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WOW a headache inducing super sweet scent that leans more towards unisex or feminine than male IMO. I got lots and lots for sweet sugar with more sweet sugar and some vanilla... WOW this one last FOREVER... ugh after 2 wears I got rid of it. A try before you buy for sure...
21st June, 2016 (last edited: 29th June, 2016)
If I can describe this fragrance by the way something tastes it would have to be sugar cane. I blind bought this frag and I am so happy I did. With that being said, I don't know how they managed to get something this sweet to be a masculine frag but they did.

Very pleasant scent. That vanilla and cedar combined begins to show itself after an hour. I will edit later after I see how long it lasts.

It has good longevity.
It projects well.

This is not an everyday frag but it's definitely worth adding to the collection.

I might be off by saying this but it has the faintest similarity to Pure Malt. I truly do mean faint.
11th October, 2015 (last edited: 14th October, 2015)
I love this but at 33 I'm getting a little too old to pull this off. I'm not saying this is a "safe" frag for teens who are trigger-happy with the sprayer, it's just not a very "mature" scent. The name says it all, I need not go into any detail on the fragrance notes. It's fairly linear, it just tones down into a very sweet vanilla. Very long-lasting, I'll get 10+ hours. Seems to be EDP strength, and a great affordable gourmand. One of my faves, but not very masculine.
08th December, 2014
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Diabetes in a bottle

The Good :

This is the closest thing to Gourmand you can get! It is Gourmand with the capital G, this scent totally smells like a vivid candy dream.
Its very natural smelling in a way that everyone in my area asked me if i burned some marshmellows or ate some cotton candy when i sprayed a spritzzz on my wrist.

Its grabs your attention because the sweetness covers all air in a 20 foot radius.
Details :
Opens as 50% liquorice 40% cottoncandy 10% Anise
Then evolves to 99% cotton candy caramel sweetness.

The Bad :

Drydown is the only bad part after a few hours this scent get cloying in the drydown it loses its structure and gets annoying.

Too bad otherwise i would rate it

Thumbs up for the scent till drydown.

Pros: Eatable fragrance and delicious for women
Cons: Bad drydown, breaks in pieces"

26th August, 2013
The name says it all. If your not a gourmand lover this might be outside of your scope. For me the longevity and projection sucks but on close encounters it works wonders.
15th April, 2013
Shon T Show all reviews
United States
Blue sugar is exactly what it says, "sugar." it smells really good. It is cotton candy at the carnival or fair. It is very mild and sits real close to my skin. I think it is for a younger crowd like teenage and high school. It doesn't change much at all. It's just sugar candy and that's it. If you are looking to smell sophisticated this is not for you. I wish it were stronger but it works for me.
23rd September, 2012
Looks like a love or hate one this doesn't it? I think it's a long lasting vanilla gourmand with a cotton candy start and an "Amen like" drydown. Because of the vanilla, the sillage and longevity are very good. I like it.
11th March, 2012 (last edited: 08th October, 2012)
Youthful, sweet caramelised scent, that is pretty linear, but carries on lingering for quite awhile. The mandarin is GORGEOUS in the top notes - it really smells to me like you just opened a tangerine up, and the skin is emitting that fresh orange scent - but then POW - the brown sugar mixed with a caramel - A * MEN type sweetness takes over and carries on talking for about an hour. The middle is a more muted vanilla play on the above, and if you like sweet, if you like Rochas Man, A*Men, Joop Homme - the sweet cloy of those frags - you'll like this - a total and utter steal at the price you can get it!
13th January, 2012
Slade Show all reviews
United States
Might smell good on a woman, but this is not a manly scent. Should have known better with sugar in its name.

