada's pleasant taste, the "edible" substance of which seems playing in "pool" with a "coconutty tanning foam-like" vibe and a freshly gingery spicy piquancy. I find this juice "honest" and captivating (really respectfully I don't see the point on several previous "banging" rejections), a pleasant versatile aroma to wear for a sunny tropical "free in the wind" holiday in company of your beloved.
05th December, 2015
revtil Show all reviews
United States
I don't get a lot of complexity out of VIW, but I feel this is a scent that doesn't require it. On initial spray I get a huge burst of lime and bergamot - wow. It really smells like lemon-lime candy, in a good way. This quickly burns off and the coconut starts coming into play, mixed in with a sugary, boozy rum. The lime still stands in the background, but it's much more subdued. I know coconut turns a lot of people off, we can blame sunscreen for that, but it's very natural here and not sickly sweet. I also get bit of jasmine at this point, but it's very faint. From here on out VIW stays pretty linear on skin.

One thing I find interesting is that VIW lasts literally forever on me, while most citrus fragrances last only a few hours. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm definitely not complaining.

I'll be packing this in my bag for my trip to Turks and Caicos next year, and I imagine VIW will not disappoint. Beaches, sand, drinks, and sun are what this fragrance is all about.
02nd December, 2015
This is a scent with much hype and were I a richer person, I'd have bought a bottle straight away after testing a decant. Alas I am not.

It is a beautiful fresh clean scent with a hint of warmness to it. The coconut is wonderfully bold and simmers to down to a delectable combination of white rum and sugar cane. It's all the notes I enjoy put together rather nicely.

I can see this being a long-time favourite and staple scent for me...if I could just will myself to spend that on a perfume bottle.

10th November, 2015
I have never been able to handle anything with coconut in it, whether it's the smell, taste or texture, coconut is a no go for me. Since the wife and I built our second home across from the beach, I annually get assaulted by coconut sun products. My daughter mercifully knows Dad's aversion to coconut and honors my request for no coconut scents. All I can add is that for those who like VIW, please enjoy it, just put on some Aventus before dropping by.

EROLFA is my summer preference from Creed in both notes and performance. Love Creed, just not coconut.
06th October, 2015
Coconut and Rum. Very simple, very bland. Not even remotely worth the price tag.
17th September, 2015
I was looking for a unique summer themed fragrance, living in Florida I was hoping to find something that could survive the humidity and this was not it. I'm glad I only got a 5ml decant being as the price was really up there.

I tried hard to like this especially after the reviews and hype surrounding it but I just couldn't.

The first 60 sec was a blast of lime, then the coconut set in. After about 5 mins the coconut turned VERY creamy to the point where it smelled like make-up. I looked to see if iris was a note but I didn't see anything. I hoped that the creaminess would eventually fade but it was linear throughout the one hour long performance.

I'm disappointed in this one only because of the price and the performance. I can't wait to finish this sample so I can keep the sprayer and replace it with something else!
02nd August, 2015
I really wanted to like this, and the various notes seemed to promise an enjoyable summer scent.

All I got was a bit of fruity/alcoholic freshness, followed by coconut... all of which disappeared after a bare hour. It didn't project much if at all on me either.

Much as I liked this scent, I would expected this sort of result from something nice and cheap- and would choose that rather than fork out megabucks for VIW. Shame really.
16th July, 2015
Freshly squeezed limes, rum, coconut….it’s not an overly complex smell but it does what it says on the tin. Creed Virgin Island Water has to be the fragrance equivalent of the sentiments expressed in those 90’s Lilt adverts, where the running joke was about how laid back life in the Caribbean was, and how the only thing that got people stressed over there was how to pull your dinghy up from the sea to the beach bar in time for happy hour.

It smells like a cocktail with lime, Malibu, rum, and well, that’s about it. I think it’s massively over-priced and would be more suited to a body spray rather than a niche fragrance. But the smell is so good-humored and promising of drunken relaxation that I can’t see how anyone could actively dislike it. If you’re the kind of person who wrinkles their nose at a good cocktail, then I don’t want to know ya.
01st July, 2015
On my skin, this smells like a colorful Popsicle from summertime; it's definitely a unisex scent. The two main notes for me are lime and coconut that basically stays constant throughout its linear dry down. The lime is the best lime note I've ever smelled: sweet and not too citrusy while mixing with the coconut perfectly.

It's one of those scents where I just can't get enough of and wish I had more than a tester vial of it, and that rarely happens with me and sampling fragrances; hell, even Aventus took 2 times for me to appreciate it. Usually I need more than one wearing of a frag to appreciate it, but seems like an easy crowd-pleaser for summertime wear.

The big downfall of this scent is that it has a very short longevity, about 1.5 - 3 hours. For $160+ for 120 ml, I do not think I can justify spending money on something I have to keep on reapplying every few hours.
22nd June, 2015