24th December, 2011 (last edited: 26th December, 2011)
Cannon Show all reviews
United States
Smells a bit feminine to me after smelling Victoria's Secret Pink Sugar on girls. They are the same sweet sugar and vanilla smell with only a small deviation. It is delicious smelling, but it is still rather candy sweet in a teen girl kind of way. I'd be more likely to spray this in my car as it is a fine smell, but on a man it would be a little awkward. Very carnival cotton candy mixed with vanilla smell.
15th November, 2011
i get carmel,sugar,warm toasty vanilla, very fair ground smell.... it does exactly what its expected to do and its a great gourmand, maybe one of the best and it stays on my skin for like 11 hours !!! only thing bad for me about it is i dont know when its appropriate to wear cuz you literraly smell like caramelized sugary caramel fairground..
14th November, 2011
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have absolutely nothing against sweet (even overtly sweet) fragrances. (I tend to have a bit of a "sweet-tooth", so perhaps a "sweet-nose" as well !?) And "Blue Sugar" is certainly a sweet frag. However I found it not nearly as "saccharine" & potent as I've been lead to believe by the various reviews here. And after all the positive comments, I was expecting a far better scent than what it actually is. Which is only average at very best. (Though, I'll add that it's quality & longevity is at least much better than most frags in this same "el cheapo" price bracket).
Seeing as it's named "Blue Sugar", the overpowering "sugar & candy floss" notes don't exactly come as a surprise. These are certainly the forefront notes that immediately assault your nose, & mostly remain throughout the 'fume's progression. However I don't understand the "smokey" & "caramel" descriptions. I got none of that ! The sugar note is not a "brown sugar" or even burnt or caramelised one, (if only it were !) it's rather much more reminiscent of pure white crystalline "refined" plain sugar, to my nose.
And I can even understand mention of the "Licorice" note, which is definitely present in the first half of the scent. Though I didn't detect any "Anise" at all. (There are in fact detectable differences between these two, albeit very similar, notes.) And whilst certainly apparent, the Licorice note doesn't really stick around for very long, thankfully (as not exactly a fave note of mine). It soon dissipates and gives way to ......
And here, as the heart of the scent begins to bloom, is where I get a nasty surprise. One which unfortunately totally ruins this 'fume for me.
In fact, I'm really surprised none of the reviewers here mentioned this note yet when referring to BS (???). As it's very central to the composition. And had I been aware/warned I'd certainly not have gone near a bottle of "Blue Sugar", let alone buy one "blind". (At least it only cost a pittance).

The dreaded note I mean, is the herb Cilantro (i.e. Coriander Leaves). When I noticed "coriander" mentioned in the notes list for BS, I immediately presumed it'd be the seeds instead. A note well suited to gently spicing up a "vanilla". Never even contemplated it might be the leaves used instead, as I'd read no mention of Cilantro in BS. But mark my words, (or be warned, if you happen to feel the same as I do) it's all about the Cilantro once the Licorice departs, & for a good few hours.
In short, this is pretty much how Blue Sugar smells to me. Imagine this :
Take a cup of water, and add to it as much white sugar as the solution will take. To this thin sugar syrup add a couple of teaspoons of Lemon juice, (&/or a good squirt of Bergamot if you have it ;o). Then grate/chop a Licorice root and blend with a good handful of slightly bruised/crushed Cilantro leaves. Add to solution and shake vigorously ! As a finishing touch throw in a couple of Vanilla Pods and a Tonka Bean. Leave it all to macerate. ...
And there you have it ! - If you can imagine how this blend would smell like then you'll pretty much have a good idea how Blue Sugar smells.

NOT a scent for "Cilantro-phobes" that's for sure. ~ You've been warned !
Pity though, as I was kinda enjoying the rest. ...
Otherwise it's got good sillage and above average longevity. (Especially for such a ridiculously cheap price !)

P.S. ... Whomever thinks "Blue Sugar" is a "dead-ringer" for Micaleff's "Note Vanillee" (as I've read somewhere) must have a very "unsophisticated" nose. I'm sorry but they DO NOT smell anything alike. Not even their shared vanilla & licorice notes smell the same, even though basically both vanilla. ~ "Note Vanillee" is IMO, one of the very best vanilla-centric renditions I've smelled to date. Rich boozy and utterly gorgeous. Blue Sugar in comparison is as "a spoon of sugar" is to a "creme brulee".
One is certainly not a viable substitute for the other. To say they smell similar is just ridiculous ! ~ (Sorry !)
29th October, 2011
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
(updated review 12/17/11) FIRST POINT OF CONSIDERATION: I have found that Patchouli by Molinard tones down the sweetness of Blue Sugar, perhaps by picking up the patchouli note already in Blue Sugar. This is an exceptionally unique fragrance that I received as a sample and purchased a day later. Bold anise/licorice scent at top that mellows to a sweeter spicy note than that of other Men's fragrances. I found it intriguing and different from the warmer "woodsy, spicy, tobacco-ey" fragrances I normally gravitate toward. It is both a distinct contrast and complement to other scents I own and I believe Blue Sugar would appeal to those who like warm fragrances but want a lighter interesting scent for daytime. I do find that this has a short longevity, notably breaks down after 4 hours and virtually gone in 6-7 hours. That could be fine if one wears it through the day and likes a bolder scent for night.
28th October, 2011 (last edited: 03rd January, 2012)
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Got a vial of this recently and all I can say is the name made me cringe. I dont think I'd be brave enough to wear something called Blue Sugar and admit to it.

It's not terrible, but it smells just like A Men from Theiry Mugler minus the tar smell. Very candyish and something I would expect to smell on some teenager who wasn't taught the value of sparingly applying scents.
12th October, 2011
"Nothin says lovin like somethin from the oven", according to the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Well, this scent is unique, which is good. I get many compliments. Carmelised sugar is the top note, for sure. Nice to have on hand.
30th August, 2011
If any man would wear this, let me know cause i will shake your hand and tell you how brave you are.HEHE. OMG, sniffing this fragrance just elevated my sugar level
08th August, 2011
To my nose this is more about the anise than the sugar - I get an opening blast of almost pure licorice. This continues to dominate, overshadowing what smells like a rather pleasant vanilla cappuccino of the sort that you get at a gas station. It has a rubbery consistency throughout. Very warm, despite the cool blue bottle. Not a complex scent.

It's certainly an unusual fragrance, or perhaps it would have been a few years ago. It's also inexpensive. I don't dislike Blue Sugar, but I do think there are better sugary gourmand fragrances out there.
29th January, 2011
It was blind buy. What I've found? This is Rochas Man, but much cheaper. I don't see any differences exept the bottles.
Blue Sugar lasts more than 12 hours on my skin Sillage - great. .Both thumbs up!
12th January, 2011
After extensive use, the common theme for me is lack of longevity (about 4 hours on me) and projection. The lack of projection is not a big deal really, because I don't want to walk around smelling like a candy store to everyone in a 10 foot radius anyway. As for the longevity, it goes from the top notes to the noticable overtaking of the basenotes in about 2 hours. Then, about 2 hours later I really have to wonder if I used it that day or not. There is usually lingering hints of tastiness on my clothes the next morning, but it's faint. The Mandarin, Patchouli, and Lavender usually don't even show up for me, it's generally a long but quick shift from top notes to base notes. But the short time I have with the base notes are better than the initial application IMO, a very delightful experience.
Don't misunderstand, I LOVE this fragrance simply because it's unique and smells wonderful, and I have gotten some good comments about it. I just would like it more if it lasted a few hours longer. However for the price, it's well worth it. If you like SWEET, I don't see how you won't enjoy this one.
25th December, 2010
Make no mistake about it, this perfume is all Cotton Candy, meaning Caramelized sugar and Vanilla, but is a NATURAL sugar and vanilla, not the synthetic, artificial and obnoxious burnt sugar and vanilla of A*Men.
Those two notes strongly dominate the whole spectrum, I could not detect any citrics(neither bergamot nor mandarin orange) in the opening, but the strong coriander (cilantro) counterbalances very nicely the sweetnes of the dominant opening notes. At the heart, the caramelised sugar turns a bit into strawberry jam while licorice makes a strong entrance, and again, it is a NATURAL licorice, not the artificial licorice of many other fragrances, the patchouli stays in the background and it is very nice, in my opinion, the best patchouli ever.
The drydown is lovely, powdery, but timidly so, the cedar makes it very masculine , but the vanilla and caramelized sugar hover over it in a very pleasant fashion and star anise replaces the licorice.
The most important thing of them all, my wife LOVES it, she goes crazy when I wear it, and that makes up for any defect that I did not find.
It is innovative, different, audacious, bold, and I LOVE IT
And it costs almost nothing!!!!!!
01st December, 2010 (last edited: 14th March, 2011)
Bought this blind without smelling it first, solely based on user reviews. I was not disappointed! Yes - it is very sweet but who says masculinity cannot be sweet? After I put on my first spray my wife walked through the house and almost bit me! The basenotes in Blue Sugar come out after 1-2 hours which is an incredibly long time. Therefore, you may not like this stuff if you make up your mind about it before the basenotes kick in. It is youthful, playful, and definitely different. At the same time, it has a sophisticated side. If you like Rochas Man or Angel Men you will like this too - just give it some time!
15th June, 2010 (last edited: 23rd June, 2010)
Blue Sugar by Aquolina is a wonderful surprise for me. It totally was not what I thought it would be. Though this is marketed more for men, I think a woman would love this one, I most certainly do.

On me it is wonderful, quite like it's sister, Pink Sugar, but with this wonderful depth.

It is just so well done, I detect the citrusy notes, bergamot, patchouli, lavender, licorice, a caramelized sugar and vanilla. I am a lover of sweet fragrances, and patchouli, and here the combination is really wonderful. I just LOVE this one. Really well done in my opinion.

Sillage is average on me, but the lasting power is my only objection, it doen't last on me as long as I would like. That said, it sure doesn't stop me from loving it as much as I do. I love Pink Sugar but I love this one much more. It is a wonderful sugary vanilla, with licorice and anise notes. So delicious smelling, for those of us who really enjoy sweet scents, this is wonderful. Definitely yummy!

Personally I would love to see this one in an intense version some day to make it longer lasting. I am very happy with my purchase, and definately will buy it again.

Most certainly a keeper!
14th April, 2010
Blue Sugar is a sickly sweet gourmand fragrance with excellent longevity and projection. The fragrance is fairly linear, so don't expect much change. It basically smells like organic sugar or "Sugar in the Raw". Sometimes it smells like cotton candy, or vanilla, but for the most part it's burnt sugar through and through. Beware, this is so sweet that it makes A*Men seem spicy.

14th March, 2010 (last edited: 07th December, 2010)
I say keep this one, very sweet very nice , and then again when useing this blue sugar be smart not to much, if to much later yes it can be to much for the nose, so keep in mind when you ware this one going out ,also great for working with people close to you, great for those casuale days.
23rd July, 2009 (last edited: 02nd August, 2009)
Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Comparing this to Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin (both sharing a lot of qualities), this one is more easy going, more casual (not as owerpowering on the licorise/anise - vanilla), letting you easier smell all the notes, of this, in my humble opinion, beautiful fragrance.
06th June, 2009
A couple years back I sampled Pink Sugar by Aquolina, and thought it was sickeningly sweet. Now I find the Blue Sugar under my nose, and it is equally sickening. I get bergamot and carmelized sugar, none of the other listed notes ever make an appearance. If you love your fragrances extra super sweet, you should try this one.
18th May, 2009
One of my faves. This is the most sweetest fragrance i'ved ever smelled. Obviously this perfume is not for everyone, nor is it intended for everyone. If you truly like gourmand perfumes you'll definitely love this one. Caramelised sugar and vanilla are the prominent notes here although you'll get to smell anise, patchouli and licorice once it starts to dry down. It reminds me quite a bit of Angel men although Blue Sugar delivers the smell of a cake along with caramelised sugar while A*Men delivers you a strong synthetic smell of burnt sugar.
07th March, 2009
I get very same style of strawberry smell from Blue Sugar as in HM or Black XS. These scents have great differences in shade; but there is definitely a strawberry in each of them. (if not an actual synthetic ingredient, then it is some very mysterious accord…)

Blue Sugar smells basically like a strawberry jam with burnt sugar, warm vanilla pudding and liquorice sauce.
It also reminds me of overly sweet cream fudge candies that have a moist inside.

Blue Sugar is like a funfair: Its perhaps hell of a fun place to visit few times a year, but more intense relationship is for bad, since it can first make you very dizzy and sick, and eventually what is left is just boredom.

Not a scent for those who have a perfect relation ship with their tooth fairies.
03rd February, 2009
everso Show all reviews
United States
wow. this stuff is AWFUL. ranks in my top 5 worst scents i've ever smelled...artificial, nauseating cotton candy. all the bottles in the world should be collected and destroyed!
13th January, 2009
I have Pink Sugar and enjoy it, but was looking for something a bit more complex. I tried all of the Lolita Lempickas, but found they all had too much going on for my taste. The sugar and vanilla balance the licorice and anise nicely, making this smell natural with just the slightest "bite." Definitely a yummy fragrance. I got pure sugar and vanilla for the first 2 minutes, then the licorice, followed by patchouli, mixed in for a few hours, then melded into the cedar/anise/vanilla. Starts out fairly simple, but becomes more complex, which I like. Many fragrances turn too sweet on me, but this managed to remain balanced throughout.the six or seven hours it lasted.
31st December, 2008